This is the page for the transcript of various things Miis might say in their sleep and dreams.

Sleep Talk

Sleep Talk

North America
[Mii] in the kitchen! [Mii] in the living room! [Mii] on the coffee table! [Mii] is taking over!
[Mii] stole all my [food/treasure]!
A pool of golden [food/treasure]?! I’m gonna go for a golden swim!
Amazing! Incredible! Unbelievable!
Another encore? Well, if my beautiful audience insists!
Anybody need a meerkat? I have an extra.
Are you trying to pick a fight with me? Careful what you wish for.
But the ceiling is too low for jumping jacks.
Careful, that robot took years to develop.
Come on [Mii]!
Come on, don’t hold back!
Daddy, don’t eat that! It’s the last slice!
Do a barrel roll!
Don’t open that! You’ll destroy us all!
Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. Dry those tears Mr. Bear.
Earth looks so peaceful from up here.
Ew! The creepy-crawlies are everywhere!
Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha! I don’t get it.
Ha ha ha! Stop laughing! Ha ha ha ha ha!
Have anybody seen my black cat? It’s giant, and cute.
How did I lose? I don’t get it.
How do you know it’s not in fashion? Oh, that’s how.
I can see it from here. It’s beautiful.
I can’t decide! I love you both!
I can’t eat one more bite. Well maybe just this bit right here. Yum!
I didn’t see a thing! You have to believe me!
I don’t hate it. Not much anyway.
I don’t think that’s supposed to be flammable.
I love you my darling! Hee hee hee!
I need compliments! So many compliments!
I need it right away! Tomorrow it’ll be too late!
I think I left my coat on Mars.
I won 1 million dollars?! This is a dream come true! I’m gonna buy an ice cream truck!
I won the yodeling contest?! I don’t know what to say!
I won’t do it again. Promise.
I’ll pay you back with interest. You can totally trust me.
I’ll save you islanders! Quickly, to the [sleep-talking Mii] Cave!
I’ll take care of this fool. Save yourself!
I’m going to take over the world, starting tomorrow.
I’m not scared! I’m really not scared!
I’m so annoyed with you!
I’m so late! Maybe they won’t notice…
I’m sorry! So sorry!
I’m trapped! Where’s the exit? Oh, it’s by the popcorn stand.
I’ve had it up to here with that guy!
I’ve never seen anyone stuff [food] like that.
If you agree with me, raise your hand. So, nobody then? Oh.
Is there a doctor in this food mart? Oh wait, I’m a doctor.
It wasn’t me, it was that darn look-alike!
It’s [Mii]’s fault, not mine!
It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this.
It’s hard being this popular.
It’s not like I’m famous or anything.
It’s OK. You tried your best.
It’s so soft. So luxurious…
It’s time to get serious. No, seriously.
Just a little to the left. Yeah, that’s the ticket.
Just five more minutes.
Let me go! I didn’t do it!
May I have this dance? Hee hee hee!
My [food/treasure](s)! Mine mine mine!
My autograph? That’ll be $100
My cover’s been blown! Abort! Abort! Well, nevermind.
My lifelong dream has finally come true.
My mommy! Mamma-mia!
My name is [Mii]. I’m your boss from now on, so shape up!
Nobody can find about my- I’d die if they found out!
Not here! Everyone will see us! I need privacy to thumb wrestle!
Not to say I told you so, but…
Officer, don’t let that donut get away! It’s a secret agent in disguise!
Pick on someone your own size! Wait! Stop! I’m not your size at all!
Put the artichoke down billy boy! Put it down!
Remember to look both ways before crossing your fingers.
Run! They’re after us!
Stay back! I mean it!
Stay back pizza thief! Stay back I say!
Stop interrupting me, it’s rude.
Stop sharing famous person! You’re making me blush!
Strange, you look a lot like [Mii], only 20 feet taller.
Survey says.
Take me to the keyman!
Take me with you, please!
Take that out of your mouth [Mii], it’s not edible.
That’s my pie! My pie!
That’s so embarrassing!
That’s not why I came here. Well maybe a little.
The train will be here any moment. I guess this is goodbye.
These aren’t the [food/treasure]s you’re looking for.
This is all for me? There must be a catch.
This is my island now. My. Island.
This is the real world? So the island was all a dream.
This isn’t the [food/treasure] you’re looking for.
This sandwich doesn’t look like the one from the commercial.
Wait for me [Mii]! I can’t run that fast!
Want me to cook this up for you? I could cook it up real good.
What? How? I don’t even-“
What? I can’t believe it! So many monkeys!
Whatever happened with the you-know-what? Don’t play dumb!
Why am I the only one here? And why am I in my underwear? I should go.
Why are you hugging a lobster [Mii]? Oh, I see.
Why do bananas have their own packaging? It’s a mystery.
You might have a point. Just maybe.
You saved my life! I owe you a soda.”
You should be ashamed of yourself [Mii].
You think you’ve got it rough? Try walking in my shoes Mr. Eggplant.
You want me to become [Island] Island’s new president?! I don’t know what to say!
You’re my father?! Nooo! Actually, that’s kinda cool.
You’re my real father? I thought you were just another porcini mushroom.
You’re not my mommy!
You’re right, I’ve been hiding something all along. I’m actually Superdude/Supergal.
You’re right, it’s a masterpiece! I agree, I’m a genius!

Europe & Australia
Ah… It’s softer than I expected.
Hee! Hee hee!
I told you so, didn’t I?
I’m late! I’m late!
Just five more minutes.
Please, take me with you.
Right away, please.
So gross, crawling everywhere!
The earth looks so beautiful from up here.
This is real… So, was I living in a dream?
What? I love them both the same!

List of Dreams in Tomodachi Collection

Mii Rangers

Version one:

  • Green Mii Ranger: [Mii] Green!
  • Yellow Mii Ranger: [Mii] Yellow!
  • Red Mii Ranger: [Mii] Red!
  • Blue Mii Ranger: [Mii] Blue!
  • Pink Mii Ranger: [Mii] Pink!
  • Red Mii Ranger: All five, Mii Ranger!​​​​​​ 

Version two:

  • Red Mii Ranger: "Ready..."
Finger Ride

List of Dreams in Tomodachi Life

True Love
  • First food: We have something to tell you, [mii]'s look-alike. (US) / Can we tell you something? (EU/AUS)
  • Second food: That's right! (US) / Actually... (EU/AUS)
  • First food: The two of us are getting married! (US) / We are getting married! (EU/AUS)
  • Second food: What are you doing?! Put me down! (US) / Help! (EU/AUS)
  • First food: [Food], nooo!
The Future (US) / 20XX (EU)
  • "Ah! Those were the days, weren't they?"
  • "All the old gang are still doing well."
  • "I might be older, but I can still keep up with the youngsters."
  • "I never told you until now, but thank you for everything."
  • "I say! Seeing your face really takes me back!
  • "I still remember [Year] like it was yesterday..."
  • "I still remember my first true love like it was yesterday."
  • "I'm happy to see that you haven't changed one bit!"
  • "Life is full of surprises."
  • "Meeting here like this must be fate."
  • "My eyes aren't as good as they used to be."
  • "My granddaughter is due any day now."
  • "My knees sure have been aching lately."
  • "My life has changed so much since we last saw each other."
  • "Remember all the food you used to bring me? Ah, that was the life!"
  • "So what did you do with all the island donations?"
  • "Sometimes I wish I could go back to that time."
  • "The old apartment building's got a new owner now."
  • "We're both a lot longer in the tooth now."
  • "We've both got more gray hairs than we used to, eh?"
  • "When I close my eyes, I feel as if no time has passed."
  • "You look even better than I remember."
  • "You seem quite spry, all things considered."
  • "We were so young back then..."
  • "We had such a good time back then, didn't we?"
Crazy Hair (US) / Rustly Hair (EU)
  • "Hey hey hey!"
  • "Swish!"
  • "Whoo whoo whoo whoo whoo whoo!"

Driving Mii: "I just remembered that it was trash day today."
Passenger Mii: "Sure was!"
Driving Mii: "I forgot to put the cans out..."

Driving Mii: "Is it time for a snack break?"
Passenger Mii: "We just had one!"
Driving Mii: "I know. But you can never have too many snacks!"

Driving Mii: "Just practicing my breaking skills."
Passenger Mii: "OK..."
Driving Mii: "I'm getting really good."

US Version:

Driving Mii: "Oh, did we feed the fish before we left?"
Passenger Mii: "Of course I did!"
Driving Mii: "Oh, good. That's a relief."

EU Version:

Driving Mii: "Hey! Did we feed the fish?"
Passenger Mii: "Of course I did!"
Driving Mii: "That's great. Really great."

US Version:

Driving Mii: "Haven't we driven down this road already?"
Passenger Mii: "What?"
Driving Mii: "Actually, maybe we haven't. Never mind."

EU Version:

Driving Mii: "I'm pretty sure we drove down this road already."
Passenger Mii: "We haven't!"
Driving Mii: "Really?"

Driving Mii: "Something just occurred to me. Did we leave the lights on?"
Passenger Mii: "No. I checked that we turned them off five times before we left."
Driving Mii: "Oh, phew. That's a relief."

US Version:

Driving Mii: "I need to use the bathroom!"
Passenger Mii: "I told you to go before we left!"
Driving Mii: "I did! But I need to go again!"

EU Version:

Driving Mii: "I need to pee!"
Passenger Mii: "I told you to go before we left!"
Driving Mii: "It's OK, I can hold it..."

Driving Mii: "Hey! Here's one for you... What do you call a car with mold on it?"
Passenger Mii: "I don't know..."
Driving Mii: "A carrot. Get it?"

Driving Mii: "I just remembered the most embarrassing thing!"
Passenger Mii: "What?"
Driving Mii: "I'm not telling!"

Driving Mii: "I'm pretty sure we should've taken that last turn."
Passenger Mii: "What turn? There wasn't any turn!"
Driving Mii: "Says you!"

Driving Mii: "Is there a convenience store near here?"
Passenger Mii: "There's one coming up soon."
Driving Mii: "Oh, phew."

Driving Mii: "Something's brewing in my belly..."
Passenger Mii: "Oh, no, you don't! Open the window NOW!"
Driving Mii: "...Never mind. It went away."

Driving Mii: "Do you smell something funny?"
Passenger Mii: "No. I think you're just imagining it."
Driving Mii: "Maybe so..."

US Version:

Driving Mii: "Hey! Have you heard this? He who laughs last thinks slowest!"
Passenger Mii: "Eh?"
Driving Mii: "A ha ha ha ha ha!"

EU Version:

Driving Mii: "Hey! Listen up... He who laughs last thinks slowest..."
Passenger Mii: "Eh?"
Driving Mii: "Now, what was I thinking..."

Driving Mii: "Don't look at me like that."
Passenger Mii: "What?"
Driving Mii: "I can't drive when you're looking at me like that."

US Version:

Driving Mii: "I forgot to set the DVR!."
Passenger Mii: "But it's the last episode!"
Driving Mii: "Guess we will just wait for a rerun."

EU Version:

Driving Mii: "I forgot to set the video recorder..."
Passenger Mii: "But it's the last episode!"
Driving Mii: "Yep, We'll just have to wait for a re-run..."

Driving Mii: "That reminds me... Did we leave the oven on?"
Passenger Mii: "I turned it off!"
Driving Mii: "Oh, good. Never mind then."

US Version:

Driving Mii: "I was wondering, do we need to get anything from the supermarket?"
Passenger Mii: "I already got everything we needed!"
Driving Mii: "Oh, right. Well, good."

EU Version:

Driving Mii: "By the way, do we need to get anything from the supermarket?"
Passenger Mii: "I already bought everything!"
Driving Mii: "I see..."

Driving Mii: "There's something very familiar about this road..."
Passenger Mii: "That's because we drive down it every day!"
Driving Mii: "True..."

Driving Mii: "What's 1+1?"
Passenger Mii: "Um...2?"
Driving Mii: "CORRECT!"

  • "Ah!"
  • "Aiee!"
  • "Don't leave me!"
  • "Eek!"
  • "Gah!"
  • "Go away!"
  • "Gotta hide!"
  • "Gotta move it!"
  • "Head to the [item]!"
  • "Help!"
  • "Hey!"
  • "Hide!"
  • "Split up!"
  • "I've been spotted!"
  • "It's no good here!"
  • "Leave me alone!"
  • "Leave us alone!"
  • "Let's get out of here!"
  • "Let's split up!"
  • "Oh no!"
  • "Run!"
  • "Stop it!"
  • "Stop picking on us!"
  • "The [item] is no good!"
  • "This stinks!"
  • "Where is everybody?!"
  • "Yikes!"
Hunger (US) / Table (EU)


  • "[Food]!"
  • "Come back!"
  • "I'm gonna eat you!"
  • "I mean it! You'd better stop!"
  • "I only want one bite!"
  • "Stop!"
  • "Wait!"
  • "Wait up, [Food]!"
  • "Why are you running away?"
  • "You move pretty fast for not having legs."


  • "Come on! Stop, stop, stop!"
  • "Get in my belly!"
  • "I've had enough!"
  • "Now I'm mad!"
  • "OK! That's it!"
  • "Stop!"
  • "You'd better come back here!"
  • "You're MY [Food]!"
  • "I'll give you what you want!"

Out of Breath (After Running)

  • "Augh!"
  • "Blech!"
  • "Breathe in, breathe out..."
  • "Come on, self! You can do this!"
  • "Cough! Cough!"
  • "Just... gotta...keep...breathing..."
  • "Need to catch my breath..."
  • "Oof!"
  • "Phew!"
  • "Ugh!"

Out of Breath (Stopping While Walking)

  • "Boy am I out of shape..."
  • "I'm pretty worn out..."
  • "I'm starving..."
  • "I don't know how much more of this I can take."
  • "I really need to work out more."
  • "Sigh..."
  • "Phew!"
  • "Ugh..."
  • "What on earth am I doing?"
  • "Why is this happening?"

Jumping Towards the Food

  • "Gotcha!"
  • "HA!"
  • "I'm gonna get you!"
  • "I got you now!"
  • "Incoming!"
  • "Mine!"
  • "Stop moving!"
  • "You're mine!"


  • "And how are things in your country?"
  • "How is the prosperity of your country?"
  • "How is your king these days?"
  • "Your economy is well, isn't it?"


  • "Fabulous, darling!"
  • "Not bad, darling!"
  • "Oh, I can't complain."
  • "Same as always, darling!"
Superhero (US) / Transform (EU)

Distress Calls

  • "A crazed, out-of-control robot stole all of the island's [food](s)!" (US)
  • "A giant nocturnal [food] troll has taken [Mii] prisoner!" (US)
  • "A huge swarm of [food](s) is headed right toward the island!" (US)
  • "A vengeful [food] monster is destroying the town!" (US)
  • "A massive [food] tornado is demolishing Town Hall!" (US)
  • "A colossal [food] asteroid is headed right for us!" (US)
  • "Glow-in-the-dark aliens have abducted all of the island's [food](s)!" (US)
  • "It's raining toxic [food](s)!" (US)
  • "The dreaded [food] outbreak has finally reach the island!" (US)
  • "The island's been overrun by carnivorous [food](s)!" (US)
  • "Genetically-mutated madness! All of the food isturning into fried seafood..." (EU)
  • "DownTown disaster, A giant [food] is destroying the town!" (EU)
  • "[Mii]! We need your help!" 
  • "[Mii]! You're our only hope!" (US)
  • "[Mii]! You have to do something!" (US)
  • "Only one person can stop it, [mii]" (EU)

Hero Introductions

  • "[Mii] Ranger reporting for duty!" (Red Hair) (US)
  • "[Mii] Hero at your service!" (Yellow Hair) (US)
  • "[Mii] Bolt is go!" (Green Hair) (US)
  • "[Mii] Blaster ready to roll!" (Light Blue Hair) (US)
  • "[Mii] 5000 ready!" (Pink Hair) (US)
  • "[Food] angel is go!" (pink hair) (EU)
  • "[Mii] Crusader to the rescue!" (Purple Hair) (US)
  • "[Mii] Avenger is on the case!" (White Hair) (US)
  • "[Mii] Knight activated!" (Gray Hair) (US)
  • "[Food] woman to the rescue!" (Gray Hair) (EU)


  • Red Hair: "Remember, kids. Only you can prevent burnt marshmallows."
  • Yellow Hair: "Remember, kids. Always feed the monsters under your bed three square meals a day."
  • Green Hair: "Remember, kids. Never brush your teeth with shrimp paste unless you really love shrimp."
  • Light Blue Hair: "Remember, kids. Never open an umbrella inside unless it's raining inside."
  • Pink Hair: "Remember, kids. Always wash your hands after washing your hands." (US) / "Remember, kids. Always wash your hands after number ones and twos." (EU)
  • Purple Hair: "Remember, kids. The only thing to fear is fear itself and also spiders."
  • White Hair: "Remember, kids. Everyone loves to dance, but not everyone is a good dancer."
  • Gray Hair: "Remember, kids. Never talk to strangers, talking dogs, or inanimate objects." (US) / "Remember kids, never eat yellow snow." (EU)


  • "[Mii] isn't from here... [He/She]'s actually actually an alien from outer space!"
  • "[Name of island] may look like a regular island... but it's actually a massive turtle!"
  • "At night, the apartment building gets up and walks around."
  • "Ahem...I'd love to get married to you!"
  • "Chocolate milk comes from brown cows!"
  • "I am currently dating...[Mii]!"
  • "If you blow into [Mii]'s ear... smoke will come out of [his/her] nose."
  • "If you go to a restaurant at midnight... the menu only has food for zombies."
  • "If you see a black cat crossing the road at midnight... you'll turn into a cat too!"
  • "If you turn around three times and say my name backward... you'll turn into a helicopter!"
  • "If you see people walking alone on the beach... they're definitely searching for buried treasure."
  • "If you have a snack at midnight... you'll burp out ghosts!"
  • "If you have [a/some] [food](s) and (a) [food] together... you'll become invisible!"
  • "If you sneeze without covering your mouth... your brain will shoot out of your nose!"
  • "If you swallow watermelon seeds... a watermelon will sprout from your belly button!"
  • "There's a UFO buried in the park!"
  • "When kittens grow up... they turn into dogs."
  • "You have one really long nose hone hair sticking out of your left nostril."
  • "You and I are related!"


  • "Get outta here!"
  • "No way! You've got to be kidding!"
  • "No way!"
  • "Really?"
  • "What?!"
  • "Ah!"
  • "Aiee!"
  • "Boing!"
  • "Don't let go!"
  • "Easy now!"
  • "Eek!"
  • "Flick!"
  • "Go go go!"
  • "Hang on!"
  • "I"m not that flexible!"
  • "My leg!"
  • "No!"
  • "Open sesame!"
  • "Open up!"
  • "Really?"
  • "Stretch!"
  • "Swing!"
  • "Ugh!"
  • "Wee!"
  • "Woo-hoo!"
  • "Yeesh!"
  • "Yikes!"
After waking up
  • "I must be more tired than I thought..."
  • "I've been having that dream a lot lately..."
  • "Oh... It was just a dream."
  • "So it was all a dream..."
  • "That dream again..."
  • "What was that about?"


  • The Mii might say one of their gifted phrases.
  • When referring to a Mii when a Mii sleep talks, they may refer to themselves. For example, with a sleeping Mii named Luke, "Strange, you look a lot like Luke, only 20 feet taller."
  • "You're right, I've been hiding something all along. I'm actually Superdude / Supergal." fades out when it gets to "I'm actually"
  • "Another encore? Well, if my beautiful audience insists!" is said with a high-pitched voice and an echo effect.
  • "This isn't the [food] you're looking for." / "These aren't the [food]s you're looking for." is a reference to Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope.
  • "You're my father?! Nooo! Actually that's kinda cool." is a reference to  Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back.
  • "It's dangerous to go alone. Take this." is a reference to The Legend of Zelda.
  • "Do a barrel roll!" is a reference to Starfox 64.
  • "Survey says" is a reference to Family Feud(US/AU) or Family Fortunes (UK).
  • "I'll save you islanders! Quickly, to the [sleep-talking Mii] cave!" is a reference to Batman.
  • "The only thing to fear is fear itself" is a famous quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt. The 32nd United States president.
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