Note: This is referring to the American term for special celebrations. Not the UK term for vacations.

Holidays are seasonal events in Tomodachi Life. On certain holidays (such as Christmas), there will be food associated with the current holiday available to buy on that day only in the daily specials at the Food Mart. After the item has been bought, it will appear in the regular food catalog.

JP Holiday Food

  • January 1st: O-sechi (Japanese New year food) Mochi soup (O-souni).
  • February 3rd: Setsubun Holiday, large sushi roll (ehoumaki) and roasted beans (fukumame)
  • February 14th: Valentine's Day: Box of chocolates (giri-choco) and hand made chocolate (tetsukuri-choco)
  • Christmas Eve: Roast turkey with all the trimmings.


Birthday Cake

A Mii giving the player a Birthday Cake for their birthday.

On the player's birthday, a special event will be held where the player will be presented with a birthday cake by the islanders. This cannot be bought in shops, but will be added to the item list. The player's look-alike will also have a news broadcast with their birthday announced. Other Mii islanders will also have a special news cast broadcast for their birthday, but no cake will be given out.

The birthday song is to the tune of the traditional "Happy Birthday" song with the lyrics changed to "la la la", except the line "Dear [Mii]", possibly because the song was copyrighted when the game came out.

New Year's Day

On the 1st week of January, shopkeepers say "Happy New Year!" and Miis wish the player a happy new year as well.

On the 1st day of January, the first Mii News broadcast watched in a certain year is mentioned that it is the first news broadcast of the year.

The island may or may not still have the Christmas theme on January 1st.

Australia Day (AUS)

2020-01-26 17-23-35.179 top

The Food Mart on Australia Day.

On the 26th of January, all the shops will be decorated with Australian flags and balloons. Australia day celebrates the day Australia was first discovered by British explorers in 1788, becoming a part of the British Empire.

There is no special food for this day.

Super Bowl (US)

Food Market on Super Bowl

The Food Mart Shop on Super Bowl.

On the day of the Super Bowl in early February, the shopkeepers will wear football uniforms. The Food Mart will be decorated with a football and a football poster.

There is no special food for this day.

Valentine's Day

Food Market on Valnetines day.JPG

Food Mart on Valentine's day (Western version)

On February 14th, some shops will be decorated with Valentine-themed designs. For example, the Hat shop has three heart balloons. All shopkeepers will be in a pink-colored basic shirt (Western only). There will be special Valentine's Day chocolates sold in the Food Mart (Japan and Europe only).

Cinco De Mayo (US)

IMG 20190505 150746

The Clothing Shop on Cinco de Mayo.

On the 5th of May, some shops will be decorated with Cinco De Mayo-themed decorations. Cinco de Mayo is a holiday in Mexico to celebrate Mexico's victory over France during the Battle of Puebla in 1862.

There is no special food for this day.

Independence Day (US)

Hats US 4thOfJuly Day

Hat shop on 4th of July.

On the Fourth of July, some shops change slightly. For instance, the Pawn Shop has a photo of a hamburger and a hot dog on a red, white, and blue background in the background. Independence Day celebrates the day The US gained its independence from Great Britain, following the Revolutionary War.

There is no special food for this day.

Tanabata (JP)

Food shop bamboo

Food Mart on Tanabata.

On the 7th of July, shops in the Japanese version shops are decorated with bamboo. This is the Star Festival, Tanabata, where you attach your wishes to the bamboo to be heard by the reunited lovers on this day.

There is no special food for this day.


Hat shop Halloween

Hats Shop on Halloween.

On the 31st of October, the shops will be decorated with Halloween-themed designs. Upon entering the shop, the shop keeper will welcome the player by saying, "Trick or treat!"

There is no special food for this day.


Food Mart Christmas

Food Mart on Christmas.

In all versions, the island and shops have a Christmas theme. In various shops, they will be decorated with festive items, such as Christmas trees and wreathes. In the background there will be a festive theme that plays in all of the shops to replace the normal themes. The shopkeepers will also wear Santa outfits and say "Happy Holidays" (NA) or "Merry Christmas" (EU & JP) when the player first enters.

The special food during this time is Roast Turkey, which is only sold on Christmas Eve (December 24). If the player has already bought a Roast Turkey on Christmas Eve, they can buy more at any point.


  • On New Year's Day, both the morning and the evening news report say it is the first Mii News report of the year. This is likely an error due to the the 1st one being in the morning.
  • In the Japanese version on New Year's day, traditional Japanese New Year music plays instead of the main theme over the island.
  • If a Mii is taking over for a shopkeeper during Valentine's Day, the basic shirt is colored white for some reason, regardless the gender.
  • In December on the Japanese version, the Christmas-esque jingle that plays over the island during that month doesn't start until the 24th and ends on the 26th. While in the American version it starts on December 18th and ends on January 1st, and in the European version it starts on December 24th and ends on January 1st.
  • For some strange reason in the North American version, the Food Mart isn't decorated for the 4th of July.
  • Special chocolate is not available in the North American version on Valentine's Day.
  • Even though shops reset at 5 AM, if the game is opened between midnight and 5 AM on Christmas Day, a Roast Turkey is not among the daily specials.


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