This is a list of all the side food items appearing in Tomodachi Life. X means it doesn't appear in that region and an empty space means it's unknown if it appears or not.

Item Num. Order (US) Num. Order (EU) Num. Order (AU) Num. Order (JP) Num. Order (KO) Prices Description Image
Avocado 001 001 001 001 001 US: $1.00

EU: €1.30 UK: £1.00 AU:
JP: ¥100 KO: ₩

"Avocado is nature’s butter. Makes any sandwich or burger instantly better."

"The king of guacamole ingredients! Use lemon to maintain the colour." (EU)

Avocado TL
Bacon 002 002 002 069 US: $2.50

EU: €1.10 UK: £0.80 JP: ¥380 KO: ₩

"That's a lot of bacon. You're sharing, right? Don't forget the eggs and toast."

"How about some eggs with our crispy low fat bacon for breakfast?" (EU)

Bacon TL
Baguette X 003 X X X US: X

EU: €0.80 UK: £0.50 JP: X KO: X

"A French loaf noted for its size, shape and compatibility with soft cheeses" (EU) Baguette TL
Baked Beans 003 X X X X US: $3.50


"Those navy beans are actually stewed, not baked. Sorry for the confusion." Baked Beans TL
Baked potato 004 X X X X US: $5.00


"A soft, mushy baked potato loaded with cheese, butter, and more cheese." Baked Potato TL
Beans on toast X 005 X X X US: X

EU: €1.50 UK: £1.20 JP: X KO: X

"A true British delicacy that is also great for making loud parps." (EU) Beans on Toast TL
Blue cheese 005 006 003 066 X US: $3.00

EU: €3.90 UK: £ JP: ¥400 KO: X

"This cheese has been aged with blue mold. It's pretty stinky. Um... enjoy?"

"Aged and mouldy. It smells like old socks. Just put a peg on your nose!" (EU)

Blue Cheese TL
Broccoli 006 007 004 068 US: $1.00

EU: €0.70 UK: £0.70 JP: ¥190

"It's like a little tree! A healthy little tree that tastes great steamed."

"We keep the flavour, vitamins and colour by not overboiling." (EU)

Broccoli TL
Brussels sprouts 007 008 005 X US: $1.00

EU: €0.90 UK: £0.90 JP: X

"If you can eat these without cringing, you'll know when you're all grown up."

"Looks like a baby cabbage. Great boiled or stir-fried, but don't overcook!" (EU)

Brussels Sprouts TL
Buttered potato (US)

Baked potato (EU)

008 004 006 033* US: $3.80

EU: €4.00 UK: £4.00 JP: ¥380 KO: ₩

"This dish has almost as much butter as it does potato. Mmm, melty." (US) "Baked to perfection and topped with a knob of butter. Delicious!"(EU) Buttered Potato TL
Calamari (US)

Squid rings (EU)

009 072 007 003 US: $4.80

EU: €4.50 UK: £ JP: ¥480 KO: ₩

"Deep-fried squid with ketchup for dipping. It's tastier than it sounds." Calamari TL
Caviar 010 009 008 023 US: $65.00

EU: €120.00 UK: £120.00 JP: ¥6500 KO: ₩

"Disliking caviar means you're unrefined. Or don't like fish eggs. One of the two."

"The unrefined could never understand the appeal of this exquisite garnish." (EU)

Caviar TL
Celery 011 010 009 041 US: $1.00

EU: €0.90 UK: £0.90 JP: ¥130 KO: ₩

"If you dislike it on its own, add peanut butter and raisins for a fun variation."

"Love it or hate it, it's good raw as a snack or cooked in stews." (EU)

Celery TL
Cheese 012 011 010 044 US: $2.00

EU: €3.00 UK: £3.00 JP: ¥200 KO: ₩

"All natural with a subtle taste and smell. Smile and say cheese!"

"Our generic cheese is great on bread, toast, crackers or jam sandwiches." (EU)

Cheese TL
Chicken noodle soup 013 X X X X US: $4.50


"If you're feeling under the weather, this soup is really the only way to go." Chicken Noodle Soup TL
Chili prawns 014 012 011 007 US: $6.40

EU: €12.00 UK: £ JP: ¥640 KO: ₩

"Prawns are good on their own, but they're better with garlic and chilies."

"Garlic, chili, prawns and coriander make a dish that should be savoured." (EU)

Chili Prawns TL
Chizimi(JP)Buchimgae(KO) X X X 045 007* US: X

EU: X UK: X AU: X JP: ¥550 KO: ₩

"A Korean savory pancake." Chizimi TL
Clam chowder 015 X X X X US: $6.00


"Enjoy the taste of clams without the nuisance of those slippery shells." Clam Chowder TL
Coleslaw 016 X X X X US: $1.20


"A side dish of raw cabbage, carrots, and mayo. Nothing too exciting here." Coleslaw TL
Cooked eggplant (US)

Cooked aubergine (EU)

017 013 012 065* US: $3.50

EU: €5.90 UK: £5.90 AU: $ JP: ¥480 KO: ₩

"Delicious eggplant grilled to perfection. It's healthy, flavorful, AND filling!" (US)"Cooked until soft and covered in sauce. Oozing with flavour!" (EU)
Cooked Eggplant TL

North American Version.

Cooked Aubergine TL

European and Japanese versions.

Corn dog 018 X X X X US: $0.99


"A fried hot dog on a stick, for busy people with no time to fuss with buns." Corn Dog TL
Cornflakes (US)

Corn flakes (EU)

019 014 013 029 US: $3.00

EU: €1.70 UK: £1.50 AU: JP: ¥400 KO: ₩

"A fine choice for a quick breakfast. Don't dally or the flakes will get soggy!" (US)"Timing the milk so the flakes aren't soggy is essential for a good brekkie." (EU) Corn Flakes TL
Cornish pastry X 015 X X X US: X

EU: €3.10 JP: X KO: X

"Not to be confused with a sweet pastry, these are full of meat and veggies." Cornish Pastry TL
Corn on the cob 020 016 014 047 US: $2.00

EU: €0.80 JP: ¥350 KO: ₩

"A fresh ear of corn, roasted and savory, remove the husk before eating." (US)'"Steamed to perfection and smothered in butter, also good from the BBQ."(EU) Corn on the Cob TL
Corn Soup X X X 028 US: X

EU: X UK: X AU: X JP: ¥380 KO: ₩

It really is so creamy. The corn is such a comforting taste. Corn Soup TL
Crab 021 X X 022* US: $60.00

EU: X JP: ¥6000 KO:

"You know it's good because it's so pricey. Watch out for those claws." Crab
Croquettes X 018 X 030 US: X

EU: €6.90 UK: X AU: X JP: ¥680 KO: ₩

"Cripsy golden potatoey nuggets full of flavour." Croquettes TL
Curry-pan X X X 018 US: X

EU: X UK: X AU: X JP: ¥120 KO: ₩

"A deep fried bread with curry inside. It's quite crunchy." Curry Pan TL
Curry Rice X X X 019 US: X

EU: X UK: X AU: X JP: ¥700 KO: ₩

"A Japanese sweet curry with vegetables and beef. It's just like what my mother made. It's not really that spicy." Curry Rice TL
Drumstick 022 019 015 074 US: $3.50

EU: €2.00 JP: ¥1000 KO: ₩

"A juicy chicken leg with supersecret sauce--also known as barbecue sauce."(US)'"The way we make these is a secret. Actually, we just buy them frozen..."(EU) Drumstick TL
Ebi-fry X X X 009 X US: X

EU: X UK: X JP: ¥370 KO: ₩

"Each time you bite this crispy food, your mouth gets full." Ebi-fry TL
Escargot 023 020 016 006 US: $12.00

EU: €12.00 JP: ¥1200

"Ew, there are snails on your plate! Oh, wait.. I mean.. eat up! It's a delicacy." (US)'"Smells like a garlicky French wonder, but just don't look at them..." (EU) Escargot TL
Foie Gras X X X 064 US: X

EU: X JP: ¥9000 KO: ₩

"One of the world's three major delicacies, Foie Gras. It has a rich taste." Foie Gras TL
French fries 024 021 X 065 US: $2.80

EU: €2.50 JP: ¥280 KO: ₩

"These hot and crispy fries will make you forget all about your burger." French Fries TL
Fresh spring rolls 025 X X 052 US: $5.90

EU: X JP: ¥590 KO: ₩

"Peek through the translucent wrapping to see what numminess awaits you." Fresh Spring Rolls TL
Fried egg 026 022 017 060* US: $1.70

EU: €0.80 JP: ¥380 KO: ₩

"The whites are cooked solid, but the yolk is still nice and runny. Dive in!" Fried Egg TL
Fried rice 027 X X 046 US: $4.80

EU: X JP: ¥480 KO: ₩

"What's better than a giant plate of fried rice? Nothing, that's what." Fried Rice TL
Fried spring rolls (US)

Spring rolls (EU)

028 071 018 057 US: $6.30

EU: €5.90 JP: ¥630 KO: ₩

"Crispy pockets of pure enjoyment. It's hard to save room for the meal." Fried Spring Rolls TL
Fried tofu 029 X X X US: $2.50

EU: X JP: X KO: ₩

"Tofu is too healthy for its own good. That's why we fried it. A lot." Fried Tofu TL
Garlic 030 024 019 054 US: $0.80

EU: €0.90 JP: ¥110 KO: ₩

"It's known to keep vampires away. Maybe they're afraid of bad breath." Garlic TL
Gazpacho X 025 X X X US: X

EU: €5.90 JP: X KO: X

"A cold Spanish summer soup filled with tomato, garlic and veg served on ice." Gazpacho TL
Green pepper 031 030 020 061 US: $0.80

EU: €0.80 JP: ¥110 KO: ₩

"Not so great raw, but stuff it with stuffables and it's good to go." Green Pepper TL
Grilled cheese 032 X X X US: $2.00


"Anyone can grill a sammy, but it takes a cheese connoisseur to do it this well." Grilled Cheese TL
Grits 033 X X X US: $5.00


"A southern breakfast staple. It's basically butter with some ground corn." Grits TL
Habanero 034 X X X US: $1.00


"This red-hot chili pepper is not to be taken lightly. So tasty, yet so spicy." Habanero TL
Hard-boiled egg 035 032 021 078 US: $0.40

EU: €0.20 JP: ¥100

"Don't worry-the yolk is perfectly soft. Try a little salt and pepper on top!" (US)'"Good with salt and a line of soldiers because the yolk's done just right!" (EU) Hard Boiled Egg TL
Hash browns 036 X X X US: $1.50


"Shredded potatoes, fried to form these golden patties of breakfast potential." Hash Browns TL
Hayashi Rice X X X 056 US: X

EU: X JP: ¥780

"A red stew made with wine and tomato sauce, served with rice." Hayashi Rice TL
Hiyashi Chuka X X X 063 US: X

EU: X JP: ¥600

"Chinese cold noodles." Hiyashi Chuka TL
Hot dog 037 033 022 072 US: $2.80

EU: €2.50 JP: ¥280

"It's not made of dogs, but it IS hot. Hope you like mustard. If not...oops." Hot Dog TL
Hummus X 034 023 X X EU: €5.50 "Mashed chickpeas mixed with lemon, garlic and olive oil. Great with crackers." Hummus TL
Iberian ham X 035 X X X EU: €12.90 "Special cured Spanish ham. Cutting the meat into thin slices is a form of art!" Iberian Ham TL
Instant noodles 038 036 024 014 US: $1.90

EU: €1.20 JP: ¥190

"You're three minutes away from total noodle-ocity. Can you wait that long?" Instant Noodles TL
Ishiyaki bibinba X X X 003 019* US: X

EU: X UK: X JP: ¥600 KO: ₩

"Korean spicy kimchi, egg, meat and vegetables. Served in a stone bowl." Ishiyaki Bibinba TL
Kankoku Reimen (JP)
X X X 020 007* US: X

EU: X UK: X JP: ¥670 KO: ₩

"Korean cold noodles. A kimchi topped soup of noodles, egg and vegetables." Kankoku reimen TL
Kimchi 039 X X 022 006* US: $2.80

EU: X JP: ¥280 KO: ₩

"Authentic kimchi straight from Korea. Love that spice! Best with rice." Kimchi TL
Mabo Doufu X X X 075 US: X

EU: X JP: ¥670 KO: ₩

"Chinese tofu dish that's really spicy." Mabo Doufu TL
Macaroni and cheese 040 X X X X US: $5.80

EU: X  JP: X KO: X

"Look up 'comfort' in a dictionary, and you'll see a picture of mac and cheese." Macaroni and Cheese TL
Mashed potatoes 041 037 025 X US: $3.50

EU: €2.50 JP: X

"Whoever invented mashing potatoes deserves an award. Nobel Potato?" (US)'"A 250-year tradition that is enhanced with cheese, garlic or even wasabi!" (EU) Mashed Potatoes TL
Meat-and-potato stew 042 038 026 025* US: $6.00

EU: €8.90 JP: ¥600

"Home cookin' at its finest. Those soft potatoes are the stuff of dreams." Meat and Potato Stew TL
Minestrone X 039 027 X X US: X
EU: €8.00
"A thick Italian soup with pasta or rice and seasonal vegetables." Minestrone TL
Moldy bread (US)

Mouldy bread (EU) (Trash Food)

043 040 028 015 US: $0.20

EU: €0.10 JP: ¥20 KO: ₩

"Ew. Ew, gross. That bread may be cheap, but that doesn't make it edible." Moldy Bread TL
Mozzarella salad X 042 X X X US: X

EU: €8.90 JP: X

"An Italian mozzarella and tomato salad that's simple but tasty!" Mozzarella Salad TL
Mushroom 044 043 029 024* US: $1.30

EU: €0.20 JP: ¥130

"The most flavorful fungus of all. Maybe it will make you grow bigger!" Mushroom TL
Oatmeal 045 X X X US: $2.50

EU: X  JP: X

"Hop aboard the oat boat! Made with steel-cut oats, milk, and blueberries." Oatmeal TL
Octopus 046 045 030 040* US: $8.80

EU: €6.90 JP: ¥300

"Freshly boiled tentacles. Eat alone or share with up to seven friends." (US)
"Simmered and sliced until soft and great to share for eight people." (EU)
Octopus (Western)

Western version.

Octopus TL Japan

Japanese version.

Okosama lunch X X X 010 X US: X

EU: X UK: X JP: ¥700

"On the plate is lots of things that kids love to eat. Don't forget the flag." Okosama Lunch TL
Olives 047 046 031 X US: $3.00

EU: €1.50 JP: X

"Crush them for their oil, or chop them up for a very grown-up pizza." Olives TL
Omelet X X X 013 X US: X

EU: X UK: X JP: ¥650

"A plain omelette, it makes me want to write a ketchup message." Omelet TL
Omurice X X X 012 X US: X

EU: X UK: X JP: ¥680

"Chicken fried rice with a layer of white fluffy omelette in a sea of ketchup." Omurice TL
Onion gratin soup 048 049 032 011 US: $4.10

EU: €1.50 JP: ¥410

"Hopefully you like the taste of tears. It's hard to not cry while cooking this." Onion Gratin Soup TL
Onion rings 049 X X X US: $3.50


"Is there a better way to enjoy an onion than battered and deep fried? Nope." Onion Rings TL
PB&J 050 X X X X US: $2.00


"Nothing's more classic than peanut butter meeting jelly on sliced bread." PB&J TL
Pickles (US)

Gherkins (EU)

051 026 033 X X US: $3.00

EU: €2.00 JP: X

"Pickles are like mutated cucumbers. If you're into that sort of thing, have at it."
Pickles TL

North American version.

Pickles TL EU

European version.

Pizza 052 051 034 062 US: $0.99

EU: €2.00 JP: ¥390

"Pizza is the people's food. Crust with stuff on it is the recipe for bliss." (US)

"Covers every food group and has the perfect balance of cheese and veg." (EU)

Pizza TL

North American version.


European and Japanese version

Polenta 053 052 035 X X US: $5.80

EU: €5.00 JP: X

"Italy's version of porridge. Supplement the cornmeal dish with meat or veggies." (US)'"Like an Italian porridge, it is boiled or fried and eaten with meat or veg." (EU) Polenta
Popcorn shrimp 054 X X X US: $4.00


"Sometimes a movie calls not for snacks but for seafood. This is for those times." Popcorn Shrimp TL
Pork bun 055 X X 053 US: $2.00

EU: X JP: ¥120

"It looks like a pastry, but it's actually filled with juicy, juicy pork." Pork Bun TL
Porridge 056 053 036 X US: $3.00

EU: €2.50 JP: X

"Best piping hot. Add fruit and sugar to make it more palatable." (US)'"Full of oaty energy and even better with a pinch of nutmeg or cinnamon." (EU) Porridge TL
Pot stickers 057 X X 024 US: $5.00

EU: X JP: ¥280

"So crunchy. So crispy. So full of juicy, juicy goodness. Savor the flavor." Pot Stickers TL
Prawn salad 058 055 037 X X US: $7.50

EU: €6.00 JP: X

"Grilled prawns presented on a bed of rather run-of-the-mill lettuce." Prawn Salad TL
Pretzel 059 056 038 044 US: $1.30

EU: €1.80 JP: ¥130

"Follow this pretzel's lead and do the twist. Or just, ya know, eat a pretzel." (US)

"Saltier than the sea and twistier than a twisty thing. Try one today!" (EU)

Pretzel TL
Prosciutto (US)

Parma ham (EU)

060 050 039 051 US: $6.90

EU: €3.00 JP: ¥690

"Thinly sliced so you can keep going back for more. Ham it up!" Prosciutto TL
Quiche 061 057 040 021 US: $5.50

EU: €6.00 JP: ¥550

"Immerse yourself in the eggy goodness that is quiche. Even better with soup." Quiche TL
Ravioli 062 058 041 X US: $6.40

EU: €5.90 JP: X

"Pillowy pasta pockets of ricotta and spinach. When in Rome!" Raviolli TL
Raw oyster 063 059 045 052* US: $1.50

EU: €2.00 JP: ¥680

"People will respect you more if you pretend to like it. Just sayin'." (US)'"Squeeze with lemon, close your eyes and pretend to like it like other people." (EU) Raw Oyster TL
Red chili pepper 064 060 046 049* 002* US: $0.50

EU: € JP: ¥50 KO: ₩500

"See if you can handle the spice. Just don't touch your eyes afterward." (US)'"Only for pros. Keep water handy and don't touch your eyes after eating." (EU) Red Chili Pepper TL
Rice 065 061 047 027* 010 US: $2.00

EU: €2.00 JP: ¥200 KO: ₩

"Slow-cooked in a traditional Japanese pot, and fluffed to perfection." (US)'"Only the finest grains of rice fluffed to perfection." (EU)

International versions

Bap TL

Korean version

Risotto 066 062 048 081 US: $7.80

EU: €8.00 JP: ¥780

"Risotto is the rice of kings. So rich and flavorful, you'll feel like a monarch." Risotto TL
Salad 067 063 049 032 US: $5.60

EU: €5.00 JP: ¥560

"You'll feel so healthy and energetic after a big bowl or organic veggies." (US)'"Mother always said to eat your greens, but the choice of dressing is yours." (EU) Salad TL
Salami 068 064 050 033 US: $3.90

EU: €3.00 JP: ¥390

"A small plate of spicy, sliced sausage. Keep for yourself or share with friends." Salami TL
Sandwich 069 065 051 034 US: $5.50

EU: €2.50 JP: ¥400

"The mark of a successful sandwich is not being able to hold it with one hand."
Sandwitch TL

North American version.

Sandwitch TL EU

European and Japanese version.

Sardines (US)

Fried sardines (EU)

070 023 052 X X US: $1.40

EU: €5.90 JP: X

"Your cat would go bonkers if it knew you were keeping these for yourself." Sardines TL
Sauerkraut X 066 X X X US: X

EU: €4.90 JP: X

"Traditional German fine-cut pickled cabbage that's good for your health." Sauerkraut
Sausage 071 067 053 042 US: $2.00

EU: €2.30 JP: ¥200

"Real sausage straight from the butcher. The casing is made of...uh, love." Sausage TL
Shumai X X X 037 US: X

EU: X JP: ¥120

"A dumpling filled with pork standing upright with a green pea on top." Shumai TL
Smoked salmon 072 068 054 X X US: $9.00

EU: €6.50 JP: X

"Razor-thin slices of smoked salmon and a handful of capers. Pass the crackers." Smoked Salmon TL
Spinach X 070 055 X X US: X

EU: €2.50 JP: X

"Eat it all up and you'll grow big and strong!" Spinach
Spanish omelet (US)

Tortilla (EU)

073 077 056 X X US: $4.60

EU: €5.50 JP: X

"Just a whip together eggs, potatoes, and olive oil to make this Spanish dish." Spanish Omelet TL
Split-pea soup 074 X X X X US: $3.50


"That color isn't too appetizing, but this soup is incredibly good for you." Split-Pea Soup TL
String cheese 075 X X X X US: $0.75


"Stringy cheese that's fun to peel and small enough to slip in your lunch box." String Cheese TL
Stuffing 076 X X X X US: $6.70
"Bread crumbs with onions and celery. Eat as is of stuff inside something else." Stuffing TL
Tacos 077 073 057 043 US: $4.80

EU: €5.00 JP: ¥480

"Crispy shells stuffed with spicy fillings and fresh guacamole. Fiesta time!" Tacos TL
Tofu X 075 058 050* US: X

EU: €4.00 UK: X JP: ¥150

"Chilled tofu block." Tofu TL
Tomato 078 076 059 048 US: $0.90

EU: € JP: ¥140

"A vine-ripened 'mato just waiting to be saucified or sliced for sandwich duty." Tomato TL
Tomato soup 079 X X X X US: $3.80


"Sure to warm you from your heart to your toes. Your head's on its own." Tomato Soup TL
Tonkatsu X X X 050 X US: X

EU: X JP: ¥600

"A deep fried pork chop with Japanese sauce served with salad to make it a bit healthier. Just a bit." Tonkatsu TL
Truffle 080 078 060 049 US: $60.00

EU: €70.00 JP: ¥6000

"It looks like a fungus, but it's actually high-class foodstuff." (US)'"It smells a lot more sophisticated than it looks. What's all the fuss about?" (EU) Truffle
Veggie burger 081 X X X X US: $5.00


"Made entirely from organic ingredients, this burger is as good as it gets." Veggie Burger TL
White bread 082 079 061 038 US: $0.30

EU: €0.20 JP: ¥100

"Not as healthy as wheat bread, but at least it will match your mayo." (US)'"It's not as healthy as brown but is so fluffy and light you can be forgiven." (EU)
White Bread TL

North American version.


European and Japanese versions

Yakitori 083 080 062 064* US: $3.50

EU: €4.90 JP: ¥350

"Charcoal-grilled chicken on bamboo skewers, cooked with ample salt." (US)'"Chicken and leek skewers coal-grilled and covered in our special sauce." (EU) Yakitori TL
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