This is a list for all the side food items in Tomodachi Collection.

Item Num. Order Price Description
Shrimp Pilaf 01 ¥700 "Lots of tender shrimps. Perfect for lunchtime!"
Fried Shrimp 02 ¥370 "Crispy fried shrimps to dip in tartar sauce!"
Bentobox 03 ¥700 "Packed with kids' favorite items! Adults can enjoy it too."
Omelet 04 ¥100 "Fried eggs with minced meat and onion stuffing."
Moldy Bread 05 ¥20 "It used to be a slice of white bread. Too dangerous to eat."
Karaage 06 ¥450 "Japanese style crispy fried chicken."
Carbonara 07 ¥880 "Al dente pasta with egg and cream."
Curry 08 ¥700 "Everybody's beloved curry with rice!"
Quiche 09 ¥550 "Spinach and bacon quiche. Good for a light meal."
Kimchi 10 ¥280 "For those who love spicy food. It has authentic flavor."
Caviar 11 ¥6500 "Top grade delicacy. Try it at least once in your life!"
Gyoza 12 ¥280 "Crispy fried Chinese dumplings with juicy meat stuffing!"
Gratin 13 ¥980 "Gratin with white sauce and grated cheese on top."
Cream Stew 14 ¥680 "Slow cooked creamy stew to warm your body and mind."
Croissant 15 ¥120 "A crispy croissant with so many layers of fluffy shells."
Croquette 16 ¥680 "Classic croquette with potato and minced meat."
Salad 17 ¥560 "Fresh crisp salad with plenty of vegetables!"
Sandwich 18 ¥400 "Ham and cucumber sandwich. Best for breakfast or snack."
Shumai 19 ¥120 "Freshly steamed. Try it with mustard and soy sauce."
Bread 20 ¥100 "Good for breakfast. Just put a few slices in the toaster."
Steak 21 ¥1980 "Tender and juicy meat, cooked to your order."
S&S Pork 22 ¥780 "Sweet and sour pork with lots of vegetables."
Sausage 23 ¥200 "Sausage brimming with juicy meat."
Taco 24 ¥480 "Spicy salsa sauce and spices will boost your spirit!"
Fried Rice 25 ¥480 "Standard fried-rice with lots of egg and green onion."
Corn 26 ¥350 "Freshly boiled corn. Once you have a bite, you can't stop."
Meat Bun 27 ¥120 "A hot meat bun with bamboo shoots will keep you warm."
Spring Roll 28 ¥630 "Deep-fried spring roll with crispy skin and mince meat."
Hamburger 29 ¥280 "What makes it special is the buns and mayonnaise."
Hamburg 30 ¥700 "Hamburg steak; everyone's favorite menu!"
Pizza 31 ¥390 "Freshly baked with cheese and lots of salami on top."
French Fries 32 ¥280 "Everyone's favorite salty french fries."
Blue Cheese 33 ¥400 "You might get addicted to its unique smell."
French Toast 34 ¥380 "Egg and honey soaked toast. Good as breakfast or snack."
Bone-in Meat 35 ¥1000 "Grilled savory chicken with plenty of herbs."
Mapo Tofu 36 ¥670 "A tangy, spicy dish. It is also good on top of white rice."
Pasta 37 ¥780 "No matter if you are a kid or an adult, you will love it!"
Boiled Egg 38 ¥100 "It tastes good both with and without salt."
Ramen 39 ¥680 "Soy sauce flavor. Good for a quick late night meal."
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