This article is about purchasable clothing from the Tomodachi series. For the shop that specializes in these, see Clothing Shop.
Clothes Gift

A clothes gift bag, from Tomodachi Life.

Clothing is a category of items that Miis can wear. A Mii that has been newly created or is not wearing clothing items will wear a default outfit, which is a simple shirt/dress and pants of their favorite color.

Clothing TC

A Clothes gift item from Tomodachi Collection.

Mii can wear any type of clothing that the player chooses, regardless of age, sex, personality, or other variables.

In the Australian version, prices are listed with a $ symbol, but the version between the Europe and Australian versions are the same.

In total there are 428 types and 3,341 colors.

Note: Items with "[SP]" can only be obtained through StreetPass or SpotPass. Activating StreetPass and SpotPass is necessary to collect all clothing in Tomodachi Life because of this.

Male Icon Male Clothing Masculine

Clothing intended for male Miis. There are 75 items in total.

Main article: Clothing/Masculine

Female Icon Female Clothing Feminine

Clothing intended for female Miis. There are 109 items in total.

Main article: Clothing/Feminine

Unisex Icon Clothing Category3 Unisex

These are items that can typically be worn by either male or female Miis. There are 69 items in total.

Main article: Clothing/Unisex

Formal Wear Icon Clothing Category4 Formal Wear

These items are for Miis who wish to dress in a professional style. There are 69 items in total.

Main article: Clothing/Formal Wear

Costume Icon Costume Clothing Costumes

These are costumes and special clothing not meant to be worn casually. There are 87 items in total.

Main article: Clothing/Costumes


Just like the food reactions, there are several different reactions a Mii might have to different clothing, however, there is no super all-time favorite, all-time favorite, worst, or worst ever.

Rating Reaction
[He/She] loved it! The Mii will do a spin in the air.
[He/She] really liked it! The Mii will jump in the air.
[He/She] liked it. The Mii will put their hands on their hips.
[He/She] didn't like it that much. The Mii will frown and tilt their head.
[He/She] didn't like it at all... The Mii will frown and look away in embarrassment.
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