Artwork of two sweethearts from Tomodachi Life. (German translation: With you I experience the funniest things!)

A sweetheart (known as special someone in the European version of Tomodachi Life and lover in Tomodachi Collection and Tomodachi Collection: New Life) is a term for Miis who become a boyfriend/girlfriend after a successful confession or set up. Various problems can cause sweethearts to breakup.

Becoming Sweethearts

Miis can become sweethearts in two ways: The first way is the love confession, where one Mii develops feelings for the other, so they confess their love to them and if they accept, they start to date; if not, the Mii will gain sadness.

The second way is a set up, where a friend of two random friends of theirs will set them up on a date, and if it ends with them wanting to hang out again soon, they will automatically start dating without confessing their love. If they "Are just going to be friends for now.", the Mii trying to set up will gain some happiness, and the two Miis become friends. Sometimes if the setup fails with them "not hitting it off so great", one of the Miis will question why would their friend set them up with the other Mii. This is exclusive to Tomodachi Life.

Miis may want to break up if they argue a lot or their relationship status is low. After a breakup, both people in the relationship may become depressed. If the relationship status remains very good for long enough, one of them want to propose and get married.


  • Sometimes the sweethearts can visit each other at either of their Mii Apartments and stare at each other lovingly, as hearts appear. If the player watches them like this long enough, they will notice the player surprised, then have a freak out for a moment before turning around and acting natural. Sometimes they go back to being romantic after this, or do another activity. If the player sees the sweethearts being romantic while sitting down/talking, they will not freak out. The same thing happens for married couples as well.
    • Sometimes when the player watches the sweethearts stare at each other lovingly, the Miis will not freak out no matter how long the player watches. If this is the case, then the sweethearts will eventually sit down and one of the Miis will be talking occasionally.
  • Oddly, even though sweethearts are in the game, they don't ever kiss or hug each other, possibly because of the target audience and would seem uncomfortable to younger players.
  • In the English localization of the game, a child Mii cannot fall in love with an adult Mii. However, something like this can happen if two child Miis are dating and one of the Miis turns 18 (20 in the Japanese Version) (which would consider them an adult) before they get married. In that case, only the Mii that is still a child would have to be sprayed by the Age-o-matic before they get married.


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