Best Friend is a relationship in the game Tomodachi Life. Best friends get along better than regular friends and rarely fight. If the player plays for long enough, most Miis should be best friends with another Mii. Best friends start out as friends. When the two Miis are engaged in a good conversation, shown by happy faces and/or laughing, they will eventually become best friends. When this occurs, the same animation that plays when two Miis become friends will play, but accompanied with text saying, "[Mii 1] and [Mii 2] became best friends."

This relationship is not to be confused with the 100% friendship status on the Compatibility Tester.

If two best friends have an argument that lasts long enough, a stinger will play with the Miis having worried faces and a message will pop up saying "[Mii 1] and [Mii 2] became friends." The two Miis will no longer be best friends, and will possibly be under Kinda Getting Along or Not Getting Along.



  • Sometimes, the best friend of a Mii can be used to stop a huge fight if one occurs. Otherwise, it will be a random regular friend of both fighters.
  • It is possible for two Miis to become best friends off-screen. Miis can no longer be best friends in the same way.
  • It is possible that a Mii can dump their best friend by becoming best friends with another Mii. However, this will not cause the dumped Mii to become sad.
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