A birthday is a special event in Tomodachi Collection and Tomodachi Life. As the name suggests, this event celebrates the day of someone's birth, and a big party is held to celebrate. When a determined birthday is reached, the Miis gather to celebrate.

Mii Birthdays

Mii birthdays are usually viewed through Mii News broadcasts, and takes place at the island's hotel. The Mii whose birthday is being celebrated is front and center, wearing a party hat and a cake before them, with four other Miis attending, either their friends, best friend, parents or siblings if they have any. All the Miis will be happy; the guest Miis will sing a birthday song to the tune of "Happy Birthday To You". At the end of the song, the two Miis in the back will clap and say "Congrats!" as the two Miis at the table will fire poppers. The birthday Mii says "Thanks!", then blows out the candles on their cake, saying "Woo-hoo!". The player can blow out the candles at this event; all Miis will be shocked for a few seconds and the Mii will not blow out the candles at the end.

The Player's Birthday

When the game starts up when it's the player's birthday, the player's look-alike Mii will call them on their cell phone. The player is then taken to their look-alike Mii's apartment, where a Mii (either the player's look-alike or a random Mii) will be holding a cake with nine other Miis. All the Miis will be happy; as with the birthday broadcast, they sing a birthday song to the tune of "Happy Birthday To You". After the song, the cake holding Mii says, "Happy birthday, my/[player]'s look-alike! Here's a present from all of us!", and the player is given the birthday cake. After this, the Mii fires a popper, says a greeting, then claps happily. As the player centers on each of the other Miis, they will also fire a popper, say a greeting and clap. After all the Miis have said their greetings, the player is immediately taken back to the island.

Greetings the Miis might say

  • "Are you having the best day ever?"
  • "Are you really [age]? You look so much younger!"
  • "Congrats!"
  • "Congratulations!"
  • "Cut the cake! Cut the cake!"
  • "Everyone on [Island] is celebrating today!"
  • "Happy b-day!"
  • "Happy birthday!"
  • "Happy birthday! HECK YEAH!"
  • "Happy birthday! Oh boy!!"
  • "Happy birthday! Perfecto!!"
  • "Here's to another year!"
  • "Hooray for you!"
  • "Hooray, you're [age] years old! So cool!"
  • "How does it feel to be [age]?"
  • "I already can't wait for your party next year!"
  • "I always get emotional at times like this..."
  • "I hope you get lots of presents!"
  • "I hope you have the best year ever!"
  • "I love the number [age]! You're gonna have a great year!"
  • "I'm so happy for you!"
  • "It's your special day, [Player]'s look-alike!"
  • "We all helped make the cake!"
  • "We love having you around!"
  • "What a wonderful day!"
  • "What did you wish for?"
  • "Woo-hoo! You're [age]!"
  • "Wow, [age] years old! Such a nice number."
  • "You may be getting older, but you're still young at heart."
  • "You may be young, but you're wise beyond your years!"
  • "You're [age] years old?! No way!"
  • "You're [age] years old! Woo-hoo!"
  • "Wait, you're only [age]? I thought you were older!"
  • "Con..."
  • "grat..."
  • "u..."
  • "la..."
  • "tions!"


  • The only Miis who show up at the player's birthday party are the top ten listed in the Pampered rating. So even if your look-alike calls you, your look-alike might be at the party but not hand out the cake, or not be present at the party at all.
    • The Mii whose first in the Pampered rating will hand out the cake.
  • During a Mii's birthday party newscast. If the player blows into the mic before the Miis finish singing, the candles will go out, and all the Miis will look surprised for a few seconds, before resuming their happy expressions. However, the Mii whose birthday is being celebrated will not say "Thanks!" or "Woo-hoo!" afterward.
  • The player's birthday is the event where the most Miis will be seen clapping.
  • A birthday can also be celebrated in Miitomo. When the player's validated birthday is reached, the Mii will congratulate the player and they will receive a special birthday Miifoto. However, once your birthday has been finalized, you cannot change it.
  • If the player changes his/her birthday after "The Player's Birthday" event, then the game will not celebrate it when the player's birthday approaches.
  • Although the Miis sing “Happy Birthday To You”, the lyrics were replaced with “La la la” (except the line “Dear [name]”), because the game was published before the song was no longer copyrighted.
    • The voice will also go down or higher in pitch when singing, so that means a Mii with a really high voice will sing in a deeper tone, and women will sound like men.
  • During the birthday news reports, if the Mii whose birthday is being celebrated has no friends (example: they just moved into the island), two random Miis will be seen at the celebration.
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