When a Mii eats a Special Food, he or she will always love it and do a really positive gesture. It will then say a quote according to the food. Here is a list of reactions the Mii will say for each Special Food.

Special Food Quote
Alligator fritters "I could easily eat a gallon of gator, it's so good!"
Aloha Musubi "Not the fanciest sushi on the block, but it hit the spot."
Baguette "The best part of this baguette is that it's more bread for your buck!"
Baklava "I'm going to be thinking about that dessert for a while..."
Barbeque ribs "I didn't get any barbeque sauce on me, did I?"
Brioche "I don't think I have enough self-control to live in France. So many pastries..."
California Roll "I see why people like California so much. It must be the sushi!"
Cannoli "When I'm at the store, I always say, 'Leave the gum, take the cannoli!'"
Chicken tikka masala "That orange sauce is TOO luxurious! All orange things should be that good."
Chili con carne "Chili and carne were clearly meant to be together. It's sweet, really."
Chili dog "So good! It makes me want to try putting chili on all kinds of food!"
Chorizo "I love spicy things. I'm another serving away from proposing. Ha ha ha!"
Chow mein "Great chow!"
Churros "Three cheers for fried sugar dough!"
Cioppino "That stew was more than a little fishy!"
Corn bread "Who would have thought corn would make such good bread?"
Country-fried steak "They sure know how to fry up some steak in the country, don't they?"
Couscous "Whoever made this dish went heavy on the olive oil. It's a good thing."
Crab cakes "If this a crab cake, what do crabs eat on their birthday? Surely not this!"
Crawfish "That was crawesome!"
Creme bruleé "Life's short, so it's best to eat dessert first!"
Crumpet "Do I look fancier now? Pip-pip!"
Enchiladas "Not gonna lie... I could eat a lotta enchiladas"
Exotic cuisine "It's like my mouth went on an exotic vacation!"
Falafel "Please teach me to make these! Then teach me to stop eating so many!"
Fish-and-chips "You can call those fries whatever you want if they're gonna be that CRISPY!"
Fortune cookies "I think I ate my fortune... This just HAS to be bad luck, right?"
Frogs legs "Ya know... it really does taste like chicken."
Gnocchi "Why was that so tasty?! It's not fair to other food!"
Greek salad "That feta... That FETA!"
Gumbo "You can't say no to gumbo. You just can't!"
Hummus "There's some hummus amoung us! Well, not anymore, ha ha"
Jelly beans "Did you know naked jelly beans are clear? Weird, right?"
Lassi "That was refreshing!"
Manhattan clam chowder "I wonder how far Manhattan is from here. They make great clam chowder!"
Meat loaf "All meat should be in loaf form. Can you pass an ordinance or something?"
Minestrone "Whoever thought to combine pasta with soup, I wanna shake that genius's hand!"
Mussels "Have you been working out? Cuz those were some amazing mussels! Ha ha ha!"
New York bagel "One day I'd like to build a fort of bagels. I'll use cream-cheese cement!"
Pad thai "Thai food is the king of cuisine. And I am its loyal subject."
Peach pie "It's hard to argue with pie!"
Philly cheesesteak "OH MAN. I could sure go for a big, honking nap about now..."
Pierogies "That was an experience. One I'd love to repeat sometime soon!"
Pulled-pork sandwich "I see why it's called pulled pork. It's a struggle to pull yourself away!"
Reuben "I feel bad for eating this Reuben fella's sandwich, but it was SO worth it."
Rice pudding "Is there anything rice can't do?! It's even great as pudding!"
Sauerkraut "They should call it 'sour' kraut. So sour!"
Shepherd's pie "That had fewer sheep than I thought it would."


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