Europe Name Beach
Korean Name Unknown
Japanese Name 浜辺 Hamabe
Events Judgement Bay
How to Unlock
Unlocked automatically

The beach is a location in Tomodachi Life and a hidden location in Tomodachi Collection.


The beach appears very extensive and unravels further than it does on the map. It is so large that the stone ramp leading down to it seen on the map is not visible when at the beach. The sand is imprinted with seashells and fossils with a flat sea ahead of it.

Judgement Bay

Main article: Judgement Bay

Judgement Bay is a mini-game located on the beach where the player writes two to four options on different sections of the beach and Miis vote by standing on one of the sides. The side that wins will have the most Miis on that side. All of the Miis will make a comment if clicked on, like their catchphrase.

Mii Interaction

At the beach, a Mii can be seen:

  • Flying their kite
  • Searching to find treasure with a metal detector
  • Fishing
  • Playing soccer with a friend
  • Sunbathing (even in winter)
  • Digging a hole
  • Building a sandcastle with another Mii
  • Playfully splashing with their sweetheart
  • Talk to a friend while walking on the beach
  • Staring into the distance
  • Running across the beach
  • Confessing to their crush (when reccomended by the player)


Tomodachi Collection


Tomodachi Life


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