Campground title
Europe Name Campsite
Korean Name Unknown
Japanese Name 空き地 "Akichi"
Events N/A
How to Unlock
Send or receive a traveler

The campground is a location in Tomodachi Life. Travelers from other islands who have been sent out to travel will stay at the campsite for one night after StreetPassing with another player, but they will leave on the next day.


The travelers will settle at the campsite at 4 PM and set up a tent. Each personality type will have a different item with them: a book, a teddy bear, a notebook or a camera.

The travelers will ask for permission to camp on the player's island. If accepted, they will stay, if denied, they will leave for the port. The traveler will have a problem that can be solved, a cloud icon with a sad face will appear when they have a problem. Clicking on the cloud will not reveal exactly what the problem is, but by touching them and checking their face or stomach the problem can be seen.

  • Dirty: Needs the bath set
  • Homesick: Needs the music box or pet on the head
  • Empty stomach: Needs food or drinks
  • Stomach bugs: Needs stomach medicine
  • Hot head: Needs cold medicine

When given the correct item, the camera zooms to a close-up of the camper as it gives a happy reaction, as a jingle plays. When the player solves one of these problems the traveler Mii will offer some treasure food for some play coins. This can be for 9 coins to 1 coin and is a random price.

An extra item that can be given to them is the hair dye, this adds to their happiness levels, and adds to what they will tell their parents in their letter home. The player will receive money from helping them out.

With the envelope icon appears it means that they have a photo they want to send. A traveler will have posed with a inhabitant of the island. They will ask for permission to send it via Wi-Fi. If accepted, another player will see this picture. The player also has an option to send a message over the Wi-Fi. The next time the system has access to Wi-Fi, that message will be sent.

After these problems have been solved there is a chance that there will be another problem. This could be one of two things, the first being a mosquito is in the tent. This leads to a mosquito slapping mini-game. The second is that the island inhabitant they took a photo with is someone they want to visit. They will leave the campsite and go to the islander's apartment and tell their traveler story. This is played out as a small cut scene. They will return to their tent after it is finished.

When the player leaves the tent, the camper will ask if the player wants them to stay up so the player can play with them some more or if they can go to sleep. If one chooses "Sleep" they will be in a sleeping bag when the player leave and cannot be interacted with again until they leave the next day and are at the harbor.

If the traveler is helped out a lot they will leave a gift at the campsite with a letter, and possibly even some treasure. This can be anything from a tissue pack to a gold coin. It is also where a bronze coin can be obtained from.


Each traveler has a distinct "traveler ranking", which goes up as they visit more islands. Every ten islands visited causes the ranking to go up by one star; also their shirt, goggles and backpack trim get progressively darker with each ranking.

  • One star: 0-10 islands, off-white
  • Two stars: 11-20 islands, grey
  • Three stars: 21-30 islands, black
  • Four stars: 31-40 islands, sliver
  • Five stars 41 islands and up, gold


  • If the traveler writes a letter or visits its home but its parents are divorced, the cutscenes will take place in one of the parents' apartments; but if both parents are deleted from the game, the cutscenes will take place in the player's lookalike's apartment.


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