Quirky Questions
  • Tomodachi Collection (Question Hall)
  • Tomodachi Life (Japan, Quirky Questions)
  • Tomodachi Life (Western, Quirky Questions)
Europe Name Quirky Questions
Japanese Name あなたに聞きたい

Anata ni kikitai (Want to ask you)

Location Question Hall (Collection)
Observation Tower (Life US & EU)
Roof (Life JP)
Event Time 24/7
How to Unlock
Unlock the Observation Tower, have at least 10 islanders, solve 20 problems.
"It's time for some Quirky Questions!"
~Mii, Tomodachi Life (US Version)
"Let's play Quirky Questions!"
~Mii, Tomodachi Life (EU Version)

Quirky Questions, known as "Question" in Tomodachi Collection, is a 24/7 event held in the Observation Tower or The Roof that can be played an unlimited number of times per day.

How to Play

The player can pick from one of three available yes/no questions to ask a group of six randomly chosen Miis (three in Tomodachi Collection), and a seventh Mii that calls out the questions. Each available question has blanks which the player can fill in themselves or use the Autofill function to fill in randomly. After a question is asked, Miis either raise their hands normally, excitedly, or shyly or elicit reactions from other Miis in the group. Sometimes, all Miis will close their eyes in disagreement. The process repeats itself twice and the game ends.


Tomodachi Collection

Question makes its first appearance in Tomodachi Collection, being an event that is held in the Question Hall. Upon triggering the event, one Mii can be seen facing three other Miis, and gives the player the task of filling in one randomly generated question, which the Mii will ask the other three when its been filled in. The Miis will raise their hand based on if the question applies to them. This continues for two more rounds, before ending altogether.

Tomodachi Life

Question, now under the name Quirky Questions, returns in Tomodachi Life in a much more expanded way. The event is now held on the Roof (Observation Tower in western regions), rather than the Question Hall, which does not return in this game. Additionally, there are now six Miis that are asked a question, rather than three, and now have different reactions based on their answer. The player can also now choose from three questions instead of just one, or use an option to autofill questions if the Player can't think of any.


Tomodachi Collection

Tomodachi Life


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