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This is a transcript for when the player sees a fight.
This is a transcript for when the player experiences a fight.
== Apartment Lines ==
== Apartment Lines ==

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This is a transcript for when the player experiences a fight.

Apartment Lines

Regular fight Choices Result
Mii: "[Mad greeting]"

(The player touches the scribble button.)
Mii: "I had a fight with [Mii]. I'm so upset!"

  • Make up!
  • Whatever
(See the next tables for details.)
Make up! Result
Mii: "Please help me calm down first!" The player is taken back to the Mii's apartment; the present icon flashes.
Huge fight Choices Result
Mii: "[Mad greeting]"

(The player touches the scribble button.)
Mii: "[Mii] and I had a huge fight that wasn't my fault at all! I'm so mad!"

  • Try to make up
  • Who cares?

(See the next two tables for details.)

Flashback of Fights

Hauling Junk

Message Reply
This is stupid. You're wasting my time, [Other Mii]! Ha! Like you have anything better to do!
I'm smarter than you. There's no way you can win this! You couldn't win this if you had all the time and money in the world.
You're so unreasonable, [Other Mii]! You're a liar and a coward.
Just give up already! For serious! Why would I give up when I'm winning?
You're so funny looking, clowns pay to look at you when they want a laugh! YOU'RE so funny looking, zookeepers keep thinking you're an escaped flamingo!
You're so pretentious, [Other Mii]! Ha! That's laughable coming from YOU!
You're just so goody-two-shoes, [Other Mii]. It's unbearable! Your shoes are the ones that are goody! Or..something mean about YOU!
If you say you're sorry RIGHT NOW, I might forgive you! I'd never say I'm sorry unless you said it first!
Your pants are dumb, and I hate your hair! Well, your breath smells bad, and you're a terrible dancer!
You're really attractive, [Other Mii]! No way. YOU're the attractive one!

I mean... Oops.

I won't stop throwing things! Not ever! I'm gonna catch whatever you throw! Then you'll be left with NOTHING!
Take that! And THAT! Take THIS with a side of THIS!
You're so cold blooded, [Other Mii]! It's like talking to a dinosaur! Why don't you go bask in the sun or something, lizard breath?
You're hopeless, [Other Mii]! You're the definition of hopeless!
[Other Mii], you smell like a chimpanzee! Well, you LOOK like a chimpanzee!
Actually, this is an effective stress reliever... It is, isn't it?
Your head is made of stubborn! Sticks and stones may break my bones, but YOU'RE THE STUBBORN ONE!
You never listen when other people are talking! Rudy Ruderson! You're the one who never pass attention! Rudy McRudepants!
You throw like a weirdo! You throw like a bad thrower!
This is getting dangerous! Don't try this at home kiddos!
You're obnoxious, [Other Mii]! At least I'm not horrible like you are!
You're a potato, [Other Mii]! What does that even mean?!
You've got a big head, [Other Mii]! You're head's so big, it has its own gravitational pull!
I got you! You lose! You weren't even close, so that means YOU lose!
You're a big meanie, [Other Mii]! Well, you're a GIANT meanie! That's even bigger than big!
You're a liar, [Other Mii]! Says the person who just lied!
You're such a dummy bunny, [Other Mii]! I know you are, but what am I?
Why you little... You monster, you!
Aaaaargh! Grrrrr!
Stop throwing expensive things! I would never! You're the one who isn't being careful!
I hope you enjoy cleaning this mess later! I will! I mean...I won't!
You're such a dumb bunny, [Other Mii]! I know you are, but what am I?
ROAR! What are you, a lion? GROW UP!
You're not going to get away with this! You're the one who's trying to get away with stuff!
All you do is miss! You've missed way more than I have!

Tugging an Item

Message Reply

This isn't just some silly [Item]—it's my best friend!

That's ridiculous! You know it's MY soul mate!

You don't even like [Item]!

Whatever, I like [Item] more than anything in the history of ever!

It's gonna break if you don't let go!

It's stretchier than I thought it would be, so it's probably OK...
You're gonna break it! Knock it off! You better stop this RIGHT NOW!

I've wanted this since I was a kid!

Ha! I've wanted this since I was BORN!

Hands off my [Item]!

Get your grubby fingers away from my [Item]!

I'll give you something way better—just let me have this!

No way! This is all I want or need in life!
Let go of my [Item]! No way! It's MINE!
Don't be rough with my [Item]! You're the one who's being rough! And SELFISH!
It's breaking! Let go NOW! You let go FIRST!
You never appreciated my [Item], [Mii 2]! You're the one who never appreciated MY [Item], [Mii 1]!
I called dibs! I'm the one who wanted it in the first place!
Stop tugging! You're stretching it! YOU stop! You're gonna break it!
I'm actually starting to enjoy this! Ha ha! Me too!
I'd never let you have it in a million years! Oh yeah? Well, I'd never let YOU have it in a BILLION years!
I don't even want this! Oh yeah? I don't want this...either.
I found it first! Not true! I'm marveling at how untrue that is!
This has been mine since before we met! It's been MINE since forever ago!
You're gonna make me cry! I'm crying right now! Boo hoo hoo!
What are you even doing? You LOATHE [Item]! How could you say that? You know I LOVE [Item]!
I'm the only one who understands its true value! You have NO IDEA what its true value even is!
You are SO ANNOYING! Just give it up! YOU'RE the annoying one! Just stop it!
What's that, [Item]? You say you like me better? If you anything about it, you would know it CAN'T TALK!
I'm an expert on [Item]! As if! Everyone knows I'M the expert on [Item]!
You already have one! Whatever! You're the one with a whole closet full of them!
This is my favorite thing in the whole world! This is my favorite thing in the whole universe!
I'm the only one who understands its true value! You have NO IDEA what its true value even is!

Tugging a Teddy Bear

Message Reply

I can't sleep without my beloved bear!

NO WAY! Teddy always sleeps with ME!

Get your own bear, [Other Mii]!

This is MY bear!

I had this Mr. Bear before I even met you!

I had this Teddy before you were even BORN!

You're scaring my poor, defenseless bear!

Don't worry, Teddy. I'll save you from this maniac.

My bear hates you, so let him go right now!

Your pants are on fire! FIRE PANTS!

Hands off my bear!

I've had ENOUGH of you messing with my bear!
It's not funny anymore. HANDS OFF MY BEAR! Teddy's had enough of this cruel game! LET GO!
My bear wants us to play together now. WITHOUT YOU. No, he wants to play with ME right now! He wishes YOU would disappear!
Stop being violent with my bear! You're the violent one! And he's MINE!
What's that, Mr. Bear? You say you think [Other Mii] is super annoying? That's NOT what Teddy said! He said you are SUPER ANNOYING!
This is MY bear! MINE! Nuh-uh! Teddy belongs to ME!
I don't even want this ugly ol' bear. Oh yeah? I don't want it either. Wait... I mean... Oops.
[Other Mii], you're gonna hurt him! You're the one who's pulling! Poor Teddy!
Mr. Bear loves me! Don't come between us! You wish! Teddy loves ME!
Mr. Bear would like you to stop touching him now. Please and thank you. NEVER! Now get your paws off him already!
I'll buy you a way cuter bear, OK? So give up, and let me have this one! NEVER! This is the only bear I could ever love!
I love Mr. Bear the most in the whole world! I love Teddy the mostest in the whole universe!
For crying out loud, you HATE bears! No, I HEART bears! It's different!
Actually, I don't even like this bear. I don't like it either. Wait...what?
Let go! You're making him cry sad, sad tears! You know nothing! Teddy is happy because I'm saving him from you!
I don't even want this ugly ol' bear. Oh yeah? I don't want it either. Wait... I mean... Oops.
Mr. Bear wouldn't be with you if you were the last person on this island. Teddy wouldn't be with YOU if you were the last person on the PLANET!
You don't even like bears! Selfish! You're full of lies! I can't BEAR talking to you!
I'm the only one who can make Mr. Bear happy. You couldn't make a bear happy if you owned your own honey factory!
Stop pulling on his arm! He's in pain! He IS in pain! So stop pulling already!
This bear is my childhood! This bear is my WHOLE LIFE!
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