• So, first off, two things.

    1. I'm new to this wiki

    2. Id've put this on the forums, but i can NEVER find them.

    And so, here's my problem.

    I have two miis that are siblings (not my siblings) and the brother keeps wanting to ask out the sister and I CAN'T MAKE HIM QUIT. I've tried putting them both in the 'other realatives' catagory but he's STILL TRYING TO DATE HER!

    Since you're staff, i assumed you'd maybe be able to help me. Any ideas?

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    • Please refer to our staff template to see who is a good candidate for messaging, as Adamstorm64 is an inactive staff member.

      Our wiki does not offer a forum system. However, it can be implemented upon the community's desire.

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    • A FANDOM user
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