This article covers differences between the regional varities of Tomodachi Life, such as the original Japanese version, the North American version, and the European version. For differences between the games in the series such as Tomodachi Collection and Tomodachi Life, see Tomodachi (Series).

This is a list of all regional differences in Tomodachi Life.

Graphical/Animation Changes

The Island and Islanders

  • The Japanese version lacks the observation tower and the Nintendo 3DS Image Share. The rooftop of Mii Apartments acts as the Japanese equivalent to the observation tower. The rooftop only appears as a hidden location in western versions.
  • In the Japanese version, it is possible for two Miis, one a child and the other an adult, to marry and have children (with the child using a Age-o-matic). To avoid controversy, this feature was altered in western versions so Miis can only marry if they are in the same age group.
  • In the Japanese version, Miis nap directly on the floor of the room instead of on blue mats.
  • In the Japanese version, the icon displayed when a Mii is having a dream is the kanji for Yume ( Yume?). In Western versions, the icon is replaced by one of a night sky with a crescent moon, due to many western audiances being unfamiliar with the yume symbol.
  • In the Japanese version, purple embers appear around Miis when they are sad or sick. In Western versions, these are replaced by a small rain cloud appearing over the Mii's head.
  • Tomodachi Collection: New Life features a mini-game with an appearance similar to sumo wrestling. In the American version of Tomodachi Collection: New Life the mini-game has an appearance similar to American football and is titled Football in response to the theme change, the European versions have an appearance similar to Greco-Roman wrestling.
  • The hand gestures are different. In Tomodachi Collection: New Life when two Miis become friends or make up they will bow to each other. In Tomodachi Life, Miis will wave their hand.
    • In Tomodachi Collection: New Life when a Mii wants to play a game with you, it will rapidly move its arm in a beckoning motion. In Tomodachi Life, the Mii will repeatedly jump up and down while waving its arms.
  • When giving a Mii a catchphrase in Tomodachi Collection: New Life, there are two options, one for how the Mii identifies themself and another with the normal catchphrase. There are no gestures to go with the catchprases. In Tomodachi Life, there is one option for a catchphrase, featuring 9 gestures.
  • In Tomodachi Collection: New Life, when the parents are suggesting a name for a child, they will first suggest a made-up name which combines elements taken from the two parent's names.
  • In Tomodachi Collection: New Life, grey clouds containing Japanese or Korean symbols appear around Miis when they want to confess, propose, have a baby, or misses their ex-lover. In Tomodachi Life, these are replaced by pink hearts containing question marks.
  • In Tomodachi Collection: New Life, the Mii's blood type can be selected (A, B, O, or AB). This is excluded in Tomodachi Life.
  • In Tomodachi Collection: New Life, the text of the highest relationship status in each category which in Tomodachi Life is written in dark green, is actually written in magenta.
  • In the Japanese version, when viewing the Mii's face in close-up and it tells them, "Don't stare! It makes me nervous!", the area between its eyes will blush with red marks, a common running gag in anime. Due to many western players being unfamiliar with this gag, their cheeks simply blush in western versions.
  • Some poses were changed. In Tomodachi Collection: New Life, if an Outgoing or Easygoing Mii has a love-related problem, it will look like it's crying. Due to how horrific it would look to children, the Mii has a worried thinking pose in localized versions.
  • The idle poses are changed a bit. For instance, for an Easygoing Mii, in the Japanese version, their arms are straight as they swing their head and arms back and forth. While this animation is still used in Western versions, their arms are bent back a little.
  • The eating animation is different. In Tomodachi Collection: New Life, after a Mii finishes eating, it wipes its mouth with one arm. In Tomodachi Life, it wipes it mouth with its hands.
  • In the Japanese version, when Miis are given any ingestible items such as foods and medicine, they will always thank the player for the food before eating. In Tomodachi Life, Miis do not say anything.
  • In Tomodachi Collection: New Life, when you call a Mii back who is temporarily away from their apartment, certain Miis will immediately bow to the player after rushing into the room.
  • In Tomodachi Collection: New Life, an open mouth is used as the icon for a phrase. Due to how this would not appeal to the target audiance, this is replaced by a man with a speech bubble in western versions.
  • In the Japanese version, the "Congradulations!" screen after winning a minigame reuses its appearance from Tomodachi Collection, displaying flucuating smiley faces surrounding the text. In western versions, it is instead redesigned to feature fireworks and stars backdroping the text, possiably because smileys are never used when congradulating someone.

Photo Studio

  • In the Japanese version, the player has the option to have the mouths of each Mii open when taking a photo. In western versions, this can only be done when taking child photos.

Concert Hall

  • Certain genres were removed and new ones were created. Tomodachi Collection: New Life contains 6 songs: Rock & roll, pop, enka (Japanese traditional song), opera, metal, and rap. Tomodachi Life contains 8 songs: metal, pop, rock & roll, rap, ballad, opera, techno and musical.
  • Lyrics for the European and American version have some minor differences.

Fountain area

  • In Tomodachi Collection: New Life, daily donations are collected in a wooden box. In Tomodachi Life, daily donations are collected in a glass piggy bank.
  • In Tomodachi Collection: New Life a rhyming game known as Shiritori (しりとり) takes place. The next word spoken has to use the last character of the last word. It uses hiragana and katakana. In the American version of Tomodachi Life, the event was removed, and Rap Battle takes place instead. The European versions of Tomodachi Life however features both Rap Battle and an English version of Shiritori called Word Chain, which uses the same rules using Latin letters rather than Japanese characters.


  • For the girls' and guys' meeting the questions/sentences have changed.
  • In Tomodachi Collection: New Life, The music in the cafe is taken from Tomodachi Collection with Miis singing in Japan. This was changed in Tomodachi Life and only has the music without the lyrics.

Mii Homes

  • In Tomodachi Collection: New Life, between 8:00 pm and 12:00 pm, a married couple can sometimes be seen taking a bath together in their bathroom, sometimes with their child. Due to controversy, this scene was removed from all localized versions of the game, replacing it with a silhouette of one of the parents showering.
  • In Tomodachi Collection: New Lifethe family album, has photos of the baby riding a swan toy through the living room and washing its dad's back in the bathroom. In Tomodachi Life, these photos are replaced with ones of the mother potty training the baby and the family playing soccer, respectively.
  • In Tomodachi Collection: New Life, the door to the backyard is solid glass. In Tomodachi Life, it is tiled glass.
  • In Tomodachi Collection: New Life, when rocking a 1 day old baby the live-action hands will be shown in a holding position. In Tomodachi Life, the hands are in a rocking position.
  • In Tomodachi Collection: New Life, when choosing to have a fully grown child stay, the family will be in the child's new apartment. In Tomodachi Life, they are still at their house.


  • In the Japanese version, the "Superhero" dream only shows the Superheroine outfit, male and female Miis all get the same outfit.
  • The hula wobble head in the Drive dream is changed to a protective charm dangling from the mirror in the Japanese version.
  • In the Korean version of the Ritual dream, the Miis will circle around another Mii, dressed in cultlike robes and waving large asian fans. To avoid religious references, the Mii was replaced with a food or treasure.
  • In Tomodachi Collection: New Life, the stick figure in the "Stick Figure" dream is hanging from a rope. The rope was removed in all localized versions of the game, to prevent suicidal references.
  • In the Japanese version, a dream known as "Familiar" is present, featuring the island from Tomodachi Collection with the original background music from that game. As Tomodachi Collection was never released outside of Japan, this dream is not present in other versions.

Mii News

  • The thoughts on the matter line begins with "We asked some islanders their opinions." in the UK version of Tomodachi Life. However, In the American version, The line in the begining is "We asked some islanders for their thoughts on the matter.".
  • In the ''[Mii]'s Temper'' newscast, the Mii will lie on the ground as they throw a fit. Due to this resembling a seizure, the Mii instead stomps around in the localized versions.
  • In the "Mii Eraser" newscast, in Tomodachi Collection: New Life, the eraser is red. In Tomodachi Life, the eraser is blue, possibly because the color red would appear that the Mii is bleeding.
  • In the "Toilet Takeover" newscast, there is a middle Mii near the door; in Tomodachi Collection: New Life, the Mii is on the left. In Tomodachi Life, it is on the right.
  • In the news announcing the Romance Ranking is unlocked, in Tomodachi Collection: New Life, there are two happy Miis (one of each gender)In Tomodachi Life, they are replaced with a single happy Mii with a heart in a speech bubble.
  • The first background for the islander thoughts is different depending on the region. In Japan, an asian suburban street can be seen in the background. In North America, a suburb greatly resembling those seen in New York is used. And in Europe, a Brittish street is shown as the background. The second background, an area resembling Central Park in New York, is always the same.

Minor changes

  • The japanese version of the game includes a feature to copy over islanders from Tomodachi Collection if they have save data of the game on their 3DS. Because Collection was never released outside of Japan, this was removed in all other versions.
  • The Japanese version features shop keepers with Kuroko stage masks. The American version of Tomodachi Life features shop keepers with wooden block heads, the Korean version features shop keepers with yellow race car/motorcycle helmets as heads, and the European versions feature shop keepers with robot heads.
  • A lot of items, clothes and food have been added to the translated version. Most of the unusual Japanese food that is not familiar with Western audiences have been taken out. The clothes have mostly been translated over but a lot of new clothing has been added.
    • The designs of some of the interiors are different, such as the Bathouse interior, along with a few interiors that do not appear in localized versions, due to them being unfamiliar with western audiances. 
  • The Ninja Suit has a slightly altered appearance in the Japanese and Korean versions, lacking the facial scarf that was present in other versions.
  • Clothing from the Nintendo StreetPass have been added to the EU/US versions as regular clothing. Traditional Japanese clothes and school uniforms have been swapped around.
  • The Kid-o-matic item does not exist in the Japanese version.
  • The Age-o-matic is only temporary in the Japanese version. It is only permanent on child couples or mixed adult and child couples who marry. The effect is cancelled when they divorce.
  • The accents of a Mii's voice are changed regionally, presumably due to the difference in available languages in each game. For instance, the American version has Miis with American accents, while the European version has Miis with British accents.
  • SpotPass items have been discontinued in the US as of May 16, 2016. In the EU, it was extended for another year.
  • In the EU, update 2.0 was released; this is yet to be released in the US.

Textual Changes

  • Several labels in the Mii info screen are different in the American version and the European versions of Tomodachi Life.
European version American version
Stomach Fullness
Special Someone Sweetheart
Loves / Really Loves All Time Favorite / Super All Time Favorite
Likes Favorite Foods
Dislikes / Really Dislikes Worst /

Worst Ever

  • This also includes names for the personalities, as shown here:



Looks: Gentle Character: Relaxed, kind and honest. Sensitive and innocent

A born mood-maker. Their happiness rubs off on everybody. However, their bad moods can influence others too.



Looks: Gentle Character: Relaxed, kind and honest. Sensitive and innocent

Always beaming. They not smile for themselves, they also make sure everybody else has fun too.



Looks: Gentle Character: Relaxed, kind and honest. Sensitive and innocent

Looks after everybody and works hard to make sure they all get along. Always trusting others can make them vulnerable.



Looks: Gentle Character: Relaxed, kind and honest. Sensitive and innocent

Laid-back and free spirited. Lives at their own pace and never rushes into anything. Deep down they may worry a lot.



Looks: Outgoing Character: Spontaneous, impulsive and excitable. Goes with the flow, optimistic

A popular person. Always lively and appears to be having fun, but secretly has to work to maintain their image.



Looks: Outgoing Character: Spontaneous, impulsive and excitable. Goes with the flow, optimistic

Full of energy and does everything on a whim. Once started, nobody can stop them!



Looks: Outgoing Character: Spontaneous, impulsive and excitable. Goes with the flow, optimistic

Always wants to have fun and makes friends instantly. Able to turn any problem into something fun.



Looks: Outgoing Character: Spontaneous, impulsive and excitable. Goes with the flow, optimistic

Extremley enthusiastic. Wants everybody to join in and have fun but can be a bit too pushy.



Looks: Reserved Character: Calm, cautious and logical. Seemingly indifferent

Patiently puts others first and avoids fights. Sometimes this makes them explode from holding too much in.



Looks: Reserved Character: Calm, cautious and logical. Seemingly indifferent

Commits themselves to everything they do. Quiet and mature, but speaks up when they need to. Rarely breaks the rules.



Looks: Reserved

Character: Calm, cautious and logical. Seemingly indifferent

Extremely shy. Doesn’t show much emotion but there is a lot going on deep down.



Looks: Reserved Character: Calm, cautious and logical. Seemingly indifferent

Poker-faced. Great at thinking things through. Being uptight sometimes causes problems.


Busy Bee

Looks: Proud Character: Pushy, competitive and picky. Short-tempered and goal-driven

Extremely hard-working. Always rises to a challenge, but can be a bit of a scatterbrain.



Looks: Proud Character: Pushy, competitive and picky. Short-tempered and goal-driven

A tough leader that trusts in their instincts, but stresses when things don’t go as they expected.



Looks: Proud Character: Pushy, competitive and picky. Short-tempered and goal-driven

Enjoys doing things on their own. May not be a show-off, but has incredible power within.



Looks: Proud Character: Pushy, competitive and picky. Short-tempered and goal-driven

Very gifted. Makes their own roads in life and doesn’t worry about what people think. Quickly turns plans into action.

  • Some lines are altered as well, if the Miis have a baby:
European version American version
"Guess what? We've had a baby!" "Guess what? We had a baby!"
"Which would you prefer it to be, a boy or a girl?" "Are you hoping we had a boy or a girl?"
  • A boy
  • A girl
  • I don't mind which
  • A boy
  • A girl
  • Either is great!
"It's a [boy/girl]!"

"In fact, we did have a [boy/girl]!"

"It's a [boy/girl]!"

"Does the baby look the way you expected?" "How does [he/she] look?"
  • Yes, just what I thought
  • Only a little different
  • So cute!
  • Hmm...
"We thought of a name together, and it's...[Name]! "We like the name [Name]. What do you think?"
  • Great!
  • Think about it!
  • I'm not sure about that...
  • Love it!
  • Any other ideas?
  • Hmm...
"What kind of personality do you want the baby to have?" "What kind of personality do you think [he'll/she'll] have?"
  • Just like Daddy
  • Just like Mummy
  • Give a detailed explanation
  • Leave it to nature
  • Just like Dad
  • Just like Mom
  • Hmm...
  • Who knows!
"We'll take good care of [Baby]. We hope you'll help take care of [him/her] too." "We'll take good care of [Baby]. We hope you'll take care of [him/her] too, [Player]'s look-alike."
  • If the child grows up:
European version American version
"[Child] has grown so much, [he/she] is ready to be independent." "[Child] has grown up so fast! It's time for [him/her] to leave the nest."
"To test that she can take care of [himself/herself], we can send [him/her] on a trip or make [him/her] live on [his/her] own. What do you think we should do?" "Should we send [him/her] off to travel the world or have [him/her] move into [his/her] own apartment?"
  • Send exploring
  • Live alone
  • Travel the world
  • Move into an apartment

If you send [him/her] travelling [sic], [he/she] will never live on this island. Are you sure this is OK?

If you send [Child] off traveling, [he/she] will always be a traveler and never live on your island as a permanent resident. Is this OK?
If you want [Child] to live alone, you won't be able to make him/her an explorer. Are you sure? If you have [Child] move into [his/her] own apartment, you won't ever be able to send [him/her] off as a traveler. Is this OK?
"Exactly. That's what I was thinking!"

"My thoughts exactly!"

[Child] will become a resident of [Island] Island. [Child] will become a permanent resident of [Island] Island.
"You've been a great help to us so far." "You've been such a great friend to us."
[Child] became a proud [Island] Islander. [Child] is now a permanent resident of [Island] Island!
"I hope you'll continue to be friends with my family." "I hope you'll keep in touch with our family."
"I'm off on a solo trip to explore and get some real life experience." "I can't wait to see the world!"
"Is there anything that needs to be done before heading off on this trip?" "Do you want to make any changes to [his/her] profile before [he/she] leaves?"
  • Get ready
  • Go as you are
  • Yes
  • Nope
"Is there something [he/she] should say when meeting people during this trip?" "Should [he/she] say anything special when [he/she] meets new people?"
  • Yes
  • Not really
  • Yeah!
  • Nah
  • OK!
  • Edit
  • Perfect!
  • Hold on...
"OK, understood. I'll repeat those exact words whenever I meet someone." "Got it! I'll repeat those exact words whenever I meet someone new."
"OK, I'm off. Bye!" "Alright, I'm off! Bye!"
"[Child] has left on the trip of a lifetime..." "[Child] has left to travel the world..."
  • During confessions:
  • Proposals:
Fireworks show (male to female)
European version American version

Shall we sit over here?

Isn't it beautiful?
Yes, isn't it?

Actually, you are more beautiful.
Heehee! Thanks!

By the way, I have something I have been meaning to ask...
What is it?

Would you marry me?
Sure, I'd love to!

Let's sit here, shall we?

Isn't this amazing?

You know...your beauty shines even brighter than the fireworks.
Oh, you! You're the sweetest!

As it were...there's something important I've been meaning to ask...
What's that?

My darling...will you marry me?
Yes! Yes! A thousand times, yes!

Fireworks show (female to male)
American version European version

This looks like a good spot!
Sure, let's have a seat.

Isn't this lovely?
It's gorgeous!

These fireworks are amazing, but not nearly as amazing as you.
Aw, shucks... You're so sweet!

Actually, I have something important to ask you...
Go for it.

My love...will you marry me?
It would be my honor! I'm so happy!

Shall we sit here?
OK, why not?

Isn't it pretty?

What's more beautiful, me or the fireworks?
You, of course!

Actually, I have something important to ask you...
Go ahead.

Would you marry me?
I'd love to!

Train station (male to female)

I had a great time today!
Me too!

It feels weird to just go home now...
Yeah, I know what you mean.

I wish this day would never end. Maybe it never has to...
Hee hee! But we have to go home sometime!

I guess it's now or never... You see, I have something important to ask you.
Sounds serious! What's up?

My darling... will you marry me?
YES! Wow! I thought you'd never ask!

Train station (female to male)
American version European version

Today was the best!
It really was!

It's kind of sad to see such a great day come to an end, isn't it?
Yeah, it really is.

If only there was some way we could keep having fun together... Forever...
That would be amazing.

I was actually wondering... That is, I have something I'd like to ask you...
Oh, yeah? What is it?

My love...will you marry me?
OF COURSE I'll marry you! What a happy day!

I had a great time today!
So did I!

I feel a little sad the day's over, don't you?

Shall we do something else?
That would be cool!

Actually, there's something I have to ask...

Will you marry me?
Of course!

Amusement park (male to female)

I love a good Ferris wheel, don't you?

I'm having such a great time at this amusement park!
Me too!

Today's extra special because...I'm with you.
You're so sweet!

The truth is...I have something important to ask you...
Is that so? Go ahead—I'm curious!

My darling...will you marry me?
I do! I will! Oh my gosh, I'm so happy!

Amusement park (female to male)

Aren't Ferris wheels so...romantic?
For sure.

I'm having a lot of fun today.
For sure! Me too!

I always have a great time... when I'm with you.
Ha ha ha! Aw, shucks. That's sweet of you to say!

Actually, there's something I want to ask you...
Oh? What's that?

My love...will you marry me?
Of course! This is the best day ever!

Fancy restaurant (male to female)

Isn't the view incredible from up here?
It's perfect. So many stars!

The view's great, but not as good as my view right now. You look gorgeous tonight.
Aww, thanks! You're making me blush, hee hee!

By the way, there's something important I'd like to ask you...
Oh? What's that?

Darling...will you marry me?
Oh my gosh! Yes! Of course I will!

Fancy restaurant (female to male)

Isn't this view breathtaking?
It sure is.

This view is incredible, but nowhere as incredible as you.
You're such a sweetheart!

Actually, there's something I wanted to ask you...
OK, go for it.

My, will you marry me?
Marry you! Of course I will! This is so great!


Japanese food

This is the food menu that features Japanese food. There are 67 different types, most of which do not appear in the American or European version of Tomodachi Collection: New Life.


Item number Description

Price in Japanese yen


Ayu no Shioyaki

001 Salty grilled fish ¥450
Salty fish
Ikura 002 Salmon fish eggs ¥980
HNI 0075
Inari Sushi 003

Fried tofu wrapped rice, served with sushi and flavoured with salt.

Unajyuu 004 Fried Eel on rice box. A good stamina meal in the Summer. ¥2800
Urchin 005 Raw sea urchin, a refined taste, not for everyone. ¥1000
Umeboshi 006 A pickled plum, so salty and sour. ¥100
HNI 0079
Edamame 007 Young soy bean, once you pop, you just can't stop! ¥300
Ehoumaki 008 Traditional Sushi roll as big as a sub sandwich, try eating it all in one! Traditional food for Setsume festival. ¥700
Okayu 009 Rice porridge. Nice and simple. ¥150
Okonomiyaki 010 Cabbage pancake with lots of sauce and toppings. It's a speciality of Osaka. ¥780
O-Sashimi 011 Raw slices of fish, best served with wasabi. ¥1280
O-sechi 012 New Year meal that lasts for 3 days. A three tier lunch box that is filled with luxury food we only eat once a year. ¥10000
Ozouni 013 New Year mochi soup. There's always plenty of mochi at New Year. It's good at first but after a while you get a bit sick of it. ¥330
Ochatsuke 014 Green tea rice dish, it's very simple yet delicious. It is a specialty from Kyoto. ¥480
Oden 015 Boiled fish and vegetables, the fish stock is what makes it taste great. ¥300
Onigiri 016

A classic riceball, Onigiri! What's inside? We won't know until we bite into it.

Omochi 017 Rice cake. The crispy grilled mochi is easy to eat with your hand. ¥150
Oyakodon 018 Chicken and egg rice bowl. It's parent and child together. ¥600
Kasujiru 019 Winter miso soup, full of healthy ingredients. ¥250
Gakkoshoku 020 Elementary school lunch. It's so nostalgic for the Japanese. ¥400
Katsudon 021 Deep fried pork on rice with egg. So unhealthy but so good! ¥680
Kani (Crab) 022 It's a crab! It's best to start with the legs and work your way in. ¥6000
Kitsuneudon 023 Fox udon. Udon noodles with a topping of fried tofu in a triangle shape. ¥650
Kitsune udon
Kinoko (Mushroom) 024 Mushroom, such a low calorie food. Untill you cover it in butter and sauce to make it even more delicious. ¥130
Gyuudon 025 Beef rice bowl. Stewed beef and onions on top of rice. It's best to eat it when hot. ¥600
Meat-and-Potato stew
Go-ya 026 Such a bitter vegetable. It's good in the Summer to build up your stamina to the heat. ¥150
Gohan (Rice) 027 White fluffy rice. There is nothing quite like it, such a stable of Japan. ¥200
Konnyaku 028 It's like jello, but it's healthy and not sweet. It's good for your stomach and helps clean it out.  ¥100
Konbini bento 029 The convenience store lunchbox, there's lots packed in but it's salty. ¥500
HNI 0002
Sazae no Tsuboyaki 030 Sea snail, boiled and cooked in a fish sauce soup. ¥650
Turban Shell
Zarusoba 031 Cold soba noodles. They're just a bit sticky but are fun to eat. ¥600
Sanma no Shioyaki 032 Grilled salted saury. Best served with daikon and citrus. ¥480
Jagabata 033 Butter jacket potato ¥380
HNI 0006
Sukiyaki 034 Raw beef stew, cook it as you like. Can one person eat it though? It's usually made for four. ¥1780
HNI 0007
Sushi 035 The traditional Japanese food. ¥1580
Surume 036 Squid jerky, many people say it's good for your head. A bit chewy, yet delicious. ¥200
Squid jerky
Sekihan 037 Red bean rice that is a bit sweet. We usually eat it when we want to celebrate something.
Red bean rice
Soumen 038 Cool noodles, best served on a hot summer's day. ¥670

Tai no Ikizukuri

039 Red snapper sushi, one whole fish cut and served like a piece of art. ¥3800
Red snapper
Tako 040 Boiled octopus leg, usually eaten with sushi or sashimi. Sometimes it's put in the oden. ¥300
Takoyaki 041 Fried Octopus balls ¥300
Tako yaki
Tamagoyaki 042 Rolled egg omellette ¥150
Tamago yaki
Chikuwa 043 Fish roll, this sometimes has cheese inside. The processed fish is made of all sorts, but it tastes good. ¥100
Fish roll
Chawanmushi 044 A tea cup of rice and vegetables. ¥500
Chankonabe 045 Hot pot of Japanese vegetables and meat. ¥1580
Chirashi Sushi 046 Sushi rice box. Raw sushi mixed with cooked rice that gives a high class lunch box. ¥600
Chirashi sushi
Tendon 047 Tenpura on a rice bowl ¥850
HNI 0020
Tenpura 048 Deep fried vegetables and fish. ¥880
Tougarashi (Red chili pepper) 049 A chilli ¥50
Toufu 050 Chilled tofu block. ¥150
Nattou 051 Fermented Soy beans, It kind of smells bad. ¥100
HNI 0024
Namagaki 052 Raw oyster ¥680
Raw oyster
Nikujaga 053 Meat and potato stew. ¥600
HNI 0026
Nekomanma 054 "Cat food" A cheap and easy dish, leftovers on rice. It's good for cats and humans alike. ¥170
Fugusashi 055

Puffer fish Sashimi, don't let Homer eat it.

Fukumame 056 Roasted beans to throw at demons, it's better eaten. ¥400
Matsutake 057 A mushroom of refined taste. ¥7800
Miso shiro 058 Miso soup ¥280
Miso soup
Myouga 059 Japanese ginger. ¥100
HNI 0032
Metamayaki (Fried egg) 060 Fried egg ¥380
Fried egg jp
Mentaiko 061 Cod roe ¥780
Cod roe
Monjayaki 062 A savory pancake with pork, cabbage and onions. It's a speciality of Tokyo. There's not really much pancake. ¥620
Monja yaki
Yakisoba 063 Fried soba noodles ¥400
Yakitori 064 Grilled chicken kebabs with a Japanese sauce. Grilled with wood for the best taste. ¥350
Yakinasu 065 Grilled eggplant ¥480
Yakiniku 066 Barbecue meat ¥1300
Yaki niku
Liver 067 Liver kebab, grilled with a sauce. ¥480

Western Food

In Japan, Western Food means anything that is not Japanese so there are some Asian food included. Most of the food here is available in the American and European versions, though there are some that are unique to the Japanese version.


Item number

Description Price in Japanese yen Image
Avocado 001 An avocado. It's called the butter of the forest. ¥100
Ika Ink spaghetti (Squid ink spaghetti) 002 Spaghetti made with the black ink of the squid. It makes your mouth black too. ¥780
Squid-ink spaghetti
Ika Rings (Calamari) 003 Calamari, deep fried squid rings ¥480
Ishiyaki bibinba 004 Korean spicy kimchi, egg, meat and vegetables. Served in a stone bowl. ¥600
Uchushoku (Space Food) 005 Space food. ¥2000
Escargo 006 A French delicacy. It has a lot of garlic! ¥1200
Ebi-chili (Chili prawns) 007 A sweet chilli sauce and shrimp that's not really that spicy ¥640
Ebi-pilaf 008 Shrimp fried rice ¥700
Shrimp rice
Ebi-fry 009 A deep fried giant shrimp ¥370
OKosamaLunch 010 On the plate is lots of things that kids love to eat. Don't forget the flag. ¥700
Kids lunch
Onion Gratin 011 Onion soup with a corn bread couton. ¥410
Onion gratin
Omurice 012 Chicken fried rice with a layer of white fluffy omelette in a sea of ketchup. ¥680
Omelet 013 A plain omlette, it makes me want to write a ketchup message. ¥650
Cup Ramen (Instant noodles) 014 Add hot water, wait 3 minutes. It's so convenient. ¥190
Cup ramen jp
Kabi-pan (Moldy bread) 015 Moldy Bread, if you eat this you will probably get ill. ¥20
Kabi pan
Karage (Fried chicken) 016 Juicy chicken deep fried till crunchy. ¥450
Fried chicken
Carbonara 017 Spaghetti carbonara, A creamy egg and cheese pasta with bacon. ¥680
Carbonara jp
Curry-pan 018 A deep fried bread with curry inside. It's quite crunchy. ¥120
HNI 0068
Curry rice 019 A Japanese sweet curry with vegetables and beef. It's just like what my mother made. It's not really that spicy. ¥700
HNI 0069
Kankoku Reimen 020 Korean cold noodles. A kimchi topped soup of noodles, egg and vegetables. ¥670
Korean noodles
Quiche 021 A fluffy and creamy vegetable quiche. It can be served hot or cold. ¥550
Kimchi 022 The Korean fermented cabbage that is very spicy. It's good topped on rice. ¥280
HNI 0071
Caviar 023 The fish eggs that are the number one luxury food. ¥6500
Gyoza (Pot stickers) 024 Chinese dumplings deep fried. These pot stickers are really juicy inside. ¥280
Gratin 025 A creamy white pasta sauce with macaroni. Oven cooked to make the top nice and crunchy. ¥980
Gratin jp
Cream Stew 026 It takes a while to prepare this creamy stew. It really warms up the heart though. ¥680
Creamy Stew
Croissant 027 A crispy flaky pastry that is all fluffy inside. ¥120
Corn Soup 028 It really is so creamy. The corn is such a comforting taste. ¥380
Corn soup
Corn Flakes 029 When you're busy this is the perfect breakfast. Add milk to get a good balance. ¥400
Cornflakes jp
Croquette 030 Chopped potato shaped and deep fried in bread crumbs.  ¥680
HNI 0074
Sake no Munieru (Salmon meunière) 031 Salmon meuniere, a light butter taste. Served with boiled vegetables. ¥750
Salmon jp
Salad 032 Healthy fresh vegetables you can eat as much as you like. Add a dressing. ¥560
Salad jp
Salami 033 A spicy Italian sausage. ¥390
Sandwich 034 Egg, salad sandwich. It's quite a tidy way to eat something. ¥400
Egg sandwich
Shichimencho 035 Roast turkey, a favourite for Christmas time. It's round juicy and roasted to perfection. ¥3300
Turkey jp
Shippai ryori (Ruined meal) 036 A failed dish. They don't seriously expect anyone to eat it? ¥20
Failed cookingjp
Shumai 037 A dumpling filled with pork standing upright with a green pea on top. ¥120
Shokupan (White bread) 038 A slice of white bread. It's so white and fluffy, shokupan is such a weird name when you think about it. ¥100
Jp white bread
Steak 039 A juicy thick slice of beef. Be careful when eating it as it's really hot. ¥1980
Steak jp
Sufuta 040 Sweet and sour pork ¥780
Chinese pork
Celery 041 Celery stick such a crunchy vegetable. ¥130
Celery jp
Sausage 042 Pork sausage that's quite easy and fun to cook. ¥200
Sausage jp
Tacos 043 Mexican food. There is so much packed into them that they have a habit of dropping out. ¥480
Tacos jp
Cheese 044 A slice of cheese ¥200
Cheese jp
Chizimi 045 A korean savory pancake ¥550
Korean pancake
Chahan (Fried rice) 046 Chinese fried rice ¥480
Chow han
Tomorokoshi (Corn on the cob) 047 Corn on the cob, you can boil it or eat it as is. The best way is grilled. ¥350
Corn jp
Tomato 048 A round and juicy red tomato. It looks delicious and is ready to eat. ¥140
Tomato jp
Truffle 049 A high class food, it looks bad but it tastes really good. ¥6000
Truffle jp
Tonkatsu 050 A deep fried pork chop with Japanese sauce served with salad to make it a bit healthier. Just a bit. ¥600
Nama ham (Prosciutto) 051 Parma ham, proscuitto an Italian speciality. ¥690
Parma ham jp
Nama harumaki (Fresh spring rolls) 052 Fresh Spring rolls ¥590
Niku man (Pork bun) 053 A Chinese meat bun. ¥120
Nikuman jp
Ninniku (Garlic) 054 Raw garlic. ¥110
Garlic jp
Paella 055 Spanish sea food paella. ¥680
HNI 0097
Hayashi rice 056 A red stew made with wine and tomato sauce, served with rice. ¥780
Haru maki (Fried spring rolls) 057 Deep fried spring rolls. ¥630
Haru maki2
Hamburger 058 A hamburger in a bun with cheese and salad. ¥280
Hamburger jp
Hamburgu (Salisbury steak) 059 A meat pattie in a deep glaced sauce. Really it's a burger without a bun. ¥700
Beef stew 060 A demi glaced sauce stew that is such a heart warming meal. ¥680
Beef stew jp
Piman (Green peper) 061 A green pepper, children find this vegetable quite bitter. It's really delicious in a stir fry. ¥110
Green pepper jp
Pizza 062 Cheese and salami pizza. ¥390
Pizza jp
Hiyashi Chuka 063 Chinese cold noodles ¥600
Cold ramen
Foie gras 064 Goose liver ¥9000
Fois gras
Fried potato (French fries) 065 French fries ¥280
Fried potato
Blue cheese 066 French blue cheese. ¥400
Blue cheese jp
French toast 067 ¥380
French toast jp
Broccoli 068 This green vegetable gives you lots of energy. Boiled and served with mayo is very good. ¥190
Bacon 069 Cruncy bacon ¥380
Bacon jp
Peking Duck 070 Duck roasted to perfection with slices of the crispy skin. It's got quite a unique taste. ¥5000
Peking duck jp
Peperoncino (Spaghetti Peperoncino) 071 Red pepper spaghetti. ¥780
Red pepper spag
Hot Dog 072 ¥280
Hot dog jp
Pot-au-feu 073 Pot-au-feu ¥700
Pot au feu
Honetsuki niku (Drumstick) 074 Chicken leg ¥1000
Chicken jp
Mabo doufu 075 Chinese tofu dish that's really spicy. ¥670
Meat sauce spaghetti (Spaghetti) 076 Spaghetti bologneise ¥780
Spag bol jp
Meatballs 077 Meatballs in a tomato sauce ¥500
Meatballs jp
Yude tamago (Hard-boiled egg) 078 Boiled egg ¥100
Yude tamago jp
Ramen 079 Chinese noodles, it really has so much salty soup, can you drink it all? ¥680
Ramen jp
Lasagna 080 A layered pasta dish with meat and white sauce. It's oven cooked to make it extra crispy on top. ¥650
Lasagna jp
Risotto 081 An Italian rice dish ¥780
Risotto jp
Roast beef 082 Oven cooked beef that is so thick and juicy. ¥1500
Roast beef jp
Rolled cabbage (Cabbage roll) 083 Rolled cabbage just like your mother used to make. ¥700
Rolled cabbage jp


These are mostly snacks as well as desserts.  There are 66 items in this table. Some desserts are not in the translated version and are unique Japanese sweets.


Item number Description Price Image 
Ice-cream 001 An Ice-cream cone. Now the most popular flavor is Strawberry. ¥250
Ice-cream jp
Apple pie 002 A crispy pie with some moist apples. Oven baked to perfection. ¥480
Apple pie1
Anpan 003 A sweet bean filled bread that children love. ¥150
Ichigo (Strawberry) 004 A strawberry ¥480
Kaki 005 A persimmon, this is a local fruit of Japan and is so sweet and juicy. It's full of vitamins. ¥200
Kakikori 006 Shaved ice with strawberry sauce. It's great in the Summer to help you cool off, just be careful of the brain freeze. ¥150
Shaved ice
Castella 007 A Spanish sponge cake that has become standard dessert in Japan.  ¥500
Castella jp
Gateau chocolate (Chocolate gateau) 008 A rich chocolate cake ¥600
Choco cake jp
Gum (Chewing gum) 009 A stick of Gum. ¥120
Gum jp
Kiwi 010 ¥150
Kiwi jp

gift chocolate)

011 For Valentine's Day girls have to give chocolate to everyone. This is not given with any romantic feelings, only obligation. ¥300
Valentine's girichoco jp
Cookie (Butter cookie) 012 A butter cookie. ¥180
Cookie jp
Gummy (Gummy candy) 013 A small soft gummy candy.  ¥
Gummy jp
Crepe 014 ¥400
Crepe jp
Grapefruit 015 ¥300
Grapefruit jp
Coconut 016 ¥550
Coconut jp
Cherry 017 ¥290
Cherry jp
Three color dango 018 A three flavour rice cake.  3 mochi flavours of cherryblossom flavour, plain and green tea flavour all on a handy stick. ¥300
Cream puff 019 ¥250
Shu cream
Strawberry shortcake 020 ¥400
Shortcake jp
Sweet potato 021 A sweet cake made with yam. ¥380
Sweet potato
Watermelon 022 ¥300
Watermelon jp
Jelly 023 ¥150
Jelly jp
Zenzai 024 A hot sweet bean soup with mochi balls. It's perfect on a cold winter's day. ¥500
Senbei(crackers) 025 A rice cracker that is salty and sweet. ¥100
Rice cracker jp
Soft Cream (Sort-serve ice cream) 026 A soft whipped milk ice cream. It's vanilla flavor that is completely melt in the mouth goodness. ¥250
Self serve icecream JP
Taiyaki 027 A pancake filled with sweet bean and shaped like a fish.  ¥200
Cheesecake 028 A baked cheese cake. It has such a melt in the mouth sweetness. ¥490
Cheesecake JP
Chocolate 029 A bitter mix of milk and cocoa. It's not really Valentine's but it is still delicious. ¥150
Chocolate jp
Chocolate Parfait 030 A chocolate sundae. Girls love this and might not want to share. ¥780
Choco parfait
Tiramasu 031 The Italian dessert that is so creamy. Topped with chocolate powder. ¥500
Tiramasu JP

(hand made chocolate)

032 Hand made chocolate for valentine's day. The shape is a bit strange but the person who made it has put all their love into it. It is priceless. ¥3000
Valentine choco JP

Hand made chocolate for Valentine's.

Donut 033 A sweet and slightly chewy donut. I think I could eat a whole lot of them. ¥130
Donut JP
Dorayaki 034 A sandwich of two pancakes with a sweet bean filling.  ¥450
Sweetbean pancake

Sweetbean pancake

Durian 035 This fruit is really quite delicious and creamy. You just need to get past the smell and it is the king of fruits. ¥500
Dorian JP
Birthday Cake 036

Happy Birthday! This is free service. Have a wonderful day with this cake.



Birthday only

Birthday cake jp
Pineapple 037 It's the tropical fruit that's a bit prickly and hard to get to. Once you do the texture and sweetness is worth it. ¥980
Pineapple JP
Banana 038 It's the best fruit to give you instant energy. Remember to put the peel in the garbage. ¥100
Banana jp
Banana peel 039

There's no fruit inside, it's just the skin. ...don't tell me, someone wants us to eat this?

Banana peel jp
Peanuts 040 You need to break the soft shell to get to the nut inside. It's kind of hard to stop eating. ¥370
Peanuts jp
Biscuit 041

A sweet biscuit that is thin and crispy. It's nice and simple.

Biscuit jp
Grapes 042 ¥490
Grapes jp
Purin (Flan) 043 A custard pudding that wibbles and wobbles. The caramel sauce goes on top to make it extra delicious. ¥150
Custard pudding
Pretzel 044 ¥130
Protein 045 It's great for body builders. Just don't use it to replace the meat in your diet. ¥1000
Protein jp
Peropero candy 046 A lollypop as big as your head. This is the Titan of lollypops. Can you eat it slowly? ¥300
Lolly pop jp
Hot cakes 047 A stack of thick pancakes topped with maple syrup and butter.  ¥400
Pancakes jp
Popcorn 048 ¥250
Popcorn jp
Potato chips 049 Some delicious hand food that is so crispy. ¥130
Potato chips jp
Macadamia nuts 050 It's so easy to eat one after the other. I really recommend this food! ¥500
Macadamia nuts jp
Macaron(Macaroon) 051 Crispy on the outside, smooth on the inside.  ¥300
Muffin 052 A fruit muffin ¥330
Muffin jp
Mango 053 ¥900
Mango jp
Orange 054 ¥100
Orange jp
Mille Fille 055 A layer cake. ¥620
Millefille jp
Melon 056 ¥1000
Melon jp
Peach 057 ¥480
Peach jp
Yaki imo(Baked yam) 058 Roasted yams, sweet and hot with such a good smell. roasted over hot coals for the best taste. ¥380
Roast yam jp
Yaki Guri 059 Roast chestnuts, the smell is so good when hot. Easy to eat and so delicious. ¥580
Yakiguri jp
Youkan(Sweet Bean jelly) 060 A high class sweet bean dessert. It is best served together with hot green tea. ¥580
Youkan jp
Yogurt 061 You can put fruit or jam in to make it even more delicious. They say, if you eat this every day it will help your body. ¥190
Yonashi 062 A western pear, it's such a cute shape! ¥460
Yonashi jp
Ringo 063 An apple, crunchy with a sweet honey taste. It's so wide, can you bite it? ¥150
Ringo jp
Ringo ame

(Candy Apple)

064 An apple in a sweet candy coating. You can't eat these everyday though. ¥250
Candy apple jp
Wata ame(Candy Floss) 065 Cotton candy. this fluffy sweet is like a little cloud, but much sweeter. ¥300
Candy floss jp
Waffle 066 A plain yet sweet waffle. It has such a good chewy texture. ¥200
Waffle jp


There are 14 items. Only one is not included in the translated version which is the energy drink.


Item number Description

Price in Japanese yen


Green juice

001 Good for your body but it really is an adult taste. ¥200
Green juice
Apple juice 002 A lot of apples went into making this. If you hold your nose to the glass you can really smell the freshness. ¥200
Apple juice
Energy drink 003 If you feel too tired, drink this and become revived! You can do your best with this drink! FIGHT! ¥300
Energy drink jp

Energy drink

Green tea 004 A traditional Japanese drink that is healthy and has a good taste too. ¥100
Green tea jp
Orange juice 005 A lot of oranges went into making this juice. 100% orange juice. ¥200
Orange juice jp
Cappachino 006 Bitter coffee topped with frothy milk and a sprinkle of cocoa powder. ¥580
Milk 007 The top of the bottle is the best as it has the cream. Aah, but the rest is good too. ¥180
Milk jp
Foul milk 008 3 week old milk. You have to be really brave to be able to drink this... ¥20
Stinky milk jp
Tea 009 The best drink to help you relax. You can add milk or lemon if you want. ¥550
Tea jp
Coffee 010 Bitter and strong tasting coffee. Dare you try drinking this black? ¥500
Coffee jp
Cola 011 When you first try this drink the bubbles tickle your nose. ¥180
Tap water 012 If you're low on money this drink saves some pennies. Well, it can't be helped, just drink it fast. ¥90
Tap water jp
Tomato juice 013 Made with the juciest tomatoes. A healthy drink that is full of flavor. ¥150
Tomato juice jp
Mixed juice 014 Fruit juice and milk all mixed up! ¥250
Mixed juice jp


There are a 140 treasure items in the JP version. Most of it is similar to the US/EU/AU versions but the different items only will be listed. (Work in progress)

Treasure Food

Treasure food is all completely different and there are 48 in total. Each food item is based on the speciality of the different prefectures in Japan. The only food that is the same is the default "Exotic" food when the exact location of the Explorer can't be revealed. (They basically have not set a region that they're from.)

Name Item Number Description Image
Akashiyaki 001 A speciality of Hyogo Prefecture, A takoyaki, octopus ball deep fried with a fish sauce to dip in.
Treasure JP 001
Ankounabe 002 A speciality of Ibaraki Prefecture. A Monkfish hot pot that is said to be good for your skin.
JP Treasure food 002
Anbo gaki 003 A speciality of Fukushima Prefecture. A dried persimmon that is sweet and quite a delicacy.
JP Treasure food 003
?? 004 A specialty of ??
Locked treasure food

Locked Treasure food

Ikanesgu 005 A specialty of Hokkaido Prefecture. A squid stuffed with rice and cooked.
JP treasure food 04
Ise Ebi 006 A speciality of Mie Prefecture. A spiny lobster boiled and cooked to perfection.
JP treasure food 05
Iwaokoshi 007 A speciality of Osaka Prefecture. A sweet made with puffed rice, ginger and sesame.
Kaki no Hazushi 008 A speciality of Nara and Wakayama Prefectures. Sushi wrapped in persimonne leaves.
Kaki no hazushi
Katsuonotataki 009 A speciality of Koichi Prefecture. Lightly broiled jackfish tuna sliced and served with ginger.
Katsuo no tataki
Kabura zushi 010 A speciality of Ishikawa Prefecture. Salted turnips served with thinly sliced carrots and kelp. Pickled together with rice and served as sushi.
Kabura sushi

JP treasure food 010

Kibi dango 011 A speciality of Okayama Prefecture. Three sweet rice balls on stick covered in millet grain. It's the food of friendship. 
Kibi dango
Kiritanpo 012 A speciality of Akita Prefecture. Mashed rice shaped onto sticks and roasted over an open fire and served with sweet miso sauce.
Kiri danpo
Goma saba 013 A speciality of Fukuoka. Mackerel sashimi with a sesame soy sauce.
Sakura-ebi no kakiage 014 A specialty of Shizuoka Prefecture. Tenpura with cherry shrimps. A deep fried delight.
Sasa dango 015 A specialty of Niigata Prefecture. Mugwart flavoured rice ball with a sweet been center. Wrapped in bamboo leaves. 
Sasa dango
Satsuma-age 016 A specialty of Satsuma Prefecture. Deep fried fish cakes, they can come big or small.
Sanuki udon 017 A specialty of Kagawa Prefecture. Udon noodles with a fish sauce soup. A very simple but delicious taste.
Sameki udon
Jidori-no Sumibiyaki 018 A specilty of Miyazaki Prefecture. Chicken roasted over hot charcol, there's not really a taste quite like it.
Shimotsukare 019 A specialty of Tochigi Prefecture. Simmered vegetables, fried tofu and soy beans in a fermented sake soup.
Jakoten 020 A specialty of Uwajima Prefecture. Small fish blended into a paste and deep fried. The bones and everything is used in this crunchy tenpura.
Zunda mochi 021 A specialty of Miyagi Prefecture. Mochi with mashed young soy beans. A sweet dessert.
Zunda mochi
Senbei jiru 022 A specialty of Aomori Prefecture. Nabe, Japanese hot-pot with rice crackers.
Senbei soup
?? 023 A specialty of ??
Locked treasure food

Locked Treasure food

Chanpon 024 A specialty of Nagasaki Prefecture. Chinese noodes, pork, seafood, vegetables all in a heavy meat stock soup. 
Chinsuko 025 A Speciality of Okinawa. Sweet butter cookies similar in taste to shortbread.
Tofu Chikuwa 026 A specialty of Tottori and Nagasaki Prefecture. Tofu and fish flour shaped into long tubes resembelling bamboo.
Tofu chikawa
Dongara soup 027 A specialty of Yamagata Prefecture. Hot codfish soup where nothing is wasted. Seasoned with soy sauce and onions.
Donkara soup
Nama-shirasu don 028 A specialty of Kanagawa Prefecture. Raw baby sardines on rice. Served with ginger for this unique sashimi.
Namayatsu hashi 029 A specialty of Kyoto Prefecture. Triangles of unbaked rice flour cake with a sweet red bean center, flavored with cinammon or green tea.
Ningyo yaki 030 A specialty of Tokyo Prefecture. Castella cakes molded into the 7 Gods faces and baked with a sweet bean center, 
Ningyo yaki
Nosawana zuke 031 A specialty of Nagano Prefecture. Pickled nozawana, a Japanese leafy vegetable.
Hitomoji Guruguru 032 A specialty of Kumamoto Prefecture. Spring onions rolled round and round and seasoned with light soy sauce.
Hiyajiru udon 033 A specialty of Saitama Prefecture. Cold udon noodles served in a miso soup.
Cold udon
Fuku chiri 034 A specialty of Yamaguchi Prefecture. Puffer fish hot pot, served with vegetables and tofu in a fish stock soup.
Futomaki Matsuri sushi 035 A specialty of Chiba Prefecture. Sushi rolls made into colorful decorations of flowers and other pretty pictures.
Funa zushi 036 A specialty of Shiga Prefecture. Fermented fish cut into slices. The origin of the modern sushi.
?? 037 A specialty of ??
Locked treasure food

Locked Treasure food

Houtou 038 A specialty of Yamanashi Prefecture. Stewed udon, vegetables in a thin fish soup. The udon is more like dumplins than noodles.
Hoba miso 039 A specialty of Takayama Prefecture. Mixed miso paste and vegetables grilled on a magnolia leaf over a charcol stove.
Botebote Cha 040 A specialty of Shimane Prefecture. Green tea with beans and pickled vegetables. It's not soup it's tea, but rather filling.
Botebote cha
Masu sushi 041 A specialty of Toyama Prefecture. Trout sushi made into a round shape and cut like a pizza.
Masu sushi
Miso Nikomi Udon 042 A specialty of Aichi Prefecture. Udon noodles made in miso soup topped with vegetables.
Miso nikomi udon
?? 043 A specialty of ??
Locked treasure food

Locked Treasure food

Momiji Manju 044 A specialty of Hiroshima Prefecture. Castella cakes shaped into a Japanese maple leaf and filled with red bean paste.
Momiji manju
Yaki manju 045 A specialty of Gunma prefecture. Sweet castella cakes filled with red bean paste skewered and grilled with a miso sauce.
Yaki manju
Yaseuma 046 A specialty of Oita Prefecture. Sweet flat soy noodles covered in sugar.
Wanko soba 047 A specialty of Iwate Prefecture. Soba noodles in many small bowls. The challange is to try to eat as much as you can before they go cold.
Wanko soba
Exotic food -- "This cooking came from a far away place. There's a lot of it, I wonder what kind of taste it has?"
Exotic food JP


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