Bath Set (North America)

Sprite of a Bath Set (NA) in Tomodachi Life.

A bath set is one of the many gifts that can be given to Miis. When given to a Mii, they will proceed to take a bath. Bathing removes any hair dye the Mii may have and calms them down if they had a fight, but a bath will not work with a huge fight.

A Mii may sometimes have a problem where they'll ask the player if they can take a bath. It can also be a traveler's problems at the campground.


  • Miis will sing a random song during bathing, but with lyrics as "la la la la" in Western releases, and humming in the Japanese release.
  • The bathhouse can be bought as an interior at the Interiors Shop.
  • For some reason, Miis will wear towels in the tub.


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Tomodachi Life

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