Tomodachi Collection and Tomodachi Life contain many references to other Nintendo games, non-Nintendo games, real world locations, or, in Tomodachi Life, references to Tomodachi Collection.

References to Other Nintendo Games

The Legend of Zelda

  • A dialogue between a Mii states that "It's not healthy to keep things bottled up. Except for potions and fairies."
  • The description for the tunic & leggings outfit is "It's great for going on an adventure."
  • While sleeping, Miis might say "It's dangerous to go alone, take this."
  • In a dream in Tomodachi Collection, the dreaming Mii says "Hey, Hey, Listen!"
  • A dialogue between a Mii who owns a 3DS XL might say "I want a new 3DS game. Maybe something with Rupees...."
  • The description for the expensive-looking vase is "No matter how tempting, try not to break it. Think of all the games you can buy instead."

Star Fox

Frog hat

Frog hat.

  • While sleeping, Miis might say "Do a Barrel Roll!"
  • The description for the frog hat states that You might recognize this froggy from one of your favorite video games..." It resembles the character Slippy.

Super Mario Bros.

  • When a Mii receives a letter to go up to the roof, the awaiting Mii may say "Our princess is in another castle."
  • In the description for a mushroom, it states "Maybe it will make you grow bigger!"
  • During a Pity Party, one of the jokes a Mii might say is "Why is Luigi taller than Mario?"
  • Sometimes, in the UK version of Tomodachi Life, a sleeping Mii will say "Please, take me with you." This is a reference to Toadette from Mario Super Sluggers.


  • An NES, ROB, Virtual Boy, Super Scope, Game Boy, and Game & Watch can all be acquired as treasures.
  • The Arcade interior in Tomodachi Collection features various screenshots of Nintendo games on the screens of the interior's arcade machines, including Excitebike, F-ZeroSuper Mario Bros.TennisThe Legend of ZeldaMetroid, and Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
  • In the description for the banana peel, it states that is "makes karts peel out." This is a reference to the Mario Kart series.
  • During the summer, at the island menu, cicadas and other assorted bug sounds can be heard. These sound effects are recycled from Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
  • The description for the ROB treasure states that he is a brawler, referencing his inclusion in the playable character roster of the game Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.
  • The description for the clay figure is "This clay figure looks sort of familiar. Did you find it in the ground?" This is a reference to how a player gets gyroids in Animal Crossing, by digging them up from underground.
  • In Tomodachi Collection, when a Mii is given a Wii, the player can hear sounds resembling ones from Wii Sports, and will make movements similar to the ones in the Tennis, Boxing, and Bowling sports from that game.

Miis playing with a Wii U together.

  • In Tomodachi Life, When a Mii is given a Wii U, either playing with others or playing by themself, similar noises and controls can be heard in the background. These are meant to be the "Takamaru's Ninja Castle", "The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest" and "Metroid Blast" attractions (mini-games) from the game Nintendo Land, and the PIRATES mini-game from Game & Wario.
  • If the player investigates what went wrong after a depressed Mii fails to resolve an fight, one Mii might say "FALCON THROW!" in the cutscene. This is a reference to one of Captain Falcon's iconic attacks from Super Smash Bros, known as "Falcon Punch".
  • In several instances, the number "1889" and "89" are displayed. This is a reference to Nintendo itself, as it was founded in 1889.
  • If a Mii has a Wii U, they might say "I'm having some friends over to play Wii U. I'll need lots of chips. And salsa!"

References to Non-Nintendo Games

Quest Overworld

Overworld screen of Tomodachi Quest.

  • Tomodachi Quest is a parody of Dragon Warrior / Dragon Quest, with examples such as the overworld map, and the in-text battles.
  • One of the dreams is named as '20XX' in the European and British versions of the game. This is a reference to the events of Mega Man 2, which takes place during 20XX.
  • When playing with a fan, a Mii will sometimes say "All your fans are belong to me." This is an alteration of the original text "All your base are belong to us," from Zero Wing.
  • The safety helmet somewhat resembles the hat worn by the Mega-Man enemy, Met. They have a similar color scheme and share the design with the lines around the bottom.
  • Sometimes, if the player visits a Mii's apartment, they will pretend to run at the speed of sound. The Sonic franchise gets referenced at these moments, where the main character, Sonic, runs at the speed of sound.

References to the Real World

  • The destinations for travelling using the travel ticket and honeymoons are all real world locations. Miis will also comment on landmarks while visiting these locations.
  • Photos taken by Miis using the disposable camera can be real world photos.
  • All treasures and food items use photo-realistic graphics.
  • There is a photo realistic interior available at the Interior Shop.
  • The text on the back of the Chinese print T-shirt says "Nintendo" in Macau Traditional Chinese.

References to Movies and TV Shows

  • In the UK version, a Mii playing with a fan will sometimes say "Exterminate!", imitating the Daleks from the TV show Doctor Who.
  • Sometimes, the morning market merchant may say "Famous restaurants have been known to steal my recipes." This is a possible reference to SpongeBob SquarePants, where the antagonist, Plankton, commonly attempts to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula from the Krusty Krab.
  • The description for the tuxedo says, "Just remember that you DO NOT have a licence to spill." This is a reference to Licence to Kill.
  • In the Superhero dream, the dreamer holds up a food item, says "By the power of (food name)" and then transforms, similar to how transformation happens in magical girl genre of anime. For example, Sailor Moon holds her hand up in the air and says "Moon Prism power, Make Up!" to transform. It could also be a reference to He-Man, where the titular character holds up his sword and says "By the power of Greyskull!" to transform.
  • One version of the Unbelievable dream has a Mii saying "If you swallow watermelon seeds, a watermelon will sprout from your belly button." This is a reference to the Rugrats episode "The Inside Story".
  • The description for the trucker hat (which looks similar to Ash Ketchum's hat) says "This hat is the best. in fact, it's the very best." This is a reference to the original Pokemon theme song, which begins with "I wanna be the very best".
    • The description for the gold trophy also has a reference to this song. "You're the very best--the best there ever was."
  • The tweed dress' description says "You feel the need. The need for tweed." This is a reference to the several Need for Speed movies. This was also similar to a quote from Tom Cruise in the movie Top Gun, which was "I feel the need, the need for speed!"
  • The sailor outfit's description says "Pair this outfit with a healthy serving of spinach--you'll be unbeatable." This is a reference to Popeye.
  • When Miis are sleeping they might say "Oh it's my dad. Oh I thought you were someone else." This is a reference to It's My Circus.
  • The description for the sailor dress says, "Go boating, or maybe fight some crime." This could reference the Sailor Moon series.
  • The description for the striped dress shirt says, "Enjoy the non-confrontational comfort of a plain striped shirt. This could be a possible reference to two iconic episodes of the sitcom Seinfeld, "The Pez Dispenser" and "The Jacket".
  • In the European version of the game, after viewing the Workout/Muscles dream, the player is given some spinach. This could reference Popeye.
  • The description for the Rain interior says it's "Great for singin' and dancin'." This is a reference to the 1952 film Singin' in the Rain.
  • The description for the green juice drink says "It's not easy being green juice," which is a reference to Kermit The Frog's catchphrase.
  • The description for the nurse uniform says, "You've got a fever, and the only cure is this adorable nurse uniform." This may be a reference to the SNL skit, More Cowbell.

References to Books

  • The red and white striped shirt's description says it will "make you stand out in a crowd" which is a reference to Where's Waldo, where Waldo wears a red and white striped outfit.
  • The pinafore's description says "Throw this on for a hop down the rabbit hole. Beware the Jabberwock." This is a reference to Alice in Wonderland, where Alice wears a pinafore.
  • The trench coat description is "Solve the mystery of fashion with this sleuthing-ready trench coat." This is referencing Sherlock Holmes.
  • The phantom mask is an obvious reference to The Phantom of the Opera.

References to Social Media

  • The flannel shirt's description says it "goes great with black-rimmed glasses" which could be a reference to hipsters, as the typical representation of hipsters is wearing flannel and having thick glasses.
  • The Gamer interior costs $1,337.00. This refers to 1337, a number that seems to spell LEET (as in elite) when turned upside down.

References to Music

  • When Miis are sleeping they might say "[name], please don't leave me." It might be a reference to P!nk.
  • The description for the reggae hat says "Get up, stand up, and get groovy in this easygoing reggae hat." This is a reference to "Get Up, Stand Up" by Bob Marley and the Wailers.
  • The description for the rockabilly dress says "He may be nothing but a hound dog, but you're a total cutie in this dress." This references Elvis Presley's hit song "Hound Dog".
  • The description for roasted chestnuts says "Roasted on an open fire. A favorite winter treat for kids from 1 to 92." This is a reference to the song "Chestnuts Roasting On an Open Fire" by Nat King Cole.
  • The description of the bonnet hat is, "If my bonnet flies over the ocean, please bring back my bonnet to me." This is a reference and a parody to the Scottish folk song "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean".
  • The description of the hippie clothes say, "What you wore is over, if you want it. Give this piece a chance." This makes an obvious reference to songs "Happy Xmas (War is Over)" and "Give Peace a Chance" by John Lennon.
  • The description for the birthday cake reads "They say it's your birthday. Happy Birthday to you." This is a reference to the Beatles song, "Birthday".
  • The description for the chauffeur uniform read "No car? No problem! You've got a driver's outfit and that's a star." This is a reference to the Beatles song, "Drive My Car".
  • The description for the Winter dress read, "The weather outside is frightful, but this dress is so delightful." This is a reference to the Christmas song, "Let it Snow."

References to Other Tomodachi Games

  • On a vacation to Switzerland, the Mii will stop at the Swiss Alps, striking a pose as if they were to shout at it. This could be a reference to the Mountain dream from Collection.
  • In the café, some of the music used in Collection can be heard on the cafe's radio.
    • The Japanese version also uses the default lyrics from Collection.
  • Several sounds and music from Collection are reused in Life, with some being remixed.
  • Several mini-games, events, and items from Collection return in Life.
    • The Japanese version reuses the appearances of interiors directly from this game.
  • All-Time Favorite foods and Worst foods return in Life.
  • The Japanese version of the game contains the Familiar dream, which involves a picture of the island from Collection as well as the original background music.
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