Question Hall
TC - Question Hall building
Europe Name N/A
Korean Name Unknown
Japanese Name Question Hall
Events Judgement Bay
Quirky Questions
How to Unlock
At least 2 residents, and 60 problems solved.

The Question Hall is an island location in Tomodachi Collection. It is one of two locations exclusive to Collection that do not return in Tomodachi Life.


Main article: Judgement Bay

The player will draw or write on the left and right side of the touch screen. When the "Vote" button is touched, all Miis will decide and go to either side of the touch screen. This later returned to Tomodachi Life as "Judgement Bay", accessible from the beach, now with the option to have three or four sections instead of just only two.


Main article: Quirky Questions

The player will type a question on the touch screen, then when the "Ask" button is touched, the Mii will say the typed question to 3 Miis. This would later be greatly expanded on in Tomodachi Life, now under the title "Quirky Questions", which is accessible from the observation tower, now with the option to type, or autofill 3 questions.

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