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  • You know the pronouns on those 'gay' miis are still present right.

    But whatever.

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    • I already un-did it.

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    • Fun fact 1: When Nintendo removed the glitch that allowed homosexuality, they sparked controversy. They said that in the next Tomodachi game, homosexuality will be included.

      Fun fact 2: Some people set their gay characters as the opposite gender. I do the same thing. Akal is a gay man. He was set as female so he’d be attracted to other men. And then there’s Jen, a lesbian. She was set as male so she’d be attracted to other women.

      Both Akal and Jen did find their partners; Joe and Thea respectively. Only Jen and Thea are married, and Akal and Joe are still boyfriends (sweethearts the game says) to this day.

      Not having gay characters isn’t homophobia.

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    • The only reason why (if they even make another one) Because you guys jumped on them like a bunch of apes because it hurts ya'll feelings.

      Pushing Nintendo to make that statement. Like all of a sudden Nintendo is Homophobic because of this game, people these days overly sensitive about everything.

      I bet you play Miitopia thinking that's what happening in the game when it's not (dating period), lol

      Also what glitch, what stupid tabloid blog told you this.

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