Import Wear
Import Wear
Europe Name Import Wear
Korean Name Unknown
Japanese Name 輸入洋品店

Yunyū yōhinten

Events N/A
How to Unlock
Choose import wear, use StreetPass at least 1 time, or received goods from SpotPass

Import Wear is a location in Tomodachi Life. The player can purchase clothing received through StreetPass and SpotPass. However, note that Import Wear is the only place to buy the exporting clothes from the player's or other player's islands.

SpotPass Items

There are a total of 24 SpotPass items, each given out on one half of a month over SpotPass. When given out initially, only a few colors will be available (and in a rare case unique to SpotPass items, missing colors are not shown as dotted lines in the shop). When that item gets featured again the following year, all the remaining colors of that outfit will be added, requiring two full years of playing Tomodachi Life (from the time of its release date) to unlock all of these outfits and their respective colors.

The roster of SpotPass items differs from region to region, with some items that would be treated as normal clothing that could be bought from the Clothing Shop or Hats Shop in one region would become SpotPass--exclusive in another.

Import Wear clothes have stopped being added as of May 16, 2016 in the US version. In the UK version, the clothes continued to release until the second half of May 2017. As of 2018, DLC for all regions have been discontinued. Only the Schoolgirl Uniform is available.

List of Export/Import Goods

This section only lists StreetPass and SpotPass clothing. For the full list of clothing, see Clothing, and for the full list of hats, see Hats (item).

Clothing Clothing

In total there are 40 types and ?? colors.

Male Clothing Masculine

Clothing intended for male Miis. There are 7 items in total.

Item Num. Order (US) Num. Order (EU) Num. Order (JP) Prices Description Image
Argyle sweater 002 US: $63.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"Argyle is always a classy approach to your winter wear." (US) Argyle Sweater TL
Bow tie & jeans

Bow tie & jeans combo (EU)

005 007 038 US: $65.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"Downplay the snooty bow tie with some jeans. Such is the way of the hipster." (US)

"Offset the snooty bow tie with the more causal jeans. You're a hip intellectual!" (EU)

Nehru jacket 039 US: $40.00

EU: €40.00 JP: ¥

"Go mod in this hiplength jacket with a mandarin collar." (US)

"Go for that intellectual look with this smart Nehru jacket." (EU)

Prepster outfit 045 US: $39.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"An A is almost guaranteed if you wear this dress-to-impress ensemble." (US)
Short-sleeved jacket 053 US: $19.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"Give in to your sporty side with some running shorts and a jacket." (US)
Suede jacket 060 US: $98.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"Look swanky in this luxurious suede jacket. So soft, it should be illegal."
Surfer T-shirt 061 US: $25.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"There's a radical sunset on the back of this shirt. It's totally tubular."

Female Clothing Feminine

Clothing intended for female Miis. There are 21 items in total.

Item Num. Order (US) Num. Order (EU) Num. Order (JP) Prices Description Image
1920s dress 001 US: $56.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"Don't settle for the cat's pajamas - wear this vintage dress instead." 1920s Dress TL
Checkered-trim dress 010

US: $36.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"Dress? Check. Socks? Check. Shoes? Check. Trim? Checkered." (US)
Dessert T-shirt 018 US: $30.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"Dessert is something we can all agree on. Try not to drool on your shirt."
Dolman T-shirt 020 US: $24.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"Unravel the genetic code by gazing at the molecule-like things on your shirt."
Exotic skirt (US)

Ethnic skirt (EU)

026 029 US: $53.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"A wraparound skirt that goes well with wooden jewelry." (US)

"A wonderful wrap-around skirt with authentic accessories for decoration." (EU)

exotic skirt.JPG

Faux-fur coat 028 031 US: $78.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"Compensate for you chilly knees with this soft, warm coat." (US) A faux-fur coat to keep you warm and a miniskirt to appease the fashionistas." (EU)

faux fur.JPG

Flared miniskirt 031 034 076 US: $46.00

EU: € JP: ¥4600

"Your cuteness will be unstoppable in this. Can you handle the power?" (US)

"On a mission to be as cute as possible? You'd better choose this adorable miniskirt." (EU)

Hand-knitted shawl 049 US: $47.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"An extremely warm shawl, knitted with love. And yarn. Mostly love, though."
Jacket & skirt 051 054 US: $25.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"Girly-girl athletes will appreciate this snazzy track-jacket-and-skirt combo." (US)

"Sporty girls will love this jacket and skirt combination." (EU)

Lacy maxi dress 053 US: $56.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"Considering how much fabric there is, this dress is surprisingly breezy."
Logo dress 056 059 US: $19.90

EU: € JP: ¥

"The rouge-colored logo makes quite an impact. For gals who love attention." (us)

"Bam! The lipstick logo on this slinky dress makes quite an impact." (EU)

Polka-dot dress 064 US: $

EU: € JP: ¥

"Description is unknown."
Polka-dot tank top 065 US: $29.90

EU: € JP: ¥

"This lace-up tank is energetic to the max.Polka dots have that effect."
Rainbow dress 069 US: $36.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"Leggings really complete this cute and comfortable rainbow-striped dress."
Retro dress 071 US: $19.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"Twist and shout in this groovy dress. Peace, love, and paisley!"

"This is really far out there, man. Like, really freaky. It's so... psychedelic!" (EU)

Ribbon cardigan 072 US: $28.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"The cardigan and shorts are darling, but check out those scrunchy socks!"
Round-collar blouse 074 US: $29.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"You're such a nice person. Wear an outfit that reflects your niceness."
Skirt & scarf 085 US: $52.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"The miniskirt won't keep you warm, but that's what the scarf is for."
Spiderweb T-shirt 090 US: $25.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"It's like having a spider on your back. Sounds awful, actually."
Strawberry hoodie 094 US: $28.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"Looking for a sweet sweatshirt? Try one with a pretty strawberry on it!"
Thigh-high boots (US)

Knee-high boots (EU)

101 055 US: $56.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"The shoes are the centerpiece. Give your old wardrobe the boot." (US)

"These boots are about as high as you can get without tipping you over." (EU)

Clothing Category3 Unisex

These are items that can typically be worn by either Male or Female Miis. There are 7 items in total.

Item Num. Order (US) Num. Order (EU) Num. Order (JP) Prices Description Image
Baseball T-shirt 005 US: $25.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"This loose raglan shirt really hits it out of the ballpark, don't you think?." (US)
Colorful pants 013 US: $36.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"Everyone knows pants make the outfit. Pick a bold color and flaunt it."
Crazy-pattern shirt 016 US: $46.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"Dots AND checkers AND stripes?! This pattern is all over the place."
Leopard-print scarf 037 US: $48.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"Paired with your favorite coat, this leopard-print scarf is spot on."
Picture T-shirt 044 US: $19.90

EU: € JP: ¥

"Your shoes match the lips on your shirt. That's like a whole new level of style."
Printed T-shirt 048 US: $19.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"A picture's worth a thousand words, so a print must be worth evern more."
Punk outfit 051 US: $55.50

EU: € JP: ¥

"Only a rebel would wear totally different colors on each leg."
Aloha Shirt US: $19.90

EU: € JP: ¥

"Say aloha to stress with this fun shirt. Relax—-it also means good-bye."

Clothing Category4 Business/Uniforms

These items are for Miis who wish to dress in a professional style. There are 0 StreetPass items and 5 SpotPass items for this category.

Item Num. Order (US) Num. Order (EU) Num. Order (JP) Prices Description Image
Clothing uniform SpotPass US: $40.00 "If you wear this, maybe you can score a discount. Probably not, though." ClothingUniforms
Football uniform US: $100.00 "Blue 42! Set... Hike! That's football talk for "get out there and have fun."" FootballUniforms
Import Wear uniform US: $40.00 "You get the goods from all over the world, and that includes this outfit"
Nintendo uniform US: $100.00 "Now you're dressing with power! Go out and make Mario proud."
Pawn Shop uniform US: $40.00 "Pawn Shop clerks sure known how to dress. It's dated, but still spiffy."

"The uniform worn by the employees of the island's pawn shop" (EU)


Costume Clothing Costumes

Costumes are for Miis who wish to dress up. There are 5 total items and currently 2 SpotPass items.

Item Num. Order (US) Num. Order (EU) Num. Order (JP) Prices Description Image
Caveman outfit 014 US: $56.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"And you thought bell-bottoms were retro. No shoes, no problem."
Phantom outfit 049 US: $100.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"Lose yourself to the music of the night in this mysterious ensemble."
Stage-performer dress 070 046 US: $98.00

EU: € JP: ¥9800

"Life is a stage, and your clothes are your costume. Wow the crowd."
Uncle Sam costume SpotPass 082 US: $100.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"Uncle sam wants YOU to wear this star-spangled outfit. He didn't say why."(US)

""When Uncle Sam is involved, you can't go too heavy on the stars and stripes!" (EU)

Wedding dress SpotPass 008 US: $3,500.00

EU: € JP: ¥350,000

"It's not as special if you wear it all the time...but you can if you want."

Hats Hats

In total there are 13 types and ?? colors.

Hats Cat1 Hats

Hats is the category where a normal type of hat would be categorized as. There are 7 items and currently 2 SpotPass items.

Item Num. Order (US) Num. Order (EU) Num. Order (JP) Prices Description Image
Camo hat 010 US: $14.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"Protect your head from both the sun and enemy invaders with chic camo."
Paper crown 036 US: $7.90

EU: € JP: ¥

"You're the king of school supplies! Hey, it's a start...Your Highness."
Polka-dot hat 039 US: $

EU: € JP: ¥

"Description is unknown."
Sequined hat 047 US: $22.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"This is at once dazzling, darling, and adult. All good things for a hat to be."
Starry top hat 052 US: $15.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"This is not a normal pattern for a top hat. That's why you'll stand out."
Straw ten-gallon hat 054 US: $18.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"This is the last straw. Hat, that is. Or one of the last. I think..."
Graduation cap SpotPass 037 US: $15.00

EU: € JP: ¥1500

"You spent hours studying so you could wear this one day. That day is today."
Graduation Cap TL
Bicycle helmet US: $18.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"A sporty helmet to protect your cranium and cut back on wind resistance."
Leprechaun hat US: $15.00 "Wear this while protecting your pot of gold. It's probably really lucky."

Hats Cat2 Costume Hats

These hats are more outlandish and fun, similar to the Costume Clothing. There are 2 StreetPass items and 1 SpotPass item.

Item Num. Order (US) Num. Order (EU) Num. Order (JP) Prices Description Image
Fried-prawn hat 006 004 US: $38.00

EU: € JP: ¥3800

"This hat is not only hilarious but also shows off your love for fried prawns."
Monkey hat 018 US: $22.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"Make your colleagues ooh and aah on your next monkey-business trip."
Rabbit hat


001 US: $22.00

EU: € JP: ¥2200

"Aww! Look at the widdle jumpy, wumpy bunny! Ehem, I's a rabbit hat."

Hats Cat3 Hair Accessories

These are accessories that would not classify as a "hat", such as flowers and barrettes. There are 4 items.

Item Num. Order (US) Num. Order (EU) Num. Order (JP) Prices Description Image
Fascinator 012 US: $12.00

EU: € JP: ¥

"This lovely, lacy headdress will make you feel like a delicate flower."
Neon sun visor 034 US: $

EU: € JP: ¥

"Description is unknown."
Pom-pom barrette 036 US: $

EU: € JP: ¥

"Description is unknown."
Sunglasses 051 US: $9.90

EU: € JP: ¥

"It's coolest if you wear these on your head. It's less effective, though."


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