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Artwork of a Mii eating a burger in Tomodachi Life.

Food is an item that can be used to feed Miis in Tomodachi Collection and Tomodachi Life, obtained from the Food Mart or received as a reward from Miis. In a Mii's apartment, their hunger status will be displayed on the top screen. Each food item has a hunger value, and a Mii will not accept food that would fill their stomach above maximum capacity. Likewise, they will not eat the same food item twice in a row.

Miis will often request food as one of their problems. A Mii's stomach will drop over time as the game is played. Miis do not need to be fed to survive and can go on indefinitely without food. The purpose of food is to gain levels. Additionally, feeding food they like will calm the Mii down when they are in a fight or sad. Large foods will give more happiness than the average food item.

Miis sometimes request specific food as a problem, including drink, food from a specific country/region (e.g. Italian, Asian), or those of any flavor (e.g. Salty, meaty, sweet). When the Mii receives the kind of food they requested, their reaction will always be "[He/She] loved it!" If the Mii receives food other than the one they requested, their reaction will often be lower. No matter how much a Mii dislikes a food, they will always eat what the player feeds them, unless they have eaten that food recently or have a stomach bug.


Miis have different preferences for foods. In Collection, Miis will have an All-Time Favorite food and a Worst food. In Life, there is an additional Super All-Time Favorite food and Worst Ever food added to each Mii. Those will instantly get rid of their sadness or calm them from a fight.

Caption Reaction Image
It's [his/her] super all-time favorite!!(US) / [He/She] really loved it!(EU) Make a surprised face and blast off into space, showing that it is their super all-time favorite. During the view of Earth, the Mii will also shout a prolonged "Yum!" This is absent in Tomodachi Collection.
Super All-Time Favorite Space.gif
It's [his/her] all-time favorite!(US) / [He/She] loved it a lot!(EU) Dance around in place with dramatic camera angles, showing that it is their all-time favorite.
Barrylikeshotdogs edited.gif
[He/She] thought it was the worst!(US) / [He/She] didn't like it at all...(EU) Shakes rapidly while making a shocked face, then bends over as if in pain and start acting like they throwing up, showing that it is their worst food. Happiness decreases significantly.
[He/She] thought it was the worst ever!!(US) / [He/She] really didn't like it at all...(EU) Turns gray and melts to the floor with a very shocked face as suspenseful music plays, showing that it is their worst food ever. All happiness will be lost. This is absent in Tomodachi Collection.

In addition to those extreme reactions, a list of three "Favorite Foods" is displayed, consisting of the top three foods that Mii likes most out of everything else they have tried. All food preferences are fixed even among different players sharing a Mii through QR Codes, but the favorite foods list will change as the Mii tries new things and discovers better favorite ones.

When a Mii is given a food item that is not one of the favorite/worst foods, the Mii will either do the following:

Caption Reaction Image
[He/She] loved it!(NTSC) / [He/She] really, really liked it!(PAL) Jump up into the air fist-first, showing a very high amount of satisfaction. Happiness increases significantly. Really liked it.JPG
[He/She] really liked it!(NTSC) / [He/She] liked it a lot!(PAL) Happily pat their belly with one hand, showing they really liked the food. Happiness increases. Liked a lot.JPG
[He/She] liked it.(NTSC) / [He/She] liked it a little.(PAL) Pat their belly slowly with both hands while leaning back, showing they liked the food. Happiness increases slightly. Liked.JPG
[He/She] didn't really like it.(NTSC) / [He/She] didn't like it.(PAL) Frown and tilt their head, showing that they did not like the food. Happiness stays the same, and this food won't appear in "Favorite Foods".
[He/She] didn't like it at all.(NTSC) / [He/She] really didn't like it.(PAL) Hold their stomach in disgust (trying not to throw it up), showing they disliked the food. Happiness decreases. This food will not appear in "Favorite Foods". Didn't like it at all TL.jpeg

Giving Miis special food will always result in a very positive gesture from them, which shows them happier than the jumping gesture. The Mii also says something related to the food they consumed. However, this will not appear in Food list.

Types of Foods

Food is separated into 4 categories: Main Dish, Side Dish, Sweets, and Drinks. Each have an effect on how the Mii reacts to the food, the possibility of them liking it, and how much it fills their stomach. Throughout the various regional varieties, there are various foods not present in other versions, such as various Japanese dishes in the Japanese version of the game.

Japanese Food Icon.png Cat1.png Japanese Food Icon 1.png Main dishes

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Main dishes are foods that will fill up a Mii's hunger the most, as they are typically the most expensive. There are 43 main dishes in total (63 in the Japanese version). The Japanese version has this section as the Japanese dishes, while the side dishes are Western.

Western Food Icon.pngCat2.png Side dishes

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Side dishes are the second food category. They fill a Mii's hunger less than the Main Dishes. There are 83 side dishes in the US version. The Japanese version has this section as Western dishes. Like the US version, there are 83 in total.

Desert Icon.png Cat3.png Desserts

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Desserts are the third food category not including dessert items, but fruits or anything sweet. There are 81 desserts in total (66 in the Japanese version).

Beverages Icon.png Food Cattegory4.png Beverages

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Beverages fill up a Mii's hunger less than any other categories. There are 24 beverages in total (14 in the Japanese version).


  • Like other certain problems, the player can tell if a Mii is hungry without clicking on the problem bubble due to different background music.
  • If the player gives a food that is All-time favorite or Super All-time favorite to the Mii with a cold, instead of giving them a cold medicine, the Mii will be healed.
  • When a Mii eats food at the Café or BBQ, the food there will not count in the fullness bar. It is even possible for a Mii to come back hungry after they got back from the Café.
  • Miis will sometimes feed themselves, in which the player can check their stomach to see what food they ate. It can be anything, even a Ruined Meal or their worst ever.
  • It is possible that any food can be one of the Mii's all-time favorite and worst, even birthday cake and except Trash Food. There are some foods that seem to be more common for all-time favorite and worst ones.


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