Judgement Bay
  • Tomodachi Collection (Question Hall)
  • Tomodachi Life
Europe Name Judgement Bay
Japanese Name 多数決

Tasuuketsu (Vote)

Location Question Hall (Collection)
Beach (Life)
Event Time 24/7
How to Unlock
At least 16 residents, solved at least 25 problems

Judgement Bay, known as Vote in Tomodachi Collection, is a 24/7 event that can be played an unlimited number of times per day. Judgement Bay becomes available after the player has 16 islanders.

How to Play

The player has two sides to write in for Collection, and up to four sides in Life. The player must write something in the sand, and then the Miis will pick a choice by standing in one of the sections. Afterwards, the player has the choice to either leave or they can tap on the stick figures and a random Mii will pop up and say their catchphrase or something about their choice.


Tomodachi Collection

Tomodachi Life

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