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Concert Hall
Concert Hall.JPG
Europe Name Concert Hall
Korean Name 음악당 Eum-agdang
Japanese Name 音楽堂 Ongakudō
Events None
How to Unlock
Give 1 song as present to a Mii when they level up.

The concert hall is a location in Tomodachi Life. In this location, Miis can be made to sing songs, in a group or solo. When a Mii levels up, the player can give them a song as a level-up gift, which will unlock the song for them to sing. The player can also change the lyrics of the songs to anything they wish.

In the NTSC, PAL and Korean versions, there are 8 types of songs available: Metal, Pop, Rock & Roll, Rap, Ballad, Opera, Techno and Musical. In the Japanese version, there are only 6 types: Metal, Pop, Rock & Roll, Rap, Opera, and Enka.

Group Songs

Miis are able to form groups of 2-7 members and perform songs together, as long as every Mii in the group has given the same songs. The order in which the Miis are added will determine what they do in the performance. Group positions can be changed by clicking the clothes icon on the top-left corner, and sliding it around. A maximum of 50 group songs can be created.


Song lyrics can be changed for both solo and group performances. Depending on whether it is a solo or group performance, and how many are participating, dances will vary. The following are the default lyrics for every song.

Metal - "Dragon's Fire" (NTSC)

Tomodachi Life Heavy Metal Teresa

Dragon's fire drawing near

Lords and ladies gasp in fear

Crusty beasty beast

I shalt saveth the day

Head butt, elbow drop

evil chicken lizard

High kick, mega punch

just in time for brunch

Heavy Metal - "Eternal Darkness" (PAL)

Tomodachi Life Default UK Heavy Metal song

Lucid dream wake screaming

lightning crashing deafens me

blazing fury awakens...

heart beating, arise... quickly

darkness unending

steaming percolation

my eyes half open

I want some coffee

Metal - "ヨビゴエ" (JP) (Transl: "My Call")


あやしい こえ

まばゆい いなびかり

この おれ を

よぶの は だれだ



つみ ばつ

すべて のみこめ

Pop - "Loving Things" (NTSC)

Tomodachi Life Pop by Tiffany

I love loving

cats and sun

pizza and fun

Yeah yeah you know that it's true


Oh my I

love loving things

Love loving you

Especially your shoes

Let's keep our hearts open baby

and love loving things

Pop - "Sunny Summer" (PAL)

Tomodachi Life Default UK Pop song

I love holidays

beaches in the sun

just having fun

feels like living in a dream


eating ice cream

just you and me

somewhere all alone

watching the sun go down

hope this summer lasts forever

with me in your arms

Pop - "ダイエットデイズ" (JP) (Transl: "Diet Days")


きょう から

よ きょう から

がまん できるわ

アイス クリーム



とまらない の

あなた の ため

ぷにぷに げんきん

ビキニ の なつ は

すぐそこ よ

Rock & Roll - "Real Loud Bark" (NTSC)

Tomodachi Life Rock & Roll Full Group

Walkin' my dog

out in the park

Every cat he sees

gets a real loud bark

Woofer keeps a-woofin'

Cats keep a-hissin'

Doggy dog yippin'

Kitty cats trippin'

No stoppin' this fight

so let's rock and roll all night

Rock & Roll - "Rock 'n' Roll Baby" (PAL)
[[File:|thumb|center|335 px]]

You make my heart

beat like a drum

every time we meet

we have so much fun

Rock 'n' Roll baby

you drive me crazy

let's dance and boogie

every which way

Rock 'n' Roll baby

let's dance the night away!

Rock & Roll - "イカすあのコ" (JP)

イカスあのコ アモカロス


こころ ウキウキ


あのコ と デート

ロックン ロール



あさ まで


あつい ハーート で

Rap - "Livin' the Dream" (NTSC)

Tomodachi Life Rap Song with AbdallahSmash026


Livin the Dream

Back it up, yeah, back it up

Make way for one bad pup

This beat's so sick it's corrupt

Everyone stop

and listen to me

Mouth's full of food

and it's super yummy

Livin' like a king

in a wide limousine

Them streets ain't so mean

when you livin' the dream

You know what I mean

Please buy my new CD

Rap - "Livin' the Dream" (PAL)

Tomodachi Life - Neko Island Adventures - 'Livin' the Dream' Rap Song

All other rappers I'm the best

don't put me to the test

you'd better dance or you're gonna be


like a button

you ain't nothin'

unless you're switched on

to my songs

it isn't wrong

to sing along

I'm livin' the dream

know what I mean?

please buy my new C.D.!

Rap - "Z coh cho" (JP)

Z coh cho

おれ いま ゼッチョー

ゼッコーチョー みんな さいこう ファンキー




いつも かんしゃ

ヤルき ほんき





マネー は ない

Ballad - "Maybe, Baby" (NTSC)

Maybe, Baby


Tomodachi Life - Ballad Duet starring Liz and Brad

Maybe baby you're the one for me

Baby maybe I'm the one for you

Holding hands forever

on this tiny island

Maybe baby I could be yours

Baby maybe you could be mine

Maybe dreams do come true


Maybe we are destiny

How can we know?

We'll never know...

Unless we take

a chance

Ballad - "The One" (PAL)

Tomodachi Life Default UK Ballad song


Tomodachi life 'The One' Ballad

I want to spend my life with you

here on this island made for two

we'll be together

and make happy memories

let's sail out across the sea

an ocean fantasy

there's nothing we can't do

don't you feel?

don't you feel my love for you?

if you said no

where would I go?

when I am made

for you

Opera - "The Heart's Descent" (NTSC)

Tomodachi Life Single Singer Opera


The Heart's Decent (4 ppl)

Oh what have I done?

My dreams came undone

beneath the wretched sun

I cry alone

I need a love to call my own

In your sweet face

I'll find my grace

You'll save me from the dark

and together we shall embark

on a new journey

my love and me

Opera - "Meglio Domani" (Italian for "Better Tomorrow") (PAL)

Tomodachi Life Opera - "Meglio Domani"

Single singer.


Tomodachi Life Opera - "Meglio Domani" (Duet)

Duet version.

Oh! Woe is me!

There's nothing left

except sorrow and tears

I cry alone

How can this really be my destiny?

You come back

and comfort me

we make up and finally

I hold your hand and know

our love can make

a much better tomorrow

Opera - "しゅくふくのあい" (JP) (Transl: "Blessing of Love")

あ〜 あく は


おわり を


かなしみ と なみだ

やみ は


ひかる あい

ふたり で


かがやく あした

Enka - "あめのくいなばし" (JP) (Transl: "Rainy Bridge")

Tomodachi Life Enka

ふられ わかれて

あまざらし の



けして ください

やきついた あなた

あなた の かげ


ゆびわ とわ に きゆ

あめ の


Techno - "Operation Robodachi" (NTSC/PAL)

Tomodachi Life Techno Song - Single Singer

Operation Robodachi

On days I'm feeling way down on my luck

the only way to soothe my soul

is with some dancing

Hot groovy robo dancing

I stay up

all night, a Robodachi

I never get sleepy


is all that I eat

No one can stop Ro-bo-da-chi

Musical - "Reach for the Stars!" (NTSC)

Tomodachi Life Let's perform a Musical!

Have you ever had that dream

of reaching for the stars?

Of putting your best foot forward

on Jupiter or Mars?

Sha la la la la space dreamin'

The galaxy's too small

to contain your dreams

if you know what I mean

So give it your all and

dreams will change your life

Musical - "Life Changing" (PAL)

Uchu - Life Changing

Have you ever loved somebody?

Did you ever dare?

Did you want someone to just

tell you that they care?

Sha la la la la! Chin up!

There's no need to cry

Loosen up and smile!

It takes dedication

but if you open your heart

it might change your life!


  • This is one of the possible locations for Miis to confess their love.
  • At the end of the Nintendo Direct for Tomodachi Life, Nintendo played an edited version of the Musical song.
  • Selecting the "Make it Stop!" option during a performance ends the song early, indicated with a loud bell ring. The Miis freeze in place with surprised expressions, and the audience murmurs. The Miis' frozen poses may appear incoherent, such as in Musical group choreography, where they will do a split in mid-air if the button is pressed at the right time.
  • The default English lyrics of the Life songs are different depending on the region except "Operation Robodachi".
  • Although entering certain profanities into the lyrics renders the song unable to be played, Nintendo's filters can be easily bypassed by the use of umlauts (e.g. ü), symbols, euphemisms or spaces. This can be also used to create strange sounds for the Miis to sing.
  • If all lyrics are made to be excessively long, the lyrics will become off-sync, causing the game to forcibly end the performance, similar to the "Make it Stop!" option. After that, an error message will appear, saying "The lyrics you entered could not be sung properly. Please revise them and try again."
    • This is also the case with Listen Mode, where only the singing Mii will be shocked for a second and will quickly return to normal.
  • If nothing is entered except symbols the Miis will make gibberish noises (such as duh-duh-duh).
  • If a Mii is given the bath set, they will sing a slower tempo or acapella version of a song (on a "la-la-la") in the bath whether they have learned it or not.
  • In the Rap song, the background dancers may wear a cap with the word "Redfurt" on it. This word is a combination of Redmond and Frankfurt (The locations of Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Europe, respectively) and is seen on the café windows, certain hats, the cold medicine, and the school photo background.
  • The Japanese version includes multiple differences from other versions:
    • An exclusive song-type, Enka.
    • The possibility to have Miis who will sing off-key.
    • If a Mii's name or catchphrase (if they have one) is entered into the lyrics of a song, the Mii's face will appear on the screen in the background. This also works with food and treasures. 
    • Pre-made words or phrases are available to be added into a song, but not compulsory
  • If the player presses "Make it stop!" at the beginning of the Opera in both Solo and Groups and the Ballad in Groups, the camera angle changes, revealing a Mii waiting to enter from behind the curtain.
  • For the group performance, Metal, Rock & Roll, Rap and Techno are the only songs where the Miis are put in a band, not a group, because some of them play musical instruments.
    • The Rap and Techno only feature main two Miis singing.
    • The Pop and Musical songs are the only songs that every Mii in a group sings.
    • In the Metal and Rock & Roll group performances, only the Mii in the middle is singing.
  • As the Mii in front of the singer shakes their head in the solo version of Musical song, if that Mii is Outgoing or Easygoing, they will open their mouth. Confident and Independent Miis will be seen with their mouth closed.
  • The Rock & Roll song "Real Loud Bark" may be a reference to "Real Wild Child" by Johnny O'Keef.
  • If the Ballad and Opera songs are sung in a group over with more than two Miis, the ones that were placed first in the group will sing all lyrics of the song (except the other solo parts) and the other Miis on the stage will only sing the backing vocals.