Mii Apartments
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Europe Name Mii Apartments
Japanese Name マンション Mansion
Events N/A
How to Unlock
Unlocked automatically
"Your islanders live in these apartments. Once inside, tap the windows to see what they are up to."
— Building description, Tomodachi Life

The Mii Apartments are the main location on the island in Tomodachi Collection and Tomodachi Life. All Miis live there, but married couples will also live in their own home with their children if they have any. Said children may later move into an apartment if there is space unless the player decides to let them travel. Mii Apartments will automatically upgrade to fit more Miis once it reaches a certain number of people. The final apartment can fit up to 100 Miis in total.

In the Japanese version of Tomodachi Life, the rooftop acts as a location the player can visit. In all other versions, this is replaced by the observation tower.


Mii Apartments has 3 upgrades. Each upgrade changes the number of available apartments and the appearance of the building. 

The first upgrade will have a brownish, brick-like appearance. It will expand to have 48 apartments and is unlocked at 20 islanders.

The second upgrade will have a grayish, stony-like material. It looks very similar to how it looks in the beginning. It will expand to have 72 apartments and is unlocked at 45 islanders.

The final upgrade will have an elegant golden color. It will have a gate with two trees in front of the office. It will expand to hold 100 Miis and is unlocked at 70 islanders. The top four apartments will be in the center of the top floor.


Inside their rooms, Miis can be seen:

  • Walking around
  • Rolling on the floor
  • Skipping happily
  • Running around
  • Sneezing
  • Shivering
  • Yawning
  • Appearing to clear their throat
  • Fanning themselves
  • Breathing into their hands
  • Circle their head around
  • Bobbing their head like a bird.
  • Scratching their head/side
  • Flatulating
  • Tripping
  • Doing push-ups/crunches/lunges
  • Hiccuping
    • If the player enters the Mii's apartment when they have hiccups the Mii will jump in shock and say, "You scared the hiccups right out of me!"
  • Sitting down and relaxing
  • Lying down for a nap
  • Going to sleep
  • Entering/leaving their room
  • Entering/leaving other people's rooms
  • Staring at the ceiling
  • Dancing [Happy; Easygoing, Outgoing only]

They may also play with their gifts, depending on what the player gives to them. If timed right, they take their gifts out or put it away. If visitors come over, they can play with them too.

At other times, the Mii might talk or sing to itself, or say their catchphrase or mood phrases. Here are some of the things they might say:

  • "Aha! I think I just figured it out."
  • "Doooo-de-do-doooo!"
  • "Doooo-de-do-de-dooooo!"
  • "Dooooo-doo-ba-de-doo!"
  • "Ha ha ha ha! I just remembered something funny!"
  • "I do-o like to si-ing, fella, yes, I do-o-o!"
  • "I feel like I forgot something important."
  • "I need more friends."
  • "I think I finally have this life thing figured out."
  • "I think I need some me time."
  • "I wish something cool would happen."
  • "I wonder what happened with that one dude."
  • "I wonder where all my money disappears to."
  • "I'm bored. I need new friends."
  • "I'm confused."
  • "I'm lonely. I wish [player]'s look-alike would come visit."
  • "It would be great if something cool happened."
  • "[Mii]'s hair is so shiny."
  • "Oh, I know just what I should have said in response."
  • "What a crazy world."
  • "Yodel-ay-hee-hoo!"

Apartment Captions

Caption Description
[Mii] just got here. The Mii, made in the Mii maker, has arrived at their apartment, or a different Mii has come to visit.
[Mii] is home.(US)
[Mii] is in.(EU)
The Mii is in their apartment.
[Mii 1] is hanging out at home with [Mii 2]. The Mii has another Mii visiting.
[Mii 1] is at home with [Mii 2], [Mii 3] and [Mii 4].

[Mii 1] is hanging out at home with [Mii 2] and [Mii 3].

The Mii has multiple Miis visiting.
[Mii 1] is hanging out at [Mii 2]'s apartment. The Mii is visiting another Mii's apartment.
[Mii] just went out. The Mii has left the apartment.
[Mii] just got home. The Mii has returned to the apartment.
[Mii] is at [his/her] house. The Mii is at its house (if he/she is married).
[Mii] is at [his/her] house eating. The Mii is eating breakfast, lunch, or dinner at its house.
[Mii] is at [his/her] house getting ready to eat. The Mii is cooking breakfast, lunch, or dinner at its house.
[Mii] is at [his/her] house brushing [his/her] teeth. The Mii is brushing its teeth at its house.
[Mii] is at [his/her] house sleeping. The Mii is asleep at its house.
[Mii] is at [his/her] house watching the little one. The Mii is at its house while watching or entertaining its child if it has one.
[Friend 1] and [Friend 2] became best friends. Appears if the Mii friends have shown happy faces and gestures during a conversation long enough, and they become best friends.
[Mii 1] and [Mii 2] became friends. Appears if two best friends have shown angry and sad faces and gestures during a conversation long enough, causing them to lose their best friend status.
[Mii 1] had a fight with [Mii 2]. Appears if the Miis have shown angry and sad faces and gestures during a conversation long enough, causing a fight to break out.
[Mii] is fast asleep and didn't notice. Appears when the player tries to call the Mii but cannot because they're in a deep sleep at their house and cannot wake up.
[Mii] is at the [beach/tower/park/café/amusement park]. The Mii is visiting either location.
[Mii] is working at [his/her] part time job. The Mii is filling in for a shopkeeper at either store.
[Mii] is hanging out at [Male Mii] and [Female Mii]'s house. A Mii is visiting a married couple's house


  • If the game is left idle for 20 seconds, the camera angle in the current Mii's apartment will change. After the game is left idle for a minute, it will randomly switch to another Mii's apartment.
  • The Mii Apartments are also called the [Island Name] Hotel. This is because when a birthday is being reported on the Mii News, the reporter says, "...from the [Island Name] Hotel.".
  • All the Mii Apartment's themes are played with a tempo of 88 beats per minute.
  • If a Mii has hiccups, they will always act Outgoing regardless of their actual personality.


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