This article is about relationship statuses between Miis. For more information on a romantic relationship between two Miis, see sweetheart or spouse.

An example of relationship statuses in Tomodachi Life.

When Miis become friends, sweethearts, spouses, etc., their relationship statuses can be checked by pressing L or R while inside their apartment. Different statuses have different colors, which range from:

  • dark green (highest)
  • green
  • light green
  • orange
  • dark orange
  • purple
  • blue (lowest).

The higher a Mii's status is with another Mii, the more likely they will become best friends, confess their feelings, and propose. On the other hand, the lower a Mii's status is with another Mii, the more likely they will breakup (if their relationship is romantic).

Raising or Lowering Relationships

Main article: Problems/Relationships

Occasionally, a Mii will ask the player to judge the Mii's relationship with another islander. If they are at Getting along OK or lower, the Mii is a little worried about their current relationship with their friend/sweetheart/spouse.

The player can tell them that they are either great together, okay together, or not compatible. The relationship status respectively will either go up, stay the same, or go down.

When Miis are hanging out in an apartment together, they may engage in conversations. If their conversation does not go well, it may become an argument which will lower their relationship level faster. If the Miis end up fighting, their relationship status will have a question mark next to it (indicating dodgy feelings) and the player may have to resolve a fight between both of them. If a fight fails to be resolved, they can potentially be removed from respective relationship list and may revert back to acquaintances, but there's a chance they may become friends and/or fight again.

When Miis go on vacations together via the travel ticket, their status will go up by one or two levels automatically.

When a Mii confesses to their crush and gets rejected, their status will drop one or two levels. If they try to confess again and still fail, the status will not go further down.

List of Statuses

There are multiple status categories when it comes to relationships.

  • Spouse
  • Family
  • Siblings
  • Sweetheart
  • Best Friend
  • Friends
  • Ex-sweethearts/spouses

Some of these categories may not show up on the status pages in certain situations. For example, if a Mii has no sweetheart nor spouse, the sweetheart/spouse category will not appear.

The different categories will have different descriptions for their relationship levels. If a Mii has the best possible relationship level with their sweetheart, their status will be described as Let's get married! However, if a Mii instead has a spouse, and they share the best possible relationship level together, then their status will be described as, Soul mate instead.

Tomodachi Life (North America)

Category Dark green Green Lime green Orange Dark Orange/Red Purple Blue
Friend(s)/Family/Sibling(s) Best bud Good buddy Great pal Good pal Getting along OK Kinda getting along Not getting along
Best Friend BFF Bestie Trust completely Trustworthy
Sweetheart Let's get married! Super in love Totally in love Very much in love
Spouse Soul mate Super happy Totally happy Very happy
Ex-Sweethearts/Ex-Spouses Still friends Great memories For the best No hard feelings Not speaking Try to avoid Want to forget

Tomodachi Life (Europe)

Category Dark Green Green Lime Green Orange Dark Orange/Red Purple Blue
Friend Most enjoyable Great fun A lot of fun Fun Mostly fun Not much fun... Not a great match...
Best Friend Best friend forever Trust completely Trust a lot Trustworthy Fairly trustworthy Trust a little Really a best friend?
Special Someone Want to get married

Completely in love

Very much in love In love Only just in love Slightly unhappy Unhappy
Married Couple One in a million

Completely happy

Very happy Happy Fairly happy Slightly unhappy Unhappy
Ex/Divorced Can still be friends? Good memories Wounds have healed Sad Painful Just want to forget... Never want to see again...
Family/Sibling One in a million Completely happy Very Happy Happy Fairly Happy Slightly Strained Strained


  • It's possible relationship levels will increase or decrease while the game isn't being played.
    • This won't be possible if the game starts up with several phone calls waiting to be answered.
  • In Tomodachi Life (JP), the relationship colors are different from the Western releases as shown below, or a reverse:
    • Magenta (Highest)
    • Dark orange
    • Orange
    • Green (Default)
    • Dark green
    • Teal
    • Blue (Lowest)


Tomodachi Life

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