This is a list for all the main food items in Tomodachi Collection.

Item Num. Order Price Description Image
Salmon 01 ¥450 "Freshly grilled whole salmon." Salmon TC
Inari Sushi 02 ¥150 "Fluffy rice stuffed inside juicy fried tofu." Inari Sushi TC
Broiled Eel 03 ¥2800 "Tender broiled eel that helps boost your stamina." Broiled Eel TC
Pickled Plum 04 ¥100 "Hidden sweetness within its sour flesh." Pickled Plum TC
Edamame 05 ¥300 "Very hard to stop eating once you have started." Edamame TC
Okonomiyaki 06 ¥780 "Savory pancake with port, squid, and shrimp!" Okonomiyaki TC
Sashimi 07 ¥1280 "Assorted fresh sashimi" Sashimi TC
Osechi 08 ¥10000 "High quality Japanese food for New Year's celebration." Osechi TC
Ochazuke 09 ¥480 "This warm rice soup is good and easy to digest." Ochazuke TC
Oden 10 ¥300 "This hot mixed stew will warm you up in a cold night." Oden TC
Rice ball 11 ¥110 "Find out what is stuffed inside this rice ball for a surprise." Rice Ball TC
Mochi 12 ¥150 "This Japanese rice cake tastes good when it's grilled." Mochi TC
Oyakodon 13 ¥600 "Soft boiled egg and chicken served on top of white rice." Oyakodon TC
Crab 14 ¥6000 "A whole big one for you to decide your own luxury meal." Crab TC
Kitsune Udon 15 ¥650 "Warm, sweet noodle soup with fried bean curd." Kitsune Udon TC
Mushroom 16 ¥130 "Low calorie, healthy food." Mushroom TC
Gyudon 17 ¥600 "A beef bowl with rice topped with beef and onion." Gyudon TC
Bitter Melon 18 ¥150 "A tropical vegetable with addictive bitter taste." Bitter Melon TC
Rice 19 ¥200 "Freshly cooked rice. It's warm and yummy." Rice TC
Bento 20 ¥500 "Lunch box set packed with lots of food to fill you up." Bento TC
Turban Shell 21 ¥650 "You will love it! A toothpick is attached for convenience." Turban Shell TC
Zaru Soba 22 ¥600 "Chilled soba that is perfect for a summer night!" Zarusoba TC
Mackerel 23 ¥480 "Grilled mackerel. A common Japanese main dish." Mackerel TC
Baked potato 24 ¥380 "A baked potato with butter on top. Eat it while it's still warm." Baked Potato TC
Sukiyaki 25 ¥1780 "Simmering sweet and salty soup with delicious meat!" Sukiyaki TC
Sushi 26 ¥1580 "Of course, it's the first class with the luxurious fatty tuna." Sushi TC
Dried Squid 27 ¥200 "It gets more delicious for every bite you chew." Dried Squid TC
Ikizukuri 28 ¥3800 "Live sea bream. This is what you call luxury!" Ikizukuri TC
Takoyaki 29 ¥300 "With big pieces of tako in each of them. Be careful, it's hot." Takoyaki TC
Tamagoyaki 30 ¥150 "Fluffy and yummy grilled egg. Everyone's favorite side dish." Tamagoyaki TC
Fish Cake 31 ¥100 "You can peek through its hole, but it's better if you eat it." Fish Cake TC
Sumo Stew 32 ¥1580 "A big pot of stew commonly eaten by sumo wrestlers." Sumo Stew TC
Tempura 33 ¥880 "Very crispy and tasty. Try the eggplant tempura, too." Tempura TC
Chili 34 ¥50 "Please be careful. It is extremely spicy!" Chili TC
Tofu 35 ¥150 "Simple cold tofu. You can eat it with some soy sauce." Tofu TC
Tonkatsu 36 ¥800 "Crispy outside and juicy inside! It's a special luxury tonkatsu!" Tonkatsu TC
Nattou 37 ¥100 "It is known as a healthy food. It is very sticky though." Nattou TC
Meat stew 38 ¥600 "The taste of home cooking! It has meat and potatoes." Meat Stew TC
Matsutake 39 ¥7800 "The top-class mushroom that has wonderful unique flavor." Matsutake TC
Ginger 40 ¥100 "It has refreshing scent. Have fun chewing it." Ginger TC
Fried Egg 41 ¥380 "One of the simplest breakfast menus. Try it with toasts." Fried Egg TC
Mentaiko 42 ¥780 "This not-too-spicy marinated roe is good with white rice." Mentaiko TC
Yakisoba 43 ¥400 "It has the flavor of a mother's homemade fried noodles." Yakisoba TC
Eggplant 44 ¥480 "Simple grilled eggplant with ponzu sauce." Eggplant TC
Liver 45 ¥480 "Don't be picky with your food. This is good for you health!" Food75
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