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Welcome to the Guidelines Portal!


This page is the main portal linking to the Official Guidelines of the Tomodachi Wiki. There are three types of guidelines for all users to follow. These are; Neutrality, Style and Rules which govern conduct.

The Three Guidelines

The Three Guidelines are briefly explained below:

  • Neutrality is writing from a neutral point of view. It means there must be no bias shown towards what is being written about. Strong personal opinions are cast aside for a more informative, factual look at the subject of the page.
  • Style is writing in a way that makes the page and the information that is being written about appear similar to other pages. It helps maintain continuity.
  • Rules help keep the Wiki enjoyable and safe to use. The rules provide guidelines on how editors and users must conduct themselves when speaking to others or writing and editing articles for the Wiki.
Discussing the Guidelines

If you wish to discuss the guidelines, you may go to the Guidelines Portal talk page, found here. However, if you wish to talk about one of the specific guidelines, you may get a better response by going to each of the individual guidelines pages and going to their talk pages.

If you would like to talk directly to an administrator, simply leave them a message on one of their message walls.

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