Kid O Matic

Sprite of a Kid-o-Matic in Tomodachi Life.

The Kid-o-matic is a gift that can be given to an adult Mii to turn them into a kid. It is exclusive to Tomodachi Life. It is the opposite of the Age-o-matic.

Upon giving a Mii the Kid-o-matic, it will say, "Please turn me into a kid again." A cutscene will play where the Mii says, "This should be fun!" and the player sprays the Mii, causing it to shrink to the lowest height possible as sweet music plays. The Mii will salute happily, then say "I'm a kid again! I can't believe it! This is gonna be so fun!"

This is followed by a montage of scenes of the Mii reliving their childhood. The first scene is at the park; the Mii, wearing some overalls and a multicolor cap, runs up to a slide and trips before climbing it. It jumps for a moment before it slides to the bottom, landing on a cushion and clapping happily.

The next scene is at the fountain. The Mii runs around, only to stop for a moment. It approaches a puddle and smiles upon seeing its reflection in it, then splashes in the puddle.

The last scene is in a children's bedroom. The Mii, now wearing pajamas and a classic nightcap, gathers up several cushions, blankets and a stick to make a fort. While inside, it shines a flashlight around and cheers happily.

The montage ends back at the apartment, where the now young Mii says, "Thanks! I feel so young and carefree!"


  • If the Mii has a sweetheart, has a spouse, is already a child or is sad, they will not accept the Kid-o-matic.
  • Kid-o-matic does not exist in the Japanese and Korean version.


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