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Developer Nintendo EPD
Publisher Nintendo
Platforms Nintendo 3DS
Release date Japan: December 8, 2016
US Flag: July 28, 2017
Flag of Europe: July 28, 2017
AU Flag: July 28, 2017
Genre RPG
Ratings ESRB- Everyone
Website Official Site (US)
Official Site (EU)

Official Site (AU)
Official Site (JP)

Miitopia is an RPG released for the 3DS in Japan. It is a spin-off to the Tomodachi series, and the second spin-off after Miitomo. In contrast to the life simulation focus implemented in previous installments, Miitopia is an RPG, likened to that of Tomodachi Quest, an event in Tomodachi Life. Despite this shift in focus, Miitopia retains many of the things that liven the experience of the main installments, such as relationships, food, personalities, and others.

Not unlike the first spin-off, Miitomo, Miitopia scales down much of the aforementioned features in order to focus on the RPG aspect, but still manages to keep to the standard presented in previous games.

Differences from the main Tomodachi games

  • Miitopia is an RPG, compared to the life-simulation style of the main installments.
  • The Personality configuration has been altered dramatically. Rather than filling out a chart of how the Mii acts, with four base personalities having four sub-personalities stemming off of each, Miitopia has players choose from seven pre-established personalities: Cautious, Stubborn, Airheaded, Energetic, Kind, Laid-Back, and Cool.
  • The player cannot give Miis a voice. Instead, their voice is configured to match their personality.
  • Miis do not have problems in this game, not counting requests.
  • There are no shops in the game; Food can only be obtained by defeating enemies, not including HP Bananas and MP Candies, and clothes can only be obtained when a Mii requests it.
  • Only 10 Miis can be imported by the player, until after completion, the number raises to 100.
  • Mr. Tomo does not appear.
  • Events occur at random, and only in camping intermissions, rather than a specific location.
  • Miis cannot fall in love or get married, only being able to become friends.
    • As a result, Miis also cannot have babies.
  • Sadness and sleep are only featured as status ailments. It does not occur anywhere otherwise.
  • Fights are more complicated in this game. In the main installments, fights were generally irrational and unpredictable. In Miitopia, a Mii can become angry at another Mii if they do something to them they don't like, such as using them unwillingly in an attack or refusing help.
  • Mii Apartments does not appear. Instead, the Miis reside together in an inn, and later a villa after completing the game.


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