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'''Mii 4''': ""
'''Mii 4''': ""
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!Huge Crush
|'''Mii 1''': "You have a huge crush on <Mii>. That's not a question—it's pretty clear!"
'''Mii 2''': "What?! N-no, I don't!"
'''Mii 3''': "It's so obvious."
'''Mii 4''': "Ha ha ha! It's clear as day!"

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Guys'/Gals' Hangout
Boys Night Out
Europe Name Guy’s/Girl’s Meeting
Japanese Name Boy’s/Girl's Meeting
Location Café
Event Time Any random hours in the day, excluding night.
How to Unlock
Have a Mii confess his/her love to a Mii of the opposite gender
"Chat session in progress! Some guys/gals are hanging out and gabbing about who knows what…"
~Event Description, Tomodachi Life

Guys'/Gals' Hangout is an event in Tomodachi Life that takes place in the Café randomly. In the hangout, two to four Miis will gather and use several pre-written dialogues the converse with the other Miis.

Each question starts with a random Mii in the group saying the first line of dialogue, followed by the second, third, and fourth dialogues being said by the other Miis. If fewer than four Miis are present, lines of dialogue are cut from the conversation, or replaced by an ellipsis. Once the dialogue routine ends, another random Mii will proceed to think up and start another conversation, repeating the sequence from the beginning.


Swimming Records
Swimming Records
Mii 1: "The other day at the pool, I swam 3 miles straight. Impressive, right?"

Mii 2: "That's amazing! But not as amazing as my 12 miles."

Mii 3: "I've done 20 miles before!"

Mii 4: "Where are you guys finding these giant swimming pools?!"

Something New
Something New
Mii 1: "I need something new in my life. Something I can be totally passionate about."

Mii 2: "How about a puppy?"

Mii 3: "How about a sport?"

Mii 4: "How about dinosaurs?"

Mii 1: "Recently I've been practicing moving things with my mind. I still can't do it at all."

Mii 2: "I can't either. It's getting depressing."

Mii 3: "I think I made that ketchup bottle wobble a little! Did you see?!"

Mii 4: "I wonder how long that takes to master."

What are they talking about?
What are they talking about
Mii 1: "What do you think the girls/boys talk about when they get together?"

Mii 2: "Us maybe? Nah, can't be."

Mii 3: "If we knew the answer to that, we'd be millionaires."

Mii 4: "It's a mystery."

Mii 1: "I am SO BORED! I wish something cool would happen."

Mii 2: "Agreed."

Mii 3: "Truer words have never been said."

Mii 4: "Right?! Today is a total loss."

Push-up Records
Mii 1: "I'm so proud! Yesterday I broke my record. Ten push-ups in a row!"

Mii 2: "Hey, that's not too shabby!"

Mii 3: "That reminds me: I broke my one-finger push-up record last night. Not to steal your thunder!"

Mii 4: "Nobody cares about push-ups. It's all about sit-ups now."

Secret Base
Conversation Secret Base
Mii 1: "Yo! I have a brilliant idea. Let's build a secret base under Mii Apartments!"

Mii 2: "We could hoard a bunch of <food> there. We'd never run out again!"

Mii 3: "I LOVE this idea!"

Mii 4: "What an awesome idea! Count me in."

<food> Extract
Food Extract
Mii 1: "I read in a highly respected magazine that <food> extract is good for your hair."

Mii 2: "I read that too. Maybe we should try it?"

Mii 3: "Really?!"

Mii 4: "No way!"

Adorable Couple
Adorable Couple
Mii 1: "<Mii 1> and <Mii 2> are an adorable couple, don't you think?"

Mii 2: "They're gorgeous together."

Mii 3: "I'm so happy for them."

Mii 4: "Im not jealous. Nope. Not one bit."

Commanding Presence
Commanding Presence
Mii 1: "<Mii> has such a commanding presence, doesn't he?"

Mii 2: "Oh, for sure. It's incredible."

Mii 3: "He's like a superhero or something."

Mii 4: "You're crazy. You must be!"

So Dashing
So Dashing
Mii 1: "<Mii> always looks so dashing, don't you think?"

Mii 2: "I always notice that. So dreamy!"

Mii 3: "I'm not so sure."

Mii 4: "He's so refined!"

Eating Carrots
Eating Carrots
Mii 1: "I've been eating carrots for weeks now, but I still can't see in the dark."

Mii 2: "I have some night-vision goggles you can borrow if you want."

Mii 3: "I think that's an urban legend..."

Mii 4: "At least they're delicious!"

Best <treasure>
Best Treasure
Mii 1: "Aren't <treasure> the best?"

Mii 2: "You're not wrong!"

Mii 3: "I can't help but agree."

Mii 4: "Totally."

Shooting Star
Shooting Star
Mii 1: "I was looking up at the sky the other night, and I saw a shooting star!"

Mii 2: "You're so lucky!"

Mii 3: "What did you wish for? Wait don't say it out loud, or it won't come true."

Mii 4: "I saw one too! Just one, though. That's still pretty special, I think..."

Boatload of <food>
Mii 1: "I feel like having a boatload of <food> today. Are you in or are you out?"

Mii 2: "Count me in."

Mii 3: "This day just keeps getting better!"

Mii 4: "It's a tough job, but somebody's gotta do it. Somebody like me."

Wish to be Cuter
Wish to be Cute
Mii 1: "I wish I was cuter. I mean...hypothetically, what should I do if I wanted to look cuter?"

Mii 2: "Buy <treasure>! It will remind you to be cute when you look at it."

Mii 3: "I saw <clothing> the other day that would look adorable on you."

Mii 4: "You're already a cutie. Don't think too hard on it."

Mutant <treasure>
Mutant Treasure
Mii 1: "So...if you could buy a mutant <treasure>, you totally would, right?"

Mii 2: "Totally."

Mii 3: "Do want."

Mii 4: "That would be so awesome!"

Looking Cool
Looking Cool
Mii 1: "What's the secret to looking cool?"

Mii 2: "Try pairing a <clothes> with a monocle."

Mii 3: "Go buy a <hat>. They're all the rage right now."

Mii 4: "You're cool enough already. Just be yourself."

Working Out
Working Out
Mii 1: "I want to start working out more often."

Mii 2: "What, you wanna beef up?"

Mii 3: "Maybe I'll join you. The ol' guns could use some upgrading."

Mii 4: "Being made of steel would be awesome. Besides, the ladies love buff guys."

Food Mix Cure
Food Mix Cure
Mii 1: "I hear mixing <food> and <food> can cure any cold."

Mii 2: "Do you think it's true?"

Mii 3: "Really? I heard hot <food> and lots of sleep is the best remedy."

Mii 4: "Humph! That's a load of horse potatoes."

True Happiness
True Happiness
Mii 1: "What is true happiness? This question has been on my mind lately..."

Mii 2: "Freedom! Or maybe love. Or possibly goats."

Mii 3: "For me, it would be swimming in a pool of <treasure>."

Mii 4: "Easy! Happiness is a belly full of <food>."

Girls Getting Together
Boys Night Out
Mii 1: "Did you know the girls get together to chat here too?"

Mii 2: "I wonder what they say about us."

Mii 3: "I'm intrigued. Tell me more."

Mii 4: "Oh, to be a fly on the wall!"

Wish to be Smarter
Hangout BeingSmarter
Mii 1: "I wish I was smarter. Or...more smart. Or whatever. What should I do?"

Mii 2: "Eh, you're smart enough already."

Mii 3: "Add more <food> to your diet!"

Mii 4: "I hear reading is good for that."

Strange Voices
Hangout StrangeVoices
Mii 1: "I've been hearing strange voices coming from <Mii>'s apartment."

Mii 2: "<Mii> is so reclusive. It must have been the television."

Mii 3: "It scared me when I heard it. I get scared easily."

Mii 4: "I think I know what you're talking about."

Something Tasty
Hangout SomethingTasty
Mii 1: "I could sure go for something tasty right about now."

Mii 2: "Food is the best! We should get some!"

Mii 3: "I hear this place makes some killer <food>."

Mii 4: "You should splurge a little. It's good for your health."

Looking Stylish
Hangout LookingStylish
Mii 1: "Don't you think <female Mii>'s been looking especially stylish lately?"

Mii 2: "She's really cool!"

Mii 3: "I want to look stylish too!"

Mii 4: "I know! Surprising, right?"

Hairstyle Change
Hangout HairstyleChange
Mii 1: "I've been thinking about changing my hairstyle. I'm picturing...zebra stripes!"

Mii 2: "That would be very...unique."

Mii 3: "I like your hair the way it is."

Mii 4: "Don't do it!"

Something Untellable
Hangout SomethingUntellable
Mii 1: "So I've been thinking... Actually, never mind. This is something I can't tell anyone."

Mii 2: "What?! Come on!"

Mii 3: "What if you whisper it?"

Mii 4: "I have to know! I'll die of curiosity!"

Weird Noises
Hangout WeirdNoises
Mii 1: "Did anyone else hear those weird noises coming from <Mii>'s apartment the other day?"

Mii 2: "From <Mii>'s apartment, you say? How peculiar. I wonder what it was!"

Mii 3: "I didn't hear anything. You must have been dreaming."

Mii 4: "I smell a cover-up!"

Opinions on him/her
Hangout Opinions
Mii 1: "What do you think of me? Be honest—I can take it!"

Mii 2: "You're very nice! Especially when you buy me food. Hint, hint."

Mii 3: "You have the personality of <gift>."

Mii 4: "I thought you were <Mii> for the longest time. I still get you two confused sometimes."

Freaky Bug
Hangout FreakyBug
Mii 1: "A bug flew into my apartment this morning. I'm still freaked out about it."

Mii 2: "That's the worst! Is it still there?"

Mii 3: "Ew ew ew!"

Mii 4: "Bug talk is NOT allowed. Seriously, I just ate!"

<food> Soap
Hangout FoodSoap
Mii 1: "I've overheard people say <food> soap makes your skin super soft."

Mii 2: "Did their skin look soft? If so, it must be true!"

Mii 3: "You've gotta be kidding!"

Mii 4: "I've already tried it. Works great!"

So Talented
Hangout SoTalented
Mii 1: "<male Mii> is sooo talented, isn't he?"

Mii 2: "What are you talking about?"

Mii 3: "Such an artist!"

Mii 4: "Yes, he's quite impressive."

Treasure Talk
Hangout TreasureTalk
Mii 1: "I had dinner with <Mii> recently. All he/she could talk about was <treasure>."

Mii 2: "Sounds like a fun conversation."

Mii 3: "That's so him/her!"

Mii 4: "What a fascinating topic."

Coolest Person
Hangout CoolestPerson
Mii 1: "Who do you think is the coolest person on the island?"

Mii 2: "No contest. It's definitely <Mii>!"

Mii 3: "You're kidding, right? Should I leave so you can feel comfortable saying it's me?"

Mii 4: "It's pretty slim pickings, to be honest."

Nearly Spilled the Beans
Hangout SpillTheBeans
Mii 1: "OH! By the way, did you hear... Oops, never mind. It's a secret."

Mii 2: "Secrets are for losers. Spill the beans!"

Mii 3: "Oh, come on!"

Mii 4: "WHAT?!"

Feeling Sluggish
Hangout FeelingSluggish
Mii 1: "I feel pretty sluggish these days."

Mii 2: "You look sluggish too."

Mii 3: "Go home and get some rest!"

Mii 4: "I like slugs."

Going Somewhere
Hangout GoingSomewhere
Mii 1: "After we eat, let's go somewhere exciting. Where should we go?"

Mii 2: "Let's go shopping for funny hats!"

Mii 3: "How about the amusement park?"

Mii 4: "Let's go to the beach! There's sand there. And water. Other fun things too."

So Into Collecting
Hangout SoIntoCollecting
Mii 1: "I've been so into collecting <treasure> recently that I can't sleep at night."

Mii 2: "No way! Are they THAT cool?"

Mii 3: "I want to get into that too, but the stores are all sold out."

Mii 4: "I'm going to order a few online!"

In So Many Ways
Hangout InSoManyWays
Mii 1: "<Mii> is just know. Like, in so many ways, know what I mean?"

Mii 2: "Totally. In SO many ways."

Mii 3: "What are you talking about? You're not making any sense!"

Mii 4: "I absolutely know what you mean."

Legend of a Rock
Hangout RockLegend
Mii 1: "Legend has it that on this very island there's a rock that looks like <treasure>."

Mii 2: "Apparently touching it after sneezing twice will grant you eternal happiness. And three wishes."

Mii 3: "I think I've seen it!"

Mii 4: "Yes, I've heard the tales."

Inviting <Mii>
Hangout InvitingMii
Mii 1: "Next time we should invite <Mii> along too."

Mii 2: "Yeah, totally!"

Mii 3: "For sure!"

Mii 4: "I'll ask him/her to join us tomorrow!"

Bad Hair Day
Hangout BadHairDay
Mii 1: "My hair has been a disaster recently."

Mii 2: "Want to borrow my <food> shampoo? It will make your hair silky."

Mii 3: "Try that new <food>-infused leave-in conditioner everyone's talking about."

Mii 4: "Ha! You call that a disaster? Try living with MY hair for a week—then we'll talk."

Repetitive Topics
Hangout RepetitiveTopics
Mii 1: "Do you ever feel like we always end up talking about the same things over and over?"

Mii 2: "Definitely."

Mii 3: "Totally."

Mii 4: "For sure. Déjà vu."

Amazing Things
Hangout AmazingThings
Mii 1: "Word on the street is that <Mii> has been doing some amazing things lately."

Mii 2: "I've heard that too. Do you think it's true?"

Mii 3: "Wow, that's a shocker!"

Mii 4: "<Mii> has been trying really hard lately. Good for him/her!"

Abundance of <food>
Hangout FoodAbundance
Mii 1: "I feel out of it lately. I think it's the abundance of <food> in my diet."

Mii 2: "Everyone loves <food>. I can't blame you for indulging."

Mii 3: "I feel out of it too. Is it something I'm eating?"

Mii 4: "You shouldn't eat too much of the same thing. Every diet needs variety!"

Pirate Ship
Hangout PirateShip
Mii 1: "Rumor has it that <Mii> recently bought a pirate ship."

Mii 2: "I wonder if I could get a ride on it."

Mii 3: "Wow, really? That's epic!"

Mii 4: "Ha! That is so expected. I'd never do something so expected."

Hitting Snooze
Hangout Hitting Snooze
Mii 1: "It's too hard to get up in the morning. I always hit snooze, and then I'm late!"

Mii 2: "Yaaawn. I have the same problem. So sleepy!"

Mii 3: "I have so much fun playing games at night, it's hard to go to bed at a reasonable hour."

Mii 4: "You should be more responsible from now on."

Ten Years Younger
Hangout TenYearsYounger
Mii 1: "I read that adding <food> to your diet can make you look 10 years younger!"

Mii 2: "It has to be true. Who would make up something so random? Nobody, that's who."

Mii 3: "That's not possible! You must have read it wrong."

Mii 4: "What happens if you're younger than 10? Do you...disappear? Sounds dangerous."

Pop Star
Hangout PopStar
Mii 1: "I've finally decided what to do with my life. I'm going to be a famous pop star!"

Mii 2: "I believe in you, <Mii 1>!"

Mii 3: "Wow! You'll get to meet so many famous people. Don't forget about me!"

Mii 4: "You should join my band! Together we'll conquer the charts."

Knowing They're In Love
Hangout InLove
Mii 1: "How do you know when you're in love? I mean REALLY in love?"

Mii 2: "It has to do with temperature, I think. And perspiration."

Mii 3: "When you both order the same thing at a restaurant."

Mii 4: "Are you feeling all right?"

Totally Handsome
Hangout Handsome
Mii 1: "Am I the only one who thinks <male Mii> is totally handsome?"

Mii 2: "You think so? Hmm..."

Mii 3: "You're right. He's a total hunk!"

Mii 4: "Ha ha! I thought I was the only one!"

Something Yummy
Hangout SuperYummy
Mii 1: "I smelled something super yummy when I walked by <Mii>'s apartment yesterday."

Mii 2: "Is <Mii> holding out on us?"

Mii 3: "Let's sneak in and eat it all ourselves."

Mii 4: "So THAT'S why the hall smelled like delicious <food>."

Being Taller
Hangout BeingTaller
Mii 1: "How can I make myself taller? I've tried everything I can think of."

Mii 2: "I don't think that's possible. And you're a good height already!"

Mii 3: "Try having <food> for breakfast every day. Couldn't hurt."

Mii 4: "Stretching might help. Or swimming, perhaps?"

Running Faster
Hangout RunFaster
Mii 1: "I wish I could run faster... What should I do?"

Mii 2: "Rub <food> on the bottoms of your shoes. It's a big speed booster."

Mii 3: "I bet running while wearing <clothing> would help."

Mii 4: "It's all about passion. Run with all your heart!"

Petty Gossip
Hangout PettyGossip
Mii 1: "Have you HEARD what they're saying about <Mii>? You think you know a person!"

Mii 2: "I haven't heard a thing. Do tell!"

Mii 3: "A scandal?! Oooh, tell me, tell me!"

Mii 4: "You should know better than to buy into petty gossip."

Why are they talking about him?
Hangout ContagiousTalk
Mii 1: "The ladies can't stop talking about <male Mii>. Wonder why."

Mii 2: "Look—now we're talking about him too! It's clearly contagious."

Mii 3: "I'm not the jealous type, but <male Mii> doesn't deserve that kind of attention."

Mii 4: "That's ridiculous! I'm SO much handsomer, and I'm funnier too!"

Hangout Uncompetitive
Mii 1: "Sometimes I feel like I can't compete with <Mii>."

Mii 2: "<Mii> is one cool dude, that's for sure."

Mii 3: "<Mii> definitely has it all."

Mii 4: "<Mii 1>, I've heard him say the exact same thing about you!"

<Mii> as a Food
Hangout MiiFood
Mii 1: "Random-question time! If <Mii> were a food, what would he be?"

Mii 2: "I know this one! It's <food>. He said so himself."

Mii 3: "Gotta be some <food>."

Mii 4: "<food>. That's the only correct answer."

<Food> Quest
Hangout FoodQuest
Mii 1: "I'm completely addicted to this new game I got. It's called <food> Quest."

Mii 2: "I've heard that's really good! Can I borrow it when you're done?"

Mii 3: "Games are for commoners. I'm all about sock monkeys."

Mii 4: "That game is AMAZING!"

Best Singer
Hangout BestSinger
Mii 1: "I want to be the best singer in the world. Any suggestions?"

Mii 2: "Bribe a great singer to share some trade secrets. I have cake that could work. Bribe cake."

Mii 3: "Singing karaoke might help. It would be fun too!"

Mii 4: "Practice makes perfect!"

Reminded of <Food>
Hangout Reminded
Mii 1: "<Mii> reminds me of <food>. Am I right?"

Mii 2: "You really think so?"

Mii 3: "Hmm. I think I know what you mean."

Mii 4: "Eh, I'm not so sure. He reminds me more of radish soup."

Nearly Gossiped
Hangout NearlyGossiped
Mii 1: "By the way, I found out that <Mii>... Um, oops! Never mind. Forget I said anything."

Mii 2: "Whoa, back up. What were you going to say?!"

Mii 3: "Spit it out already!"

Mii 4: "You've gone too far to turn back now!"

Girls are into <treasure>
Hangout GirlsIntoTreasures
Mii 1: "All the girls are into <treasure> these days. Weird, right?"

Mii 2: "I bet I can use this information to my advantage."

Mii 3: "Good to know!"

Mii 4: "Only girls could be into something like that!"

Stuff in Weird Places
Hangout WeirdPlaces
Mii 1: "I keep losing things at home and then finding them in the weirdest places. It's so annoying."

Mii 2: "I STILL can't find the <treasure> I lost last week."

Mii 3: "Happens to the best of us."

Mii 4: "It's such a headache when that happens."

Something to Say
Hangout SomethingToSay
Mii 1: "Oh! Wait. Um. What was I going to say? I think it was important..."

Mii 2: "Try to remember! I'm curious now."

Mii 3: "You feeling OK?"

Mii 4: "Are you getting old or something?"

Wider Chin
Hangout WideChin
Mii 1: "I wish my chin was wider."

Mii 2: "I wouldn't worry too much about it."

Mii 3: "Your chin? That's a little peculiar."

Mii 4: "What are you talking about? You have the chin of a Greek god!"

Secret Menu
Hangout SecretMenu
Mii 1: "Did you know this place has a secret menu?"

Mii 2: "What, really?! I've been coming here for ages, and I never knew!"

Mii 3: "So the rumors are true!"

Mii 4: "You've been holding out!"

<treasure> Collector
Hangout TreasureCollector
Mii 1: "I'm all about collecting <treasure> these days. It's who I am now."

Mii 2: "What a coincidence—me too! Maybe we should start a fan club."

Mii 3: "Really? Since when?"

Mii 4: "I'm rather fond of <treasure> too."

Untellable Secret
Hangout UntellableSecret
Mii 1: "I have a secret! I can't say it, though, or it won't be a secret anymore..."

Mii 2: "Oh, come on!"

Mii 3: "Yeah! Seriously!"

Mii 4: "So not cool."

Loving <treasure>
Hangout LovingTreasure
Mii 1: "Nobody in the world loves <treasure> as much as I do. I'm not exaggerating!"

Mii 2: "That might be true, actually."

Mii 3: "I believe you! You seem totally dedicated."

Mii 4: "What? No way! I like them WAY more than you."

Something about Two Miis
Hangout TwoMiis
Mii 1: "I found out something about <Mii> and <Mii>. It's a secret, though."

Mii 2: "I bet I know what you were going to say."

Mii 3: "Oh, come on! Pleeeease?"

Mii 4: "Spill the beans!"

Hot Demand
Hangout HotDemand
Mii 1: "I hear <treasure> are in hot demand right now. They're totally trendy!"

Mii 2: "Oh, really? I have a whole closet full of them... Woo-hoo! I'm finally trendy!"

Mii 3: "Is that so? I'll have to go get some!"

Mii 4: "Too true. Seems like everyone's walking around with <treasure> lately."

Love Bug
Hangout Lovebug
Mii 1: "<male Mii> isn't going out with anyone at the moment...right?"

Mii 2: "Why do you ask? Ha ha ha! You're so obvious."

Mii 3: "Oh. My. GAWSH. I knew it!"

Mii 4: "Someone's caught the love bug!"

Thinking about <Mii>
Hangout SIGH
Mii 1: "SIGH..."

Mii 2: "What's up?"

Mii 3: "What's the matter?"

Mii 4: "I know what it is. You were thinking about <Mii>, weren't you?"

Giving the Eye
Hangout GivingTheEye
Mii 1: "This is just between us, but...recently I feel like <female Mii> has been giving me the eye."

Mii 2: "She probably likes you...because you have such attractive friends!"

Mii 3: "Woooee! Love is in the air!"

Mii 4: "It must be hard being so handsome all the time."

Lover Boy
Hangout LoverBoy
Mii 1: "I can't seem to get <female Mii> off my mind..."

Mii 2: "Ha, I knew it! You're such a lover boy."

Mii 3: ""

Mii 4: ""

Huge Crush
Hangout HugeCrush
Mii 1: "You have a huge crush on <Mii>. That's not a question—it's pretty clear!"

Mii 2: "What?! N-no, I don't!"

Mii 3: "It's so obvious."

Mii 4: "Ha ha ha! It's clear as day!"


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