When entering a Mii's apartment, he/she will greet the player with either his/her catchphrase, something random, or special phrases if sick, worried, sad, or angry. If the Mii does not have any problems the player will see a normal speech bubble pop up with an ellipses inside. Upon tapping it, the Mii will say a random piece of dialogue.

The player will also get an introduction from the islanders that are first added to the island. Travelers will greet one and those waiting at the port will begin talking about their excitement to travel.


Introductions Mii Type
"Hi, I'm [Mii]. Hey! You look just like me!" First islander
"The name's [Mii]. People often look to me for inspiration." Outgoing Trendsetter, male
"I'm [Mii]. I don't follow the latest trends—I set them!" Outgoing Trendsetter, female
"I'm [Mii]! I love being the center of attention." Outgoing Entertainer, male
"My name's [Mii]! I love being in the spotlight." Outgoing Entertainer, female
"I'm [Mii]! I can get along with just about anyone!" Outgoing Charmer, male
"I'm [Mii]! I can hit it off with almost anyone!" Outgoing Charmer, female
"My name's [Mii]! I love being the guy in charge." Outgoing Leader, male
"My name's [Mii]! I love being the girl in charge." Outgoing Leader, female
"My name's [Mii]. I wear my heart proudly on my sleeve." Easygoing Softie, male
"I'm [Mii]. I'm very in tune with other people's emotions." Easygoing Softie, female
"My name's [Mii]! I always try to have a smile on my face." Easygoing Optimist, male
"I'm [Mii]! I try to always stay positive and keep a smile on my face!" Easygoing Optimist, female
"I'm [Mii]. There's nothing I care more about than my friends!" Easygoing Buddy, male
"I'm [Mii]. There's nothing more important to me than my friends!" Easygoing Buddy, female
"My name's [Mii]. I like to think big and dream even bigger!" Easygoing Dreamer, male
"[Mii]'s the name. I like to think big and dream even bigger!" Easygoing Dreamer, female
"I'm [Mii]. I love making plans and putting them into action!" Confident Designer, male
"I'm [Mii]. I enjoy making plans and putting them into action!" Confident Designer, female
"[Mii]'s the name! I'm always up for taking on new challenges." Confident Adventurer, male
"My name's [Mii]! I love taking on new challenges." Confident Adventurer, female
"My name's [Mii]. I'm the smartest guy I know!" Confident Brainiac, male
"My name's [Mii]. I'm the smartest girl I know!" Confident Brainiac, female
"The name's [Mii]. I don't let anything stand in my way!" Confident Go-Getter, male
"I'm [Mii]. I don't let anything stop me from accomplishing my goals!" Confident Go-Getter, female
"I'm [Mii]. I prefer to do things my own way at my own pace." Independent Free Spirit, male
"I'm [Mii]. I like to think outside the box and do things my own way." Independent Free Spirit, female
"I'm [Mii]. I love being creative and using my imagination." Independent Artist, male
"My name's [Mii]. I love being inspired by the world around me." Independent Artist, female
"I'm [Mii]. I'm usually pretty happy just doing my own thing." Independent Lone Wolf, male
"I'm [Mii]. I enjoy doing my own thing most of the time." Independent Lone Wolf, female
"I'm [Mii]. I excel at thinking things through from every angle." Independent Thinker, male
"My name's [Mii]. I enjoy analyzing issues from every angle." Independent Thinker, female
Happy greetings

"I'm having the best day ever!"

"I'm really having a great day today."

"Today is going real nice so far."

"Today is going to be a great day!"

"[Happy phrase]"

"Long time no see" greetings

"Am I dreaming...? Is it really you?! I thought you'd forgotten about me..."

"Good to see you again, [player]'s look-alike!"

"Hey, [Player]'s look alike! Haven't seen you for two weeks!"

"Hey, [Player]'s look alike! I haven’t seen you in a week!"

"Hey [Player]'s look alike! I haven't seen you in two weeks!"

"Hey, [Player]'s look-alike. I was wondering about you..."

"Hey, [Player]'s look-alike! It's so great to see you!"

"Hey, [Player]'s look-alike! You been on vacation or something?"

"Hi, [Player]'s look-alike! Great to see you again."

"I can't believe it's you, [Player]'s look-alike! It's been FOREVER!"

"I can't believe you haven't stopped by for two whole months..."

"I can't believe you haven's stopped by in three months... Three months!"

"I haven't seen you in three weeks, [Player]'s look-alike!"

"I haven't seen you in forever!"

"I haven't seen you around lately, [Player]'s look-alike."

“I haven't seen you for a week, [Player]'s look alike!”

"I haven't seen you for a week! Glad you're OK."

"I haven't seen you in a while!"

"I was wondering when you were gonna stop by..."

"Is that you, [Player]'s look-alike? I can't recall the last time we talked."

"It feels like forever since I last saw you, [Player]'s look-alike."

"It's been a month since I last saw you, [Player]'s look-alike..."

"It's been three months since I last saw you, [Player]'s look-alike."

"It's been a while... And by a while, I mean forever! Where ya been?!"

"It’s been a while. Where ya been?"

"It’s been a while."

"It's been so long, [Player]'s look-alike. Am I really that boring?"

"It's been too long [Player]'s look-alike. Do you even recognize me?

"It's been way too long since I've seen you, [Player]'s look-alike."

"So good to see you, [Player]'s look-alike! It's been two months!"

"Whatcha been up to the past three months, [Player]'s look-alike?"

"Where have you been, [Player]'s look-alike? I can't believe it's you!"

"Wow! Hi, [Player]'s look-alike! I haven't seen you in a month!"

"Wow, I haven't seen you for a month! I hope you've been well."

"Wow! It's [Player]'s look-alike! What a rare treat this is."

"Wow! Is it really you?! I can't believe you're here! It's been SO LONG!"

Regular greetings

"Good morning." [Independent]

"Hello." [Independent]

"Hello, [Player]'s look-alike!"

"Hey there!" [Confident]

"Hey." [Independent]

"Hey!" [Outgoing]

"Hey, [Player]'s look alike!"

"Heyo." [Easygoing]

"Hi, [Player]'s look-alike. What's new?"

"Hi there."

"How's it going?" [Outgoing]

"How's it going, [Player]'s look-alike!"

"How's the weather out there?"

"I should get some sleep..."

"I'm gonna stay up all night tonight!" [Outgoing]  

"I'm not sleepy at all tonight." [Confident]

"I'm staying up late tonight." [Independent]

"Is it cold out there, too?"

"Is it hot out there, too?"

"It's finally cooling down a bit."

"It’s kinda chilly out today."

"It’s so cold out today!"

"It's so nice and warm out today."

"I guess summer is just about gone..."

"It's way too hot out today!"

"Mornin'." [Confident]

"What's up, [Player]'s look-alike!"

"What's happening?" [Easygoing]

"You scared the hiccups right out of me!"


Sad greetings

"Hey..." [Outgoing]

"I'm feeling a bit off today..."

"I'm feeling a little down today..."

"I'm feeling kind of down."

"I'm kinda sad today."

"I'm not feeling like myself today."

"It's hard not to take things for granted once in a while..."

"Today isn't going so great..."

"[Sad phrase]"

Mad greetings

"I don't get irritated very often, but today isn't going so great."

"I'm in a bad mood today."

"I'm in kind of a bad mood today."

"I'm not in a good mood."

"I'm not in the best mood today..."

"I'm so mad I could scream!"

"I'm usually in a great mood, but I'm kind of irritated today."

"Today is so annoying..."

"[Mad phrase]"

Worried greetings

"I'm a bit unsure of myself today..."

"I'm feeling kind of stressed." [Easygoing]

"I'm feeling unsure of myself..." [Independent]

"I'm having trouble relaxing today..."

"I'm not sure what to do..." [Confident]

"I've got a lot on my mind..." [Outgoing]

"I've had a lot on my mind lately...

"Today just isn't my day..."

"[Worried phrase]"

Playful greetings

"C'mon, let's play a game!"

"Hey, [Player]'s look-alike! Let's play a game!"

"Let's play! It'll be fun!"

"Please play with me!"

"Wanna play? Pretty please?"

"Won't you please play with me?"

Misc. Dialogue

Self and player's look-alike dialogue

"A competitive society is necessary, I think. It helps us all push ourselves!" [Confident]

"A friend of my friend...is just a stranger to me. I mean, literally! Think about it!" [Independent]

"As long as I have love in my life, haters don't bother me one bit."

"As long as I have some fun every day, I'll be happy. That's pretty reasonable."

"All I want is to live a long, easygoing life. That’s not too much to ask, right?" [Easygoing]

"All my clothes are so dull. I'm just sick of looking at them, ya know?"

"Are you hungry? I bet you’re hungry. Maybe go make us a sammy?"

"Being hasty can lead to mistakes. Unless you're me, ha ha." [Confident]

"Being hasty is something of a problem for me. Oh well—let's go DANCE!" [Outgoing]

"Being healthy is of utmost importance. Your body is your vehicle for this life!"

"Being with friends warms me right up, even in the middle of winter."

"Caring about what others think sure is exhausting! You agree, right?!"

"Did you do something new with your hair, [Player]'s look-alike?"

"Did you know that giraffes moo like cows? What long-legged copycats!"

"Do you ever forget your friend's name, and then it's really awkward? Oh, you don't?" [Independent]

"Do you ever lose something and then forget what you lost? I do. A lot."

"Do you have a twin, [Player]’s look alike? That’d be a lot of look alikes."

"Do you think I'm a gentleman? Go on—I can take it!"

"Do you think I'm unlucky? I'm not even sure I believe in luck, but I wonder..."

"Don't put stuff off until tomorrow. It's best to tackle things as they come!"

"Don't put things off until tomorrow. Next week buys you WAY more time!"

"Dream big! Do it for those of us who lack the confidence to do the same..." [Easygoing]

"Dreams are no good if you don't do anything to make them a reality!"

"Eep! Um, sorry. I'm kind of...a chicken." [Easygoing]

"Eating alone doesn't bother me. The food tastes just as good!" [Independent]

"Embarrassing memories always decide to haunt me in the middle of the night."

"Every year I buy a monthly planner, and every year I never use it."

"Everyone has cringeworthy memories they'd rather forget. Except me, ha ha." [Confident]

"Everyone is getting along in your world, right? I hope so!" [Easygoing]

"Everyone has to draw the line somewhere. I draw it...HERE." [Outgoing]

"Everything in life has a meaning, even if it's hard to see it sometimes."

"Everything looks blurry today. Maybe I should get my peepers tested soon."

"Everything's OK. Yup. Everything is just hunky dory." [Easygoing]

"Failing at something just shows me it's a waste of my precious time." [Confident]

"Fashionable people drive me mad. Such a waste of effort." [Independent]

"Food is abundant this time of year. It's hard to not overeat!"

"Even on my days off I prefer to stick around home. Crowds aren't for me." [Independent]

"Even when I wake up early, I just end up nodding off again, ha ha."

"Generally speaking, I think it's safe to assume things will always work out." [Easygoing]

"Getting up in the morning is my least favorite thing. It seems so cruel!"

"Gotta dance, GOTTA DANCE!" [Happy Miis]

"Hate to ask, but can you maybe give my head a good pat now and then?"

"Having close friends makes me feel stronger, like I can overcome anything!"

"Having the same things as other people makes me feel like I'm part of the group!"

"Hey! So. Um...what was I gonna say? I can't remember now..."

"Hee hee! I just remembered something hilarious. OH MAN. So funny."

"How big do you think we Miis are? Like, in your world's metrics?"

"How do you become friends with someone who likes different things than you do?" [Independent]

"Huh? What was I gonna say? Must not have been that important..."

"I accidentally interrupt people a lot. Sorry - were you saying something?" [Outgoing]

"I act before I think. It's worked well for me so far..." [Outgoing]

"I act the same whether I'm alone or with a huge crowd."

"I act tough at home, but around others I'm gentle as a lamb!" [Confident]

"I actually DO talk a lot. Just... in my head. That should still count." [Independent]

"I admire passionate people, but I don't think I could ever be one myself."

"I admire strength, courage, and kindness in a leader."

"I adore nice people. Wish I was one of them. Too bad, so sad!" [Confident]

"I always end up blurting things out and then apologizing the rest of the day."

"I always find fault in everything around me. Maybe I should...stop doing that." [Independent]

"I always know just what to say when I meet someone new. It's a gift." [Outgoing]

"I always wait until the very end of the credits to leave a movie. Just in case."

"I always bring my own bags to the grocery store. I'm a hero!" [Easygoing]

"I always drink a gallon of orange juice the moment I feel the slightest sniffle." [Confident]

"I always get lost when I'm somewhere I've never been before."

"I always go for the milk at the back of the shelf. It's the freshest."

"I always grab the magazine from the back of the stack. It's the least ruffled."

"I always plan my own vacations. No one else can do it as well!" [Confident]

"I always save my favorite part of a meal for last. It's best to finish with a bang!"

"I always strive to be a good person."

"I always take stairs two at a time. It's a killer glute workout!"

"I always think about making cool outfits, but then I just end up wearing whatever."

"I always wash my feet first in the shower. It’s almost a ritual."

"I bet something good and unexpected happens today..."

"I bet you and I would make some beautiful music together!"

"I believe all my dreams will come true. I'm gonna make sure they do!"

"I believe in tomorrow. No matter how bad today is, there's always tomorrow."

"I believe that, when it comes to friends, quality is more important than quantity." [Independent]

"I can be a klutz from time to time. When that happens, just go easy on me, OK?" [Outgoing]

"I can forgive a lot, but not someone who wastes my time."

"I can get pretty philosophical when I'm alone. Sometimes I freak myself out." [Independent]

"I can just close my eyes and remember good times."

"I can never let something go. I've gotta get to the bottom of things." [Confident]

"I can never stick with something for too long. I get restless!"

"I can smell barbecue from a mile away. I’m pretty proud of that!"

"I can sleep pretty much anywhere."

"I can put up with almost anything if I know it will turn out well in the end."

"I can tell when someone is watching me. How can they resist?" [Easygoing]

"I can tell who's at the door just by their smell. Works for the pizza guy, at least." [Easygoing]

"I can't help feeling that something good will happen today."

"I can’t make myself laugh when something’s not funny." [Independent]

"I can't sleep unless I'm in MY bed, with MY pillow and MY blankie." [Independent]

"I can't support people who have no morals. I have a reputation to uphold!"

"I could go for a whole month without seeing anyone and be just fine." [Independent]

"I could use a lot more compliments. Will you spread the word?" [Confident]

"I don't believe there are truly evil people. Just evil things scared people do."

"I don't get emotional very often. It's hard to pierce this armor!" [Independent]

"I don't get involved in things I won't be good at. Doesn't come up much." [Confident]

"I don't get people who spend hours on the phone. Just hang up already!" [Independent]

"I don't get what makes others laugh sometimes. Silly things, it seems." [Independent]

"I don't know if I can ever thank you enough for all you've done for us..."

"I don't like action figures. I LOVE action figures." [Outgoing, Confident]

"I don't like opening up to people. It makes me feel...funny." [Independent]

"I don't like to mope when I fail. That would be a lot of moping." [Outgoing]

"I don't like movies that everyone raves about. I'm too much of an individual!"

"I don't like people who get their jollies by being mean." [Confident]

"I don't like people who try to get too close too fast. I need my space!"

"I don't need much sleep to get by."

"I don't need to feel important. Cuz...I AM important. Right? RIGHT?!"

"I don’t put much stock into trends. I try to just, ya know, do my own thing."

"I don't really plan for trips. I just let them happen and go with the flow."

"I don't run very fast, but I've got a lot of heart! That must count for something." [Easygoing]

"I don't smile much, so it's hard for me. It makes my cheeks hurt." [Independent]

"I don't take vacation photos. My eyes are my camera, and my heart is the film."

"I don't usually like big crowds...unless it's a picnic. I love me a good picnic."

"I don't waste my time on frivolous things. Like showers. Who needs 'em?" [Confident]

"I dream of becoming the most popular person on [Island]." [Outgoing]

"I feel best when I wake up early. It makes the day so much longer!"

"I feel great! Let's have a dance-off! It's all been leading up to this!"

"I feel like I was born for something great. Maybe to save the world!" [Outgoing]

"I feel like I'm in a cocoon just waiting to become a butterfly!" [Independent]

"I feel like life only gets better the more friends you have. It's simple math!" [Outgoing]

"I feel like singing at the top of my lungs! Don't try to stop me!" [Outgoing]

"I feel like there haven’t been many new islanders lately." [Independent]

"I feel lost in this labyrinth called life..." [Independent]

"I feel so old. Makes it hard to think about chasing my dreams..."

"I feel the most awake at night for some reason. Maybe I'm part owl..."

"I finally feel I understand the meaning of life. I won't spoil it for you."

"I find it easier to write out my thoughts than to say them out loud." [Independent]

"I find when people say they had a funny dream, it's rarely actually funny." [Confident]

"I find your face really comforting, [Player]'s look-alike."

"I forget everything, no matter what it is. I'd forget myself if it weren't for mirrors!"

"I get a bellyache when people don't understand me. And I HATE bellyaches!"

"I get bored sooo easily. Like now. SO. BORED."

"I get along with older people best. They have almost as much wisdom as I do!" [Confident]

"I get so lonesome if I went traveling all by myself."

"I get so nervous when I'm near someone I like. I can't speak!"

"I get stir crazy when I'm just sitting around doing nothing. It's awful!"

"I get the feeling your mind is elsewhere. Is there somewhere you should be?"

"I go to bed at exactly the same time every night. That's why I'm so rested."

"I had a dream that I was really famous and popular. It was awful!" [Independent]

"I had a strange dream last night...but I've already forgotten what it was!" [Independent]

"I hate smiling for photos. Who is the photographer to tell me what to do?" [Independent]

"I have a feeling tomorrow is gonna be a good day! Not sure why—I just do!"

"I have this problem where I put things off and then TOTALLY forget about them." [Easygoing]

"I have trouble looking people in the eye. My shoes are interesting—what of it?!" [Independent]

“I have a short temper. SO WHAT? WANNA FIGHT ABOUT IT?” [Outgoing, Confident]

"I have a whole collection of books I borrowed but never read, ha ha." [Outgoing]

"I have an intense feeling of déjà vu right now. It’s freaking me out!"

"I have to get after people who don't follow rules. It's for their own good." [Confident]

"I have to win at everything! I don't even know why—I just do!"

"I haven't been getting my beauty sleep recently. My face is meeeelting!" [Easygoing]

"I hope all Miis can be friends with their look-alikes from YOUR world!" [Easygoing]

"I hope everyone on this island keeps getting along. I hate conflict!" [Easygoing]

"I hope people judge me by who I am, not by how I look." [Independent]

"I just can’t get to sleep lately. I close my eyes, but nothing happens!"

"I just woke up, but I think my brain is still half-asleep..."

"I keep all my drawers super organized. Just take my word for it!"

"I keep everything in my wallet! Cash, credit cards, toothpaste, extra socks..."

"I know all kinds of secret things. I just keep them secret is all."

"I know all there is to know about [Item]s. Just ask!" [Confident/Independent]

"I lack discipline today. Maybe a nap might help..."

"I let my friend borrow my favorite book, and I got it back in tatters! The nerve!" [Independent]

"I like films that don't just make me think too hard. I'm just being honest!"

"I like films that the whole family can enjoy together."

"I like letting other people plan my vacations. It's just too much work!"

"I like my apartment a lot now. It’s really coming together, wouldn’t you say?”

"I like romantic movies. But if they end badly, I cry my eyes out!" [Easygoing]

"I like to be active from the very moment I pop out of bed!" [Outgoing, Confident]

"I like to put on my left sock first. Otherwise I'll have bad luck..."

"I like to see movies on TV rather than in the theater. It's like a private premiere!" [Independent]

"I like to stay warm. Being cold is the worst!"

"I like to try my hardest. It makes me feel alive!"

"I like using my brain. That's what it's there for, after all!" [Confident]

"I lose my temper way too easily, and I usually regret it."

"I love being out and about early in the morning. It's downright energizing!"

"I love learning. I want to know everything one day!"

"I love me for me. Don't you?"

"I love presents, whether I'm getting them or giving them!" [Outgoing]

"I love reading. I find it relaxing to read for an hour or so before bed." [Independent]

"I love scary movies, cuz everyone's too scared to invite themselves along!"

"I love taking apart mechanical pencils and then putting them back together." [Independent]

"I love the cold winter air. It's like a slap in the face when you step outside!"

"I love the thrill of satisfaction I get after trying really hard. In fact, I live for it." [Confident]

"I love when people move to our little island. The more the merrier!"

"I made it my mission to make sure no one ever feels left out."

"I need to chat, like, right now. I have so many interesting things to say!" [Outgoing]

"I never have to fake a laugh around you, [Player]'s look-alike."

"I never ignore a lost kitten. Can you imagine how bad that karma would be?!" [Easygoing]

"I never know how to react when people say I look like someone else..."

"I never let anyone see me cry. Ehem...I mean...I never cry, ever!" [Independent]

"I never let mistakes bother me. I know I’m gonna make a whole lot more in my life!"

"I never talk behind people's backs, unless they're in the front seat and I'm in the back."

"I never turn down an invitation, even if I really don't feel like going." [Easygoing]

"I only compete when I know I can win. Losing isn't in my DNA." [Confident]

"I only want to eat the foods I like. Is that so wrong? I think not." [Outgoing]

"I rarely get angry, but people say I'm scary when I do. It's the eyebrows." [Independent]

"I really do relax more in my own apartment."

"I require a midday power nap to keep my energy up."

"I run hot and cold. I either love or hate something. You...I love." [Confident]

"I shine like a supernova when I'm in front of a big crowd!" [Outgoing]

"I should probably try harder today so my tomorrow is that much better..."

"I spend a lot of time and effort making sure my diet is healthy to the max."

"I still keep in touch with all the new friends I've met on various vacations." [Easygoing]

"I still torture myself about embarrassing things that happened ages ago." [Independent]

"I tend to believe whatever I'm told. I guess you'd say I'm a tad gullible." [Easygoing]

"I think a crisis is a good opportunity to grow as a person. Aren't I wise?" [Confident]

"I think I'd be great at a job that requires attention to detail." [Independent]

"I think I’m too slow moving. People are always waiting on me and getting mad." [Easygoing]

"I think it’s best to just ignore any little mistakes your friends make."

"I think it would only mean good things if I became the leader of this island." [Outgoing, Confident]

"I think my job as a friend is to stop my buddies from being dumb. It's tough!" [Independent, Confident]

"I think my left side is superior. But my right side is pretty amazing too."

"I try my best to not hurt anyone's feelings. It's bad mojo, after all." [Independent]

"I try to act cool in front of my buddies. It's not that hard, ha ha!" [Outgoing]

"I try to keep smiling no matter what. I hope it inspires others to do the same."

"I try to learn from my very infrequent mistakes, and I never regret them." [Confident]

"I try to live every day to the fullest. I’m behind for today. If you’ll excuse me..." [Outgoing]

"I try to pretend I'm asleep on the train so no one tries to talk to me." [Independent]

"I try to try my hardest. It makes me feel alive!"

"I used to think I didn't need friends in my life. It's probably not true, though." [Independent]

"I wanna be the head honcho of this island one day. Would you mind?" [Outgoing, Confident]

"I was born to rule this world. Either that or to play hockey professionally!" [Outgoing]

"I was thinking it might be cool if an awesome girl moved to the island..."

"I walk really fast. Faster than most people walk. It's a gift." [Outgoing, Confident]

"I want everybody to love me. I bet it's possible, somehow."

"I want to be known for being good at what I do and for doing everything!"

"I want to spend my life having as much fun as possible!"

"I was gonna go out and get things done today, but it's already so late!"

"I wish I could work on the weekend and take the rest of the week off."

"I wish more people lived on this island. As they say, the more the merrier!"

"I wish my hair was...better. Know what I mean?"

"I wanna go to paradise for my next vacation. Wonder how long the flight is..."

"I wonder how long it'd take me to tire of my favorite food if I ate it every day..."

"I wonder how similar Miis actually are to their look-alikes..."

"I wonder if I could be a slosh more open minded... Nah, bet not!" [Confident]

"I wonder if I have a look-alike in YOUR world, and how similar we are."

"I wonder if the happiest time of my life is now but I just don't know it yet."

"I wonder if tomorrow I will be more like the person I really want to be..."

"I wonder what'd I'd ask for if I was granted three wishes..."

"I wonder what I'll be doing 10 years from now. I bet something awesome." [Outgoing]

"I wonder which is more important—your friends or your family... Tough call!"

"I wonder why we're here on this earth... There must be a reason!"

"I wonder what sort of mysteries await just beyond the horizon..." [Easygoing]

"I worry about the choices I've made. Should I have done things differently?"

"I worry that I'm not interesting..." [Independent]

"I worry that people don't realize how fantastic I am..." [Confident]

"If a friend needs me, I'm there."

"If I had any weaknesses, I wouldn't want anyone to know about them." [Confident]

"If I notice something is amiss, I can't let it go until it's been fixed!"

"If I worried about what others thought of me, I'd never get anything done!"

"If success is the paint, failure is the primer. Not necessary, but it lays the foundation!" [Independent]

"I'd get so lonesome if I went traveling all by myself."

"I'd like to get along with everyone one day. Dare to dream, right?"

"I'd like to go somewhere far away. Somewhere peaceful and quiet..." [Independent]

"I'd like to go somewhere that has a rich and mystical history."

"I'd like to let loose one of these days. Just go crazy, ya know?"

"I'd like to visit your world one day, [Player]'s look-alike."

"I'd love to be filthy rich but for it to be a secret. No greedy borrowers that way!" [Confident]

"I'd love to find a way to make money doing something related to my hobbies."

"I'd love to have, like, a hundred friends someday..."

"I'm a big fan of taking naps. The more naps per day, the better."

"I'm all about splitting the bill between dates. I'm not made of money, after all!"

"I'm a people watcher. It's kinda like a sport for shy people." [Independent]

"I’m addicted to gossip. Which reminds me...did you HEAR about you know who?" [Outgoing]

"I'm afraid my self-confidence is way lower than it should be..."

"I'm gonna be disgustingly famous one day. You've been warned." [Outgoing]

"I'm gonna try my hardest to stand out! You only live once!"

"I'm happiest when I'm asleep. Is that weird?"

"I'm in SUCH a good mood! Apple juices all around—my treat!" [Happy Miis]

"I'm in the mood to shine!"

"I'm more of a trendsetter than a trend follower, I'd say." [Outgoing]

"I'm most active in the morning. That's when my energy is at its highest!"

"I'm most relaxed when I know the rules. That way I know what's expected of me." [Independent]

"I'm no good at talking to girls. They're just so...girly!" [Independent, Male]

"I'm not a morning person. That's putting it mildly, to be honest."

"I'm not comfortable joining in a chat unless I know everyone there." [Independent]

"I'm most comfortable on my own, I'd say. Other people stress me out." [Independent]

"I'm not good at compliments. By the way, your hair's less ugly than usual." [Independent, Confident]

"I'm not great at showing my emotions to other people. It's so hard!" [Independent, Confident]

"I'm not pessimistic. Why would you say that? Oh, you didn't? Oops..." [Independent]

"I'm not so great at sports. Team spirit...isn't for me." [Independent]

"I'm not one who craves big adventures. I'd prefer to stay in and read a book." [Independent]

"I'm not the type to show off when something good happens to me." [Independent]

"I'm not too good with computers, but I think I'm getting better!"

"I'm obsessed with having the latest everything! My phone is so last week..."

"I'm really hard on myself when I make mistakes. It's the only way I'll learn!"

"I'm so busy, I don't have time to be bored. Which is a good thing!"

"I'm so happy when you visit me, [Player]'s look-alike!"

"I'm so relaxed..."

"I'm so sleepy, my brain feels like it's on pause or something."

"I'm pretty emotional at times. Even the smallest thing can get me down."

"I'm pretty lucky, I'd say. My toast never ever burns."

"I’m something of a fashionista! It’s my thing!" [Outgoing]

"I'm still haunted by the horror movie I saw on TV last week..."

"I'm still sleepy... What was I thinking waking up before noon?"

"I’m still working on me. I get a little closer to perfection every day!"

"I'm the worst at talking to boys. They're just so...boyish!" [Independent, Female]

"I'm told I can be something of an adrenaline junkie. I can't deny it!" [Outgoing]

"I'm told I work best when I'm under pressure. Let's not test that theory." [Outgoing]

"I'm trying to do all my own cooking these days. I am SO hungry."

"I'm trying to find a way to cut out sleeping. It's such a time waster!" [Confident]

"I'm usually late to any appointments I make. So what? I like to take my time!" [Easygoing]

"I'm wondering what I should do today... So many options!"

"I'm writing you a song, [Player]'s look-alike! It's not ready yet..."

"It always feels like no one is listening when I tell a funny joke..." [Confident]

"It annoys me when someone points out an alleged mistake of mine." [Confident]

"It bothers me to no end when I hear someone mispronounciate something." [Independent, Confident]

"It drives me crazy when trips don't go the way I planned them."

"I forget everything, no matter what it is. I'd forget myself if it weren't for mirrors!" [Easygoing]

"I like waking up early. It makes the day that much longer."

"I like walking through department stores just to see what's new."

"It might be hard to fathom, but I was a real rebel as a kiddo!" [Outgoing]

"It ticks me off when people are late but they don't apologize."

"It would be a nice gesture if you gave me some of your money. Just sayin'..."

"It would be so great if everyone on this island became friends." [Easygoing]

"It would be stellar if we got some new blood in this apartment building..."[Easygoing]

"It's best not to get hung up on the little things. Ants are little. So are sprinkles."

"It's best to be brutally honest with people so they know where they stand." [Confident]

"It's best to try all different kinds of things, even if you fail at some of 'em."

"It's easy to get along with people my age. We grew up with the same things!" [Outgoing]

"It's gonna be a tropical night. Better stock up on pineapples!"

"It's hard to forgive your own mistakes. It's best not to make them, I feel."

"It's hard to remember the last time I got really emotional. It's been a while!" [Independent]

"It's hard work being me. I try to shield my friends from the bitter truth." [Outgoing]

"It's important to make the best of every situation. Sometimes it's all you can do!"

"It's important to make time for fun—otherwise you'll burn yourself out!"

"It's nice having some family in this building to help battle the blues!"

"It's not bragging if it's true. That's my policy." [Confident]

"It’s not healthy to keep things bottled up. Except for potions and fairies."

"It's probably a bad idea to eat so late. But my temmy begs to differ..."

"It's so hard to find lifelong friends in this day and age..."

"It's so important to be happy with your job. It makes stress easier to bear!"

"I've always been shy, ever since I was a baby. I was the shyest baby ever." [Independent]

"I've been having some strange dreams. In one there was a talking coconut!"

"I've been hoping you'd visit me, [Player]'s look-alike!"

"I've been practicing my music when I'm alone. I'm getting pretty good!"

"I've gotta live life to the FULLEST, or I'll just EXPLODE!" [Outgoing]

"I've gotten ridiculously good at dribbling. Let's play in the park sometime!"

"I've never cried during a movie. Not even one tear."

"I've never told a lie! Not ever! Don't you believe me?"

"I've noticed that younger people tend to look up to me." [Easygoing]

"I wanna visit the morning market tomorrow, so I better get some sleep."

"Lately I've been excitedly checking to see if any new residents have arrived..." [Outgoing]

"Lazy people make me upset. I don't know why—they just do." [Confident]

"Life is so exciting and so emotional exactly because it's so fleeting."

"Life's more fun if you dream big and dream often!"

"Losing isn't an option. I mean, it technically IS...but not a viable one." [Confident]

"Losing your temper is such a waste. I prefer to just roll with the punches." [Easygoing]

"Looks aren't everything. Remember that!"

"Man, life without friends... I can't even imagine what that would be like!" [Easygoing, Outgoing]

"Meeting new friends can be really stressful. Know what I mean?"

"Meeting people is pretty fun, but it can get frustrating fast." [Confident]

"Mosquitoes always bite me and no one else... I must be tasty!" [Easygoing]

"Movie theaters are weird. I don't like sitting next to complete strangers." [Independent]

"My apartment's so cozy, I never wanna leave. I wish Food Mart delivered!"

"My brain is stuffed full of all kinds of trivia and fun facts." [Confident]

"My brain just doesn't function properly when I don't get enough sleep."

"My eyes seem to be closed in whatever photo I'm in. I have bad blinking luck."

"My favorite is a day off where I have nothing planned. THAT is true freedom!"

"My favorite part of a vacation is the planning. I love making lists!"

"My friends help me cope when times get rough. I can do the same for you!"

"My goal for this month is to not catch a...ACHOO...ehem, a cold."

"My heart skips a beat when someone calls my name. Guess I'm jumpy." [Independent]

"My ideal life would be a peaceful, quiet one. This island is great for that!" [Independent, Confident]

"My instincts are golden. Seriously. Pure gold."

"My intuition tells me one day I'll make the discovery of the century!" [Outgoing]

"My mind is sharp because I got tons of good sleep last night!"

"My voice is naturally loud. It makes it hard to keep secrets, heh heh." [Outgoing]

"Next month is crazy busy for me. I'm in hot demand right now!" [Outgoing]

"No matter how hard life gets, I always try to just grin and bear it."

"No matter what people say, I know when I'm right. Which is always." [Confident]

"Not gonna lie, I was zoned out most of the day. Hope I didn’t miss anything..."

"Nothing is impossible. Not even the impossible!"

"Nothing lasts forever, except for love. I hear fries stay good a long time, too."

"One day everyone will recognize how great I am. That's my dream."

"One day I hope someone proposes to me just like in a movie!"

"One day I'd like to build a fort of bagels. I'll use cream-cheese cement!"

"Pandas have really sharp eyesight. All the better to see bamboo with." [Easygoing]

"Peace makes me happy. After all, everyone deserves a happy life." [Easygoing]

"People always ask me if I'm feeling OK or if I'm tired. I wonder why..."

"People always say I always seem so happy. It makes me so...well, happy!" [Easygoing]

"People always say I look annoyed, which annoys me. Vicious cycle." [Independent]

"People always think I'm a lot younger than I really am. I guess that's good."

"People ask me what I'm thinking, but it's usually just something random." [Independent]

"People getting after me doesn't help me move faster. It just slows me down!"

"People misunderstand me a lot. They're silly like that." [Confident]

"People say I always look like I'm having fun. That's actually fairly accurate!" [Outgoing]

"People say I always seem so happy. It makes me so...well, happy!"

"People say I wear my heart on my sleeve. Sounds dangerous!" [Easygoing]

"People say I'm cold, but really I'm just honest. Some peeps can't deal is all." [Confident]

"People say I'm quiet, but I don't mean to be. I just don't have a lot to say!" [Independent]

"People say I'm really serious. It's a compliment...right?"

"People say I'm something of a nerd. I take it as a compliment, honestly." [Independent]

"People say my fashion sense is boring. Aren't people so rude?" [Independent]

"People say my voice gets really loud. IT CAN'T BE TRUE, RIGHT?" [Outgoing]

"People say love is more important than money. Sounds logical."

"People tell me I'm a firecracker. Whatever THAT means."

"People tell me I'm not complicated. It sounds good but feels like an insult." [Outgoing]

"People tell me my eyes are as bright as the stars. I'm not making this up!"

"People tend to misunderstand me. I really have the best intentions!" [Confident]

"People who are too good with words make me suspicious..." [Easygoing, Independent]

"People who think they're such big shots are usually kidding themselves." [Easygoing]

"Playing outside is overrated. Inside is where it's at." [Easygoing]

"Rainy days make me think about the past... That probably sounds silly."

"Right this moment, I feel like there's nothing I couldn't do!"

"Sappy movies help me unwind. What can I say? I'm a softie!" [Easygoing]

"Saving is for old people. I get by just fine spending what I make." [Outgoing]

"Saying I'm tired makes me feel instantly about a hundred times more tired."

"Seeing a good sunset gets me going. Sometimes I even cry."

"Seeing people fight makes me so sad, especially if I'm involved somehow." [Easygoing]

"Showing my emotions isn't my thing. I much prefer bowling." [Independent]

"So what if I like cute things? I can like whatever I want!"

"Someday I might leave this island to see what other islands are out there..."

"Some people are easier to talk to than others. Like you, for instance!"

"Some people say I talk a lot. I say they don't talk enough!" [Outgoing]

"Somehow I know that no matter what, I'll find a way to get by."

"Something about you puts me at ease, [Player]'s look-alike."

"Sometimes I get in my own way. I should probably stop doing that."

"Sometimes I get my fortune told, but I only take the good parts to heart."

"Sometimes I just need a good night's sleep to forget something unpleasant."

"Sometimes it's so clear that I'm a genius, it almost hurts." [Confident]

"Sometimes I remember something funny and burst out laughing in public."

"Sometimes I think ignorance really is bliss. Other times that sounds crazy!" [Independent]

"Sometimes I trip myself up by overthinking things..."

"Sometimes I wish I could break outta my shell. Other times I like it in here!" [Independent]

"Sometimes I worry I'm a bit cold. Then I remember that's just silly." [Confident]

"Sometimes I zone out without meaning to. It makes people REALLY mad."

"Sometimes I'm too blunt. I've broken a lot of hearts that way." [Confident]

"Sometimes screaming is a good stress reliever. It scares cats and kids, though."

"Sometimes the things people say have a really big effect on me."

"Sometimes watching the news can be scary, but I try to not let it get to me." [Easygoing]

"Sorry is a hard word to say. I'd rather say good-bye than sorry, ha ha."

"Studying just isn't for me. I wish my teachers would respect that." [Easygoing]

"Talking in front of crowds is overrated. And by overrated, I mean terrifying." [Independent]

"The fun thing about life is that you never know what will happen next."

"The moment I open a window, a gross bug always flies in. Why is that?"

"The more excited I am to say something, the harder it is to find the right words!" [Confident]

"The more I want to avoid people, the more likely I'll run into them." [Independent]

"The morning sun makes me wanna jump out of bed and get going!"

"The only time I feel shy is when I'm in front of people I look up to." [Confident]

"The other day I saw a plane zooming overhead. I waved like a maniac!"

"The world would be a different place if no one ever lied."

"There are certain things I'd like to give up, but I don't have the willpower!"

"There are some memories I’d love to forget. Eep. So embarrassing!"

"There isn't a thing to do right now! I should go stir up some trouble..." [Easygoing, Confident]

"There's just not enough time to do everything I want to do in this life..."

"There's no point in conquering something that's already been conquered. No glory!" [Confident]

"There's no such thing as ghosts. That's all there is to it."

"There's no such thing as having too many friends." [Outgoing]

"There's something lucky about a favorite shirt, I think. Gotta be." [Outgoing]

“Things don’t have to be perfect for you to enjoy life. Isn’t that right?”

"This hairstyle is starting to get on my nerves. It’s just… I don’t even know.”

"This is a total secret, but I love looking in the mirror. Don't tell anyone!"

"This may be hard to believe since you look up to me, but I get lonely easily!" [Outgoing]

"This might surprise you, but even I worry about what others think of me."

"There must be more people who'd like to live here. Can you find someone?"

"Today was fairly typical. A bit of good, a bit of bad, but mostly just OK."

"Today was a typical successful day for me." [Confident]

"Today wasn't all that noteworthy..."

"Tonight I think I'll do some stargazing at the observation tower."

"Traveling alone might be scary, or it might be exciting!"

"Wanna dance? I'll provide the music... LA LA LA LA LA!"

"We should throw a big party next time a new resident moves into the building!"

"What day is garbage day again? I can't seem to remember..."

"What should I cook up for dinner? Any ideas? Something pasta related?"

"What's the most important thing in the world to you? Do you know? I don't."

"What's the point of a game if you don't win? Like, why even bother?!"

"When all eyes are on me, I freeze up like an ice cube. Worst. Feeling. Ever." [Independent]

"When I start cleaning, I just can't stop. It's like a sickness!" [Confident]

"When I'm bored, I like to close my eyes and drift through my memories."

"When I'm down, I feel like I'm the only one in the world who feels that way."

"When other people are happy, it makes me happy too. Everyone wins!"

"Whenever I eat bready things, I somehow get bread crumbs stuck to my face..."

"Whenever I eat rice, I always end up getting a grain or two stuck to my face!"

"Whenever I have a task to do, I like getting it out of the way quickly."

"Whenever I race to answer the phone, I always get to it one moment too late!"

"Whenever I see a new kind of food, I have to try it right away!"

"Whenever I see an airplane, I can't help but wonder where it's going!"

"Whenever my friends start bragging, I usually just tune them out."

"Why do dogs always bark at me? It makes me feel bad about myself." [Easygoing]

"Why do people care so much about the latest fashions? Seems so pointless." [Independent]

"When I eat, I go for my favorite parts first. After that, whatever happens, happens."

"When it comes to me, what you see is what you get." [Outgoing]

"When it comes to my amigos, I try to look at the friendship glass as half-full." [Easygoing]

"When it's this cold, I love staying in and snuggling up all warm and cozy."

"Why hurry? There's no need to worry. I'd tell you why, but that's another story."

"Worrying is such a waste of time. I'd rather fail than worry about it." [Confident]

"Writing thank-you cards is the worst. It makes getting gifts a chore!" [Confident]

"Yawn... I stayed up too late last night."

"You can only be truly close to so many people. It's best to choose them wisely."

"You can't please everyone. Just be yourself, that's the best you can do!”

"You didn't hear any...froggy noises coming from my apartment earlier, right? No reason..." [Outgoing]

"You don't have to be so noble all the time. Let loose once in a while!"

"You have a beautiful smile, [Player's] look-alike!"

"You know the person who laughs REALLY loud at the movies? That's me." [Outgoing]

"You look like you've had a rough day. Kick up your feet and relax a while."

"You really are [Player]'s look-alike, aren't you!"

"You should get to bed. What's that? Hey, I am NOT a hypocrite!"

"You should know we're all so grateful for you, [Player]'s look-alike!"

"You're all about [Treasure]s, right? That's what people are saying..."

"You're a real night owl, aren't you, [player]'s look-alike?"

"Yesterday I was watching a movie and started bawling. But...it was a comedy!" [Easygoing]

Friend dialogue

"[Friend] always has a twinkle in [his/her] eye. I wonder where [he/she] got it..."

"[Friend]'s apartment is really comfy. It makes me wanna nap!"

"[Friend]'s apartment seems bigger than mine. Not that it matters, really."

"[Friend] drew a picture of me recently. It was...not so good."

"[Friend] has been through a whole lot. Not my business, though."

"[Friend]'s face would make a great painting. If only I could paint!"

"[Friend] knows so much about so much. Makes me wanna read more..."

"[Friend]'s name is SO cool. I wish MINE was that awesome..."

"[Friend]'s taste in music is WEIRD, to say the least."

"[Friend] wants to show me [his/her] hometown someday. Sounds fun!"

"[Friend] was humming earlier, and now that tune's stuck in my head!"

"Did you hear what happened to [friend]? It made me giggle!"

"Doesn't [friend]'s hair look great?"

"How did [friend] beat me at a video game?! It doesn't make any sense!"

"I always freak on those rare occasions that I lose to [friend]."

"I borrowed [friend]'s dictionary last week. It was in tatters!"

"I borrowed a CD from [friend], and it was SO GOOD. You have no idea."

"I bought a book, but it didn't have pictures, so I gave it to [Friend]." [Outgoing]

"I can't help thinking [friend] would look way better with different hair."

"I can't remember when [friend]'s birthday is."

"I get along really great with [friend]."

"I have the BEST taste in music, so does [friend]. We always agree!"

"I heard [friend] sing recently and was blown away! No joke!"

"I heard some amazing stories about [friend]! What a [guy/gal]!"

"I hope [friend] and I are friends for ever and ever and EVER!"

"I hope [friend] and I stay close forever. Is that possible?"

"I just remembered a funny joke that [friend] told me. Hee hee."

"I lent my favorite CD to [friend]. STILL waiting to get it back. Sheesh!"

"I love chilling with [friend]."

"I love hanging out with [friend]. [He/She]'s probably the coolest [dude/gal] ever!"

"I might have been a different person if I had met [friend] sooner..."

"I really wanna become besties with [friend]."

"I saw [friend] at the train station but was too busy to say hello."

"I saw [friend] trip on the stairs the other day. It was hilarious!"

"I saw [friend]'s look-alike on TV last night. Freaky!"

"I saw [friend] wandering around the other day looking totally lost."

"I think [friend] and I must have known each other in a past life..."

"I wanna have a video-game party with [friend]. Too much to ask?"

"I wonder how old [friend] is. There's just no telling with that face!"

"I wonder if I could be a skosh more open minded... Nah, bet not!"

"I wonder if I'm as popular as [friend]..."

"I wonder what kind of present I should get for [friend]'s birthday..."

"I wonder who has the most friends, me or [friend]."

"I'm brainstorming mean things to say to [friend] for the next time we fight." [Good pal or lower]

"I'm so glad we have [friend] on this island. Great company, that one!"

"Isn't [Friend] a cutie? You've just gotta love [him/her]!"

"It's always weird when I have to introduce [friend] to someone."

"It's like pulling teeth trying to laugh at [friend]'s jokes."

"I've never had a friend quite like [friend]. I kinda like it!"

"[Friend] and I are gonna start working out together. Viva la fitness!"

"[Friend] and I disagree sometimes, but it's pretty rare."

"[Friend] and I get along like two peas in a pod."

"[Friend] and I often have deep talks about life. Also about food."

"[Friend] and I went for a walk and saw [a/an/some] [food/treasure]."

"[Friend] is my friend and all, but I'd never lend her any money."

"[Friend] is always saying [his/her] catchphrase. It's like, give it a break!"

"[Friend] is just so gosh-darn good looking. Just sayin'."

"[Friend] is like a fashion superstar. I wanna be one too!" [Outgoing]

"[Friend] is my bud. I even get a bit jealous of [his/her] other friends!"

"[Friend] is the best."

"[Friend] isn't perfect, but [he/she]'s an amazing friend."

"[Friend] says I'm too chatty, but I just love to talk!" [Outgoing]

"[Friend] should SO star in a film about bandits. Don’t you think?" [Outgoing]

"[Friend]'s face would make a great painting. If only I could paint!"

"I hang out with [Friend] almost every day."

"My friend [Friend] is working too hard these days. I'm worried!"

"Oh noooo! I can't find the book I borrowed from [Friend]..."

"The other day, [friend] drew on my face while I was taking a nap..."

"The other day, [friend] gave me [a/an/some] [Food/Treasure]!"

"What apartment is [friend] in again? I can never remember!"

"When [friend] smiles, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy."

"When I see how great [friend] is, I can't help but pat myself on the back."

"Yesterday I accidentally called [friend] "[sir/ma'am]." Weird!"

"You never hear bad rumors about [friend]. It's suspicious..."

Best friend dialogue

"[Best Friend] and I are more than just friends. We're BEST friends!"

"[Best Friend] and I talk for hours. My phone bill is NOT gonna be pretty..."

"[Best Friend] has such a good heart. I bet it's made of gold!"

"[Best Friend] is an expert storyteller. It's a rare skill!"

"[Best Friend] is my best friend, but [he/she]'s awful with money!"

"[Best Friend] is my best friend, that means [his/her] pain is MY pain too."

"[Best Friend] is my best friend. When [he/she] cries a river, I cry an ocean."

"[Best Friend] is my favorite friend. We're gonna be besties forever."

"[Best Friend] tells me all [his/her] secrets. I'm not spilling the beans, either!"

"Almost all the calls I get are from [best friend]. We love to chat!"

"Apparently I talk about my best friend, ____, a lot..."

"Did you know [Best friend] and I own a lot of the same books?"

"Everyone knows [Best friend] and I are best friends for life."

"I always knew [Best friend] and I had a special friendship."

"I always wanted a best friend. It's as great as I thought it would be!"

"I could talk to [Best friend] all day and all night long."

"I have the most fun when I'm chillin' with [Best friend]."

"I know I'm great and all, but who knew [Best friend] and I'd become besties!"

"I never really wanted a best friend... but it's actually not too shabby!"

"I trust [Best Friend] with all my heart. And all my tummy too!"

"I wanna be best friends with [Best friend] forever!"

"It sounds silly, but my life changed after I met my best friend ____."

"It's almost a fluke that [best friend] and I became close. A good fluke."

"It's so clear... [Best friend] is the best friend I've ever had!"

"If [Best Friend] and I joined forces, we could seriously conquer the world!"

"If [Best Friend] were in a pickle, I'll eat the pickle and get [him/her] out!"

"I'm gonna go on a vacation with [Best friend]. You can come too!"

"I'm so grateful to have a best friend. It's well, the best!"

"I’ve always wanted a best friend! It’s as great as I thought it would be!"

"I've had best friends before, but none come close to [best friend]."

"My day feels incomplete if I don't see [best friend] at some point."

"People say I smile way more when I'm hanging out with [Best friend]."

"Sometimes [Best friend] and I bicker, but we're still besties!"

"The moment I met [Best friend], I just knew we'd hit it off!"

"What does "best friend" really mean? I guess it's different for everyone..."

"When I hang out with [Best friend] I seriously lose track of all time!"

"When something comes up, I always go to [Best friend] for help first."

"When I'm with [Best friend], I forget all about the stressful things in the world."

Sweetheart Dialogue

"[Sweetheart] and I only need each other to be happy."

"[Sweetheart] gets the award for cutest person on earth. No contest."

"[Sweetheart] has such a strong voice. He's such a stud!"

"[Sweetheart] has such broad shoulders! It's kinda swell!"

"[Sweetheart] has the prettiest voice I've ever heard!"

"[Sweetheart] is a certified HUNK. There's no two ways about it!"

"[Sweetheart] is different from the other guys. Better, if you ask me!"

"[Sweetheart] is my girlfriend... How the heck did I manage THAT?!"

"[Sweetheart] looks prettier than ever. Not that I'd tell her that!"

"[Sweetheart] looks so cute when he's napping. Even with the drool."

"[Sweetheart]'s a peach, but [he/she]'s the last person I'd ever lend money to."

"[Sweetheart]'s personality shines like...like a star! No, like a supernova!"

"[Sweetheart] taught me that being in love...can be quite nice!"

"[Sweetheart] walks so fast that it's hard to keep up sometimes!"

"[Sweetheart]'s wonderful and all, but [his/her] fashion sense is...yikes!"

"Being with my darling [sweetheart] makes food taste better. True story!"

"Friends are important, but your sweetheart is...your sweetheart."

"Hands down, [sweetheart] is the best-looking person on the island."

"Having a sweetheart is great, but my happiness doesn't depend on it."

"I adore [sweetheart], but I'm not a kooky lovebird or anything!"

"I always know what [sweetheart] is thinking just by gazing into [his/her] eyes."

"I bet people stop and stare when my [sweetheart] and I walk by."

"I care about [Sweetheart] so much, but I still need my space."

"I decided to date [Sweetheart] because [he/she]'s so [smart/clever] and [handsome/gorgeous]!"

"I don't need money or fame as long as I have [Sweetheart] in my life!"

"I feel like I'm the only one who knows how special [Sweetheart] is."

"I get tons of belly butterflies when I'm near [Sweetheart]. It's magical."

"I got a date with [Sweetheart] tonight. I should probably shower..."

"I just love getting dressed up before I hang out with [Sweetheart]."

"I just saw [Sweetheart] at the station. She looked annoyingly pretty."

"I like spending quality time with my sweetie."

"I love [Sweetheart]!"

"I love [Sweetheart] SO MUCH!"

"I love [Sweetheart]! THERE, I SAID IT!"

"I never knew [Sweetheart] was the jealous type. You live. You learn."

"I think [Sweetheart] and I are the cutest couple on this island!"

"I think life was actually more fun before I started dating. Oh well."

"I want to travel the world with [Sweetheart] one day!"

"I wish I could spend all my free time snuggling with [Sweetheart]!"

"I wonder if [Sweetheart] ever dreams about me... I hope so!"

"I wonder if [Sweetheart] will be my sweetheart forever..."

"I wonder what [Sweetheart] is up to right about now..."

"I wonder what sorts of sweet things [Sweetheart] thinks about me..."

"I wonder where [Sweetheart] is right now. Is [he/she] safe? Warm? Happy?!"

"I wonder which of my qualities made [Sweetheart] want to date me..." [Independent]

"I'll never forget the first movie I saw with [Sweetheart]. It was...um..."

"I'm actually something of a baby when I'm with someone I love."

"I'm all about making lasting memories with my sweetheart."

"I'm in LOVE! It's not like in the movies, but it's pretty nifty."

"I'm so glad to be the sort of person [Sweetheart] can be proud to date!"

"I'll never forget the first time I met [Sweetheart]..."

"It's best not to brag, but [Sweetheart] is the BEST [boyfriend/girlfriend]!"

"It's important to think about your sweetheart's feelings."

"Just thinking about [Sweetheart] makes me feel like I'm walking on air!"

"Last night I had a sweet dream about [Sweetheart]. I woke up smiling!"

"Looking into [Sweetheart]'s eyes is all I need to be happy."

"My sweetheart and I are so close, we don't even need to talk."

"Not to blatantly boast, but my darling [Sweetheart] is fantastic!"

"Not to brag, but I'm totally going out with [Sweetheart]. Spread the word!"

"Oh, [Sweetheart]...my darling..."

"Planning dates used to be a pain. Now...I kind of like it. Don't tell!"

"Sometimes I find myself getting totally lost in [Sweetheart]'s eyes."

"Sometimes I like to just sit and admire [Sweetheart]'s bountiful beauty."

"The cold, hard truth is there's no one cooler than [Sweetheart]."

"The photo I took with [Sweetheart] is my new favorite treasure."

"You have no idea how delicate [Sweetheart]'s little hands are!"

"Yay, it's Sunday! [Sweetheart] and I always go out on Sunday."

"You know [Sweetheart], right? [He/She]'s my [boyfriend/girlfriend]! I'm so lucky!"

Gift dialogue

"At first I was embarrassed to hula dance, but now it's my bread and butter!"

"A punching bag is a great investment. It's an amazing way to let off steam!"

"After consulting my manual, I'm now a hula master. I'll show ya sometime!"

"As long as I have a good book by my side, I'm happy as a hippo."

"Ballet is so enchanting. It makes me feel all graceful and junk!"

"Ever since I got my bubble blower, it's all I want to do!"

"Full-length mirrors are the best. They let me see all of my beautiful self!"

"I always end up staying on the phone way longer than I planned to!"

"I always wanted to dance. Now with my ballet manual, I'm really doing it!"

"I blew bubbles in the park, and before I knew it, I had drawn a crowd!"

"I can beat anyone at any game on Wii U. It's true—just try me!"

"I feel a lot smarter after using my new study kit."

"I feel at peace when I'm doing yoga. Namaste, as they say."

"I find it's impossible to be sad when I'm shaking maracas."

"I get a little sad when nobody calls. Maybe my phone isn't working..."

"I give my maracas a good shake whenever I have a free moment."

"I have a cat that comes to visit me. I wish I could keep her!"

"I have a dog staying in my apartment. I haven't been this excited in ages!"

"I have a dog that comes to visit me. Dogs are so cute and slobbery!"

"I like bouncing tennis balls off the wall with my racket. I'm a tennis virtuoso!"

"I liked the new book I got so much, I read the whole thing in one night!"

"I listen to my favorite CD every day. I guess that's why it's my favorite!"

"I love racing online with my 3DS. It's hard to stop playing!"

"I love the sound my punching bag makes when I hit it. And it's great exercise!"

"I lose all sense of time when I'm surfing the net on my laptop!"

"I lose track of the world when I get to shaking my maracas."

"I love a good game of fetch with my puppy compadre."

"I made millions with my metal detector! That's what I'll be saying soon..."

"I memorized the lyrics to all the songs on my CD! Want me to sing them to you?"

"I only register people I really like on my phone. Don't worry—you're in there!" [Independent, Confident]

"I practice golf a lot these days. It's a difficult sport to master!"

"I put on makeup once, and it made me so beautiful, I frightened myself!"

"I started learning ballet. I think I have a real knack for it!"

"I swung my bat around at the observation tower. No one else was amused..."

"I took my fishing pole for a spin but didn't catch a thing. My bait must not be tasty."

"I wanna buy a new 3DS game. Maybe something with Rupees..."

"I was knocking a tennis ball around at the tower, and it went over the edge..."

"I went fishing the other day but didn't get a single bite. Very fishy."

"I've been hitting the books every day since I got my study kit."

"I've been practicing tennis a lot. Either I'm no good or I need a new racket..."

"I've been reading the book I got over and over. It's amazing every time!"

"I've been spending my free time kicking my ball around at the park for practice."

"I've been writing songs on my guitar. I want you to be the first to hear them!"

"I'm actually not a bad makeup artist. A face is like a canvas!"

"I'm getting pretty good with my guitar. I'll play you something next time!"

"I'm having some friends over to play Wii U. I'll need lots of chips. And salsa!"

"I'm most at peace when I'm out on the ocean, just me and my fishing pole."

"I'm on a skateboarding spree right now. I'm getting pretty good at it!"

"I'm pretty cool now that I know all about how to use my laptop!"

"I'm trying to learn the fine art of hula. This is the next big phase of my life!"

"Let's go skateboarding together, [Player]'s look-alike!"

"Let's have a kite-flying contest! I'm the undefeated champion."

"My baseball bat is a dream to swing. It ups my game by about a million!"

"My 3DS XL is my best nonhuman friend. A day isn't complete if I don't play it!"

"My metal detector is busted. All I ever seem to find are empty cans..."

"My scale really helps me stay on track with my health and fitness goals!"

"Now that I have a cat that comes to visit, my home is much homier!"

"Now that I've got a metal detector, I'll be rich before you know it!"

"Someone gave me a bag of makeup the other day. What's the big idea?!"

"Taking a few swings with my baseball bat is my favorite way to unwind!"

"The golf club I got is really high quality. I can tell by how effortlessly it swings!"

"The great thing about a treadmill is it doesn't matter what the weather's like!"

"The sad thing about bubbles is, they live just to pop. Sorry to get philosophical on ya..."

"There's no quick way to get good at skateboarding. Or is there...?"

"When I snuggle with my kitty friend, my nose gets all itchy. Still worth it!"

"When I was playing Wii U, I saw a Mii that looked JUST like... well, me!"

"Whenever I'm stressed, I use my punching bag, and before I know it, I feel all better!"

"Yesterday I flew my kite so high, it almost bumped into the sun!"

"Yoga has had a positive effect on my body AND my mind. My chakras too!

"Yoga was tough at first, but I'm glad I stuck with it. I'm crazy bendy now!"

Gameplay dialogue

"Didja know you can scroll through lists by sliding with your stylus?"

"I hear you can swap apartment locations at the Mii Apartments main office!"

"If you fill out all of a Mii's profile, a nifty pencil icon will show up in the Mii list!"

"If you press the A Button or the +Control Pad, the stuff we say... Oh, never mind!"

"If you tap a sleeping Mii’s face... Actually, I won’t spoil it for you!"

"If you tap an islander's head, you might just see what's on his or her mind!"

"Slide your stylus to look into several apartments in a row!"

"Sometimes when us islanders are asleep, you'll catch us in the middle of a dream!"

"Use the Circle Pad to look around an apartment before going inside!"

"When peeking through windows, use the +Control Pad to change apartments!"

"You can get a lot of sweet info by visiting Mii Apartments' main office!"

"You can tap our tummies to see what's inside. Cool, right?"

Traveler dialogue

"A traveler asked me about touristy spots here. I suggested the food mart." [Confident]

"A traveler said my fashion sense is super avant-garde. Who knew?!"

"Befriending travelers is bittersweet. You learn so much, but then they leave!"

"Hearing travelers talk makes me feel like a small fish in a smaller pond..."

"If travelers don't like our island...well, they can just go home!"

"I just had a great chat with a traveler. We talked about aliens and the pyramids!"

"I just passed a traveler on the street! I was too shy to say hello, though..." [Independent]

"I just showed a traveler how to get to Town Hall. I'm super helpful like that."

"I like to feed hungry travelers. It's like a zoo or something, ha ha." [Easygoing]

"I love seeing new travelers. It's exciting just being near all that adventure!"

"I make sure to wish all travelers good luck on their journeys."

"I think I saw a traveler earlier! I'll have to stop and say hello next time."

"I'm gonna go find a pretty seashell to give to a traveler as a keepsake!"

"I love seeing new travelers. It's exciting just being near all that adventure!"

"I like to get in there and say hello when I see a new tent pop up." [Outgoing]

"I met a traveler who is so cool! We've been hanging out a ton."

"I met a traveler who was so funny. I couldn't stop laughing!"

"I saw a traveler totally failing at putting up a tent. It was hilarious." [Confident]

"I wrote a poem for a traveler I met. Wonder if I could give it to [him/her]..."

"Seeing travelers chasing their dreams gets me all fired up!"

"Seeing travelers give it their all makes me feel lazy..."

"The traveler I just met is hilarious! I love a good sense of humor."

"This island is a lot more happening now that we're getting some travelers."

"Travelers are so adorbs. You just wanna ruffle their hair, ya know?"

"Travelers say the nuttiest things. It's SO entertaining!" [Confident, Outgoing]

"Travelers should clean up after themselves. It's not fair otherwise."

"We get lots of travelers here. I wanna go on a big trip one day too!"

"What gives travelers that sparkle in their eye? Seriously, I want one too!"

"When a traveler has a cold, the decent thing to do is offer some medicine."

"When a traveler smiles, I get so proud knowing it's our island that did it!"

Day, weather and seasonal dialogue

"A new month is a new opportunity to change your life around. Exciting!"

"April feels like the start of something new. Something magical!"

"April showers bring May flowers! You probably already knew that..."

"Are you on summer vacation yet, [Player]'s look-alike?"

"August is a great month to go wild and have some fun!"

"Beware the Ides of March! Apparently Ides are bad news. Especially March ones."

"Clouds look like cotton candy. I bet they taste sooo good."

"Every day should be Saturday. Let's make it happen!"

"Everything's so green and pretty this time of year. Let's go play outside!"

"Fall can be a bit lonely. Quick, gimmie a hug before I tear up!"

"February goes by too quickly, I feel. It needs a few more days!"

"Fun fact: white tulips signify forgiveness. I'd forgive you for not knowing that."

"I always stay up super late on Fridays. After all, why not?!

"I bought some new rain boots the other day. I'm ready for the rainy season!"

"I can only survive Tuesdays thanks to my willpower of steel!"

"I can't believe Sunday's almost over... I could seriously cry right now."

"I have a feeling today's going to get pretty hot. Too bad. I hate sweating!"

"I hope [Sweetheart] and I can go on vacation somewhere this summer."

"I just saw some daffodils. It must be spring! FINALLY!"

"I love jumping in big piles of fallen leaves...as long as there aren't bugs."

"I love May breezes. They're way better than December freezes!"

"I lose momentum by Wednesday. Weeks are too long, dude."

"I miss the chilly brilliance known as winter. Warmth is overrated."

"I still haven't reached my peak on Tuesdays. I'll get there by Thursday."

"I think Wednesday should be an off day too. I need a midweek break!"

"I'm starting to get excited for the weekend. Fridays are the best!"

"I've got a bad case of the Mondays. Wish I could sleep until Friday..."

"If I can make it through today, I may just survive the week. Mondays are the worst!"

"It's been getting warmer and warmer the past few days. I love it!"

"It's going to get freezing tonight. Luckily I embrace the cruel cold."

"It's hard for me to get motivated on Thursdays. Too close to the weekend."

"It's easier to cope on Friday, because you're close to having a break."

"It's finally Thursday! Not much longer until the weekend. Thank GOODNESS."

"It's Monday. Today's the day. The day I go all out!"

"It's Saturday! Are you free to relax today, [Player]'s look-alike?"

"It's so hot, I can barely think. One plus one is... OH NO! I CAN'T REMEMBER!"

"It's so hot, I've lost my appetite. Hope it's not sun sickness! Is that a thing?"

"It's still dark when I wake up. It's just not right!"

"It's Thursday already?! That means tomorrow's Friday! VICTORY!"

"It's too hot to go out! Maybe I'll wait until the sun sets to run my errands."

"I've got an idea! Why don't you give me a dollar every time you say it's too hot?"

"July makes me giddy. I just can't contain my July jubilation!"

"Let's all go frolic beneath some cherry blossoms. Know where we can find some?"

"Looks like it's gonna be a real scorcher today! I'm ready!"

"May weather is a little bit perfect. Not too hot and not too cold!"

"Monday mornings are so refreshing! It's like a blank slate for life."

"Once Friday hits, I can't think about anything other than Saturday plans!"

"Rainy days make me think about the past... That probably sounds silly."

"Saturday mornings were made for sleeping in. Who am I to fight it?"

"Saturdays make me wanna take an unexpected trip somewhere cool!"

"Seasons are weird. Hot one month, cold the next. What gives?!"

"Spring is a great time to make a fresh start. After all, life is in full bloom!"

"Spring makes me super sleepy. So does winter. Actually...fall does too..."

"Sundays are bittersweet. It's great to be free, but you know it's almost over!"

"Sundays make me way too excited, I usually wake up way too early!"

"There's a lot of pollen in the air today. The bees must be going nuts!"

"There must be something fun to do. Sun fun and all that. Any ideas?"

"The weather is just right for me in October. A bit chilly, but not cold yet."

"This year feels hotter than last year. Or maybe I'm wearing more clothes..."

"Today's only the middle of the week, isn't it? I need a weekend already..."

"Tuesdays are so meh. Not as bad as Monday but still too far from Friday."

"The heat is killing me. I better take an ice bath before it's too late!"

"The rain pattering on the roof is so soothing. It lulls me right to sleep!"

"The weather is finally comfortable again. At least for a while..."

"Weekdays and weekends... They're both great, if you ask me!"

"We're already a week into the new month, and I haven't accomplished a thing!"

"WHAT?! It's already a new month? Why didn't anyone tell me?!"

"When did it get to be December? This year flew by so fast..."

"When it looks cold outside, it makes me wanna hide inside until spring!"

"When the sun's this bright, I get really paranoid about sunburns."

"Why do I get so sleepy in the spring? I thought winter was the time to hibernate..."

"You know it's summer when the crickets start chirping more than the birds!"

"You know that clean, lonely sound right before it rains? I love it."

"You've gotta stop and smell the roses once in a while. You've just gotta!"

Family Dialogue

Spouse dialogue

"[Spouse] and I are soul mates."

"[Spouse] and I can talk for hours and not get bored."

"[Spouse] and I don't agree about everything, but that's fine."

"[Spouse] and I don't always agree about how to raise kids."

"[Spouse] and I got in a fight the other day about something silly."

"[Spouse] and I had a fight about whose turn it was to do the dishes."

"[Spouse] and I have a lot of the same hobbies."

"[Spouse] and I have started acting alike since we got married."

"[Spouse] and I just love taking long walks on the beach together."

"[Spouse] and I love cooking dinner together."

"[Spouse] and I take turns cooking dinner each night."

"[Spouse] hates doing chores, but [he/she] always does [his/her] share."

"[Spouse] is such a nice guy. I'm so happy I married him."

"[Spouse] is the cutest [guy/girl] on this whole island!"

"[Spouse] likes doing the dishes, but [he/she]'s really bad at it..."

"[Spouse] looked so [beautiful/handsome] on our wedding day..."

"[Spouse] still looks as [handsome/beautiful] as [he/she] did on our wedding day."

"[Spouse] makes me so happy!"

"[Spouse] snorts when he laughs sometimes. It's so cute!"

"[Spouse] is such a great dad. He helps me out so much."

"[Spouse] is the husband of my dreams!"

"[Spouse] is the most wonderful and caring wife."

“[Spouse] and I are married, but we do a lot of stuff on our own.”

“[Spouse] is such a nice guy! I'm so happy I married him!”

"Being married can be difficult at times."

"Being married has its good days and bad days. Mostly good, though!"

"Being married isn't all hearts and unicorns all the time, but such is life."

"Being married to [Spouse] is the best thing ever!"

"Being married to [Spouse] makes me so happy!"

"Even married couples have certain secrets they keep from each other..."

"Even rainy days aren't so bad when I'm with my sweet [Spouse]."

"Even though we're married, I don't tell [Spouse] everything..."

"Even though we're married, I still learn new things about [Spouse]."

"Getting married to [Spouse] opened up a whole new world for me."

"I can't imagine life without [Spouse] by my side."

"I can't wait to grow old with [Spouse]."

"I've got a few secrets I still haven't told [Spouse]..."

"I have less alone time since getting married, but I'm getting used to it."

"I have so much love and respect for [Spouse]."

"I hope [Spouse] and I stay together forever!"

“I hope nothing ever comes between [Spouse] and me.”

“I love [Spouse] SO MUCH!”

"I love coming home and finding my sweet potato waiting for me."

"I love it when [Spouse] tells me how much he/she loves being married!"

"I love when people say they're jealous of my marriage."

“I think [Spouse] and I are the cutest couple on this island!”

"I watch a lot of cooking shows, so I'm a way better cook than [Spouse]."

“I wish [Spouse] would help out a little more around the house.”

"I wish I could relive the day [Spouse] and I got married."

"I wish [Spouse] had a better sense of style, but I still love [him/her]."

"I wish certain moments with [Spouse] could go on forever!"

"I'll never forget the moment I proposed to [Spouse]."

"I'm [Spouse]'s [husband/wife]... I still can't believe it!"

"I'm actually something of a baby when I'm with someone I love."

"I'm so proud to call [Spouse] my [husband/wife]!"

"I've got a few secrets I still haven't told [Spouse]..."

"Is there anyone cuter than [Spouse]?! Nope."

"Is your world a nice place to live in, [Player]'s look-alike?"

"It takes two to make a marriage really work."

"Just hanging out with [Spouse] is my favorite thing."

"Married life is a bit different than how I imagined..."

"Married life is the best."

"Nothing makes me happier than spending time with [Spouse]."

"Once you get married, certain secrets come out..."

"Our honeymoon was so much fun."

"Sometimes [Spouse] snores when [he/she]'s sleeping. It's so cute!"

"Sure, [Spouse] and I are married, but we're still our same old selves."

"The best thing about being married is always having someone to talk to."

"There's nobody who knows my [Spouse] as well as I do!"

"There's nothing I wouldn't do for my darling [Spouse]!"

"There's nothing better than just hanging out with [Spouse]."

"We might be married, but I still won't fart around [Spouse!]"

"With [Spouse] by my side, nothing can bum me out!"

"Yay, it's Sunday! [Spouse] and I always go out on Sunday."

Child dialogue

"[Child] can be so funny sometimes. [He/She] cracks me up!"

"[Child] has been a total sweetie since the day [he/she] was born."

"[Child] has been imitating me lately. It's so funny!"

"[Child] is the best kid ever!"

"[Child] is the best thing that's ever happened to me."

"[Child] is going to grow up to be a star."

"[Child] is the best thing that's ever happened to me."

"[Child] is the most important thing in the whole world to me!"

"[Child] is such a little angel!"

"[Child] is such a little darling."

"[Child] is the best thing that's ever happened to me."

"[Child] likes me way better than her mom."

"[Child] looks so peaceful when he/she sleeps."

"[Child] loves food almost as much as I do!"

"[Child] loves running around and playing chase."

"[Child] loves running laps around the house. So much energy!"

"[Child] means the world to me."

"[Child] means the world to me. [He/She]'s my everything!"

"[Child] seems to be at that rebellious age."

"[Spouse] is a wonderful dad to our child. I'm so proud of him."

"Being a parent is quite a trip! There's never a dull moment."

"Having a child gives you a whole new perspective on life."

"Having a child has been the most wonderful experience imaginable."

"Having a child has really inspired me to make sure I'm taking care of myself."

"Having a kid is endlessly entertaining."

"Having a kid has given me a whole new level of respect for my parents."

"I can't believe how cute [Child] is!"

"I can't believe [Child] will be all grown up someday..."

"I cherish every moment I get to spend with [Child]."

"I get so much joy from just being around [Child]."

"I have so many photos of [Child], it's crazy!"

"I hope [Child] does great things when he grows up."

"I see a lot of myself in [Child]."

"I think I'm a pretty great dad."

"I feel like [Child] is gonna be famous someday!"

"I have a feeling [Child] might grow up to be a famous artist."

"I hope my kid does better in school than I did..."

"I think [Child] could easily grow up to be a movie star."

"I think I enjoy playing with toys as much as my kid does..."

"I want my kid to grow up to be confident and self-sufficient."

"I want nothing more than for my child to grow up happy and healthy."

"I want to be the best role model for [Child] that I can be."

"I wish I could express how much my kid means to me, but I can't."

"I wish there were more children on this island."

"I'd do anything for [Child]. I love him/her so much!"

"If I'm having a bad day, [Child]'s smile always cheers me up."

“I’ll always support my child, no matter what.”

"I hope all of my child's dreams come true someday."

"I know everybody says the same thing, but my kid is the cutest kid ever!"

"I love dressing my kid up in cute clothes."

"I'm so happy that [Child] has a mind of [his/her] own."

"I never get tired of looking at my kid's beautiful face."

"It can be quite a chore getting [Child] to fall asleep at night."

"It's hard as a parent to always know if you're doing the right thing or not."

"I try my best not to spoil my child."

"I'm doing my best to raise [Child] right."

"I'm fine with whatever my kid wants in life."

"It's never too early to start saving up for your kid's college fund."

"Kids are gonna get up to no good now and again, but that's OK."

"Kids grow up so fast..."

"Kids have such active imaginations! It's quite inspiring, really."

"Kids really do grow up before you know it. It's kinda rude."

"Kids these days. They just don't know up from down anymore, do they?"

"Kids will be kids, and that's fine by me."

"My kid makes the funniest faces ever!"

"Our house is so much livelier now that [Child] is here."

"People say that [Child] has my eyes."

"Raising [Child] right is my number one goal in life."

"Raising kids can be tough, but it's totally worth it!"

"There are so many things I want to teach [Child]."

"There are so many things I'd like to tell [Child]. Where to begin..."

"The joy I felt when [Child] was born is indescribable."

"The sound of [Child]'s laughter is like music to my ears."

"Watching [Child] grow up is a magical thing."

"When I look into my child's eyes, all of my worries just fade away."

Grown child dialogue

"[Child] and I have big plans together! It's gonna be FUN!"

“[Child]'s an adult now, but [he/she] is still my pride and joy!”

"[Child]'s a legit grown-up now. How did I let that happen?!"

"[Child] is all grown up now. Well, at least in theory."

"[Child] is such an impressive adult. I'm so proud!"

"[Child] grew up so fast! There's so much we didn't do together."

"[Child] lives nearby, but I still can't help but worry!"

"[Spouse] thinks I smother [Child]. I don't right?!"

"Even now I buy tons of sweaters for [Child] to stay warm."

"Home is a bit too quiet now that my baby [Child] is gone..."

"I still look at [Child]'s baby photos every day. [He/She] was so cute!"

"I want to protect [Child], even if [he/she] doesn't need me to..."

"I wonder if [Child] needs me to cook [him/her] a nice, big meal..."

"I hope [Child] is making lots of new friends."

"I hope [Child] isn't staying up too late or dodging veggies..."

"I'd like to spend some quality time with [Child] soon..."

"I'm proud of [Child]'s adventures, but I do get lonely."

"I'm so nostalgic for the days [Child] was around."

"I'm thrilled that [Child] has grown up so big and strong!"

“It makes me so happy when I hear good news about [Child]!”

"I get a little down when I see [Child]'s empty room..."

"No matter what, [Child] will always be my little baby."

"There are so many things I'd like to tell [Child]. Where to begin..."

Parent dialogue

"Being a mother must be really hard. Mom always looks so stressed out."

"Dad used to take so long getting ready in the morning. It drove Mom and me nuts!"

"Dad's not the most reliable person in the world. He's busy, I guess."

"I always got along better with my dad than with my mom. He's not as weird!"

"I bet the secret ingredient in my mom's cooking is...love! And loads of salt."

"I drove my mom crazy sometimes growing up, but not all that often..."

"I get kind of embarrassed hanging out in public with my mother..."

"I had a dream that my mom was yelling at me. More like a nightmare..."

"I have all kinds of happy memories with my dad. I know we'll make lots more!"

"I have no doubt that I'll achieve even greater heights than my dad."

"I love my mom so much!"

"I still remember how my mom used to sing me to sleep."

"I try to walk the line so I don't have to worry about making my mom sad."

“I used to fight with my mom a lot. But now we get along just fine.”

"I wanna be just like my dad one day. Except richer and better looking."

"I wanna be just like my mom when I grow up!"

"I wonder how Dad's doing right about now..."

"I wonder how my mom's doing..."

"I just saw my old man at the station. Dude, he has AGED!"

"I still remember the books my mom used to read to me when I was little."

"I wish I could eat my mom's home cooking every day again..."

"I wonder what I should get my old man for his birthday. A cane?"

"I wonder what my dad thinks of the person I’ve become. Hope he’s proud!”

"I've been having a lot of dreams about my dad lately. Maybe I should call more."

"I'm glad I have the kind of dad who spends a lot of time with me."

”It wasn’t until recently when I started to appreciate my mom’s love.”

"It's hard to talk to my dad sometimes. Especially around dinnertime..."

"It's nice having some family in this building to help battle the blues!"

"Just because someone is family doesn't mean you'll get along with them."

"Me and my pops are great friends!"

"Mom and I get along so well, we're more like siblings than anyone else."

"Mom said to go out and make her proud. It's sweet, but it's also a lot of pressure!"

"My dad and I know just where we stand with each other."

"My dad is REALLY cool. Well...sometimes."

"My dad is the BEST. He's totally father-of-the-year material."

"My dad snores like a freight train. It's SO obnoxious!"

"My dad's a real looker, even in his old age. Not bad genes, ha ha!"

"My dad's a super-manly man. He eats rocks for breakfast! OK, not really."

"My dad's cooking is... Well, he means well. That's what counts."

”My dad’s farts are so stinky and loud. It’s SO gross!”

“My dad used to help me with my homework. Not my chores, though.”

"My father used to get pretty mad at me. Guess I WAS a rebellious kiddo, heh."

"My mom is as classy as it gets."

“My mom is the best cook ever!”

”My mom never fails to cheer me up when I feel down.”

"My mom worries about me too much."

"My mom's the best in the world. Not to brag, but it's true!"

"One day I hope I'm as wise and as good at peeling apples as my dad."

"One day I'd like to repay my dad for everything he's done for me."

"People say I look like my dad. Honestly, I don't see it..."

"People say I look like my mom."

Sometimes I accidentally call my father "Daddy," like I'm still a baby."

"Sometimes my mother's love is... Well, it can be a bit smothering, ha."

"There's nothing more comforting than my mom's voice."

"When I grow up, I hope I'm smart and pretty just like my mom!"

"When I grow up, I wanna be just like my mom!"

"Whenever I'm sick, even to this day, my mom always brings me hot soup."

"You don't want to cross my dad when he gets upset. His face gets all red."

"You probably don't know this, but my dad is a huge slob sometimes."

"I used to think my dad was the coolest. Now I know better, ha ha ha."

Sibling dialogue

"[Sibling] and I are lucky to have such cool parents."

"[Sibling] and I are planning something special for our parents."

"[Sibling] and I are related, but we don't have a lot in common..."

"[Sibling] is family, but it's crazy how different we are."

"[Sibling] told me a secret. Sorry, but it's a siblings-only thing!"

"Do I look like an older sibling or a younger one? Be honest!"

"Having a sibling really changes your whole perspective, I think."

"Honestly, [Sibling] is the only person I know I can rely on."

"I always know when [sibling] is in trouble. It's the sixth sense!"

"I hope [sibling] is proud to be my sibling. If not, it's [his/her] problem.

"I wonder if I would have been really lonely as an only child..."

"I wonder how [Sibling] ranks as far as [brothers/sisters] go..."

"I won't stand for anyone trash-talking [sibling]. Not on my watch!"

"I'm glad I'm not an only child. I'd get SO bored!"

"I'm glad that [sibling] isn't a traveler. I'd be so worried!"

"I'm so lucky I get along well with my [brother/sister]. We're two of a kind!"

"I'm so proud to have [sibling] as my [brother/sister]."

"It's nice knowing that no matter what, I'll always have [Sibling]."

"It's so great to have a [brother/sister] like [Sibling] in my life!"

"So I guess whoever [Sibling] marries will become family too. Weird!"

“Hey! You look after people, right? Take extra good care of my [brother/sister] for me!”

“I’m pretty sure [sibling] and I aren't cut out for traveling.”

"Sometimes being siblings means it's easier to tick each other off."

"Sometimes "[Sibling] and I talk about how fun it'd be to travel the world."

“The nice thing about siblings is, they’re obligated to always be there for you!”

"You know that [Sibling] and I are family, right? Can you tell?"

"You know who I'm related to, right? It's, like, your job to know, isn't it?"

Ex-sweetheart / spouse dialogue

"[Ex-Spouse] and I were so happy in the beginning. Life is unpredictable."

"[Ex-Sweetheart/Spouse] used to mean the world to me. Now...not so much."

"[Ex-Sweetheart] and I just weren't all that great together, to be honest."

"[Item] always reminds me of [Ex-Sweetheart]'s smile..."

"After I broke up with [Ex-Sweetheart], I threw out all our keepsakes. Clean start."

"Breaking up was our last decision as a couple. I have no regrets."

"I can still see [Ex-Sweetheart/Spouse]'s smile when I close my eyes."

"I could write a book about my breakup with [Ex-Sweetheart]...but I won't."

"I cried five rivers after my breakup with [Ex-Sweetheart]."

"I don't wanna say I wish I'd never met [Ex-Sweetheart]...but..."

"I don't wanna say why [Ex-Sweetheart] and I broke up. I'll just let the rumors fly."

"I flushed all my old photos of me and my ex [Ex-Sweetheart]. Harsh?"

"I hope [Ex-Sweetheart/Spouse] is happier now than when we were together."

"I learned a lot from my marriage to [Ex-Spouse]. I'll never regret it."

"I saw an old movie on TV yesterday that I first saw with [Ex-Sweetheart]. Sigh."

"I think I saw [Ex-Sweetheart/Spouse] walking with some annoyingly hot hottie..."

"I wanted to make [Ex-Spouse] happy forever. So much for THAT."

"I wonder if letting [Ex-Sweetheart] go was a big mistake..."

"I wonder what I should do with the ring [Ex-Spouse] gave me..."

"I would say I regret meeting [Ex-Sweetheart]...but..."

"I'm actually glad I broke up with [Ex-Sweetheart/Spouse]. Now I'm free!"

"If I could do it all over again...I'd avoid [Ex-Sweetheart/Spouse] like the plague."

"If only [Ex-Sweetheart] and I had talked more. We might have made it work."

"It's too bad that [Ex-Sweetheart/Spouse] let me down, just like everyone else."

"I've started to doubt whether I ever really loved [Ex-Sweetheart]..."

"Marriage wasn't all bad. [Ex-Spouse] and I had some fun times..."

"So...I broke up with [Ex-Sweetheart]. I hope we can manage to stay friends."

"Sometimes I wish I could start all over with [Ex-Spouse]..."

"When I remember things [Ex-Sweetheart] used to say, it bums me out a little."

Holiday/Special Day Dialogue

Birthday dialogue

"Go, me! It's my birthday!"

"Guess whose birthday it is today..."

"Guess whose birthday it is today? Oh, yea. That's right. Yay, me!"

"Guess whose special day it is... MINE! Oh, yeah!"

"Hey, [Player]'s look-alike! It's totally my birthday today!"

"I'm always happy on my birthday!"

"It's my birthday!"

"It's my birthday! I'm gonna have the best year ever!"

"It's my birthday! It's my birthday!"

"It's my birthday! Another year older, another year wiser!"

"I love birthdays! Especially my own!"

"It's my birthday! Woo-hoo!"

"It's my birthday today!"

"It's no big deal, but today does happen to be my birthday!"

"I'm always happy on my birthday!"

"So... today's my birthday!"

"Today is my birthday!"

"Today's my birthday! I'm gonna spend the whole day maxin' and relaxin'."

"Today's my birthday, let's party!"

Holiday dialogue

"Happy Valentine's Day!"

"Happy Cinco de Mayo!"

"Happy Holidays!"

"Happy New Year!"

"Happy New Year! I hope you have the best year ever!"

"Happy New Year! I'm practicing for midnight, ha ha."

"You sent me a holiday card, right? If not, I'll be sad forever. No pressure."

"I wonder if [Friend] will send me a holiday card. I love getting mail."

"I can't wait to take [Sweetheart] out for Valentine's Day!"

"I don't make New Year's resolutions anymore. I know I won't keep them."

"I'm a stickler for unwrapping presents neatly. Why waste good wrapping paper?"

"Happy March!"

"Happy April Fools' Day!"

"Happy May Day!"

"Happy Fourth of July!"

"Happy October!"

"Another year in the books!"

"It's April Fools' Day! Who should my next victim be?"

"This year was unforgettable. Hopefully next year is even better!"

"I'm gonna stick to my resolutions next year. Luckily it's not next year yet, bwa ha!"

"Who do you think is going to win the big game?"

"Season's greetings!"

"At this time of year, I like staying inside and doing nothing, ha ha."

Interior Dialogue

Interior dialogue

"Don't spin around too much. You might get dizzy and break something!"

"Getting a new interior is so exciting!"


"I can really chill out in this kind of atmosphere."

"I can see myself living happily here."

"I could never get tired of living here."

"Is this the kind of room YOU would live in, [Player]'s look-alike?"

"It's fun looking around other people's apartments, isn't it?"

"It's just so relaxing in here."

"It's really neat."

"I'm having fun just looking around!"

"Not a bad little room, eh?"

"Remember, you can also view interiors from your collection at Town Hall."

"So shiny and new!"

"So this is my new interior? It's something else!"

"Such a nice room!"

"Thank you for this great interior."

"This is great!"

"This is just fantastic!"

"This is quite impressive. I'm impressed!"

"Very nice. No complaints!"

"What do we have here?"

"What do you think?"

"You're really taking your time, aren't you? It's fine—no rush."

Port Dialogue

Greetings, own island

"Good evening, [Player]'s look-alike!"

"Hello, [Player]'s look-alike!"

"Hey, [Player]'s look-alike!"

"Hi, [Player]'s look-alike!"

Greetings, different island

"Good evening!"

"Hi there!"

"Hello there!"


Misc., own island

"[Island], I can't imagine not seeing you for a while..."

"Are you crying, [Player]'s look-alike? Please don't cry..."

"Best wishes, [Player]'s look-alike! I hope all of your dreams come true!"

"Don't you worry about me. I'll be careful out there, just like always!"

"Give me a big smile when you say good-bye, OK? I need you to be strong!"

"Good-bye, [Island]... I... I refuse to cry over you! SOB!"

"I don't think the boat is coming..."

"I hope I meet some nice people on this trip. And some nice food!"

"I know you'll be lonely without me, so I'll be sure to write at my next stop!"

"I wonder what wondrous places I'll visit next..."

"I worry about my folks, until I remember that they can take care of themselves just fine."

"I worry about my parents, but the truth is, they can take care of themselves!"

"I'll be fine no matter what I have to face next. I found my courage here!"

"I'm gonna be all grown up by the time I get back home!"

"I'm just a little bit worried. I hope I'm happy wherever I go next!"

"I'm so embarrassed. I think I went back to my home island by accident. I thought about visiting my parents, but that would have been too humiliating!"

"I'm so glamorous now on account of all my travels. It's pretty rad."

"I'm not going home until I'm a famous traveler. I wanna be a household name!"

"I'm not worried. Not one bit. Nope. NOT worried. Well...maybe a little."

"I'm trembling...with excitement! What a rush!"

"It's important to stay in touch with people you love."

"N-no, I'm not worried!" (UK only)

"Please smile for me, [Player]'s look-alike!"

"Starting now, traveling is my life!"

"Starting now, traveling is what I'm all about!"

"The boat's not coming... Maybe this is a sign I should stay?"

"This is [Island], right? Oops. I accidentally went home."

"This trip is going to be better than a barrel of boisterous baboons!"

"Thump, thump, thump... Isn't my heart beating loudly?"

"Wherever I go, I'll be sure to write so you don't worry too much."

"I accidentally went back to my own island. What a hassle!"

Misc., different island

"[Mii] is going to write me letters after I leave! I can't wait!"

"An islander just gave me a seashell as a souvenir. I'm so moved!"

"Don't try to stop me! I must continue my travels and achieve my dreams!"

"Give my best to [Mii 1] and [Mii 2] for me, OK?"

"Hanging out with [Mii] is my new fondest memory."

"How can I bring myself to say goodbye to [Mii]...?"

"I feel so lucky to have met [Mii]".

"I got a lot of new stories here. I'm going to tell everyone all about this place!"

"I try to smile when I say good-bye. If I don't, I might start crying..."

"I've heard the legends, but this island was even better than I expected!"

"I've made a boatload of memories here. I mean, if memories could fit in a boat."

"It's painful to leave this place, but I just have to follow my destiny."

"Nobody in their right mind could pass up this great place."

"Say hi to [Mii 1] and [Mii 2]." (UK only)

"Thanks for being my friend! It meant a whole lot. I was getting really lonely."

"The port is where my journeys all begin, and also where they all end. Bittersweet!"

"The seashell that [Mii] gave me is my new lucky charm."

"This island is perfect, especially for people new to traveling."

"Traveling is life changing. Please let the islanders know that."

"We'll meet again someday...I just know it!"

"I love my home island, but yours is pretty darn great too. I'll miss it."

"I wonder if [Mii] will forget about me when I'm gone..."

"I'm going to tell my future kids how cool this place is. They'll be so jealous. Ha!"

"Give [Mii] my regards! I'll know if you don't!"

"My trip here wasn't very long, but I just know I'll remember it always."

Traveler Exclusive Dialogue

Island Dialogue

"[Island]... What an interesting name!"

"A nice person with nice hair brought me here when I was freaking out."

"Between us, I'd have bawled like a baby if you had said I couldn't stay."

"Everyone looks so healthy and fit here. What's your secret?!"

"I get all choked up when a stranger is kind to me. I'm not a crybaby, though!"

"I saw some of the food you folks cook up here. It looked NUMMY."

"I wonder how far I am from home..."

"I wonder where the name [Island] comes from..."

"It feels sooo nice to stand here with the island breeze smacking me in the face!"

"It's clear that Big [Mii] really respects you, [Mr./Ms.] Owner."

"Rumor has it that this island welcomes any and all travelers with open arms."

"Something about this place reminds me of home... Memories, dude."

"The locals here are really easy to talk to. Not smelly or mean at all, really."

"I've already made bunches of friends on this island. I'm SO likable!"

"Everything is so exciting, probably because I just started my travels."

"Everything's new when you're traveling. It's like being a baby with a boat!"

"Everyone here seems really into music. I love how cultured this island is."

" I met someone who really wanted to be the leader of this here island."

"Traveling alone gets pretty lonely, but I can handle it. I'm tough like that."

"Everyone was smiling when I arrived—that's how I knew I'd like it here."

"As a self-described fashionista, gotta say there are lots of fashionable people here!"

"[Mii] told me all about you, [Mr/Ms]. Owner."

Tent Dialogue

"Are we alone in the universe? Why are we here? These are the things I wonder..."

"I can see up your nose! We're not alone!"

"I can tell the islanders really love you [Mr./Mrs.] Owner. I can see why!"

"I saw a real cutie on the island, but I was too shy to get a name."

"It's fun seeing this island's cats. I even saw one with wings! Or maybe it was a bird..."

"This place has such a unique culture. It's like you're an... Oh, I get it now!"

"Today is a good day to nap and be a slob. I mean, er, to regain my strength!"

"You have a big head. Bigger than this whole island!"

"Just when I was getting cozy...it's time to go. Such is the life of a traveler!"

"I had so much fun today, it zapped my energy. Don't worry. I'll probably live"

"I wanna play video games all night long! WHO'S WITH ME?!"

"You're so kind, [Mr./Ms.] Owner. Talking to you is like eating a chocolate bar."

"I wanna go home! Wait-I take it back. Ignore my moment of weakness!"

"I can tell a lot about an island's inhabitants just by talking to the owner"

"[Mii] showed me the ropes of living here. Now I'm a pro!"

"If you hear anything, it's probably me sleep-talking. or a talking bear. or both."

"[Mii] is the first person I ran into here. I'm makin' memories!"

"I'm so grateful to have parents who support me in my travels."

"You have to be careful about what water you drink, but the H2O is so pure here!"

"Should I call home? Nah! I haven't been gone THAT long."

"Us travelers have a keen sense of what's hot and what's not."

"Travelers always exchange notes with each other. It's sort of our thing."

"I love hearing the waves crash on the shore. It's like the ocean's clapping!"

"It's gonna be a cold night. I hope it doesn't snow until morning!"

"I hope the next island is as memorable as this one. I'm spoiled now!"

"Every trip makes a traveler out of somebody. In this case, it's ME!"

When having a snack

"Chomp, chomp!"

"Crunch, crunch!"

"I forgot how good this was!"

"I still have room for more!"

"I'm in food heaven!"

"Munch, munch!"

"Nom, nom!"

"Slurp, slurp!"

"There's nothing like home cookin'!"

"This is SO good!"

"This tastes amazing!"

"Traveling really works up the appetite!"

When taking a nap

"Don't worry, Dad. I'll come back to visit..."

"I won't stop traveling until I've been everywhere in the world..."

"Mumble, mumble..."

"Nothing beats Mom's home cookin'..."



  • There's a notable Zelda reference to a quote for islanders owning a Nintendo 3DS XL. This quote mentions Rupees, which is the currency in the series.
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