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A Sample QR Code

A QR Code is a code that can be scanned on the Mii Maker with the Nintendo 3DS camera. In Tomodachi Life, you can create a QR Code, that has all of the islander's info on it. Except for their birth year. Scanning a Tomodachi Life QR code comes with their outfit and apartment all set up, but you can still change as you please. If you scan a Tomodachi Life QR Code on Mii Maker, then just the Mii, and the Nickname will appear.


Although QR Codes of any language can be read by any version of Tomodachi Life, clothing will only be carried forward if the QR Code and Game are from the same country. In addition, only clothing, an interior, and a catchphrase (if present) can be stored with a Mii on a QR Code.


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