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*[ Wikipedia]
*[ Wikipedia]

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Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo 3DS Logo Nintendo 3DS
Manufacturer Nintendo
Released Japan February 26, 2011
Flag of Europe March 25, 2011
US Flag March 27, 2011
AU FlagMarch 31, 2011
Predecessor Nintendo DSi
Successor N/A

The Nintendo 3DS is a portable game console produced by Nintendo. The only game in the Tomodachi series to be released for Nintendo 3DS is Tomodachi Life.

The Nintendo 3DS went on sale in North America on March 27, 2011. It is capable of projecting stereoscopic 3D effects without the use of 3D glasses or additional accessories. The console succeeds the Nintendo DS, featuring backward compatibility with older Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi video games. The handheld offers new features such as the StreetPass and SpotPass tag modes, powered by Nintendo Network; augmented reality, using its 3D cameras; and Virtual Console, which allows owners to download and play games originally released on older video game systems.


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