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{{Quote|Can I tell you something impressive about my darling?|Mii|{{TL}}}}
{{Quote|Wanna hear something cool about my wonderful husband/wife?|Mii|''Tomodachi Life''}}
{{Quote|Mind if I talk about my beautiful baby real quick?|Mii|''Tomodachi Life''}}
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a feature in ''Tomodachi Life'' that serves as one of the problems a Mii might have.
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is a feature in ''Tomodachi Life'' that serves as one of the problems a Mii might have.

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"Can I tell you something impressive about my darling?"
— Mii, Tomodachi Life
"Wanna hear something cool about my wonderful husband/wife?"
— Mii, Tomodachi Life
"Mind if I talk about my beautiful baby real quick?"
— Mii, Tomodachi Life

Problems/Family Talk is a feature in Tomodachi Life that serves as one of the problems a Mii might have.

If a Mii wants to talk about someone, they will ask the player accordingly. When the player agrees, the Mii goes into a long-winded talk about either their sweetheart, spouse, or child if they have one. Two lines in, the conversation fast-forwards; two more lines in, the conversation speeds up so fast, their lines are unintelligible. At the last line, the conversation returns to normal speed. After the Mii finishes, it says, "Feels good to get that off my chest!".

Conversation List

Beginning line

Sweetheart, male

[Sweetheart] is as strong as an ox. He's really handy too, but he also has a soft side.
Also, he knows about all kinds of different things and has gorgeous features too!

[Sweetheart] is really intelligent and cool. He's also got lovely handwriting!
He's no slob either. No sirree! And he's not afraid to reach for the stars!

[Sweetheart] is strong and athletic.
He's also incredibly kind but really rugged at the same time too!

Sweetheart, female

It's not every day you meet a gal as special as my beloved [Sweetheart].
She could totally be a professional model. I'm not saying that because I'm her boyfriend!

Let me tell you about my best girl, the one and only [Sweetheart].
It's cruel to compare her to other girls because she's so much better than anyone else.

You know my girlfriend, right? She's the lovely angel known as [Sweetheart]!.
She has a great personality, and everyone who's ever met her loves her to pieces!

Spouse, husband

[Husband] is really intelligent, and he's just about the most handsome man alive!
He's also cool and has nice handwriting. Oh, and I love that he's always chasing his dreams!

[Husband] is really smart and excels at every sport he's ever played!
He's a real sweetheart, but he also knows how to be all rugged when he needs to be.

[Husband] is really strong and knows all about the best exercises to do at the gym!
He's got strong features and knows a lot about everything. He's even a great cook!

Spouse, wife

I simply can't say enough good things about my wife, [Wife].
She makes all other girls seem like monsters. She's THAT angelic, I tell you!

There aren't many girls like my wonderful [Wife], that's for sure.
She's a real knockout! Sometimes I wonder if she stepped right out of a fashion magazine!

You know my lovely wife, [Wife], right? She's hard to miss!
That's because she's cheerful and funny and makes everyone who sees her fall in love!


[Baby] is the cutest kid in the whole world, don't you think?
I know everyone thinks their kids is the cutest, but I mean...come on. Mine REALLY is!

[Baby]'s smile is so adorable! It's like a ray of sunshine or a big wad of cash!
[He/She] isn't fussy about food either. And [he/she] never throws tantrums, no matter what.

I don't know who [Baby] takes after most, but wow! [He/She] is unbelievably adorable!
[He/She] is already so talented and smart! [He/She] even has better manners than either of [his/her] parents!

Middle line

Sweetheart, male

One time I was sick, and he ran into the kitchen to cook me up some tasty soup!
And what a gentleman! He always carries heavy things for me and insists on opening doors.

When I get a haircut, he's always like, "Is that a new haircut? You look gorgeous, superstar!"
And even when the food I cook is a complete disaster, he wolfs it down and asks for seconds!

When I'm upset, I usually take it out on him, but he just smiles and tries to cheer me up.
And when my shoes come untied, he kneels down like a prince and ties them for me!

Sweetheart, female

OH! And have you ever had the chance to taste [Sweetheart]'s cooking?!
It's the BEST! Even when it isn't very good, you can taste the love she puts into it in every bite!

She's great with words and can speak French fluently. She probably knows a lot about Paris!
I pull the buttons off my shirt when I'm bored, and she always sews them back on with a smile!

We sang karaoke the other day, and her voice was so beautiful, I started weeping!
In fact, I'd like to make her voice my ringtone so I can hear her sweet song every day!

Spouse, husband

A lot of husbands are high maintenance, but not MY mister! He's the opposite!
He treats me like a princess! And he's an ace at both housework AND yard work!

Sometimes I come home to find ALL the chores are done and dinner is already made!
He even prepares my plate for me, like a knight in shiny, shiny armor!

When I can't open a stupid jar, I pass it to him and he opens it right away! It's like magic!
He also chases away evil spiders and gets things from shelves that are too tall for me! Swoon!

Spouse, wife

[Wife]'s a master chef too, and she always cooks my favorite dishes!
Once she even made me a pancake in the shape of a heart with my name in banana slices on it!

Sure, there a lot of kind people in the world, but none so kind as my [Wife]!
She even helps elderly people cross the street and feeds them hot soup when it's cold!

When she irons our clothes, it looks like they just came off the rack! She's that good at it!
We're supposed to split the chores, but she usually does them all before I even wake up!


[Baby] loves music too! [He/She] gets so into it, I'm sure [he/she] must be a musical prodigy!
[He/She] also sleeps like an angel. And LOOKS like an angel too. Also, [he/she] rarely ever cries!

[His/Her] grip is already so strong, I'm certain [he's/she's] going to be a star athlete!
Most kids grow up too fast, but [Baby] is growing at the perfect rate!

Not to brag, but I'm pretty sure [he's/she's] a genius. [He's/She's] just so much smarter than other kids!
[He's/She's] also more mature than other kids. And smells better too. [He's/She's] just the best!

Final line

Sweetheart, male

Anyway, basically, we're just SO in love, and he makes me the happiest in the world!

He's pretty much the perfect guy, don't you think? Such a dreamboat!

So yeah, that's why I can't stop talking about him. I'm such a lucky gal!

Sweetheart, female

And that's why [Sweetheart] is the most perfect girlfriend in the history of ever.

Basically, [Sweetheart] fills my life with joy and butterflies. She makes me SO happy!

So that's why no one can compare to my lovely lady friend!

Spouse, husband

Anyway, so that's why we're so in love and so happy all day every day!

Isn't he the perfect husband? You don't have to answer that—I know it's undeniable!

That's why I just can't stop talking about my darling husband!

Spouse, wife

And that's why [Wife] is the perfect wife! I'm the luckiest guy ever!

And that's why I'm so honored to have a wife as amazing as she is!

Basically, I just couldn't be happier with my darling [Wife]!


Basically, [Baby] is the most adorable and lovable kid in the universe.

I'm so lucky to have [Baby]. I couldn't have asked for a sweeter kid!

It's pretty clear that [Baby] is going to make the world a better place.

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