• Clara Alexandra Djalim

    Delete Mii

    October 9, 2019 by Clara Alexandra Djalim


    When you all usually delete your Mii's?

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  • Marysue124

    Photo differences

    October 5, 2019 by Marysue124

    So, I added on the Photo studio and Regional Differences page about the some poses in Group photos were changed.

    Heres all the ones I could find, I don't know how they look in other versions other than the NA and JP versions because I only own those two.

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  • Marysue124

    Someone uploaded some tracks on Youtube that plays tracks that are only in the Japanese version.

    Like the one I posted here on this blog, this song plays around at 26%* Friendship rating for that game.

    There's other videos on there too, the titles they gave them were:

    'Adeline' (the video that's posted here)

    'Top' (this plays at the title for the Compatibility Tester, this sound is also in the Western versions just as a Saxophone. )

    'New Year' (, this music plays over the island on January 1st only)

    'Mild 1' (, this plays around 44%* at the Compatibility Tester for Friendship)

    'Gospel' (…

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  • Marysue124

    So, I noticed that in the NA version of the the Romance Ranking. There's two little figures under the numbers.

    I thought it was:

    The short one is for Child couples and the Tall ones were for Adult couples, but it doesn't seen like all. (Makoto and Daffodil are kids; Mr. Nasty and Sweetie are adults.)

    Some of my Adult Miis had the small one two and some kid couple pairings had the tall one.

    Like look at the picture on the left, Shiro and Emi are both Adults, why are there men short here....

    This how it looks in the JP version, there's no little men at all.

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  • Clara Alexandra Djalim

    I never play Tomodachi Collection because it has been a long time since I play Nintendo DS. I only created this on my blog because there is little to no transcript regarding the game... thought I would do it myself. Some are missing...

    Note: This is the rough English translation

    Dialogue Choices Result
    Mii: "[Worried greeting]"

    (The player touches the scribble button.)
    Mii: "I'm in love with ____. I want to confess my feelings"

    • I'll help
    • No good
    (See the next two tables for details.)

    I'll help Choices Result
    "Which manner should I confess?"
    • Traditional
    • Romantic
    • Arrogant
    • Desperate
    (The scene progresses to the next line.)
    Where should I confess?
    • Beach
    • Rooftop
    • Park
    • Classroom
    (The scene progresses to the next line.)
    Before that, should I change my clothes first?
    • Change
    • J…

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  • Clara Alexandra Djalim

    One of my Mii's keep asking me that they want to try setting up their male friend with a female friend but I don't want to. What should I do if they actually become sweethearts after the asking Mii said "My little plan worked!" ?

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  • PlumbobLord5512

    Tomodachi Life is one of the best DS games ever made. This may be because I am a big fan of life simulation games, but I would probably still have fun even if I wasn’t. That being said, this game still has a lot of flaws. Here are the things that should be added to Tomodachi Life.

    • The Ability to take back Clothes or Interiors

    Imagine that you gave the wrong item to a Mii. You can’t get it back or do anything about it. That’s why you should have the ability to get that item back. Then, you can give it to the right Mii.

    • Multiple Save Files

    I have gone through a total of three islands because I got bored, but still wanted to have fun and continue playing. The problem is that I can’t go back to my previous islands. They’re gone forever. That’s why…

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  • Aski1

    Tomodachi Life Ideas

    August 29, 2019 by Aski1

    During my playthrough of both Tomodachi Collection and Tomodachi Life, I've come up with several different ideas for the next game in the series.

    • The Basketball, Game Boy, Spinning Toy, and Yo-Yo and now Level-Up Gifts instead of Treasures.
      • When using the Yo-Yo, the Mii will spin the Yo-Yo and sometimes perform tricks. They can also use it at the Park.
      • When using the Spinning Toy, the Mii will spin the toy on the ground and watch it as it now a Level-Up gift instead of a Treasure
      • When using the Basketball, the Mii will dribble the ball and sometimes shoot baskets. If multiple Miis have basketballs, they will sometimes compete against each other.
    • Special Foods are now unlockable Foods that can be unlocked when a Mii reaches a certain le…

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  • Marysue124

    After about 2 hours turning my poor 3DS on and off to find this thing, this news isn't in the other versions for obvious reasons.

    My Japanese isn't very good, but here are the images for it. 

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  • Saleh7414

    Future Game Ideas

    August 19, 2019 by Saleh7414

    Although Tomodachi Life is a rather simple game, I feel it could enhance a lot more. Here are some features I'd like to see for a 3rd version of Tomodachi Life.

    • A bridge that connects Leisure Island to the Main Island.
    • Miis can be seen going to their place of destination. A Mii can also bring up to 5 friends with them.
    • You can interact with Miis no matter where they are. Outside, Apartment, House, etc.
    • All the Mii interiors have a bed where the Mii sleeps for the night.
    • You can change a Mii's Hat, Shirt, Pants, Socks, and Shoes. Outfits like the Pop-star outfit automatically have all 5 mentioned above and choosing a Mii to change to that will have all 5 clothing options selected. Shirts and Pants cannot be removed.
    • A Mii can bring their Best Fri…
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  • SuperJoeyBros9

    It appears we are missing some TC Mii News reports, does anyone know where we can find some pictures or transcripts?

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  • Saleh7414

    Red are things I hate about the game. Gray are things I find idiotic.

    • Why is there a gap between the Leisure Island and the Main Island? How do the Miis get across? Do they swim with their clothes on?
    • All the Mii interaction locations except the cafe and the beach have no way of the Mii leaving that place. Also the locations on the map look nothing like the location itself.
    • If you choose "Hmm..." on the name section, you can’t go back. Either you come up with a name or restart.
    • How easy it is to Level-Up your Miis. I don't personally mind how easy it is, but it's such a pain on what to give if they're Level 50+. (Sure, you can give $0.01 but is that really worth a level-up gift?)
    • The Magic Show.
    • If a Mii is out with another opposite gender person t…
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  • EEYM

    EEYM's QR Code

    August 5, 2019 by EEYM
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  • GameBoy2479

    If a new installment of Tomodachi Life gets made, I personally feel like if Mii dialogue depended on personality, then it would add lots of diversity to the game.

    Problem All Personalities Easygoing Outgoing/Energetic Confident Independent/Reserved
    • "I'm hungry!"
    • "I'm thirsty!
    • "I need  to eat."
    • "I feel a bit hungry."
    • "I'd like to eat something."

    • "I need to eat. Can you give me some food, please?"
    • "I'm a bit peckish. Having a meal would help."
    • "Hey, [Main_Miii]'s lookalike? Can I eat something? I feel hungry right now."

    • "I'm starving!"
    • "I'm very hungry!"
    • "I really need to eat..."
    • "I'm very thirsty..."
    • "I need to eat right now. I mean it."

    • "My tummy is rumbling like crazy. Please give me some food!"
    • "Can you please give me food? I'm so hungry..…

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  • Marysue124

    Blushing Miis.

    July 24, 2019 by Marysue124

    I don't know where this belongs, but the way the miis blushes depends on their personality. (the personality page will be the best choice, I think.)

    Easygoing mii put both of their hands to their chest and blush.

    Outgoing mii will put their hands on their cheeks and blush, in the Japanese version the Outgoing mii does the same thing but shakes their head left and right pretty fast.

    Independent mii just do their usual pose and blush.

    Confident mii will just stand there facing the screen blushing.

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  • Sartz29

    When a Mii is confessing in Tomodachi Life, I have noticed that some confession types work better than others. For example, be casual usually works while singing a song usually doesn’t. I think the outcome of a confession might depend on the personality of the Mii being confessed to. Please comment if you think you know which locations and ways to confess are best for each personality. Thanks!

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  • Clara Alexandra Djalim

    As Saleh7414 said on my previous blog... If you accidentally save the game after two Mii's become sweethearts, and you think they are not great together, here are some tips!

    1. Restart the game until either relationship drops (goes down) or they get in a fight. It may take a while.
    2. If an orange icon appears that the Mii wants to take his/her sweetheart on a date, close the game without saving. I mean... simply reload back to the last save.
    3. If you have Travel Ticket, do not give that item to either of them. Just interact with the Mii every-day.
    4. When a friend problem appears regarding their relationship, selects "Not compatible". If the relationship is at "Getting along OK" or lower... instead of breakup, sometimes the Mii will be worried about rel…
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  • StormieCreater


    does anyone else make OCs in Tomodachi Life? 

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  • Clara Alexandra Djalim

    I wish the food reactions in Tomodachi Life included a statement, instead of just gesture. Here's on my thoughts:

    • [He/She] loved it! "Woo-hoo! I'm jumping in the air! Thank you so much, [Player]'s look-alike."
    • [He/She] liked it! "That tasted really good. Thank you, [Player]'s look-alike!"
    • [He/She] liked it. "Um... thanks... I guess? Yeah..."
    • [He/She] didn't like it. "Ugh... I don't like this. That tasted like a trash..."
    • [He/She] didn't like it at all... "EEEWWW! It was really weird! Don't give it to me again!"
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  • Technobliterator

    Hey Tomodachi Life Wiki! I'm Technobliterator, and I'm the Fandom Wiki Manager here. I'm here to help your community, and I'm a liaison to full-time Fandom Staff. If any of you have any questions relating to the wiki, whether it's code-related, policy related, or otherwise, I'm your first point of contact.

    Feel free to let me know if you need anything! I'll check your RecentChanges every so often, but for the quickest replies, drop me a message on my talk page here!

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  • Clara Alexandra Djalim

    Is Tomodachi Life available in other languages beside English and Japanese? I play American version of Tomodachi Life. If there is one, what are they? And how can i download or get it? Do I have to change the language if i had non-American 3DS... or what? I guess there's nothing on Youtube.

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  • Clara Alexandra Djalim

    If you want to name your Mii islander or want to give the newborn child a name yourself, but you think the game can't pronounce it right, here's my suggestions for you:

    • Alexandra - Ah lack sun dra
    • Anna - Ah na
    • Caroline - The most common way is "Ca ro line", but in my opinion,"Ca ro leen" sounds better
    • Clara (My name!) - Most people here "Kleh ruh". It's commonly incorrect! It should be "Klah ra")
    • Leon - Lay on
    • Leona - Lay o na
    • Leonore - I had a baby on my new island with this name and I rather pronounced it : Lay o nor
    • Lena - Leh na
    • Levi - Normally, people hear "Lee vie" but the most common way is "Leh v". Sounds better in my opinion.
    • Lucas/Lukas - Loo cus
    • Mikayla - I had a baby with this name on my previous island and I rather pronounced it : Me ky …
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  • MitosisShrump

    Explanation: With certain level-up gifts, Miis can be seen doing various things with them.

    With what items do Miis have success in using? With what ones do they fail? Let's find out.

    Italics mean that this is not in the game, but would be a theoretical event added by me.

    Item Positive Negative Neutral Explanation
    Ballet Manual Miis dancing Miis tripping, falling, etc.

    Baseball Bat Miis hitting the ball Miis missing the ball Miis swinging the bat Miis don't actually hit anything with this item.
    Beauty Kit Miis successfully applying makeup, etc. Miis failing to apply it correctly
    A failure really doesn't seem plausible with this item.
    Mii reading See above, w/success added
    Bubble blower Miis successfully blowing bubbles The jar runs out of the liqui…

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  • AkiraaPotatoo

    is there any way i can get the american tomodachi life also im in australia

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  • Clara Alexandra Djalim

    Can I add sub-heading called Confession Reversal in Confession page? The main heading is "Other Ways". I'll move this from Trivia, and it will be like this:

    In Tomodachi Life, it's possible for a Mii to confess his/her love to another Mii who is already dating.

    Normally, if the relationship of Mii being confessed is Getting along OK or lower, the confessor will fail. If the Mii being confessed has at least "Great pal" status, the confessor will accept.

    The confession will usually fail if the Mii has higher status. However, if the confessed Mii's relationship with their sweetheart is low ("Kinda getting along" or lower), then it's guaranteed that the confessed Mii may say "Sure" to the Mii who is confessing, ditching their sweetheart.

    If another p…

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  • SuperJoeyBros9

    Since these seem pretty popular, I'll make one my self

    Things with a Plus Sign are things I find idiotic

    +Why is there no bridge between Leisure Island and the main island?

    +There is no true point to the magic show

    When a couple breaks up within a few days, seriously how does that happen so quickly!?

    +While the love interventions are funny, they also don't make any sense

    Certain speech bubble dialogue:

    "There must be more people who would like to live here, can you find some?" I HATE this line.

    +"You've looked like you've had a rough day, kick off your feet and relax awhile" This line really annoys me

    Mii's must really love each other, I mean, I saw one Mii stare at the other me lovingly and they weren't done in 10 minutes, it's like give a break!


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  • Clara Alexandra Djalim

    Here is the photo of my Miis' son I've taken from Photo Studio.

    Johan and Valerie with their son Erik.

    What do you think?

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  • Clara Alexandra Djalim

    Reversal between all versions of Tomodachi Life, as far as i know.


    • EU/AU: Energetic
    • US: Confident


    • EU/AU: Energetic
    • US: Easy-going

    [He/She] really liked it.

    • EU: Jump up into the air fist-first, showing a very high amount of satisfaction. Happiness increases significantly.
    • US: Happily pat their belly with one hand, showing they really liked the food.

    [He/She] didn't like it at all...

    • EU: Turn gray and melt to the floor with a very shocked face while suspenseful music plays, showing that the Mii "Really hated" it.
    • US: Hold their stomachs in disgust (trying not to throw it up), showing they disliked the food.

    Very much in love/Very happy

    • EU: Light green
    • US: Orange

    Trust completely

    • EU: Green
    • US: Light green

    Want to forget

    • EU: Purple (with "Just" b…

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  • PetStarPlanet


    April 1, 2019 by PetStarPlanet

    Did you hear? After 5 years, Nintendo actually decided to add an update to Tomodachi Life! Yesterday, Nintendo gave an announcement that they would update the game, and the first 1000 people to see the announcement also got an exclusive Mii. By now, it's probably too late to get the exclusive Mii.

    Link to video talking about this update

    By the way, this is April Fools and the actual announcement is that I added a Rick Astley Mii to my game.

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  • SuperJoeyBros9


    March 29, 2019 by SuperJoeyBros9

    Once I play TL again I'm going to make a lot blog post about it, so tune in if ya can!

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  • GameBoy2479

    European Dialogue

    March 29, 2019 by GameBoy2479

    I was just wondering, and it is okay if either of you say I can't but,

    Can I make a dialogue page for European/Australian users? I'd like to because there are European and Australian players who don't experience American dialogue, so it would be handy if I could be able to create a dialogue list for all users in those regions. Can I do that, please?

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  • Clara Alexandra Djalim

    When the player gives their Mii a food...or the Mii is hungry.

    A Mii's reaction that normally stays the same for the rest of his/her life will sometimes change.

    Here for exaple when i gave my Mii Fish Sticks:

    I guess it's the same in Japanese/European version.

    Sorry for bad quality.

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  • Clara Alexandra Djalim

    One of my mii's want to confess their love but i don't want them to because they're not so great pairing. What should i do if they actually become sweethearts... but i don't like the two?

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  • Yuki6165801

    I decided to post on the Amino app instead of here. So for daily posts with plenty of pictures, you can find me on the Tomodachi Life Amino page! Here is the link to my profile!

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  • GameBoy2479

    If a future Tomodachi title came out (which would be amazing if that truly happened), this is what I would most want to be included.

    I will make sure to update this page regularly.

    • The Main Island and Leisure Island will be connected to eachother by a bridge to avoid controversy.
    • There will be 5 new locations. In general, all community venues are now completely dynamic, seeing other islanders arrive in and out, and the view can be moved to anywhere at the venue (for example, in the corner of a room or zooming close into a Mii).
      • Restaurant: A place where couples and familes can dine in to a delicate meal at a fancy restaurant. In order to unlock this place, you must have at least one married couple. Miis can also confess their love here.
      • Movie T…

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  • GameBoy2479

    There are many things in Tomodachi Life that tend to confuse me often, and so like how other users did, I want to post what I find confusing here too.

    Bold text is what I find more annoying.

    I will be posting more confusions and annoyments about the game in the future.

    • Why is there a gap between the main island and Leisure Island? Why did they not build a bridge, and how do they even get across? Do they swim with their clothes on?
    • I tend to not understand just exactly what the Magic Shows' purposes are.
    • *Sigh* If only you could also change your Mii's Lip Colour like you could do that in Miitomo/Miitopia, but in this game you just can't...
    • When a proposal fails, it makes me so mad and painful at the same time. I always get so excited whenever a c…

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  • Marysue124

    Something I noticed

    January 29, 2019 by Marysue124

    In the baby album, when the family is together on the ferris wheel.

    Certain mom personalities will talk back to their child, while the other will just smile and nod at their child.

    Easygoing and Independent moms will just smile and nod at their child.

    Outgoing and Confident moms will talk back to their child.

    I guess it's the same in all versions.

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  • Gungunogirl663wiki

    got 3 mes

    January 26, 2019 by Gungunogirl663wiki
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  • Clara Alexandra Djalim

    There isn't a specific category for this so I just called it "other".

    The sleeve of Miis' clothing on my island is depending on the season in game. In Spring and Summer, they all wear short sleeve clothing or sleeveless clothing. In Autumn and Winter, they all wear long sleeve clothing.

    Miis will fall asleep earlier if they're sick, sad, in a fight, or having love problems.

    The time when it enters Day, Sunset, and Night is depending on the month.

    • About May and June,I cannot remember (but/because I've been playing Tomodachi Life since May 2018).
    • July: Enters sunset at 5:50 PM; Night at 7:50 PM.
    • August: Enters sunset at 5:25 PM; Night at 7:25 PM.
    • September: Enters sunset at 5:00 PM; Night at 7:00 PM.
    • October: Enters sunset at 4:35 PM; Night at 6:35 …
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  • Yuki6165801

    Gameplay Pictures! (1)

    January 17, 2019 by Yuki6165801

    So I’ve taken way too many screenshots of like...everything that happens in this game and I’ve been wanting to post them somewhere and uploading them in compilation vids didn’t work so I’m going to post them all here!

    I’m planning on making posts with 4 photos each (since that’s all the site will let me add at one time) daily!

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  • Clara Alexandra Djalim

    Orange are things I hate.

    Red are things I find idiotic.

    Blue are things that make me confused.

    Purple are useless things.

    Why is there a gap between the Leisure Island and the Main Island? Why did not build a bridge, and how can the Mii characters get across? Do they swim with their clothes on?

    Age is technically just a number (except for sweethearts and marriage). Like a child Mii that is 10 years old can be friends with Miis that are like 20 years or older. Also, couples can have major age gaps. I have two married couples: One born in 2001 and the other was born in 2006... Another thing, there can be age gaps between BFFs, like a kid and an adult BFF. Note: I replaced BF with BFF because "BF" can also mean boyfriend.

    When a Mii is deleted, nobody se…

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  • Clara Alexandra Djalim

    Here are my own sequel suggestions for the next Tomodachi/Mii game...

    When a player starts a new save game, unlike the previous game where every single island was the same, instead the player can choose from 6 different island designs. These include:

    • Normal: The original design used from both previous games. These include two islands, one Main Island and a Leisure Island has been expanded. The only difference is that now both islands are connected by a bridge. The usual activities found in the previous game are found here, and activities also found in Tomodachi Collection have also returned.
    • Farm: A farm-styled island. Activities related to farming are plant/harvest crops, egg-collecting, pulling weeds, milking cow. Animals here are cow, chicken…

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  • Sartz29

    I am wondering how to get more travelers to come to my island on Tomodachi Life. I have had the game for a year and play it frequently, but I’ve only had one traveler visit my island. Does anybody know how to make travelers come more often?

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  • ROBLOXNoob246

    So I was playing TL (Tomadachi Life) when there was a NPC  just standing at Mii Apartments then I pressed

    Mii Apartments and a window was added called"princess" which I added for fun but the QR code was somehow deleted

    So I hope you enjoyed my first article on TL wik it was very short but don't deleted


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  • Darnit525

    one of my miis wants to be an adult but i don't want them to so i don't want to use the age-o-matic, how long must i wait for them to forget about it?

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  • Clara Alexandra Djalim

    When the island population reaches 100 on the day the child grows up, what should the game do? Will they be automatically travel the world?

    Note: I hope no. of children on my island will not reach more than 50, because if there are more than 50 albums it will be deleted (i think). As 8 January 2019, there are 43 children on my island and 10 of them are travelers.

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  • Nemolee.exe

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  • TheSims2Player

    I created a few mii’s. Ten minutes later two of them wanted to be sweethearts. Three days later, they got engaged. During that time period we got more sweethearts. After they got married, two more sweethearts married the next day. Four or five days after my first couple married, they wanna have a baby, which just happened this morning.

    My current couples (Don’t be surprised by the names as I am a fan of Danny Phantom and The Loud House. Also these were all randomly. I do not ship any of these couples. The only one that makes sence is the first one)

    Danny Phantom and Sam Manson (Again randomly)

    Jazz Fenton and Tucker Foley (Weird couple)

    Valerie and Clyde McBride (Yep, even weirder)

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  • Leskspen

    No StreetPass Users

    June 14, 2018 by Leskspen

    What do you do if no one is walking around with their 3ds using StreetPass? 

    Is there a place where I can share my frendcode and exchange online? 

    I feel like I'm the only person still playing this game. I am upset because today is the 3rd time I had to restart the game lossing all my saved data.  After 2 years I exchanged with 5 people, got married twice, had 2 kids, and received a traveler.  I love this game.

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  • SFishle2

    No Updates till 22/05/18 Last night on my tomodachi life I had breakup between my Uncle and Sam. I didn't want it to happen.

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