Observation Tower
Observation Tower
Europe Name Observation Tower
Korean Name Unknown
Japanese Name N/A
Events Quirky Questions
How to Unlock
Give a gift to an islander when they level up

The observation tower is a location in Tomodachi Life. Players can see Miis viewing the island from the top of the tower or just hanging about on the benches there. The event Quirky Questions can be hosted here any time of the day. The observation tower is one of only two locations (the other being the 3DS Image Share Plane) not to be featured in the Japanese version of Tomodachi Life, with the roof of Mii Apartments being the Japanese equivalent.


The bottom of the tower is surrounded by grass and a small white wall. There is a white path with large tiles that leads up to the tower and stretches around it. Miis will often skateboard down the path. There is also a tennis cage where Miis hit a ball against a painted brick wall or practice other sports.

The top of the tower has the same tile pattern as the path below. There is also a domed entrance to the top which most likely contains the elevator as the inside is never seen, despite having large glass windows. There are red benches on both floors (although the one on the bottom floor is harder to see) which Miis can rest on, often falling asleep on them. Binoculars are also located on top.

Mii Interaction

At the observation tower Miis can:

  • View the area below while standing on stools
  • Sleep on benches
  • Stare into space
  • Wave at planes flying over the tower (only the shadow of the plane is seen)
  • Swing their baseball bat
  • Blow bubbles with their bubble blower
  • Practice with their golf club
  • Play with their tennis racket
  • Ride their skateboard
  • Confess their love to their crush




  • If you listen carefully the sounds of the Baseball Bat, Golf Club and Tennis Racket can still be heard from above the Tower, if Miis are visiting it while other Miis are using the items below the Tower. This is most likely an error, because on the Japanese exclusive Rooftop the Miis not only just sit up there; they also use those items up there too.
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