This is a list of transcripts for random newscasts in Tomodachi Collection. It should be noted that certain stories may be left as a rough translation or may not appear at all due to the original transcript kept.

Broken [Treasure]
The other day, [Mii] had accidentally...

broken [Treasure].

[Mii] took the precious [Treasure] out...

And accidentally dropped the [Treasure].

One part of [Treasure] was broken.

[Mii] is currently undergoing a big shock.

Aliens Exist!?
Screen Shot 2016-10-30 at 8.30.40 PM
According to [Mii] who does researches about space aliens.

An important announcement was made. We will do interview coverage of the event

"Everyone, listen! There is a space alien here, among us humans!"





[Mii]'s [Age] Birthday
Today is [Mii]'s [Age] year birthday.

There was a birthday celebration at [Island] hotel.

"Happy Birthday to you"

"Happy Birthday to you"

"Happy Birthday dear [Mii]"

"Happy Birthday to you"

Love Letter
5298 - Tomodachi Collection v1.1 JPN NDS-iND (Patched) 07 26056 Yesterday, a Love Letter addressed to [Mii 1] was found by [Mii 2].

Because there was no sender's address, [Mii 2] decided to submit the letter to the police.

The letter's content was full of passion toward [Mii 1]. The police said that they felt embarrassed to read it.

Diet item?
5298 - Tomodachi Collection v1.1 JPN NDS-iND (Patched) 22 26301 Lately, teenagers believe that carrying [Treasure] helps to lose weight.

This rumor is spreading everywhere.

We found [Mii] who carried [Treasure] around town.

"If I buy 50 of them I might be thin".

That was the comment we got.

However, there is no scientific proof that the item really helps to lose weight.

Famous [Mii 1]
5298 - Tomodachi Collection v1.1 JPN NDS-iND (Patched) 34 26340 Currently, [Mii 1] is very famous at the zoo.

It is the emperor penguin named [Mii 1]

Island resident, [Mii 2], gave us a comment about it...

"It's so cute"

5298 - Tomodachi Collection v1.1 JPN NDS-iND (Patched) 42 26170 [Mii 1]'s cabbages had mutated into [Food]

We asked a plant morphologist, [Mii 2]...

"I couldn't imagine this, it's so interesting, I'll research on it".

And that's the comment we got. As for the [Food]...

It will be transported to the [Mii 2] lab later on.

Phantom lizard
5298 - Tomodachi Collection v1.1 JPN NDS-iND (Patched) 52 26007 A creature that was believed to be extinct was discovered.

The [Mii 1's last name] lizard was captured yesterday.

The investigation team member, [Mii 2] (Age [Age])...

set up a trap and captured and finally caught the [Mii 1's last name] lizard.

The team made some quick measurements of the lizard and then set it free.

Proposal Tactic
5298 - Tomodachi Collection v1.1 JPN NDS-iND (Patched) 57 26219 [Treasure] island's famous event organizer is now looking for lovers.

The participants must make a marriage proposal using [Treasure].

if their partners accept the proposal, they give [Treasure] to their partners.

More than 100 participated couples had married through this event in the past.

The organizer said: "Please put all your feelings in the [Treasure].

They are still looking for more lovers.

Mysterious Voice
5298 - Tomodachi Collection v1.1 JPN NDS-iND (Patched) 16 11147 Lately, something strange happens in a apartment of [Island] island.

People have been hearing voices from a vacant room.

One resident, [Mii] (alias) said that the voice sounded like...

"[Either I need to go to the bathroom! or The electric bill is so high.]".

The police are now investigating this case.

The Rich List
5298 - Tomodachi Collection v1.1 JPN NDS-iND (Patched) 20 11679 The list of the richest people had been announced.

The former no.1 [Mii 1] is now no.3. While [Mii 2] made it on the list for the first time and became no.1

[Mii 2] said, "I'm so happy to be no.1."

Fun Spring Hiking
Bandicam 2015-12-28 12-15-13-199
Yesterday, [Food 1] Kindergarten's students went hiking on Mt. [Food 2].

The supervisor [Mii 1], guided them through the hiking course.

The student [Mii 2] (Age [Age])told us...

"I'm dead tired"

Biggest [Food Item]
Biggest Broiled Eel Students of [Island] Primary School made the world's biggest [Food]

The world record [Food] is enough to hold 1,000 people.

However, it was found out than an ingredient [Mii] brought...

...Has passed its expiration date. The health committee came to investigate.

It was only three days past expiration date, so the committee has proved it save.

The world's biggest [Food] will be cut up and shared among the residents.

Hanging [Food]
Hanging Edamame
A terrible incident had happened early yesterday morning.

[Mii] was found colapsed on the side of the street.

There was a [Food] hanging in front of [Mii]

[Mii] was trying to catch it and collapsed after chasing it.

The police said a fishing rod was used to implement this prank.

From the evidence, the police deducted that the culprit might love fishing.

Who ate it?
Who ate it
Yesterday, the [Food] that belonged to [Mii]...

...Was eaten up by someone.

The precious [Food] was gone, so [Mii] got very angry, saying...

"This happened before. Now I'm at my limit."

And cried while giving us comments.

The police took [Mii]'s request and have started investigating.

Special Stamp
Special Stamp
A picture of the greatest miis among miis, [Mii 1]...

...Will be presented on a special commemorative stamp.

A stamp expert, [Mii 2], stated that this would become a rare item.

This is very worth collecting.

Owner Look alike
Owner Look Alike
Today, we have a heartwarming story about a cute dog.

A dog named Pochi that looks so much like his owner, [Mii 1]...

Likes to eat [Food]. A dog expert, [Mii 2], mentioned...

"I've never heard of a dog that likes to eat [Food],"

...and was very surprised.

[Mii 1]'s Comeback
Bandicam 2015-12-28 12-23-47-955
The other day, [Mii 1], who has been absent...

...held a comeback concert at [Mii 2] Live House.

[Mii 1] had been dormant due to [Either constipation or strained back].

After two years, the disease is finally gone.

The first song performed during the event was the famous [Treasure].

The newest song [Food] was also performed for the first time.

Full Bloom
Full Bloom
It's been warm and sunny, and the Cherry Blossoms are now in full bloom.

The best spot to enjoy the view is at [island] Park.

It is now very crowded with visitors.

[Mii] came all the way from [Island] City,

And told us with joy, "I prefer foods over flowers."

[Mii 1] and [Mii 2]...

...And also [Mii 3].

These three people had conflicts over who among them was the worst cook.

None of them would yield to the other and the conflict has become more severe.

Remember Pi
Remember Pi
[Island] held a worldwide tournament for memorizing digits of Pi.

The participants included the former champion [Mii 1].

The finalists were [Mii 1] and [Mii 2].

[Mii 2] gave up at the 691st digit.

So, [Mii 1] could defend their champion title.

For the record, [Mii 1] could remember up to the 7,974th digit.

Sucess at Last
Sucess At Last
[Mii] has finally been able to grow carrots.

[Mii], who had been bad at growing plants, said,

"I'm so proud" and smiled with joy.

French Toast
[Island] resident, [Mii 1], suddenly became rich.

[Mii 1] started trading a [Treasure] into other stuff.

And ended up with [Food]

According to [Mii 2], who now owns the [Food],

"People like weird stuff."

That was the comment we got.

[Food] gone missing
Sweet Potato Gone missing
Early this morning, [Mii 1] reported that...

...[Food] had gone missing.

The police and [Mii 1] are now searching for [Food].

It is possible that [Food] had attempted to run away from home.

After an interrogation with [Mii 1]...

There were histories of [Food]'s attempts to flee from home.

[Food] Ran away!
Ramen Ran Away
Early this morning, Mr. [Food] ran away from [Food] shop.

It was because he had a fight with the shopkeeper.

As a result, Mr. [Food] left and went into the sea.

And was caught by [Mii], who was fishing over there.

Ancient Ruins!
Ancient Ruins!
Ancient ruins have been discovered on [Mii 1]'s land.

There are ancient artifacts buried within the ruins. An investigation is underway.

However, various kinds of traps inside made it dangerous for the survey team.

Currently, the investigation is awaiting specialists.

"I wonder how much these are worth"

The land owner, [Mii], said.

Gutsy [Food]
Gutsy Orange
Wild [Food] has grown through a gap of asphalt.

Wild [Food] was found in the corner of a busy street.

We asked the clerk of the nearby store.

"[Food] are growing?!" the clerk asked us back.

Other stores' clerks also had no clue about it.

It should've grown somewhere else without being disturbed by anyone.

Shut-In Incident
Shut-in Incident
This is the follow up report of the shut-in incident.

[Mii], [age], had never left the room since yesterday.

Finally, [Mii]'s mother could persuade [Mii] to come out.

"My kid didn't want to see the dentist."

That was what [Mii]'s mother said.

[Food] Campaign
Carbonara Campaign
The tourist bureau announced their plans to use [Food] Campaign.

Their plan is to use [Food] as a logo on local cookies.

And to make it into plush toys. Currently, they are still discussing their plan.

Bridge Challenge
Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 7.10.50 PM
[Island]'s took the famous street challenge.

The contestant must become a bridge for a motorbike to cross safely.

[Mii's First Name] tried this challenge in front of worrying witnesses.

[Mii's First Name] said, "I will absolutely make it!"

However, the bike was too heavy, so it turned out to be a failure.

This is very dangerous, so please do not imitate.

Diving Party
Screen Shot 2020-01-01 at 2.38.05 PM
There was a diving party today at [Island Name] beach.

The concept of this diving party is to conserve the beautiful ocean.

The event was sponsored by [Mii's First Name?]'s company.

A lot of people joined this event for the first time.

"I'm impressed. I was so excited. I thought I'd drown."

That was one of the comments from a participant.

Mystical Monster!
Screen Shot 2020-01-01 at 2.52.26 PM
Early this morning, a mysterious monster appeared in [Island Name] City.

The monster had come down from Mt. [Food].

[Mii 1] (Age) was very surprised to see it.

Nobody got injured in this incident.

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