Pity Party
Europe Name Unknown
Japanese Name Unknown
Location Café
Event Time Occurs when a Mii is depressed.
How to Unlock
Have a Mii confess his/her love to a Mii of the opposite gender
"Pity Party under way! Someone must need a little cheering up..."
~Description for the Pity Party from Tomodachi Life

A Pity Party is an event in Tomodachi Life that takes place in the Café.

When a Mii gets depressed and the player makes no effort in trying to cheer them up, then a Pity Party has a small chance of happening. Going to the café while a Pity Party is being hosted will show up to 3 Miis trying to cheer the depressed Mii up by telling each other their mistakes, tragedies, and jokes in an effort to cheer the depressed Mii up while the depressed Mii just sits there, sulking and not saying anything.

Unlike the Boy's/Girl's Night Out, exiting the Pity party and re-entering will not result in the group of Miis changing.

When the depressed Mii's Sadness Bar drops down to zero and the Mii is brought out of depression, the Pity Party will automatically end.


Like the Guys'/Gals' Hangout, one Mii starts a conversation with a joke or mistake. Then up to two other Miis follow up with the statement. All conversations have four lines total, but since the depressed Mii will always stay silent, only up to three lines are said each time.

Last Joke
Last Joke
Mii 1: "Tell me the last joke that made you laugh so hard it hurt."

Mii 2: "I just finished a book on antigravity... It was impossible to put down! Heh. Get it?"

Mii 3: "Why did the cat stop singing? It was out of tuna!"

Mii 4: "Why didn't the deer cross the road? Because the buck stops here!"

Luigi is taller than Mario
Luigi taller than Mario
Mii 1: "I've got it! The funniest joke ever told! Why is Luigi taller than Mario? His legs are longer! Eh? Eh?"

Mii 2: "..."

Mii 3: "..."

Mii 4: "..."

Brush teeth with <food>
Brush teeth with Food
Mii 1: "I'm not sure how, but this morning I accidentally brushed my teeth with <food>!"

Mii 2: "Oh, <Mii 1>, you're so silly. It makes me smile."

Mii 3: "That sounds ineffective, yet scrumptious."

Mii 4: "Well, I bet it woke you up, at least."

<treasure> Man comic
Trasure Man Comic
Mii 1: "Have you read the latest <treasure> Man comic? I'm completely hooked!"

Mii 2: "Can I borrow it? I don't like spending my own money."

Mii 3: "You've always had the best taste in comics, <Mii 1>."

Mii 4: "Who Man? What Man? Which Man? I'm so confused..."

That WAS NOT the dog
NOT the Dog
Mii 1: "Did you hear that?! That WAS NOT the dog, ha ha ha ha ha. Ehem. Sorry about that..."

Mii 2: "..."

Mii 3: "..."

Mii 4: "..."

<food> off the menu
Food Off Menu
Mii 1: "This isn't happening! They took <food> off the menu! What do I do with my life?!"

Mii 2: "Oh, that's awful for you. That your jam! Maybe you were the only one who liked it?"

Mii 3: "But you order <food> all the time! This is not your day, is it, <Mii 1>?"

Mii 4: "Just get a chili dog. Chili dogs make everything better. Always."

I'm blue
Feeling Blue
Mii 1: "I'm blue. I wish someone would feed me something great to cheer me up... And pay for it too!"

Mii 2: "Um... OK."

Mii 3: "On the way here, I saw some <food> that looked super yummy."

Mii 4: "I want some <food>! Let's go! Let's go right this second!"

Drain Monsters
Drain Monsters
Mii 1: "The other day I went to take a shower, but I freaked myself out about drain monsters."

Mii 2: "That sounds like a classic <Mii 1> moment if I've ever heard one!"

Mii 3: "Drain m-m-monsters?! Those aren't real. Right?"

Mii 4: "So that's why you're kind of smelly. Poor thing. You poor smelly thing."

Cooking Disaster
Cooking Disaster
Mii 1: "The other day I started to cook up a <food 1>... but then something happened, and I ended up with <food 2> instead."

Mii 2: "Is that even possible?!"

Mii 3: "Ha ha ha! Seriously, though, are there leftovers? I'm so hungry..."

Mii 4: "That could only happen to you, <Mii 1>. You're so nutty!"

Searching high and low
Searching high and low
Mii 1: "Rumor has it, <Mii> is searching high and low for <treasure>."

Mii 2: "Ha ha ha! Oops, I didn't mean to laugh. Not out loud, anyway."

Mii 3: "I think I saw <treasure> in the park once! It was incredible!"

Mii 4: "Weird. I though she was more levelheaded than that. Guess I was wrong!"

Intense Fight
PityParty IntenseFight
Mii 1: "I hear <Mii 1> and <Mii 2> got into a pretty intense fight the other day."

Mii 2: "Something tells me <Mii 1> started it."

Mii 3: "They say the occasional fight is healthy for friends, but only if they use high-quality boxing gloves."

Mii 4: "No, not those two! I won't believe it. They're like two peas in a pod. A pod of friendship."

Shirt Backward
PityParty ShirtBackward
Mii 1: "I think I'm wearing this shirt backward... How could such a thing happen?"

Mii 2: "Oh, <Mii 1>, you're such a riot!"

Mii 3: "I thought it looked funny... I kind of like it. Very stylish!"

Mii 4: "I'm going to do that tomorrow so I can be cool too."

Feeling Sick
Food on Eggs
Mii 1: "I feel sick...probably because I accidentally put a/an/some <food> on my eggs this morning."

Mii 2: "What a waste of yummy <food>."

Mii 3: "How did it taste? I'm so curious!"

Mii 4: "I bet that's nutritious, but not delicious."

Working Without Shoes
PityParty WorkingWOShoes
Mii 1: "My memory has been failing me lately. Yesterday I went to work without shoes!"

Mii 2: "Ha ha ha! I hope your boss wasn't mad."

Mii 3: "No way. I don't believe it. You're making it up!"

Mii 4: "That sounds painful!"

Sing some Karaoke
PityParty SingKaraoke
Mii 1: "I need to sing to be happy. Why don't we go sing some karaoke soon?"

Mii 2: "Oh, it's on! It's on!"

Mii 3: "La la la laaa! That's how we virtuosos say OK in sing talk."

Mii 4: "Count me in! Or maybe not... Or yeah, I'll do it! Then again..."

<Food> Fair
PityParty FoodFair
Mii 1: "I really wanted to go to the <Food> Fair...but it was all packed up by the time I was able to go. Just my luck."

Mii 2: "That is so too bad. That fair was the most fun I've ever had."

Mii 3: "Wait—it's over?! Oh man, I wanted to go too! Let's go together next year."

Mii 4: "You have to make time for the simple things in life, <Mii 1>."

Wearing a Cat's Hat
PityParty CatHat
Mii 1: "Weird story. So I thought I was putting on a/an/some <hat 1>, but it/they turned out to be a/an/some <hat 2> that belonged to my cat!"

Mii 2: "That's such an easy mistake to make."

Mii 3: "You're the ultimate scatterbrain, <Mii 1>! We love you anyway, though."

Mii 4: "Ha ha ha! I bet your cat was SO mad! I know mine would be... I'd be a little scared."

Mistaking an Attendant
PityParty MommyAttendant
Mii 1: "Have you ever called a flight attendant "Mommy"? By accident, of course."

Mii 2: "I think you're the first person to ever do that."

Mii 3: "That's just weird. You're weird, <Mii 1>."

Mii 4: " I have not."

Spicy <food>
PityParty SpicyFood
Mii 1: "I had <food> last night that was so spicy, I had to jump in a pool!"

Mii 2: "See?! This is proof of your spiciness!"

Mii 3: "Oh man. That's the funniest story ever told."

Mii 4: "Ha ha ha! You poor thing."

Moon Vacation
PityParty MoonVacation
Mii 1: "We should go on a moon vacation soon. We'll split the cost of a snazzy spaceship!"

Mii 2: "I'll drive! I'll fly-drive. Or maybe we should hire a professional."

Mii 3: "I can't wait to finally taste moon cheese!"

Mii 4: "Now that you mention it, it's my lifelong dream to go to the moon in a snazzy spaceship!"

Dinner's On Me
PityParty DinnersOnMe
Mii 1: "Guess what... Dinner's on me tonight! Eat up! Ha ha ha. Just kidding. Sorry—that was mean."

Mii 2: "..."

Mii 3: "..."

Mii 4: "..."

<Mii> Shape-shifts
PityParty ShapeShifter
Mii 1: "Yesterday I saw <Mii> on the train, but when I went to say hi, it was someone else."

Mii 2: "Are you saying...our friend can shape-shift? It all makes sense now."

Mii 3: "Hmmm. How mysterious!"

Mii 4: "You must have been seeing things. You're silly like that, <Mii 1>."

Dancing with <food>
PityParty DancingWithFood
Mii 1: "I had this crazy dream last night...where I was dancing with <food>."

Mii 2: "Weird! Did you do the salsa?! Get it?"

Mii 3: "Sometimes I wonder about you, <Mii 1>."

Mii 4: "What could this mean? Are you IN LOVE with food?!"

<Mii> on the News
PityParty MiiNews
Mii 1: "I saw <Mii> on the news the other day. I wish I could be on the news..."

Mii 2: "I was on the news once. It wasn't that cool."

Mii 3: "Try breaking into a bank maybe? Or marrying a celebrity—that could work too."

Mii 4: "Totally!"

Hat Washed in Dressing
PityParty HatDressing
Mii 1: "Last weekend I accidentally washed my <hat> in salad dressing."

Mii 2: "<Mii 1>, if you wanted me to make you more dressing, you just had to ask!"

Mii 3: "Ha ha ha! Now that's what I call a salad! When will you...lettuce see the item in question?"

Mii 4: "There's no way that's still wearable."

Copy Already Owned
PityParty CopyOwned
Mii 1: "So I bought a book about <treasure>, only to find out later that I already own a copy!"

Mii 2: "It's a common mistake. Right? Gotta be."

Mii 3: "I've done that before. Twice. Same book."

Mii 4: "Good! Guess I'm not the only one!"

Mouth Wide Open
PityParty MouthWideOpen
Mii 1: "Whenever I put drops in my eyes, I can't stop my mouth from hanging wide open."

Mii 2: "Oh, for sure. I think we all do that."

Mii 3: "Yeah, but your eyes want to close! It's inconvenient."

Mii 4: "Mm-hmm. We've all been there."

Sad Song
PityParty SadSong
Mii 1: "This song reminds me of sad things..."

Mii 2: "Don't worry—it'll be over before you know it! Unless this is the extended cut..."

Mii 3: "That beat! So groovy! How could you not like this song?"

Mii 4: "Oh, really? But I love this song! It reminds me of strawberries and kittens."


  • Pity Parties are the only event in Tomodachi Life that is not listed in a location's event schedule.


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