Europe Name Island
Korean Name 섬 Seom
Japanese Name 島 Shima
Events N/A
How to Unlock
Unlocked automatically

The island is the main location in Tomodachi Collection and Tomodachi Life. In Collection there is only one main island, but in Life there is an additional small side island to the right of the mainland to accommodate the new locations added.

The player can name their island upon starting the game, but can rename it later in Tomodachi Life. Said island is entirely inhabited by Miis that the player is supposed to take care of. These Miis can be put in the game through transferring them from a Wii in Tomodachi Collection, making them from scratch in both games (through Mii Maker), or using ones made on a Nintendo 3DS system and scanning QR codes in Tomodachi Life. In Tomodachi Life, the overworld map's soundtrack changes to a Christmas-esque version of the theme for December, for all times of the day (except for the Japanese version which start on the 24th and ends on the 26th).

Island Address


The island address is a feature exclusive to Tomodachi Life. Its purpose is to make the island unique and recognizable, so as to distinguish it from other islands found in StreetPass.

Travelers received though StreetPass will state the name of their original island. Clothes and hats received through StreetPass and/or SpotPass will display the name of the island they came from (usually Nintendo Island in SpotPass) and will be able for purchase in Import Wear.

The island address consists of the island name, a 5 or 6 digit number code, an isle name, and an ocean name. Everything is randomly generated besides the island name. Isle and Ocean names will always use the name of a food item.

Here is an example:

Tomodachi Island


Soda Isles

Mango Ocean

Quality of Life

A news report announcing the introduction of Quality of Life.

The Quality of Life is a number given to the island in Tomodachi Life used to generally describe how many luxuries it has to offer the Miis. It is unlocked at the same time as the Island Ranking on the Rankings Board, and is used to order the islands on that ranking. It has no actual effect on gameplay and it is currently unclear what raises and lowers the Quality of Life on an island although the Mii News on the Quality of Life suggests it raises by the total happiness levels of Miis.

Unlockable Locations

At the beginning of the game, only the apartment building is available. However, as time progresses, more buildings eventually appear.

Name Unlock Criteria
Mii Apartments Create the lookalike Mii.
Food Mart Have the second Mii ask for food (second problem).

Have the lookalike Mii ask for food (first problem). (Life)

Town Hall Create a second Mii (second problem).
Beach** Create a second Mii (second problem).
Fountain The player's Mii will visit it immediately after the game begins.

Have the lookalike ask to give donations as a problem. (Life)

Clothing At least one male and female resident each, solved at least five problems.
Mii Homes** First married couple.
Amusement Park** Someone confessed their love.
Café Someone confessed their love.
Hats** At least two male and female residents each, solved at least 10 problems.
Campground** Send or receive a traveler Mii.
Port** First person StreetPassed.
Park** Someone confessed their love.
Photo Studio** At least 10 residents, solved at least 50 problems.
Pawn Shop Obtained at least five different types of treasures.
Interiors Have at least $200/¥20,000 as currency.
Concert Hall** Give one song as a level-up gift to a resident.
Import Wear** Choose Import Wear, used StreetPass at least 1 time, or received goods from SpotPass (Nintendo DLC).
Plane** (aka Nintendo 3DS Image Share) Take a photo using the X or Y buttons.
Mii News At least three male and female residents each, six in total.

At least three male and female residents each, at least seven in total (Life).

Observation Tower** Give a Mii a level-up gift.
Compatibility Tester At least five residents, solved at least 15 problems.

At least two male and female residents each, solved at least 30 problems (Life).

Rankings Board At least five residents, solved at least 15 problems.
Job Diagnosis* At least two male and female residents each, solved at least 15 problems.
Question Hall* At least two residents, and 60 problems solved.

*Exclusive to Tomodachi Collection.

**Exclusive to Tomodachi Life


  • In Tomodachi Life, the location of the island varies in cutscenes. In the "Unbelievable" dream, the island is shown to be somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. The Super all-time favorite food cutscene, however, shows the island located somewhere in the Arctic Archipelago.


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