Event Locations are certain locations that only appear in special events, such as a proposal. Otherwise, the said locations are completely inaccessible. These imply that the island's map screen may just be a simple view, and the island itself is actually much larger and immersive.

Apartment Lobby

In some of the news stories, there is a lobby for Mii Apartments. For example, when the Mii population reaches a certain number, a few Miis will be seen partying at the apartment lobby. The apartment lobby also appears as a photo studio background.


The bathhouse, known as the public bath in Tomodachi Collection, is, as the name implies, a tiled room resembling a spa. It appears whenever a Mii uses a bath set, or as an interior.

In the American version, the bathhouse resembles a stereotypical American spa, with tan, concrete walls with carpets on the floor. There are two bathtubs flanking each other at the end of the room, preceded by several spa chairs and a small vanity with folded towels. Both of these have potted fauna plants near them.

In Tomodachi Collection and the Japanese version, the bathhouse now features a dark blue wallpaper with a tiled floor and lining. In place of the spa items, there are rows of showerheads with mirrors on each side of the room. Furthermore, there is only one large bathtub, with a picture of Mt. Fuji, a Japanese volcano, hanging over it.

Island Center

The island center (Later [Player]'s Look-Alike Hall] is a location used when the player solves a certain number of Mii problems. A random Mii will announce how many were solved and thank the player.


The classroom, as the name implies, is a simple room found within a school building. The classroom appears as an interior, though it could also be used as a location option for a Mii to confess or a Photo Studio background.

In the American version, the room features a grayish white wallpaper with green lining, bordering the tiled floor. At the front of the room is a chalkboard with a TV situated on a roller. Both have desks lined in front of them. At the other end of the room, there is a bookshelf with a computer and locker near it.

In Collection and the Japanese version of Life, the wallpaper is a smooth teal color with a tan wooden floor, with a hanging TV in place of the wheeled TV in other versions. In the back, there are rows of cubbies draped by Kanji symbols, replacing the bookshelf and computer from the American version.


The hotel is exactly what it sounds like, being a typical hotel. The hotel appears when a Mii celebrates their Birthday. In Tomodachi Collection, it also serves the same purpose as the Apartment Lobby, being where Miis celebrate when their population reaches a certain number.

In Tomodachi Collection, during a party celebrating Islander Population, a room that could possibly be the hotel's lobby is shown, featuring lined windows in the background with a large ribbon detailing the amount of Islanders that are on the island. During a birthday, a room showing a clothed table with presents back-dropped by ribbons is shown. This appearance is reused in Tomodachi Life.

The suite room interior, from Tomodachi Collection, could potentially be what a hotel dorm room would look like in the building.

The hotel may simply be the apartments, however, as "hotel" is a slang term for "apartments" or "flats".


The kitchen is an area where Miis cook using a frying pan. In all games and versions, the Kitchen is a dining area with various kitchen appliances, such as a stove, sink, and oven.

The kitchen appears most often as an interior, although it's more notable appearance is when a Mii cooks with a frying pan.

In Tomodachi Life, the kitchen is also seen in the "Giant" dream.


The office appears in the Age-o-matic montage along with the restaurant and the train station. It's also a common interior.

Fancy Restaurant

The restaurant appears as both a place where a Mii can propose and a location shown in the Age-o-matic montage, along with the office and the train station. The Restaurant is also the monthly interior for February, though it appears much more compressed.

Train Station

The train station is briefly shown in the first part of the Age-o-matic with the Mii walking along the platform, and catching a train. It is also shown when one Mii tries to propose to his/her sweetheart, and one Mii trying to set up a friend with a potential romantic suitor. The train station can also be mentioned in passing during a Guys'/Gals' Hangout.

Wedding Area

The wedding area appears during a marriage between two Miis. It also appears as the monthly interior for June.

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