Europe Name Café
Korean Name 찻집 Chasjib
Japanese Name 喫茶店 Kissaten
Events Boy's Night Out
Scheduled Randomly
Girl's Night Out
Scheduled Randomly
Pity Party
Scheduled Randomly (if one Mii is sad)
How to Unlock
Have a Mii confess their love to a Mii of the opposite gender

The Café is one of the many buildings in Tomodachi Life where Miis can casually hang out in a quiet environment. The only events that take place here are Boy's/Girl's Night Out/Guy's/Gal's Hangout and Pity Party, both of which start at random times and the latter requiring a Mii to be sad. It appears as a hidden location on the island in Tomodachi Collection.


The café resembles a typical American highway restaurant. The exterior of the café is surrounded by a trimmed hedge. The outside of the windows are shaded by white and yellow striped awnings. These vertical double windows have the word "Redfurt" placed on them (“Tobakaido” in the Japanese version and "Ninko" in the Korean version).

The tiled ground has a white and orange color scheme, with the seats matching it with their own orange hue. There are both modern stools at the counter and banquettes for the tables.

Behind the counter there are metal cupboards and shelves. At all of the tables there are salt and pepper shakers, along with some menus. There are shaded lights having from above.

In the background the player may hear clinking drink containers, the air conditioner, and music from Tomodachi Collection.


Miis may come to the café to:

  • Hang out with other Miis, possibly friends or family
  • Get a cup of coffee
  • Eat food (Sandwich, Cake etc.)
  • Spy outside the window.
  • Read a book
  • Confess to their crush
  • Go on a date with their sweetheart or spouse
  • Break up with their sweetheart or spouse
  • Have a chat session
  • Throw a Pity Party for a depressed Mii

When one views the café, a view will randomly be selected. Either from the outside window, the inside looking at the tables and bar, or the side looking down and out the door. If the player wants a different view, they must exit and re-enter the cafe to change it.


Event Name Image Time Usage
Chat Session
  • Guy's Hangout.
  • Girl's Hangout.
Anytime at random. Two to four male or female Miis gather to talk about random topics.
Pity Party Luigi taller than Mario Anytime at random when a Mii is Depressed Three Miis try to cheer up a sad Mii by telling jokes and talking about unfortunate incidents, while the sad Mii just sulks and says nothing.


  • While in the café, music previously used in Tomodachi Collection can be heard from the café's radio. In the Japanese release of the game, Tomodachi Collection: New Life, lyrics (taken directly from Tomodachi Collection) can be heard being sung during each song. This was changed in Tomodachi Life by removing the lyrics of each song, while keeping the instrumentals.
  • On the window, the word "Redfurt" can be seen. Redfurt is a combination of the North American headquarters (Redmond, WA) and the European headquarters (Frankfurt, Germany) that can also be seen on posters, an AR card option, and some hats.
  • When viewing from outside, the Miis' talking and laughing sounds are inaudible.
  • Despite the café being right next to the amusement park, its music cannot be heard.
  • Sometimes a traveler will appear here during the day they arrive on the island. Travelers can also appear in a disposable camera picture.
  • There's a glitch where if the player looks at the café, the stool disappears from under the Mii on the left.
  • All events at the café last for an hour long.
  • The food that the Miis eat/drink at the cafe will not show up in that Mii's stomach, nor will it be counted as fullness.


Tomodachi Collection


Tomodachi Life


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