A Conversation is one of the gameplay features in Tomodachi Collection and Tomodachi Life. Sometimes if a player is watching a Mii's apartment, two Miis can be seen talking to each other for a while. They will face each other and do various gestures as they talk. Although it is hard to tell what they're talking about, their gestures will indicate how they are talking (normal, happy, sad or angry), sometimes changing their facial expressions for half a second. If they show positive gestures, they could be happy with each other; if they show angry gestures, they could be having an argument. Their conversations could raise or lower their relationship level, depending if it's a good conversation or an argument. If they show neutral gestures, their relationship will not change.

If the Miis are not best friends and show happy faces and gestures long enough, they will become best friends. But if they show angry and sad faces long enough, complete with throwing temper tantrums, they will instantly fight, either normal or huge.

Gestures the Miis make:

  • Standing still and bobbing their head (Neutral)
  • Leaning forward slightly, with arms out (Neutral)
  • Laughing loudly (Positive)
  • Folds arms to the side (Neutral)
  • Angrily stomps their feet while pounding their fists (Angry)
  • Hanging their head sadly (Sad)
  • Waving their hand over their head in apology (Sad)



  • If the Miis are arguing for a long time, shifting apartments or entering the current one being viewed will cause the fight to immediately start. This goes the same for them becoming best friends.
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