Tomodachi Collection

Item Num. Order (JP) Prices Description Image
Argyle Sweater 01 JP: ¥6,300 "Argyle sweater."
Argyle Sweater
Torn Cutsew 02 JP: ¥5,000 "The subtle torn part will leave an impression on people."
Torn Cutsew
Yukata 03 JP: ¥2,500 "Male's yukata."
Cardigan & Jeans 04 JP: ¥2,800 "Black cardigan and jeans."
Cardigan and Jeans
Leather Jacket 06 JP: ¥10,000 "Elegant glossy leather jacket."
Leather Jacket
Kanji T-Shirt 07 JP: ¥1,280 "Black T-shirt with kanji printed on the back."
Kanji T-Shirt
Car T-Shirt 09 JP: ¥1,980 "Salmon pink T-shirt with a car printed on it."
Car T Shirt
Jacket and T-Shirt 14 JP: ¥8,600 "Monotone jacket and T-shirt."
Jacket and T Shirt
Shirt & Pants 15-16 JP: ¥2,500 Basic shirt.
Sweatshirt and Shorts 17 JP: ¥1,280 "Felt sweatshirt and shorts."
Sweatshirt and shorts
Satin Jumper 19-20 JP: ¥3,600 "Satin jumper."
Satin Jumper (Black)
Striped Shirt 21 JP: ¥4,800 "Casual style white and pink striped shirt."
Striped Shirt
Sleeveless Denim 22 JP: ¥480 "Sleeveless denim."
Sleeveless Denim
Tank Top 25 JP: ¥1,980 "Tank top."
Tank Top
Plaid & Jeans 27 JP: ¥3,800 "Plaid flannel shirt and jeans."
Plaid and Jeans
T-Shirt and Vest 33 JP: ¥6,600 "Monotone T-shirt and vest."
T-Shirt and Vest
Trench Coat 34-36 JP: N/A "A trench coat that makes the wearer look like a detective."
Trench Coat (Biege)
Knitted Vest 37 JP: ¥4,800 "Grey knitted vest."
Knited Vest
Haori 38 JP: ¥6,500 "Casual style knitted haori."
Flannel 39 JP: ¥2,980 "Casual flannel shirt."
Flashy suit 40-41 JP: ¥15,000 "Sexy flashy suit."
Flashy Suit (White)
Short Sleeve 43-44 JP: ¥2,200 "Short-sleeved shirt."
Short Sleeve (Green)
Short-Sleeved Sweat 45 JP: ¥1,900 "Short-sleeved sweater."
Short Sleeved sweat
Pea Coat 46-?? JP: ¥7,300 "Pea coat."
Pea Coat (Blue)
Vest & Shirt 53-54 JP: ¥1,900 "Shirt and vest."
Polo 55-56 JP: ¥1,900 "Polo shirt."
Polo (Pink)
Nehru Jacket 57 JP: ¥4,000 "Nehru jacket."
Nehru Jacket
Military Coat 58 JP: ¥7,800 "Military outer coat."
Military Coaat
Camouflage 59 JP: ¥2,000 "Camouflage jacket."
Rugby Shirt 61-?? JP: ¥1,500 "Rugby shirt."
Rugby Shirt (Green)

Tomodachi Life

Item Num. Order (US) Num. Order (EU) Num. Order (JP) Prices Description Image
Acid-washed jeans 001 012 US: $19.90
EU: €19.90
JP: ¥1980
"Acid-washed denim is making a revival. Don't get left behind."

"A classic from the '80s - a prime example of a fashion that will not die." (EU)

Acid Washed Jeans TL
[SP] Argyle sweater 002 US: $63.00
EU: €
JP: ¥
"Argyle is always a classy approach to your winter wear." Argyle Sweater TL
Baseball shirt 003 059 US: $19.90
EU: €
JP: ¥1980
"If you take this off, your favorite team will lose. Be sure to wash it sometimes."
Belted shirt 004 006 009 US: $68.00
EU: €68.00
JP: ¥6800
"So cool, there's no need to ever take it off. Seriously, it's a pain to take off."

"Probably a few too many belts, but if you want to achieve that rocker look..." (EU)

[SP] Bow tie & jeans combo 005 007 038 US: $65.00
EU: €
JP: ¥6500
"Offset the snooty bow tie with the more causal jeans. You're a hip intellectual!" (EU)
Bow tie & shorts
Bow tie & shorts combo (EU)
006 008 039 US: $42.00
EU: €42.00
JP: ¥4200
"There's a fine line between nerdy and cute. This outfit is both."

"This outfit may be designed for a little lord, but even a grown-up can wear it!" (EU)

Boy band outfit 007 009 Costumes


US: $95.00
EU: €
JP: ¥9500

"Oh baby, baby. These shiny clothes may incite a tween mob. Baby."

"When you wear this, don't be surprised if you're mobbed by screaming fans." (EU)

Boys' blazer 008 010 Uniform


US: $68.00
EU: €68.00
JP: ¥6800
"Wow your date's parents in this dapper blazer and tie."

"A traditional school uniform as worn by boys." (EU)

Camo trousers 009 011 065 US: $25.00
EU: €25.00
JP: ¥2500
"Your legs are completely undercover in these. The rest of you not so much."

"Blend in with these camouflage trousers and a simple T-shirt." (EU)

Camouflage jacket 010 012 066 US: $20.00
EU: €20.00
JP: ¥2000
"Stand out by blending in with this stylish yet functional camo pattern."

"Stand out by blending in with this stylish-yet-functional camo pattern." (EU)

Car-print t-shirt
Car T-shirt (EU)
011 015 011 US: $19.90
EU: €19.90
JP: ¥1980
"The sleek car on the front will drive your sweetheart wild."

"Why walk down the catwalk when you can drive your very own car down it!" (EU)

Cardigan & harem pants
Low-slung jeans (EU)
012 038 005 US: $32.00
EU: €32.00
JP: ¥3200
"A cardigan, harem pants, and chain wallet for very unique young men."

"This rough but cool look combines low-slung jeans with a loose cardigan." (EU)

Cargo pants
Cargo trousers (EU)
013 013 032 US: $38.00
EU: €38.00
JP: ¥3800
"Your pants are tucked into your boots, but your shirt's all wily. Revolutionary!"

"These cargo trousers have been tucked into the boots for health and safety." (EU)

Checked dress shirt
Checkered shirt (EU)
014 017 052 US: $28.00
EU: €28.00
JP: ¥2800
"A casual checkered pattern. Layer it over a white shirt of extra oomph."

"A casual checkered pattern for when you need a chilled-out look." (EU)

Checkered shirt & jeans
Shirt & jeans combo (EU)<sup/>
015 052 035 US: $38.00
EU: €38.00
JP: ¥3800
"It's hard to go wrong with a plain checkered shirt and jeans."

"Keep it simple and stick with jeans and a checked shirt." (EU)<sup/>

Checkered shirt & shorts
Checkered T-shirt (EU)<sup/>
016 018 036 US: $38.00
EU: €38.00
JP: ¥3800
"Big checkers and big shorts make a big fashion statement."

"Big checks make a big statement about your fashion sense." (EU)

Chinese-print T-shirt 017 019 008 US: $12.90
EU: €12.90
JP: ¥1280
"The Chinese characters on the back probably mean something really cool." Chinese-Print-T-Shirt-colrs

Collared car shirt
Car shirt (EU)

018 014 010 US: $19.90
EU: €19.90
JP: ¥1980
"This car pattern is sure to unleash your inner motorist. Vroom vroom!"

"Take care crossing the road in this. You wouldn't want to get stuck in traffic!" (EU)

Collared sweater 019 002 US: $58.00
EU: €
JP: ¥5800
"If your neck gets cold but you despise scarves, this sweater is for you."
Commando sweater 020 021 014 US: $56.00
EU: €56.00
JP: ¥5600
"Those suede patches on the shoulders and elbows give it a unique look."

"The hard-wearing patches on this sweater give it a tough, military look." (EU)

Denim shorts 021 018 US: $29.90
EU: €29.90
JP: ¥2980
"Denim shorts are a great way to survive the summer heat."

"You might want to wear this outfit during the sunny summer months." (EU)

Diamond vest
Diamond waistcoat (EU)
022 024 042 US: $66.00
EU: €66.00
JP: ¥6600
"Since this vest has no pockets, try pairing it with some cargo pants."

"Be a diamond geezer in this diamond-patterned waistcoat." (EU)

Double-layered top 023 026 006 US: $38.00
EU: €38.00
JP: ¥3800
"Why wear one shirt when you can wear two? Such is fashion!"

"Different colours of T-shirt are stylishly layered to get this effect." (EU)

Flannel shirt 024 027 048 US: $29.90
EU: €29.90
JP: ¥2980
"Look farm-boy fabulous in flannel. Goes great with black-rimmed glasses."

"Make sure you don't get mistaken for a lumberjack wearing this. Timber!" (EU)

Fleece jacket 025 028 058 US: $25.00
EU: €25.00
JP: ¥2500
"Stay visible while hiking or biking in this bright fleece jacket."

"A colourful fleece is a great asset for a trek into the great outdoors." (EU)

Flight jacket 026 029 057 US: $48.00
EU: €48.00
JP: ¥4800
"You'd think the shiny fabric would distract pilots. Guess not, though."

"Dream of shooting for the sky? This fly boy jacket is the only style for you!" (EU)

Formal shorts suit
Formal boys' clothes (EU)
027 031 004 US: $58.00
EU: €58.00
JP: ¥5800
"A suit for little boys to wear on big occasions. Go get 'em, kiddo!"

"A suit for any formal occasion, whether it's a recital or first day at school." (EU)

Jacket & jeans
Jacket & jeans combo (EU)
028 033 019 US: $42.00
EU: €42.00
JP: ¥4200
"It's such a nice sport coat, you can get away with jeans and tennis shoes."

"Casual rarely looks as cool as this handsome jacket and jeans combo." (EU)

Jacket &amp; Jeans TL
Jacket & t-shirt
Jacket & T-shirt combo (EU)
029 034 020 US: $86.00
EU: €86.00
JP: ¥8600
"A hip jacket over a simple cotton shirt is sure to up your cool factor."

"Can you pull off the controversial jacket-over-T-shirt look?" (EU)

Jean jacket
Denim jacket (EU)
030 022 017 US: $58.00
EU: €58.00
JP: ¥5800
"Why should pants have all the jean-fueled fun? Dare to break the mold."

"A denim jacket, chinos and boots. What a cool selection of clothes!" (EU)

Knitted vest & tie (US)
Tank top & tie combo (EU)
031 064 047 US: $56.00
EU: €56.00
JP: ¥5600
"Granny would love to see her favorite grandson in a knitted vest and tie." (US)

"No amount of work or study will be too much if you wear this knitted tank top." (EU)

Leather blazer & hoodie
Hoody & jacket combo (EU)
032 032 071 US: $56.00
EU: €56.00
JP: ¥5600
"This blazer is slick. Only a trendsetter would think to pair it with a hoodie."

"Be casual and cool with this leather jacket and hoody combination!" (EU)

Leather outfit 033 036 007 US: $100.00
EU: €100.00
JP: ¥10000
"Nothing says tough like soft, soft leather. Put it on and go wild!"

"Rocker or biker? You're sure to dig this all-leather ensemble." (EU)

Li'l bear t-shirt
Bear t-shirt (EU)
034 005 013 US: $25.00
EU: €25.00
JP: ¥2500
"What kind of brute doesn't like adorable little bears?"

"This T-shirt features a cute little bear. Everyone loves cute little bears, right?" (EU)

Logo sweater
Rap shirt (EU)
035 047 072 US: $29.90
EU: €29.90
JP: ¥2980
"Not just any sweater. This one has a logo and a supercool medallion."

"Don't look wack at a rap battle with this cool logo shirt and medallion." (EU)

Long waistcoat 036 037 073 US: $25.00
EU: €
JP: ¥2500
"Be the major of Coolsville in this way-long waistcoat and untucked shirt."

"No need to tuck your shirt in, this long waistcoat suits it better untucked!" (EU)

Lumberjack clothes 037 039 X US: $38.00
EU: €
JP: ¥--
"The perfect outfit for chopping down trees and/or starting an indie band."

"You must wear this when cutting trees. You don't have to be called Jack." (EU)

Lumberjack Clothes TL
Military coat 038 040 064 US: $78.00
EU: €78.00
JP: ¥7800
"This thick coat is durable and warm and has more pockets than a pool table."

"With plenty of pockets and a woolly hood, this will see you through winter" (EU)

[SP] Nehru jacket 039 US: $40.00
EU: €
JP: ¥
"Go mod in this hip length jacket with a mandarin collar."
Outdoorsy outfit
Outdoors outfit (EU)
040 042 060 US: $19.00
EU: €19.00
JP: ¥1900
"Imagine how much fishing tackle you could store in those pockets."

"This will serve your needs whether you're trekking or out fishing on a lake." (EU)

Oversized jersey 041 069 US: $28.00
EU: €
JP: ¥2800
"That jersey is a little long, Stretch, but no worries. You'll grow into it."
Peacoat 042 053 US: $73.00
EU: €73.00
JP: ¥7300
"A coat that's always fashionable. Where are the peas, though?"

"You don't need to be a sailor to look good in this simple, classic jacket." (EU)

Polka-dot shirt 043 044 043 US: $28.00
EU: €28.00
JP: ¥2800
"You need more polka dots in your life. This shirt to the rescue!"

"Who says men can't wear polka dots? This looks great matched with shorts." (EU)

Polo shirt 044 045 061 US: $19.90
EU: €19.00
JP: ¥1900
"A staple of yuppiedom, this polo shirt will never go out of style."

"A simple polo shirt - don't forget, it's better worn with the collar popped." (EU)

[SP] Prepster outfit 045 US: $39.00
EU: €
JP: ¥
"An A is almost guaranteed if you wear this dress-to-impress ensemble."
Private-school uniform 046 Uniform 009 US: $50.00
EU: €
JP: ¥5000
"This collared uniform is a smart style choice for serious students."
Puffy jacket 047 056 US: $56.00
EU: €
JP: ¥5600
"A puffy coat is a warm coat. And this is as puffy as they come."
Purple-blot t-shirt
Large T-shirt (EU)
048 035 068 US: $42.00
EU: €42.00
JP: ¥4200
"This is why pocket protectors exist. Oh, wait-that's not an ink stain?"

"The ink spray pattern on this shirt is cool. It makes for great street fashion." (EU)

Rocker outfit
Ripped jeans (EU)
049 048 030 US: $98.00
EU: €98.00
JP: ¥9800
"These destroyed-wash jeans and big belt buckle will make you look tough."

"Bought or home-made, nothing in fashion is cooler than ripped jeans." (EU)

Rugby shirt 050 049 070 US: $15.00
EU: €15.00
JP: ¥1500
"Look like you're good at sports... or you love stripes."

"Too soft for rugby? At least it doesn't stop you wearing this sporty shirt." (EU)

Shirt & khakis
Shirt & trousers combo (EU)
051 053 021 US: $25.00
EU: €25.00
JP: ¥2500
"Dress down your business look with a bright color and total lack of tie."

"Smart casual. If you're smart, you'll stay casual and wear this outfit." (EU)

Shirt & slacks

School uniform/ short sleeve(JP)

052 Uniform 010 US: $50.00
EU: €
JP: ¥5000
"Slacks and an unbuttoned collar make for a great summer look."
[SP] Short-sleeved jacket 053 US: $19.00
EU: €
JP: ¥
"Give in to your sporty side with some running shorts and a jacket."
Short-sleeved shirt 054 054 050 US: $22.00
EU: €22.00
JP: ¥2200
"All the cool kids, like, totally leave their shirts untucked. Just sayin'."

"The latest fashion with the cool kids. Make sure you don't tuck the shirt in!" (EU)

Skyline t-shirt 055 055 054 US: $19.90
EU: €19.90
JP: ¥1980
"No one will know that you got this online rather than in the big city."

"Experience the bright lights and big city feel with this cool skyline print." (EU)

Snazzy suit
Sharp suit(EU)
056 050 049 US: $150.00
EU: €150.00
JP: ¥15000
"Be "that guy" with this irresistible pin-striped suit and open shirt."

"Be THE man around town in this sharp suit. Careful not to cut yourself!" (EU)

Soccer shirt
Football shirt (EU)
057 030 016 US: $25.00
EU: €25.00
JP: ¥2500
"Look sharp and show off your soccer pride with this kickin' collared shirt."

"Show your love of the beautiful game and support your favourite club!" (EU)

Striped dress shirt
Striped shirt (EU)
058 057 026 US: $48.00
EU: €48.00
JP: ¥4800
"Enjoy the nonconfrontational comfort of a plain striped shirt."

"A pleasant shirt and comfortable cotton trousers - perfect for a promenade!" (EU)

Striped jacket 059 056 025 US: $98.00
EU: €98.00
JP: ¥9800
"Rolled-up sleeves AND an unbuttoned collar?! You Casanova, you."

"This casual jacket and cravat set is perfect for any aspiring dandy." (EU)

[SP] Suede jacket 060 US: $98.00
EU: €
JP: ¥
"Look swanky in this luxurious suede jacket.  So soft, it should be illegal."
[SP] Surfer T-shirt 061 US: $25.00
EU: €
JP: ¥
"There's a radical sunset on the back of this shirt.  It's totally tubular."
Tank top (EU)
062 063 046 US: $48.00
EU: €48.00
JP: ¥4800
"All you need are some thick books and a globe to look intellectual chic."

"Hmm, a tank top? Not sure whether that's intellectual or a little bit geeky..." (EU)

Sweatshirt 063 061 022 US: $12.90
EU: €12.90
JP: ¥1280
"It's that old sweater you can't bring yourself to get rid of. So comfy."

"Really soft and easy to wear, this sweater is great any day of the year!" (EU)

T-shirt & shorts
T-shirt & shorts combo (EU)
064 062 041 US: $18.00
EU: €18.00
JP: ¥1800
"Standard shorts with a wild-card shirt. Which color will you choose?"

"A simple outfit, so choosing the right colour is key! Which would you go for?" (EU)

Tank top
Vest (EU)
065 072 031 US: $19.90
EU: €19.90
JP: ¥1980
"You've put in the time at the gym- now show off those buff arms!"

"You work out, so show off that body! Everyone loves muscular arms, right?" (EU)

Tank top & shorts
Vest & shorts combo (EU)
066 073 034 US: $7.90
EU: €7.90
JP: ¥780
"Life's too short to be overheated. Cool off in a tank and shorts."

"A summer outfit that wouldn't look out of place on the beach" (EU)

Tartan shirt 067 065 027 US: $45.00
EU: €45.00
JP: ¥4500
"This checkered design is popular with people of all ages. A true classic."

"Everybody loves a tartan pattern, from kids to grown-ups!" (EU)

Tie-dye t-shirt 068 066 028 US: $25.00
EU: €
JP: ¥2500
"Hot or nippy, it's always cool when you're a hippie."

"This hand-dyed shirt has a psychedelic rainbow vortex that really sucks you in." (EU)

Tiger baseball jacket 069 067 024 US: $36.00
EU: €36.00
JP: ¥3600
"Look pitch purrfect in this sporty jacket with an embroidered tiger on the back."

"Be cool and trendy with this jacket featuring an embroidered tiger motif." (EU)

Trench coat 070 068 045 US: $86.00
EU: €86.00
JP: ¥8600
"Solve the mystery of fashion with this sleuthing-ready trench coat."

"Take on the role of a hard-boiled detective straight out of a film noir!" (EU)

Tricolor shirt 071 069 044 US: $19.90
EU: €19.90
JP: ¥1980
"That shirt is only there to distract you from the epically double-sided shorts."

"Red, white and blue go with anything. Check out the back of the shorts!" (EU)

Dinner Jacket (EU)
072 025 029 US: $200.00
EU: €200.00
JP: ¥20000
"Just remember that you DO NOT have a license to spill."

"The suave and sophisticated choice of dress for dinner of an evening." (EU)

Tweed jacket 073 070 040 US: $88.00
EU: €88.00
JP: ¥8800
"Be the envy of all with this fancy tweed jacket and amber tiepin."

"An outfit for the more mature Mii, finished off with a bootlace tie." (EU)

V-neck sweater 074 071 055 US: $28.00
EU: €28.00
JP: ¥2800
"If you're too unique for a standard neckline, give this V-neck a whirl."

"Attempts to dress to impress won't fail. Why? Because the V stands for victory!" (EU)

Wild jacket
Sheepskin jacket(EU)
075 051 074 US: $58.00
EU: €58.00
JP: ¥5800
"Holy moly! Only a wild child would wear this jacket with TORN jeans!"

"Wow! The torn jeans and red shirt under that jacket are really wild!" (EU)

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