Page Markers

Here you will find the different page markers we use to mark pages for the attention of other editors and the Administrators.

Cleanup Marker
Broom This article requires a cleanup to meet the Tomodachi Life Wiki's quality standard
Please edit this page to improve it. Feel free to discuss this cleanup on the article's talk page.

The cleanup marker is used on a page to indicate it is in need of editing to make it meet the standards of the Wiki. This may involve removing repetitive information, speculation, bias or irrelevant information. It may also involve adding information if the page is out of date. Anyone can place and remove the marker, provided the reasons are justified.

If you see a page that requires a cleanup, then copy and paste the following code at the top of the page or section which requires attention:


If you have specific reasons, you can list them by copying the below code with your reason in each section. If you only have one or two reasons, then all you need to do is remove the text in front of the }}:

{{Cleanup|Reason 1|Reason 2|Reason 3}}

Construction Marker
This page or section is currently under construction.
Please help us expand this article by editing it. Feel free to discuss this cleanup on this article's .

The construction marker is used when a page is currently under construction. Pages which usually have this marker tend to have just been created and are about subjects which may be new.

If you see a page which you think is under construction, or you want to use it while creating a new page, then copy and paste the below code to the top of the page you are editing page:


If you believe an article or page no longer needs the marker and can be considered complete, then you may remove the marker.

Articles which have the construction marker can be found in the below category:

Category:Under Construction

Delete Marker

The delete marker is used to inform an Administrator that the page needs deleting. Pages and files may use this marker for a variety of different reasons. Usually, it is because the page or file violates one of the rules. However, some pages may use the marker if the page is no longer needed or contains information that is similar to another page.

If you see a page that needs to be deleted, then copy and paste the below code to the top of the page followed by the reason:


By adding a reason, you're helping administrators understand why the page may need deleting.

Stub Marker

The stub marker is used for pages and sections of pages to indicate that the page needs expanding. It is similar to the Construction marker, but is used to subtly indicate that the page needs more information regarding a certain area.

To use the stub marker, copy and paste the below code to the top of each section or page that requires further editing:


Stubs can be edited by anyone. If you feel a section of a page is no longer a stub, then you may remove it.

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