This is a list for all the beverage food items in Tomodachi Collection.

Item Num. Order Price Description Image
Aojiru 01 ¥200 "Nutritious vegetable drink that is good for your health." Aojiru TC
Energy Drink 02 ¥300 "Just one bottle will get rid of your tiredness." CollectionDrinksEnergyDrink
Tea 03 ¥100 "Made with high quality tea leaves. It is refreshing." Tea TC
Orange Juice 04 ¥200 "100% fruit juice. A good source of Vitamin C." CollectionDrinksOrangeJuice
Milk 05 ¥180 "Highly nutritious item you can't miss during school lunch." CollectionDrinksMilk
Rotten Milk 06 ¥20 "It used to be highly nourishing milk. Too dangerous to drink." CollectionDrinksRottenMilk
Black Tea 07 ¥550 "Enjoy it when you need a break. Time to relax~" CollectionDrinksBlackTea
Coffee 08 ¥500 "Coffee aroma is drifting in the air. Have you had a cup?" CollectionDrinksCoffee
Corn Soup 09 ¥380 "Warm, creamy corn soup with mild flavor." CollectionDrinksCornSoup
Tap Water 10 ¥90 "Very good to drink when you are extremely thirsty." CollectionDrinksTapWater
Tomato Juice 11 ¥150 "Have one cup everyday for your healthy body." CollectionDrinksTomatoJuice
Miso Soup 12 ¥280 "You can't miss it when you eat Japanese food." CollectionDrinksMisoSoup
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