Photo Studio
Photo studio
Europe Name Photo Studio
Korean Name 사진판 Sajinpan
Japanese Name 写真館? Shashinkan
Events N/A
How to Unlock
At least 10 residents, solved at least 50 problems

The Photo Studio is a location exclusive to Tomodachi Life. Photos of islanders can be taken with a chosen background, and the photos can then be shared with friends.

The options for taking a picture to start out with are Pair (up to two Miis), Group (up to nine Miis), and Whole Island. Once a child has been born on the island, a new option opens up, "Child". Taking a picture of a child has two options: with or without parents.

There are several backgrounds to choose from, which changes the poses depending on the option chosen. For example, the pose options for the amusement park background are different for pair and group.

Within the Photo Studio, it is possible to change a Mii's outfit and their expression (either happy, winking, neutral, angry, surprised, or asleep). However, clicking an expression will change all the Mii's expressions, not just one. In order for them to have different expressions, the question mark must be pressed to randomize the face each Mii makes.


  • Baby bear costume (Stages 1-4)/Bear costume (Stage 5).
  • Cow costume (Stages 1-4).
  • Frilled dress (Stages 1-4).
  • Kitten costume (Stages 1-4)/Stripy cat costume (Stage 5).
  • Mini bee costume (Stages 1-4)/Bee costume (Stage 5).
  • Mini chick costume (Stages 1-4)/Chick costume (Stage 5).
  • Mini dinner jacket (Stages 1-4)/Dinner jacket (Stage 5).
  • Mini ladybird costume (Stages 1-4)/Ladybird costume (Stage 5).
  • Puppy costume (Stages 1-4)/Plain dog costume (Stage 5).
  • Strawberry costume (Stages 1-4).
  • Formal clothes (boys' and girls', Stage 5).
  • Nursery uniform (Stage 5).
  • Princess outfit and sweet dress (Stage 5).
  • If a child is either in stage 1 or 2 of its childhood, it can wear various special outfits made for babies/toddlers that are only found in the Photo Studio. These outfits may sometimes resemble costume pieces that can be given to grown up Miis. The special outfits come in all the same color variants that the grown-up outfits have.
  • In the Promo (Rock & Roll) background, there are two signs saying "1889". That is the year that Nintendo was founded.
  • It's possible that the player can take photos with a fully-grown child as a permanent resident.
  • There's a glitch for Child photos where when the player takes Child photos with just a fully grown child, picks "Field of Flowers" and zooms in on the child's head, it may cause the camera to clip inside.
  • Some poses in the Group photos have been changed in the western version.






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