Chat Rules and Guidelines

  1. Behavior: First and foremost, be nice. If you're causing arguments, harassing other chat users or generally being abusive, you could get kicked or banned from the chat.
    1. For legal reasons, we can't allow users under the age of 13 to participate in the chat. This is not our rule, it is a rule across the whole of Wikia, and you're likely to get banned if you say your age is below 13.
      1. In addition, users in the chat should not ask for a person's age if they think it is obvious that they are under 13.
      2. They should also not pretend to be under 13 in order to trick the user into thinking that it is okay to say they are under 13.
    2. Remember, the wiki chat is not just a place to talk about the Tomodachi Series. It is also place for people to make friends and have fun.
      1. That said, it's okay to start a conversation about Tomodachi Life, and to ask a question about the game. In addition, if there's something that's not made clear on the wiki that you want to ask about, it's a very good idea to ask the chat, because a lot of people there are very knowledgeable about Tomodachi Life, and can also add the missing information to the wiki.
    3. Be tolerant of all races, creeds, ethnicities, sexualities, genders, and religions.
    4. Please contact an online moderator if someone is being abusive towards you or another chat user. If none are online, you can contact them via their message walls. If you know how to, try and take a screenshot of the abuse occuring. Remember - there's nothing wrong with closing the chat window if someone is being abusive.
    5. Do not advocate abuse, bullying or the breaking of rules on another website.
    6. Be friendly to nice new users in the chat. It's important to keep new people coming back to the chat to become regular members. Remember - you were once new, too!
    7. It is not permitted to use an alternate account (also known as 'alts' or 'sockpuppets') to evade a ban on this wiki. However, depending on the circumstances, you may be permitted to use an alternate account to chat if your main account has been globally banned. This alternate account may be subject to a block (so you can't edit) depending on the circumstances and your behavior.
  2. Language: English is the main chat language. However, you can talk in a different language if you want to.
    1. Swearing is permitted in the chatroom at the discretion of any online moderators, but you may be kicked if the swearing is directed at other users, or could be considered abuse. Please note that swearing is not permitted in any form on the wiki, only on the chat.
    2. Slurs (such as 'faggot', 'retard', etc.) are grounds for a kick; and a ban if they are repeatedly used.
    3. Try to use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation, but this is not necessary.
    4. Abbreviations and acronyms such as 'bbl', 'g2g', 'tbh', etc. are permitted in chat.
  3. Spamming: Spamming and flooding in chat is grounds for a kick.
    1. Spamming is defined as repeating the same or a very similar message over and over again.
    2. Flooding is defined as sending messages too often which can be annoying for other users.
    3. Spamming links to external websites is grounds for a ban.
    4. Abusing capitalization can be considered spam.
  4. Content: We ask that chat users keep the chat PG-13.
    1. This rule will be enforced at the discretion of any online moderators.
    2. Links to non-PG-13 material must be CLEARLY MARKED. However, material that is exceptional (such as exceedingly violent material and porn) are not permitted under any circumstances.
  5. Moderators: Admins may promote users to Chat Moderators, however it is recommended to discuss promotions with other admins before doing so.
    1. Chat Moderators may enforce these rules at their discretion. It is up to any online moderators to determine a punishment as well as if a user has broken a rule.
    2. Abusing, as an admin, these rights will result in a ban from the Tomodachi Wiki.
    3. Abusing your rights as Chat Moderator will result in a demotion and possible ban from the Tomodachi Wiki.
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