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The Tomodachi Wiki is a specialty wiki devoted to the Tomodachi Series. As a wiki, we rely on the edits of everyday people, just like you for its content!


Our Mission

Anyone with a wikia account can edit the Tomodachi Wiki by selecting the edit tab at the top of each page. Who knows how your edits will affect other fans and players? Come join the team, and help us build our Wiki up to be the very best source for Tomodachi Life information!

If you feel ready, you can register an account. There are benefits, the most notable being having a permanent username across the Wiki which make tracking your contributions slightly easier when you edit while logged in. Do you want to show off your Tomodachi Life achievements? Your userpage is a great way to do just that.

Our Team

We have a modestly sized team of Users who have proven their value to the Wiki. You may message them at any time to request help and guidance, or simply to chat!


We have many active administrators here at the Tomodachi Wiki. These users are experienced editors who can help you or be contacted if there are problems with the Wiki.

Simply click their names and go to their message wall to ask for help on any aspects of the Wiki.

Rollback Editors

Rollback Editors (or rollbackers) are ordinary users with the ability to undo edits which are against the standards. This is usually the first group of users any user is promoted to, if they show commitment to improving and protecting the Wiki.


Since then, the Tomodachi Wiki has grown into what you see today. We look forward to a bright future, bringing our readers and users relevant and useful information they can use to learn more about their Tomodachi Life game, or to simply learn more about the franchise.

We hope you enjoy your time.

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