• GameBoy2479

    Thanks for taking the time to read this! So... Nintendo recently announced that their Nintendo 3DS family of systems are now out of production, and all that's left in stores will be the last sold forever. Yes, we all hope a new Tomodachi game can arrive on Switch. However, the 3DS won't be gone completely. Here's a few work-arounds to (hopefully) find the best way to get your hands on a 3DS whilst Nintendo can't make more:

    1. Purchase one on eBay. There may be somebody who doesn't want their 3DS anymore, and so wants to sell it on eBay. If there's no more 3DS's in store, eBay's your best chance to get one any time of year. Somebody could also list it on Amazon, so check there too.
    2. Although I'm not certain, GameStop also would let people list it…
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    number 1 on the wiki!

    August 22, 2020 by JEVILOGEN

    i'm the very first person to get the 14 days on the wiki badge! this also made me #1 on the ranking board! i am very happy about this and thank you all for those 14 days i had on the wiki. i will not be retiring.

    so since i was the first person to get it, this is awkard but... is it possible to give me a bureaucrat rank? if not, then less thank the bureaucrat rank. if not less than that, then i'm okay without any special ranks.

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    August 11, 2020 by JEVILOGEN

    my name is JEVILOGEN. you can see what goes on in my tomodachi life island here.

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  • GameBoy2479

    Today something I never knew would happen occured today. So, Akira tried to confess his feelings to Abby (on Wuhu Island, my current one), but he was rejected. Despite this, Leisure Island still opened up and since it was a male trying to confess his feelings, the Girl Appeal ranking appeared as well. I'm still confused though, because I always thought someone need to successfully confess their love to open Leisure Island. Anyone else had this happen to them?

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  • GameBoy2479

    Asia Island

    July 14, 2020 by GameBoy2479

    Asia Island includes Miis that are based on the Asian Continent. Almost every country in Asia will have at least two Miis based on that country. They will speak in their native language for phrases and songs. If a couple has a baby, the name's nationality origin will base on the father's country of origin.

    • General Community Atmosphere: Lively
    • Total Islanders: 43 people
    • Average Age: 24.1
    • Gender Ratio: 21:22
    • Quality of Life: ★7
    • Problems Solved: 317
    • StreetPass Encounters: 0
    • Explorers Received: 0
    • Total Couples Married: 6
    • Total Kids Born: 3
    • Explorers Sent: 2
    • Island Address: Asia Island, 926-297, Apple Pie Isles, Tacos Ocean
    • Export Item: Rainbow-stripe dress (orange)

    Note that Miis' nicknames will always use their first name. For their bios, some such as occu…

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  • Clara AD

    I REALLY wish I could own a second copy of Tomodachi Life, because i enjoy playing the game! The island name will be Cherub Island. I'm currently trying to get it before the end of 2020; otherwise I will add those in the new Tomodachi Life game.

    • Total Male Islanders: 26
    • Total Female Islanders: 26

    Full Name (Nickname) Image Birthday Personality Favorite Color Origin
    Unknown Easygoing Dreamer Light green Miitomo QR Code (forgot the website)
    Ahab Nero Greddenburg (Nero)
    Unknown Outgoing Trendsetter Unknown Aski1
    Benito Hernandez (Benito)
    Unknown Confident Adventurer Blue OC, he resembles this character made by User:Chaft
    Big Harold/Harold Huge
    Yellow OhhMyKawaii (Youtube user)
    Cyan Graham (Cyan)
    24 January Outgoing Entertainer Purple User blog:Aski1/…

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  • MemzLover378348
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  • CherryGladion'sGirl4

    I am new~

    June 13, 2020 by CherryGladion'sGirl4

    Hi, I am Cherry. Yes, i am a gladion fangirl.

    Im new to this wiki, But yea, my island is called Rose Town Island (named after my first acnl town) and yea. You can also call me Lily, that is my look alike's name. But i would prefer you called me Cherry. 


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  • Taterbot44

    look what i found!

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  • TotalDramaFan27

    Hi There!

    June 7, 2020 by TotalDramaFan27

    Hello, everyone! I'm TotalDramaFan27, and I am new to this wiki! I recently found out about Tomodachi Life, and now I really want it! But I don't have a 3DS... I hope I will get one someday! But if/when I do get Tomodachi Life, I would like to do some kind of series called: TomoDrama Life! I'm going to call it that because I want to put Total Drama characters in it. I would also put myself in it, and a few friends and family members. So, if/when I get Tomodachi Life, would you like me to update here on what happens? Please let me know, thank you!

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  • Marysue124


    June 4, 2020 by Marysue124

    Um...Who turned on the badges, now we might get tons of spam because some people feel that they need to collect them as if it's a contest.

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  • KittyFan2004

    Here is my list for a new Tomodachi Life.

    • You can choose the Mii's sexuality: Gay/Lesbian, Bisexual, or Straight (default).
    • Same-sex couples can choose to adopt children if they want, as long as the relationship is in the good zone.
    • I want a bridge connecting the main island and Leisure Island.
    • You can interact with Miis even if they're outside or at their house.
    • All of the interiors have beds for the Miis to sleep for the night.
    • Mii's can invite 1-3 friends for a sleepover. Like the travel ticket, it will increase the relationship levels by one or two points.
    • You can mix-and-match clothing. 
    • You can have the ability to change the Mii's eye color and lip color.
    • I really don't like the 100 Mii limit. 500 is reasonable.
    • If your Switch is set to a holi…

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  • KittyFan2004

    European Dialogue

    March 25, 2020 by KittyFan2004

    So inspired by Clara AD's post, I decided to find some European dialogue!

    If (best friend) were in trouble, I would help him/her right away.

    Some people are easy to talk to. Some people aren't...

    I've been waiting for you to visit, (player)'s lookalike!

    Whenever somebody brags about themselves, I just pretend to listen.

    You look hungry.

    Not everything has to be perfect for me to be happy.

    Even when people say they had a funny dream, it's never that funny. 

    I can't help laughing out loud when I watch a funny film.

    I think (spouse) said somebody's name in his sleep... (they refer it by male pronouns even if a male Mii is talking about his wife)

    I wish I looked a little different.

    I think that all my wishes could come true!

    It's Saturday! Are you working…

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  • Leotarion

    My babies

    March 17, 2020 by Leotarion

    She is the daughter of Abney & Teal, known to be Reserved Perfectionist. She is the first Jexi baby herself.

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  • Leotarion

    What the heck?!

    March 16, 2020 by Leotarion

    So tobrevelc and Neep are in love... ...But!

    tobrevelc is 18 and Neep is 0!

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  • KittyFan2004

    So, guys, my 3DS charger is broken, and I didn't know how that happened. So until I get a new charger (via Gamestop), my Tomodachi Life will be inactive. 

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  • JakobP196

    i was spooked when my outgoing mii said "i wanna see more blood in this apartment"

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  • TDC06

    i been looking for a discord on tomodachi life but still nothing anybody know of any discords? 

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  • Leotarion

    Jexi Islanders

    March 2, 2020 by Leotarion

    These Miis are all in the Jexi team. Here they are!

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  • Saleh414

    Here are things I think could've made me enjoy the game better.

    • A bridge between the main island and leisure island (duh.)
    • An option to only dye eyebrows with hair color spray.
    • A bigger limit for phrases and custom confessions instead of 25 and 64. Is it because ?
    • A way to delete pictures in game. I've hit the screenshot button(s) numerous times.
    • There should have been an option to take traveler photos.
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  • Clara AD

    Phrase Generator

    January 11, 2020 by Clara AD

    Mii's will ask the player to tell what should they say when happy, mad, sad, or worried. I have to enter a phrase, but I'm actually not good at naming them. Any suggestions?

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  • Marysue124

    More Breaking Newscast?

    January 5, 2020 by Marysue124

    So apparently, there's like 2 or 3 more breaking news reports in the game. But they have something to do with Travelers (from other islands) visiting your island.

    I'm very close to unlocking one of them, I'll add it here when I get it.

    (The current picture being used is not mines, someone else added it here.)

    100th Traveler Visits Island!
    'Add the report once I get it'


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  • Clara AD

    Is there any way to get a second copy of Tomodachi Life besides owning two Nintendo 3DS? I don't want to delete my island because I really enjoy it.

    Plans for the second copy here:

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  • Saleh414

    Other things

    January 2, 2020 by Saleh414

    There isn’t a specific category for this so I just called it "other"

    • Mii: "I have an intense feeling of Déjà vu right now. It’s freaking me out! Me: Deja Vu! I’ve just been in this place before, higher on the street, and I know it’s my time to go! If you don't get it, [1].
      • Also, 1 Mii: “Do you ever feel like we talk about the same things over and over?” Another Mii: "For sure, Déjá vu." (Deja vu plays in the background.)
    • Happiness gained is based off how much money you earned. The Hypnotizer gives the least amount of experience, being $3, while Getting married/successful confession gives the most amount of happiness, being $60 and filling the bar all the way. Therefore, leveling up requires 20 happiness points.
    • Mii greetings are based off the time…
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  • PetStarPlanet

    I decided to share Tomodachi Life dreams I've had here to have the biggest probability of it being seen by people who actually play the game and understand my descriptions of the dream better. I might update this to include possible future dreams.

    Some of these are only parts of the dream as I'm only including parts that are relevant to Tomodachi Life. Also, this doesn't include every Tomodachi Life dream I've ever had, only the ones I can recall when editing this. This also doesn't include Miitopia dreams.

    It's also strange how, as far as I can recall, I had no Tomodachi Life dreams in 2018 or 2019, but at least 5 each in both 2017 and 2020.

    I started playing Tomodachi Life and my Mii started dating another Mii.

    I added Zelda and Link Miis to…

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  • Saleh414

    Level 2 Island Mii List

    January 2, 2020 by Saleh414

    This is the Mii list for Saleh414's Level 2 Island.

    Name Image QR Codes Image Name

























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  • Saleh414


    January 2, 2020 by Saleh414

    Like some other games, this game is not 100% perfect. There is some errors found in games, and this game has a few.

    These are the following errors I've found.

    • This dialogue, "[Spouse] laughs when he snorts sometimes. It's so cute!" The spouse is always referred to as a male.
    • When a Mii has the "like" problem (another Mii likes the Mii), if the player says "Go for it!" and the Mii says that he/she doesn't feel the same way, the status will increase but it won't change in the relationships chart. This can be fixed by reentering the Mii's apartment.
    • The Independent Male Interior will always show the island is daytime.
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  • PetStarPlanet

    Since everyone (well, not everyone, but at least a few active editors on this wiki) seems to have a blog like this, I decided to make one as well.

    Annoying things:

    • Whenever Miis change clothes on their own, as a lot of times the outfits in which they switch are either very ridiculous/stupid looking or just don't fit the character at all. Especially annoying when it happens when the Mii is sleeping in their home.
    • I'm getting tired of the dreams that always spawn the same items. This is why so many of my islanders have ninja costumes, superhero girl outfits etc. in varying colors. And it's getting harder and harder to find Miis that haven't eaten fried seafood, escargot or spinach yet. I prefer the dreams that just spawn random food items.
    • The "…
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  • SuperEnergeticCat

    Hi everyone. I have seen a lot of people trying to do this (I have tried to do one of these but I didn't get round to posting it). This may be very long so sorry if you're reading for ages hehe.

    In my new version of Tomodachi Life, the Miis will be able to have a lot more freedom when it comes to looking after themselves and will not need to depend on the Player to feed them and change their clothes for them. The Player may select what clothes they change into at what time, but otherwise it's all down to the Mii. A Mii will earn wages (part-time jobs will earn less, jobs with degrees will earn more - more on Jobs later). They will have a dining area and kitchen in their apartments where they can cook food and eat it. They may also have a ba…

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  • Clara AD

    Next Tomodachi Life Ideas

    December 12, 2019 by Clara AD

    Because the comments reset and I recently changed my user-name on my previous blog, all content is moved here. Here are my own sequel suggestions for the next Tomodachi Life game...

    When a player starts a new save game, unlike the previous game where every single island was the same, instead the player can choose from 6 different island designs. These include:

    • Normal: The original design used from both previous games. These include two islands, one Main Island and a Leisure Island has been expanded. The only difference is that now both islands are connected by a bridge. The usual activities found in the previous game are found here, and activities also found in Tomodachi Collection have also returned.
    • Farm: A farm-styled island. Activities relat…

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  • SuperJoeyBros9

    Should we make a page for letters? Or at least have letter dialogue.

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  • PetStarPlanet

    These are a few things I've noticed while playing Quirky Questions, but I'm not sure if it's a thing that always occurs or just a coincidence.

    For the first one, the "Who hates ____?" question in Quirky Questions. For some time, I thought Miis would never raise their hands if you fill in the blank with "me" since like 90% of the time or more, it would just end with the "Ummm..." scenario. But, I've noticed that a few times, there's a Mii (or even two) who does raise their hand. So that lead me to trying to figure out if there's some kind of pattern there. And after repeating this experiment ba couple of times, it appears that it's always the same Miis raising their hands. These Miis include Saria and Vsauce in my game.

    Next, we get to the "W…

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  • Marysue124

    I'm not sure if the first two are gender based, but the two Travelers I picked up from my other game were both girls. This dialogue is coming from my North American copy.

    Mosquito problem
    Place Line


    "EEP! There's a mosquito in my tent! It's driving me crazy!"

    Mosquito problem solved
    Place Line


    "Thanks so much! Now I don't have to go home crying"

    When player misses the mosquito
    Place Line
    Player (sounds like the look-a-like talking)

    "Oh, that was unfortunate..."

    "Oops! Sorry about that!"

    When player gets the mosquito
    Place Line

    "What a relief!"

    When Traveler levels up
    Place Line

    "Thanks for your kindness. Everyone at home will love hearing about you!" (Female)

    "Thanks for looking after me. I'm going to tell everyone back home a…

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  • Clara AD

    This is a transcript for when a Fight event is experienced in Tomodachi Collection.

    Intro Choices Result
    Mii: "[Mad greeting]"

    (The player touches the scribble button.)
    Mii: "[Mii] and I got in a fight. I'm so mad now."

    • Reconcile
    • Whatever

    • Option 1: "Can you help get rid of this irritation first?" (The リスト icon flashes.)

    After calming down... Result
    Mii: "I feel much better now. I'll try to make up."
    (The Mii goes to the apartment of the Mii they were fighting with.)
    Mii: 「この間はごめんなさい」
    • Other Mii: 「こちらこそごめんなさい」
      (Back in the apartment, the Mii dances to happy jingle.)
      Game: It went well!
      Mii: "Thank you so much. We've become friends again." (Happiness increases)
    • Other Mii: "「ゆるしません」"
      (Back in the apartment, the Mii slumps as sad jingle plays.)
      Game: It was no good...

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  • GameBoy2479

    I have recently noticed something for a disposable camera situation, where, I used the camera on three Miis. For the first three pictures they were taken by three different Miis. And, it all appeared to be the same islander picture (the selfie one, where one Mii is taking a photo with their sweetheart/spouse). However, when I took a photo with the same Mii for the fourth time, it turned out as a different islander photo (in my case, a Cafe photo where 3 Miis were at the counter). Is this a coincidence, or a glitch where the same photo shows up when taking it with a different Mii each time?

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  • Marysue124

    I have seen this happen on my other island a whlie back and wasn't too sure.

    When an Easygoing Mii is happy about making a new friend or whatever, they swing their arms back and forth.

    But for some reason they also do the dance like the Outgoing, like the picture shown below.

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  • 2lit4me

    mii relationships

    November 3, 2019 by 2lit4me

    I'm trying to get two specific miis to like each other, is there any strategy to making them fall in love?

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  • Clara AD

    These blog is about children who became permanent residents on New Tomo Island. Some of them were named by me, while some others were named with the random name generator.

    Nickname (Full Name) Image Birthday Favorite Color Personality Description
    Doug (Douglas Everton)
    2013/11/22 Green Easy-going Buddy Originally appeared as a separate character on Pink Angel Island, but later re-added as the son of Carson and Penny.
    Erik (Erik Wagner)
    2014/07/03 Yellow Outgoing Charmer The son of Johan and Valerie.
    Fabian (Fabian Lang)
    Light blue Independent Artist The second son of my look-alike and Thomas, Angie's younger brother.
    Guillaume (Guillaume Vermont)
    2014/09/25 Green Easy-going Optimist The son of Thierry and Serena.
    Jacob (Jacob Mackenzie)
    2006/08/15 Light …

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  • Clara AD

    Due to large amount of islanders appearing on my user page, I have decided to move the list showing the Normal Islanders and Child Islanders to separate pages. Here is a list of all my Normal Islanders featured in my Tomodachi Life save file, including their respective QR Codes. The current population is 93.

    Note: For unknown reason, I'm not planning to make a list of islanders from Pink Angel Island and Bayern Island.

    Name (Full Name) Image Birthday Favorite Color Origin Personality Description
    Artie (Arthur Broke)
    5 May 1985 (I just put it randomly) Brown Need More Flash (Youtube user) Outgoing Trendsetter There's a Youtube user named Needs More Flash and they made a video about Tomodachi songs and most of them are about this guy who keeps ask…

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  • Aski1

    Former Islander QR Codes

    October 20, 2019 by Aski1

    These are the islanders that were lost from the Island. Whether it was from the Anti-Minecraft Movement or to the demon, Satan, some were saved, while others were lost forever...

    Mii Name Image Source Creator/Island of Origin Brief Description
    Jesus (Jesus Christ)
    Christian Folklore Aski1 The son of god that descended from heaven. Later ascended back to Heaven following my playthrough of Miitopia.
    Satan (Satan Devil)
    Chirstian Folklore Mary (Vineland Version)
    !SiC (Current Version) The devil himself, ascending from Hell to the island of Lone Star. After destroying the Island, followed by the events of my playthrough of Miitopia, he was cast back to the realm he crawled out of.
    Jordan (Jordan Kikolski)
    Real Person (Sister) Jski2 My younger si…

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  • Aski1

    Due to the amount of QR codes appearing on the main page, I have decided to move the table showing the current Islanders' QR Codes and the former Islanders' QR codes to separate pages. Shown Here is a list of all the Islander featured in my Tomodachi Life save file, including their respective QR Codes. The current population is 93. NOTE: Some of the Islanders have been copied over from other islands' QR Codes, including ones on this site. Credit will be given to those creators and their islands, if they have one.

    Mii Name Image Source Creator/Island of Origin Brief Description
    Austin (Austin Kikolski)
    Personal Mii Aski1 My personal Mii, based on how I look IRL. As the personal Mii, I act as the magistrate over the island. I also know Rock &…

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  • Marysue124

    As in any fandom or anything, there's a rumor about something that isn't true.

     "Giving a cellphone to Miis will increase the chance of them having kids." - That's not at all. I have two Tomodachi Life games with married couples on them, I barely give them (or anyone) a cellphone on my games because I don't like them and they all had so many kids so far.

    Also the cellphone that appears when a Mii has had a child or calling you, isn't's suppose to be yours. The miis may have an unseen phone at their house or at the apartments.

    But If you want them to have kids, just make sure relationship of the couple is ok and not in the dark orange, purple and blue color zones because they most likely won't have one.

    And remember, this…

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  • Clara AD

    I don't have European version. I was searching for the Dialogues in the European version of Tomodachi Life, but couldn't find any... Anyway, here it is!

    Introductions Mii Type
    "Hello, I'm [Name]. What the...? You just look like me!" First islander
    "Name's [Mii] and I'm always full of life!" Energetic Charmer, male
    "You can call me [Mii]. I'm always fun to be around!" Energetic Charmer, female
    "I'm [Mii]! When I make a plan, I always see it through!" Energetic Adventurer, male
    "My name's [Mii]! I love being in the spotlight." Energetic Adventurer, female
    "I'm [Mii]! I'm always fun to be around!" Energetic Buddy, male
    "I'm [Mii]! I can hit it off with almost anyone!" Energetic Buddy, female
    Energetic Extrovert, male
    "I'm [Mii]! I just love to be the li…

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  • Clara AD

    Delete Mii

    October 9, 2019 by Clara AD


    When you all usually delete your Mii's?

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  • Marysue124

    Photo differences

    October 5, 2019 by Marysue124

    So, I added on the Photo studio and Regional Differences page about the some poses in Group photos were changed.

    Here's all the ones I could find, I don't know how they look in other versions other than the NA and JP versions because I only own those two.

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  • Marysue124

    Someone uploaded some tracks on Youtube that plays tracks that are only in the Japanese version.

    Like the one I posted here on this blog, this song plays around at 26%* Friendship rating for that game.

    There's other videos on there too, the titles they gave them were:

    'Adeline' (the video that's posted here)

    'Top' (this plays at the title for the Compatibility Tester, this sound is also in the Western versions just as a Saxophone. )

    'New Year' (, this music plays over the island on January 1st only)

    'Mild 1' (, this plays around 44%* at the Compatibility Tester for Friendship)

    'Gospel' (…

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  • Marysue124

    So, I noticed that in the NA version of the the Romance Ranking. There's two little figures under the numbers.

    I thought it was:

    The short one is for Child couples and the Tall ones were for Adult couples, but it doesn't seen like all. (Makoto and Daffodil are kids; Mr. Nasty and Sweetie are adults.)

    Some of my Adult Miis had the small one two and some kid couple pairings had the tall one.

    Like look at the picture on the left, Shiro and Emi are both Adults, why are there men short here....

    This how it looks in the JP version, there's no little men at all.

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  • Clara AD

    I never play Tomodachi Collection because it has been a long time since I play Nintendo DS. I only created this on my blog because there is little to no transcript regarding the game... thought I would do it myself. Some are missing...

    Note: This is the rough English translation

    Dialogue Choices Result
    Mii: "[Worried greeting]"

    (The player touches the scribble button.)
    Mii: "I'm in love with ____. I want to confess my feelings"

    • I'll help
    • No good
    (See the next two tables for details.)

    I'll help Choices Result
    "Which manner should I confess?"
    • Traditional
    • Romantic
    • Arrogant
    • Desperate
    (The scene progresses to the next line.)
    Where should I confess?
    • Beach
    • Rooftop
    • Park
    • Classroom
    (The scene progresses to the next line.)
    Before that, should I change my clothes first?
    • Change
    • J…

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  • Clara AD

    One of my Mii's keep asking me that they want to try setting up their male friend with a female friend but I don't want to. What should I do if they actually become sweethearts after the asking Mii said "My little plan worked!" ?

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  • PlumbobLord5512

    Tomodachi Life is one of the best DS games ever made. This may be because I am a big fan of life simulation games, but I would probably still have fun even if I wasn’t. That being said, this game still has a lot of flaws. Here are the things that should be added to Tomodachi Life.

    • The Ability to take back Clothes or Interiors

    Imagine that you gave the wrong item to a Mii. You can’t get it back or do anything about it. That’s why you should have the ability to get that item back. Then, you can give it to the right Mii.

    • Multiple Save Files

    I have gone through a total of three islands because I got bored, but still wanted to have fun and continue playing. The problem is that I can’t go back to my previous islands. They’re gone forever. That’s why…

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