Europe Name Port
Korean Name Unknown
Japanese Name 波止場 Hatoba
Events N/A
How to Unlock
At least 1 StreetPass or send someone to travel

The port is a location added in Tomodachi Life for StreetPass purposes. Travelers will arrive on and leave the island here.

When a StreetPass interaction occurs, the next time the player visits the port a wooden boat driven by a shop keeper will sail itself onto the port with a small cardboard box containing an island's exclusive export item, that being an outfit or a hat. The item is then added to Import Wear and can be purchased normally, but if the player already has the item the cardboard box is discarded once the shop keeper throws it onto the port.

Alongside the export item, another person's traveler may be sailing on the boat, jumping off alongside the cardboard box. If it is a traveler that does not originate from the player's island, they will either set up their tent in the campground or lurk elsewhere. A shop keeper will then pick up the traveler closest to the end of the port, and ride off with them into the distance. If the traveler does originate from the player's island, they will immediately return to the port, realizing that they arrived by mistake.


  • There is a limit to the number of travelers that can be present at the dock at once, with up to a maximum of 50 Miis allowed. This can be a problem for players that have troubles locating StreetPass interactions.
  • A glitch may occur in which the game has a slight lag, preventing any later boats from picking up travelers.
  • If the port receives a StreetPass but is full, the traveler that arrived will not show up, despite the notification that a traveler arrived.
  • In the Japanese/Korean Version the music when a traveler arrives is different compared to the western version.


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