This is a list for all the dessert food items in Tomodachi Collection.

Item Num. Order Price Description Image
Ice Cream 01 ¥250 "Refreshing strawberry ice cream in crispy cone!" CollectionDessertsIceCream
Apple Pie 02 ¥480 "Made from sweet crunchy apples and cinnamon." CollectionDessertsApplePie
Red Bean Bun 03 ¥150 "A sweet bun packed with red bean filling." CollectionDessertsRedBeanBun
Strawberry 04 ¥480 "Rich in Vitamin-C to boost your beauty." CollectionDessertsStrawberry
Persimmon 05 ¥200 "Sweet and creamy, nostalgic flavor of fall season..."
Shaved Ice 06 ¥150 "Try this strawberry flavored shaved ice this summer!"
Sponge Cake 07 ¥500 "Fluffy moist sponge cake with brown sugar at the bottom." CollectionDessertsSpongeCake
Choco Cake 08 ¥600 "Bittersweet chocolate mixed with fresh cream." CollectionDessertsChocoCake
Gum 09 ¥120 "Try chewing it when you feel sleepy or moody..." CollectionDessertsGum
Cookie 10 ¥180 "Crunchy sweet cookie with a mouthwatering aroma." CollectionDessertsCookie
Gummy 11 ¥100 "Best for snacking, with a variety of flavors to try." CollectionDessertsGummy
Crepe 12 ¥400 "With plenty of fresh cream stuffing!"
Grapefruit 13 ¥300 "Enjoy its refreshing aroma and juicy flesh!" CollectionDessertsGrapefruit
Cherry 14 ¥290 "Fresh and sweet cherries with brilliant color." CollectionDessertsCherry
Dango 15 ¥300 "It is best to eat while enjoying flower viewing season." CollectionDessertsDango
Cream Puff 16 ¥250 "It will make you happy with crispy shell and sweet cream." CollectionDessertsCreamPuff
Shortcake 17 ¥400 "Fresh strawberry and whip cream will make you drool." CollectionDessertsShortcake
Sweet Potato 18 ¥380 "Fresh and juicy with natural sweet taste." CollectionDessertsSweetPotato
Watermelon 19 ¥300 "Juicy and sweet flesh. How many can you eat in summer?" CollectionDessertsWatermelon
Bean Soup 20 ¥500 "Delicious red bean soup (zenzai.)" CollectionDessertsBeanSoup
Cracker 21 ¥100 "Savory soy sauce flavor Japanese cracker." CollectionDessertsCracker
Soft-Serve 22 ¥250 "Soft-serve vanilla and chocolate ice cream." Soft-Serve TC
Taiyaki 23 ¥200 "Freshly baked, with lots of red bean paste." CollectionDessertsTaiyaki
Chocolate 24 ¥150 "A good reward when you feel tired. It's sweet and yummy~" CollectionDessertsChocolate
Parfait 25 ¥780 "Irresistible chocolate parfait for those who love sweets." CollectionDessertsParfait
Donut 26 ¥130 "It's sweet and tasty. Who cares about calorie?" CollectionDessertsDonut
Dorayaki 27 ¥450 "Soft shell with moderately sweetened red bean paste." CollectionDessertsDorayaki
Banana 28 ¥100 "Have it as an afternoon snack or at some other time." CollectionDessertsBanana
Banana Peel 29 ¥20 "It is just a banana peel. Then who ate the banana inside?" Banana Peel TC
Biscuit 30 ¥150 "Time for an afternoon snack? Give this crunchy biscuit a try." CollectionDessertsBiscuit
Grape 31 ¥490 "Big, sweet, and juicy grapes." CollectionDessertsGrape
Pudding 32 ¥150 "Made with fresh egg yolk and milk." CollectionDessertsPudding
Lollipop 33 ¥300 "An oversized lollipop. Keep licking until it's all gone." CollectionDessertsLollipop
Potato Chips 34 ¥130 "Once you start, you can eat the whole bag non-stop." CollectionDessertsPotatoChips
Macadamia 35 ¥500 "Lightly salted macadamia nuts that you can't resist." CollectionDessertsMacadamia
Orange 36 ¥100 "Will it be sweet, or sour? You must taste it and you'll know." CollectionDessertsOrange
Peach 37 ¥480 "Its lovely pink flesh is soft, juicy, and sweet." CollectionDessertsPeach
Roast Potato 38 ¥380 "It is filled with natural sweet taste of fall season."
Bean Jelly 39 ¥580 "Try this soft and sweet jelly with some hot tea." CollectionDessertsBeanJelly
Apple 40 ¥150 "Take a bite or carve it into apple rabbits before you eat." Apple TC
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